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Chapter 13: Garbage Star

  The meeting came to an end.
  In the final Lulai’s strategic policy he not only adopted Ge Xiu’s cunning and innovative conspiracy plan, but also made a careful and comprehensive plan for the next possible battle. In the end, he methodically assigned to his subordinates fleets and missions, then ended this meeting.
  Everyone took their orders to leave, and soon there were only two people left in the meeting room, Ge Xiu and Lulai.
  Ge Xiu jumped down from the high chair and lightly walked over to Lulai’s side.
  Lulai frowned, looked down at the data on the light brain in front of him, seeming to be immersed in deep thought. When he noticed that Ge Xiu was coming, he subconsciously took out a candy from his back pocket.
  Ge Xiu took it with some surprise:
  ”Eh? Didn’t you say that you want to deduct half a month of candies?”
  Lulai got pulled out from his train of thoughts. He finally remembered that this indeed happened, so he directed at Ge Xiu his open palm:
  ”That’s right, give it back.”
Ge Xiu jumped back two steps quickly, peeled off the wrapping paper extremely quickly and stuffed the candy into his mouth, saying vaguely: “…Too late.”
  He was such an arrogant rascal that one couldn’t even get angry.
  Lulai felt a little helpless, he retracted his hand and turned to look at Ge Xiu:
  ”Is there anything you want to say before leaving?”
  Ge Xiu nodded, he jumped onto the table and sat down, shaking his two legs in the air: “Why didn’t you assign me a mission?”
  Lulai narrowed his eyes slightly, his light gold eyelashes half-covered his eyes, his silver-blue pupils were clear and deep. He said:
  ”The Leviathan is still in the process of being repaired.”
  Ge Xiu licked his fingertips stained with syrup briefly and replied nonchalantly: “This kind of trivial matter does not require Leviathan to come. Any of the ships I robbed would be enough.”
  Lulai calmly withdrew his gaze: “You are the decision maker now.”
   Ge Xiu looked at Lulai with some surprise: “Are you worried I’ll be in danger?”
  He smiled and jumped off the table: “Don’t worry, even if your main ship blows up, I’ll be fine.”
  Lulai turned from the chair and faced Ge Xiu, his elbows rested on the armrests, their fingertips almost touching, he carefully examined the young man who seemed completely carefree for a while and he slowly asked: “You want to go so much? Why?”
  Ge Xiu blinked thoughtfully, “Probably…because there are still things that have not been done, right?”
  Lulai shot a deep look at him: “Okay.”
  He turned back, his fingertips flexibly jumping on the virtual screen suspended in front of him: “Your ID card has now the permission to enter the battle compartment. You can take off at any time after you choose the battleship and companions you want to drive with.”
  Ge Xiu smiled brightly: “Thank you!”
  Lulai watched as the young boy’s thin back was swallowed and covered by the closing door of the conference room. The whirling sentence “be careful” that was on the tip of his tongue got silently swallowed into his throat.
  He lowered his face without a change in expression and looked at the galaxy map presented on the smart brain again, but the complicated icons of different shades seemed to be entangled into messy lines, making him unable to concentrate and think clearly again for a long time.
  Lulai frowned anxiously and turned off the screen.
  After Ge Xiu left the meeting room, he went straight to the cabin where accommodated the crew of the Leviathan and found Xiao Yi studying the familiar driving theory.
  When Xiao Yi saw him, he shouted in surprise: “Xiao Qi!”  
  He jumped up, rushed to Ge Xiu and asked nervously, “Are you okay! I heard that you were punished…”
  Before Xiao Yi’s stuttering words were finished, he got interrupted by Ge Xiu. He still had a loose smile on his lips, but there was a rare seriousness in his eyes. He said to Xiao Yi: “What about the people from the Garbage Star that came with us? Do you know where they are?”
  Although Xiao Yi was a little confused, he still nodded: “I know.”
  ”Bring them over.”
  Xiao Yi has always blindly listened to Ge Xiu. He turned around and walked two steps, but in the end he still couldn’t suppress his curiosity, turned his head and asked in a low voice, “Um, Xiao Qi, can I ask, why do you say so?”
  The smile on the corner of Ge Xiu’s lips became deeper. His eyes were like a dark and calm water surface, beneath the water surface, a deep and dangerous vortex lurked.
  He whispered:
  ——”I will take you back home.”
  A week later, the advance reconnaissance ship sent to collect intelligence transmitted the images captured from the heavy labour planet back to the main ship and the second wave of the fleet was positioned according to the cargo ship coordinates provided by Ge Xiu, they set off in batches in a low-key and concealed manner and some of the Leviathan crew who wished to return to their planet to take a look voluntarily signed up to join the ship as local guides and consultants to their destinations.
  There were a total of twelve crew members from the same planet as Ge Xiu, and seven of them chose to follow him back to the Garbage Star.
  The command and control system of the intercepted light warships have been rewritten and reinstalled by the mechanics. After inserting the ID card into the identification slot, the warship with the rebel core of the alliance shell will automatically start, and the door of the transfer compartment will be slowly turning on. At the same time, on Lulai’s personal brain appeared a ship’s cabin reminder. He moved his gaze, his eyes stayed on the familiar activation number on the virtual screen for a few seconds and then looked away casually, and continued with the to discuss the war with his subordinates.
  Inside the battleship, after activating the control system, Ge Xiu turned around without a hint of remorse, casually found a corner in the cockpit and sat down in a daze. Xiao Yi’s benefited under his merciless commanding in the experience of being dragged out from the main ship by him and his spacecraft piloting skills improved by leaps and bounds. He sighed, and skilfully tapped the control on the screen, driving the spacecraft toward the designated coordinates.
  And in the past few months of training and learning, even without the participation of Ge Xiu, the crew members did well, the division of labour and cooperation was quite tacit, and they had completely changed from when they were rescued before.
  Ge Xiu crossed his legs and curled up on the chair not caring about his image. His skeleton was small and his limbs were soft. The wide back of the chair could almost wrap him up. He rested his chin on his knees listlessly, he looked like a little animal dozing off, without a sense of threat.
  But no one in the entire cockpit dared to think so.
  Although they didn’t realize it, they still instinctively stepped lightly and lowered their voices when they passed by Ge Xiu, for fear of disturbing him.
  Just like a herbivore walking cautiously in front of a sleeping predator.
  Ge Xiu squinted with boredom, staring at the ever-changing stars outside the thick isolation window, he breathed a puff of air towards the glass and then used his thin fingertips to draw carelessly on the fog-covered icy window, meaningless lines were tangled into fuzzy and scribbled patterns, just like children’s graffiti.
  He stopped suddenly.
  The glass covered with a layer of water mist has been smeared in a mess, and the lines unknowingly twisted into a distorted letter, into a capital “P”.
  Ge Xiu was stunned, he frowned suspiciously and stared at the window for a while.
  Can’t think of anything.
  He raised his hand a little irritably and completely wiped away the remaining fog on the glass with his palm.
  After a few seconds, there was no trace on the window except for a small remaining palm print.
  He mood fell to the bottom suddenly and his face was a little gloomy, he got up from the chair and Ge ​​Xiu started walking around in the cabin of his own mind, occasionally messing up the supplies that were carried on the ship on a whim, and from time to time maliciously harassed crew members from time to time who were working normally. Ge Xiu made trouble all the time in a kind of mindset, that if he’s unhappy no one can relax.
  After being hinted to several times by a crying crew member, Xiao Yi finally turned around and smiled helplessly:
  ”My ancestor, what do you want to do?”
  Ge Xiu thought for a while: “Is there any candy?”
  Xiao Yi winked at the crew and everyone realized what he meant instantly and began to search in their pockets. A few minutes later, they quickly collected four or five pieces of candies distributed to everyone on the spaceship and then passed them all together.
  Ge Xiu peeled one and put it in his mouth.
  Not as delicious as the high quality candy offered by Lulai.
  He sighed in distress, then returned to the chair, rested his chin on his knees and continued to sleep.
  The crew breathed a sigh of relief.
  ——Now they can finally focus on work.
  Some time later, Ge Xiu opened his eyes suddenly and looked out the window. There was no sleepiness in his dark eyes.
  Almost at the same time, a beeping siren sounded in the cabin and the radar showed that Alliance ships were approaching fast in their direction. The hearts of the crew instantly lifted up, but Xiao Yi turned his head to calm them down and said, “It doesn’t matter, we are driving Alliance’s starships and they won’t notice it.”
  He and Ge Xiu had fished in troubled waters like this before and captured many ships of the Alliance.
  The hearts of the crew fell back in place a little.
  But at this moment, a slightly cold voice with no emotional ups and downs sounded from behind: “Escape.”
  Ge Xiu’s voice.
  Xiao Yi shuddered and the nerves and cells all over his body clamoured nervously. He subconsciously lifted his hand to pull the joystick and lifted the ship to its maximum speed before Ge Xiu’s voice fell. The upgraded battleship instantly leaped out, everyone was firmly pressed on the seat by acceleration, just to avoid the powerful light energy cannonballs behind them-
  With the instinct trained by following Ge Xiu, Xiao Yi was proficient in manipulating the spacecraft. With the escape mode was turned on, the Alliance ships behind them were chasing very fast and biting behind them. Numerous dangerous and swift light energy cannons were getting fired intensively. Xiao Yi’s scalp felt numb, and his voice was sharp and pitched up because of the tension, almost breaking in the middle:
  ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, how did they know!”
  ”New detection equipment.”
  Ge Xiu said concisely.
  ——Obviously, after being deceived several times, the Alliance’s army no longer dared to trust all the ships with their own marks.
  And the uncommon configuration of the Alliance warship in front of them was obviously one of them.
  But Xiao Yi didn’t have time to ask Ge Xiu how he discovered it.
  In such a critical situation, he could only concentrate all his energy on manipulating the ship to avoid the blasts behind him, but he still inevitably got hit by two shots. Although the power of the cannonball was offset by the protection of the light energy barrier, there was already a sound in the cabin. The sirens of broken barriers were heard.
  ”Warning! The protective shield has been damaged to 42%!”
  At this moment, three reinforcement Alliance warships rushed again from the slope, sticking tightly behind them, and a denser bomb rain instantly hit–
  ”Warning! The protective cover has been damaged by 73%!”
  Ge Xiu made a decisive decision. He tapped twice on the protective clothing he was wearing, and the gravity on his body was instantly cancelled out.
  He commanded: “Get out of the way.”
  Xiao Yi glanced at Ge Xiu who had run to the driver’s seat in the chaos and commotion, and instantly used the fastest speed to unlock the safety protection on his body, before he even had time to press button on his protective suit and then he was suddenly taken aback by the gravity that was suddenly pressed him down and he fell to the bottom of the cabin.
  Ge Xiu immediately took over.
  He grasped the manually operated pilot that popped up from the interface, his slender finger bones were twisted tightly and almost blended with the dark lines on the lever. In the next second, the speed instantly increased by several grades, and the acceleration caused by the overwhelming speed has crushed Xiao Yi who had just gotten up, even the device that had been turned on on his protective suit could not offset it. All the crew members had pale faces and deep fear in their eyes.
  No one dared to raise speed to this level.
  This is the limit of the theoretical speed of the ship. At this speed, even if it hits a meteorite the size of a fist, it will instantly tear the indestructible protective layer, as easy as being shot through tofu, and because the ship’s energy is all invested in the running accelerator and propulsion device, the energy barrier of the ship would also become extremely fragile and as long as one more shot hit them, the entire ship would be broken to pieces.
  Everyone looked desperate.
  The muscles on Ge Xiu’s body were like a bow pulled to the maximum extent and his expressionless face was like a deep pool of water, which couldn’t make any ripples.
  No one could see his eyes.
  In the depths of those dark and gloomy eyes, there was a kind of almost maddening calm. His pupils were tightened due to extreme excitement and stimulation and his nose was slightly widened, like a hunting dog that smelled blood.
  He indulged in a state of frenzied excitement, his finger bones rattled with force and sharp white tiger teeth appeared from the corners of his slightly raised lips, resembling a beast rather than human.
  The entire ship seemed to be embedded with him. Steel, glass, and fuel all melted into his flesh and blood. Every high-speed engine was like an arm, shivering and trembling with each of his movements. Under his command, there was incredible dexterity which let him use tricky angles to shuttle between the suspended celestial bodies and meteorites, he then hovered for a moment and suddenly turned, causing the two warships behind them to lose control and directly hit the huge meteorite.
  A silent explosion lit up behind him, bright flames covering Ge Xiu’s profile.
  Xiao Yi grasped the gap tightly, threw herself onto an empty seat, and quickly fastened the protective belt.
  The ship jumped out again under Ge Xiu’s operation.
  In the blurred and swaying vision, Xiao Yi could see that on the distant light screen, the blue dot showing the destination was approaching at a speed visible to the naked eye——He realized a terrible fact: Ge Xiu… he was actually not going to retreat!
  But the terrifying pressure prevented him from spitting out half a word.
  Another warship blew up behind him.
  The only one left, although still in hot pursuit, was already far behind and almost out of range.
  Xiao Yi gritted his teeth and watched the ship rush towards the gray planet not far away and jump into the atmosphere without precautions like a suicide. The cabin was painted in dangerous bright red from the warning, and the impurities in the air hit the protective layer, making an unpleasant clanking sound, the high temperature alarm sounded and the metal layer melted due to the high temperature generated by friction. Even in the cabin, they could feel the terrifying heat.
  Ge Xiu yanked the joystick backwards suddenly — the lightship rotated in a beautiful arc in the mid-air, offsetting most of the forward momentum, the protective cover rose and then the ship slammed into a tall trash mountain.
  The landing…was successful!


Bamboo has something to say: modern world Ge Xiu would get his driving license revoked already. Good thing it’s ML who drives (laughs in chinese slang)


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