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Chapter 11: Garbage Star

 ”Can it be one week?”
  Ge Xiu trotted all the way to keep up with the Lulai’s walking speed, bargaining pitifully.
  Lulai did not even blink and the hem of his clothes set off billowing black waves with his steps. The army boots on his long legs knocked an even and regular rhythm of footsteps on the metal ship floor. He said heartlessly:
  ”One month.”
  Ge Xiu was desperate and gritted his teeth: “…Half a month! Half a month is enough!”
  Lulai’s pace did not slow down and he repeated unwaveringly:
  ”One month.”
  Ge Xiu’s face suddenly collapsed and his steps paused so he got left behind.
  Although he didn’t look back, Lulai still immediately noticed that the other party hadn’t kept up in time. He frowned without a trace. Before he even noticed, he had already slowed down a little bit involuntarily.
  Ge Xiu thought of something, his eyes suddenly brightened and he sped up to catch up.
  Lulai’s brows loosened.
  But in the next second, the young boy’s thin, bone-like fingers suddenly grabbed Lulai’s wrist. The fingertips were soft and cold and they seemed to able to break with a single touch. There was hardly any strength and they pressed against the man’s thin and powerful wrist.
  As soon as Lulai stopped, he looked down at Ge Xiu on his side.
  Ge Xiu poked out his head with a grin, his pitch-black eyes were bottomless, which made people wonder if he was always calculating something all the time.
  ”Half a month, but with a free benefit.”
  He blinked at Lulai: “You can’t miss this opportunity. You don’t want to lose it.”
  Lulai stared at him calmly, his light golden eyelashes hanged down like clear arc of sunlight:
  ”Let’s talk about it.”
  The corners of Ge Xiu’s lips curved up deeper, revealing two pointed tiger teeth. He didn’t directly answer Lulai’s question, but just pulled him forward, his eyes flashing with impatient light:
  ”Come with me.”
  Lulai’s face was calm, he looked down at his pulled wrist and in the end did not shake Ge Xiu off, only walked in the direction he was pulling him into.
  The man who just now had been walking so fast that Ge Xiu couldn’t catch up with him, at this moment was slowly following behind him, keeping a distance that was just enough so he could be pulled forward.
  Ge Xiu dragged Lulai to the door of his room.
  He let go of the other’s wrist, and hurriedly dropped two words*: “Wait!”
  After saying that, Ge Xiu bent his waist** and couldn’t wait to get into the gap between the door that opened slowly after scanning his pupils. He disappeared inside the door in a few blinks.
  Lulai’s eyes squinted lightly and he gently moved his wrist that had been squeezed all the way and then stepped into the open door of the room.
  The room was messy.
  Except for the fact that it was much smaller, the layout of the room was similar to Lulai’s own room, but it is extremely…lifelike inside.
  Lulai thought for a while, and finally chose this less critical vocabulary to describe Ge Xiu’s place.
  He stared at the chaotic bed that was turned over and the messy ground full of working tools and equipment and slowly frowned.
  There was almost no place to stand, so Lulai stood at the hallway and waited.
  Ge Xiu was now bending over and rummaging through the random piles of mechanical parts on the ground. The sound of ding-ding-dong was endless. He took a moment to look behind him during his busy schedule, but he didn’t seem too surprised by the fact Lulai didn’t come in.
  His prolonged voice was mixed with a few knocks:
  ”Wait—just a second—”
  A few minutes later, the piercing clanging sound finally stopped. Ge Xiu turned around with a few weirdly-shaped steel gadgets and extremely skilfully found a few footholds on the messy ground. He jumped in front of Lulai in three steps. There was a little sweat on the tip of his nose and his eyes were shiny, making him look like an ordinary harmless teenager:
  Lulai took the ugly thing and the moment it fell into his palm, Ge Xiu quickly reported a series of numbers.
  A huge virtual star map instantly projected out of the iron knots, covering the entire room, and the extremely pure azure blue instantly covered every corner of the room-it turned out to be an virtual projection instrument.
  Except for the aesthetics, which were a bit hard to explain, the rest of the functions was extremely advanced.
  Lulai recognized that this was his warship.
  Ge Xiu looked up at him with his mouth curled up in a smile: “Do you want to know how I escaped without triggering any alarms?”
  Covered under his thick eyelashes, his eyes were dark and deep. The luminous blue light of the whole room reflected in his eyes, as if thousands of stars, there was a kind of thrilling magnificence and strangeness.
  Lulai’s heart jumped, he moved his eyes away awkwardly and turned his head to pretend to look at the suspended main ship structure intently:
  Ge Xiu leaned close to him, reaching out to the steel block in his palm. After a few touches on the top, his gesture command activated a new panel. Several locations on the virtual map of the main ship were instantly marked in red, and then suddenly zoomed in before the eyes, revealing more details:
  ”Needless to say, it’s worthy of your starship. It is almost impeccable in terms of management and patrol arrangements. The mechanical configuration of the hull is also extremely professional, but…” He smiled slightly, and said, “–not completely without loopholes…”
  Ge Xiu explained methodically.
  Lulai lowered his eyes, startled slightly.
  He don’t notice when their distance had become so close.
  The young man’s furry hair rubbed against Lulai’s chin, so he had to restrain his urge to withdraw backwards, forcing himself to fix his gaze on Ge Xiu’s face.
  Because of his thinness, his face was almost the size of Lulai’s palm, and his brow bones, bridge of nose and lower jaw showed a rough sense of fragility, but it made people unable to raise the a slightest contempt.
  Every word and every sentence he said was extremely precise and harsh, with a unusual angle and a sharp look at all the weak points, which almost made Lulai, who has experienced a lot of battles, feel a faint sense of fright.
  Ge Xiu raised his voice suddenly and raised his brows to look at him: “Are you listening at all?”
  Lulai returned to his senses: “You continue.”
  In the next two hours, Ge Xiu pointed out all the weaknesses and loopholes on the ship one by one, and even generously offered a solution for some. Lulai listened attentively and carefully, rarely interrupted, only occasionally raising one or two questions to Ge Xiu. Their opinions were revised more realistically, and it was not until the sound of the start of dinner sounded on the light brain they carried with them, that they stopped unconsciously.
  Ge Xiu stretched his waist and narrowed his eyes slightly, like a cat stretching out his limbs:
  ”How? Was it worth it?”
  He winked, “Is half a month okay?”
  Lulai stared at him. When he spoke, he suddenly raised his hand and pressed it on Ge Xiu’s head, rubbing it vigorously.
  This time, Ge Xiu reacted much more quickly. He bent down flexibly and escaped under Lulai’s palm, then stood a little further away from him, frowned with dissatisfaction and bared his teeth: “If you have something to say, say it without getting touchy.”
  He raised his hand to straighten his messed up hair, and muttered: “I won’t grow tall this way.”
  A smile appeared on Lulai’s lips and he beckoned at him:
  ”Come here.”
  Ge Xiu rolled his eyes unceremoniously.
  Lulai said slowly: “Your punishment time has been reduced to ten days.”
  Ge Xiu hesitated for a few seconds, and finally succumbed to the fear of seeing no candy to eat and reluctantly let him rub his head.
  A soft smile appeared on the bottom of Lulai’s eyes. The eyes that have been tempered into steel by the cold slaughter were like a lake of melting snow, with a pampering that he didn’t even notice, he raised his hand gently and rubbed Ge Xiu’s soft hair:
  ”Are you going to eat?”
  Ge Xiu waved his hand with a lack of interest: “Go, I haven’t finished my previous mechanical projects…”
  ”You will get a candy after the meal”
  ”Let’s go!”
  Ge Xiu regained his energy and hurried over to Lulai’s side and leaped towards the corridor outside the door.
  Lulai stepped across the messy ground, turned his head and glanced at the almost nightmarish room ruined by Ge Xiu and finally couldn’t hold back: “Where is the housekeeping robot sent to you?”
  ”I threw it away.”
  Ge Xiu’s answer was concise and simple.
  Louley frowned tighter: “Why?”
  ”They always mess up my work.”
  Is there a possibility that this room would be messed up further?
  Lulai looked at the catastrophic room suspiciously and then sighed: “I’ll let Hall make you a workshop.”
  Ge Xiu, who had already gone far away, suddenly turned his head and his eyes lit up: “Really?”
  The two came to the captain’s dining cabin, where Hall was already waiting.
  He put the food on the table stunned, then turned and left with a very dazed expression. As he walked, he wondered with some uncertainty—have the captain showed such a soft expression in front of others before? Right? Did he make a mistake just now?
  Ge Xiu grimaced and ate an extremely nutritious and balanced dinner under Lulai’s strict supervision.
  It wasn’t until the other party took out the candy from his pocket that he finally took it with a grin, peeling it off and putting it in his mouth skilfully.
  At this time, the cabin door opened silently and an adjutant whom Ge Xiu had never seen before strode out and leaned down to whisper a few words in Lulai’s ear.
  Lulai’s hard-lined facial features were instantly covered with a faint frost, and the diluted killing pressure on his body poured out from his body, the heavy pressure almost caused the surrounding temperature to drop a lot. He gracefully picked up the napkin and wiped the corners of his lips, then stood up.
  Ge Xiu squinted his eyes, one cheek was bulged from the top of the candy, staring at him silently.
  Lulai looked down and asked calmly,
  ”Would you like to go?”
  This was an invitation. An invitation to open the door of decision-making to him.
  Ge Xiu smiled, the scorching light in his eyes burned brighter with excitement, he jumped off the chair and showed his sharp and white teeth:
  ”Of course.”
The author has something to say:

Lulai: Punishment for a month! Not negotiable!
…Well, half a month
…okay, ten days
…forget it, I will give it to you after dinner today-and let Hall set you a workshop later.

Hall:…Captain! This is differential treatment! ! ! (Sorrowful)

*It’s two words in Chinese – 等等

**就一猫腰 literally meaning cat waist ahhaha Ge Xiu is one kitty (that will scratch out your eyes)


Lulai got defeated by meng

and here goes my stock pile of chapters~~


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