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Chapter 12: Garbage Star

Ge Xiu had never been to this area on the spaceship.
  The defense here was visibly stricter and more meticulous than in other divisions. The outer protective layer cast by Alberta stainless steel was indestructible. It was constantly scanned and monitored by independent intelligent AI. This was the main brain position of the entire ship, even if the outer armour suffered devastating strike, the protective measures here could ensure the complete preservation of the command level during combat to ensure the continuation of issuing orders.
  Lulai’s subordinate adjutant was already waiting in the meeting room.
  Each of them looked dignified, looking down at the flashing fluorescent screen in front of them, occasionally talking in a low voice, and seeing Lulai coming in, they stopped all their movements at the same time, looked terrified, and got up and saluted together: ” Captain!”
  Lulai nodded at them curtly:
  He turned his body slightly to reveal the strict Ge Xiu who had just been blocked by him.
  Seeing the slender young man not far away, everyone couldn’t help but freeze slightly before realizing that their captain was not coming alone.
  However, they didn’t need Lulai to introduce him, they could guess who this was.
  Ge Xiu.
  This seemingly skinny boy not only seized the alliance’s large warships on his own, but even beautifully ambushed and wiped out the enemy’s pursuing warships.
  The comprehensive preparations during this period of time and the almost immediate exchange of fire today were also related to him, not to mention the bombs he placed on the main ship.
  Although he handed over the positions of all the bombs very cooperatively, each position was extremely strange and dangerous. Almost all of them were within the blind spots of the intelligent hull surveillance system. It took a whole afternoon to completely dismantle them. The officer in charge of this matter even ordered to carry out the most detailed and comprehensive scan of the entire ship just in case, but there is still a lingering fear-after all, who knows if this little devil had secretly left one or two?
  Countless unfriendly eyes were shot at him from all directions.
  Ge Xiu didn’t seem to notice it, his eyes curled with a smile, and an eight-toothed smile was friendly at the crowd, looking incomparably well-behaved and pure.
  ——Itchy teeth that make people hate it.
  Lulai raised her eyebrows, his slightly narrowed eyes with a faint warning color.
  Everyone was shocked in an instant, and they showed false and unnatural smiles, welcoming a little stiffly with a nod Ge Xiu.
  After a brief greeting and introduction, everyone took their seats, and Ge Xiu was placed on the left side of Lulai. As the hapless person who was inexplicably squeezed out of position, Hall had to stand up to attend the meeting.
  Ge Xiu sat on the seat with two thin legs dangling, while licking the candy in his mouth treasuredly, while looking at the heavily guarded conference room with interest.
  His gaze paused for a while at several intelligent scanning positions of the AI, and then moved away without a trace.
  Hall began to explain the current situation.
  It turned out that the Alliance suddenly started to mobilize the elite fleet within its jurisdiction this afternoon. It seemed that it was preparing to take action. The frequency of small reconnaissance ships released out also increased significantly. In addition, the mineral planets and related weapons within the jurisdiction of the Alliance The manufacturing industry has also begun to go into full production, continuously delivering deadly naval gun weapons. This behemoth government squirming and operating under external stimuli, revealing sharp minions.
  The projection above the conference table changed content with the content of Hall’s words, and the accurate information flashed in front of everyone.
  The people sitting around the table were almost all confidants of Lulai when he still worked for the Alliance. They have experienced many battles and were very familiar with the defense and combat methods of the Alliance. Naturally, they were very clear about what these mean-
  Alliance was preparing for an intensive war.
  A big battle was on the horizon.
  ”We should launch a general offensive immediately!” one of them suggested: “On the front of the fleet we cannot compete with the alliance. If we wait for the alliance to organize the offensive and defensive fleet and troops, everything will be too late!”
  There was a long scar on the man’s left eye, extending from the temple to the bridge of his nose and his eyes were full of fighting spirit.
  The other officer nodded and agreed: “Richard’s point is reasonable, and the Alliance is now mobilizing troops from remote DE-class galaxies, and the development of energy and minerals and the construction of fleet weapons require more troops, and it is them now. When defense is weak, focusing on the elite troops to attack and seizing the opportunity is the best solution!”
  A female general sitting at the other end of the table frowned and objected:
  ”This information is actually not difficult to detect. What if alliance deliberately released the news to lure out their enemies as a tactic? I don’t think we can attack rashly now. Instead, we should send more sophisticated detection instruments to confirm the intelligence before making a decision.”
  The conference room was in chaos. It was fleeting, and some people suggested careful observation. Everyone felt that their method was correct one and as noisy as boiled oil in frying pan.
  Ge Xiu yawned boringly.
  At first, he raised his ears and heard those words or two, then he lost interest very quickly, so he bowed his head and  began to play with his fingers intently.
  Lulai watched the arguing appearance of his subordinates, his face was calm, his expression was indifferent, and there was no extra emotion in the silver-blue eyes, like a deep and unpredictable abyss.
  He seemed to be listening carefully to everyone’s opinions, and he seemed to be just thinking about something quietly.
  At this moment, Lulai tapped on the tabletop.
  The percussion was not loud, not hurried or slow, and very rhythmic, but it had a strange penetrating power, which instantly quieted everyone who was still noisy.
  The heated meeting room suddenly became silent, and everyone’s eyes gathered at the top of the meeting table.
  Lulai said: “I know your opinion.”
  He lowered his eyes, looked at Ge Xiu who seemed to be still out of the sky, and asked, “What about you?”
  Ge Xiu returned to his senses, and he blinked. In hindsight, he asked: “…what? Me?”
  The eyes of everyone in the conference room were on him. Although everyone looked different, they were all impatient and sullen—how could anyone get distracted in such a serious combat meeting?
  Lulai seemed to ignore Ge Xiu’s attitude at all, but he repeated the question patiently: “What about you? What do you think?”
  Ge Xiu licked the remaining candy in his mouth with some regrets, and bit on the thin one candy chip and swallowed, then jumped off his seat and walked to the position closest to the galaxy chart on the table. He looked up for a while carefully, and asked thoughtfully:
  ”Can I see data about the power comparison? Including weapons, troops, and all related data.”
  Lulai gave a sidelong glance at Hall and Hall hurriedly set up the data.
  The great amount of detailed numbers suddenly appeared, like a huge azure blue wall, painting faces of everyone at the table into a faint light blue.
  There was silence in the conference room.
  Ge Xiu learned from Hall’s actions, tapped a few times on the floating virtual screen self-taught and re-tuned the latest information sent by the reconnaissance ship. After carefully examining it for a few seconds, he turned around. He walked back to his position and jumped on the chair that was a little high for him.
  He lazily said: “What the uncle said just now is correct. There is still a big gap between your strength and the military strength of the entire alliance. If you wait for the Alliance to gather all its forces for a frontal confrontation, the chance of success is very slim.”
  Although he still disliked that kid, Richard straightened with pride.
  ”But…” Ge Xiu changed his words: “If you make a surprise attack before the Alliance is ready, even if you win, it will be difficult to succeed.”
  Richard suddenly became angry: “What do you know! The Alliance’s ships and weapons are far inferior to ours and the strength of our troops is also greater! Coupled with our familiarity with the defense of the Alliance’s army, it’s like a fortress of mud and sand, and it will disperse as soon as we rush to attack!”
  Ge Xiu swayed his legs and said casually: “That’s why you’re not a commander.”
  ”You!” Richard felt angry and attacked by his words and subconsciously wanted to stand up, but he got pushed down by the people on both sides a second before he took action.
  Ge Xiu smiled and looked at Lulai, who was sitting in the first place, and blinked mischievously: “You understand what I mean, right sir?”
  Lulai looked unpredictable, neither affirmed nor denied, but only made a simple gesture and so the agitated conference room instantly went quiet.
  With the blatant support of the commander, Ge Xiu was even more unscrupulous.
  He raised his finger at the huge virtual galaxy map floating in front of him, circled the area under the jurisdiction of the Alliance, and then clicked on the location of their fleet, with a faint contempt in his lazy voice: “If you’re so powerful and will be able to occupy the capital of the Alliance, what about the A-class galaxies in China? Do you have enough troops to encircle the capital to ensure that the Alliance Council cannot escape? No. They can still bring their troops to the north – three of the five major mineral galaxies are in the north, which can give the Alliance a source for continuous replenishment of troops and energy. Even if you can stand firm in the south, it will inevitably evolve into a decades-long tug of war.”
  Ge Xiu shrugged and smiled heartlessly: “However, maybe you can hold on longer, who knows.”
  The audience was silent.
  Richard flushed red with the indiscriminate mockery in Go Xiu’s words, but he still sat on his seat, even though the two people around him no longer suppressed him – because although he was extremely angry, he knew, what Ge Xiu said was right.
  They were good officers, but not successful commanders. As the leading generals, they were accustomed to focusing on the outcome of a battle rather than the overall situation.
  In addition, the vision of their victory was too tempting and it dazzled everyone’s minds in an instant.
  It was precisely when he realized it that Richard felt extremely ashamed.
  A faint approval flashed through Lulai’s eyes. He looked at Ge Xiu and broke the silence: “Then, what do you think we should do next?”
  Ge Xiu showed a pure smile to Lulai:
  ”Since the Alliance is well supplied with energy and military strength, we can just cut off its roots.”
  ”Remember the spoils I abducted today? Let your people drive the Alliance warships to confuse their vision, looting and harassing poorly guarded transport ships.”
  ”The Alliance mainly relies on slave reselling trade to support its power rule. Now that he war is imminent, they will start from the D and E-class galaxies and madly gather more forces. You can send wave of small ships to sneak into the jurisdiction of the Alliance to collect and distribute the truth of the slaves who had been trafficked to a labour planet, so that those planets who are eager for the rescue of the Alliance’s humanitarian decree can see the truth.”
  ”Don’t worry, I have experience in this area—” he blinked: “I have several planets to choose from.”
   Ge Xiu threw a hard drive storage on the table: “This is the location record of all the transport ships in the original Leibert, the 3,118 people who were kidnapped on the Leibert drove these ships back to their planets and kept them… These planets are the most easily influenced and stimulated to rebel.”
  The corners of his lips were curled up and his dark eyes had a terrifying excitement and eagerness to try inside:
  ”After the Alliance itself becomes disorganized, the next thing will be easy.”
  For the next half an hour, Ge Xiu pointed to a several dangerous places on the galaxy map that might affect the situation in war and randomly listed several tactics that could be used in this melee. Everyone stared at the scrawny young boy in amazement, watching him use the most understatement gestures and one by one count down the tactics, it wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it as a indescribable damage, frontal ambushes, reverse ambushes, fishing with captured Alliance ships in troubled waters*, scattering firepower to confuse reconnaissance ships and then sending a large number of troops to annihilate them, using terrain to lure the enemy into counter-kill…
  Finally, Ge Xiu took a sip of the tea on the table to moisturise his lips, and said modestly:
  ”Whatever you think right now, just listen to it, and then you can act accordingly.”
  Everyone: “…”
  Ge Xiu’s smiling face was still lovely and pure, but at this moment, in everyone’s eyes, it gave a strange and terrible sense of danger.
  Hall felt a chill on his back and shivered uncontrollably. He couldn’t help but admire the vision and intuition of his commander-
  this kind of little monster is indeed best on their side…
  If he was their enemy, that would too terrible!!

The author has something to say:

Everyone: I hope he can always stand by our side.

Lulai: I have a bold idea.

*fishing in troubled waters is basically, to try to win an advantage from a difficult situation or from someone else’s problems 渾水摸魚


Bamboo has something to say:

bro my hands hurt, anyways ahaha Lulai is just so gentle despite having face like an iceberg

Little Theater:

Hall: Nooo captain you can’t just make me work for Ge Xiu as if he was my superior QAQ

Ge Xiu: ツ

Lulai: ‘_’

Hall: I didn’t say anything!!


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  1. ——Itchy teeth that make people hate it.
    I think this is “Made people’s teeth itch with hatred” kinda like when ML feels his hand/heart “itchy” when wanting to pat MC’s head but in this case it’s probably grinding their teeth lol
    Thanks for the chapter~♡

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