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Chapter 20: Garbage Star

On the way to the medical research institute, Ge Xiu curled up in his seat listlessly, with his chin resting on his knees in a drowsy posture, too lazy to move one bit the entire way.

    Lulai didn’t seem to mind it.

    He sat not far away with his eyes closed, his two long legs crossed and his slender palms were overlapping on his knees. Deep contours of his face were illuminated by the sea of stars intertwined with light and shadow outside the porthole.

    There was an unexplainable stagnant atmosphere in the cabin. The air seemed to be a thick and slow-flowing liquid, pressing heavily on everyone’s chests.

    The other crew members in the starship were simply miserable. They moved silently, even breathing carefully, for fear of making any unnecessary noise — they had never missed Hall so much. This time, due to Lulai’s whim, as the captain’s adjutant, Hall replaced him and stayed on the main ship to oversee the overall situation. Without Hall’s presence, Lulai’s strong aura pressured them and the crew was silent and wanted to cry but had no tears.

    Every minute and every second seemed to stretch into a century.

    Finally, after two space jumps, the starship finally came to its destination — the medical research center in the second galaxy, which was a medical institution second only to the medical research institute of the first Alliance’s galaxy in the entire interstellar.

    It was built on an asteroid on the edge of the second galaxy, where countless sophisticated and expensive medical equipment and medical experiments were strictly protected behind layers of defensive structures.

    The starship moved slowly into the main medical area.

    The management personnel approached had no idea that the Supreme Commander would come in person. When he saw Lulai, he was taken aback and almost tripped to the ground. He saluted Lulai in fear. He stammered a compliment, the sweat dripping from his forehead almost soaking the crumpled handkerchief in his hand.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyes and scanned the manager’s tense, nervous face, chuckled softly and then lazily closed his eyes again.

    Lulai raised his hand to stop the manager’s unnecessary compliments and then asked unhurriedly:

    “Where is medical detection device in this institute?”

    The manager wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “I, I can take you there. How do you plan to transform the patient? We have the most high-end isolation capsule in the entire interstellar space…”

    Lulai interrupted him: “No need.”

    He stepped closer to Ge Xiu, bent over to unlock the safety device for him and hugged him up.

    Ge Xiu rolled his eyes, moved lightly and swiftly to avoid Lulai’s arm and jumped out of his arms: “Don’t worry, I can walk.”

    Lulai withdrew his hand unaffected, his fingers curled up, seemingly a little regretful.

    He turned his head to look at the shocked and bewildered manager and naturally commanded:

    “Lead the way.”

    The medical testing center here was more sophisticated and high-tech than the main ship in both its instruments and facilities, with countless shining smart light screens embedded in it. The dome towered high above the shining white walls, making the entire space look as if wrapped in a sleek eggshell, looking clean and simple.

    Ge Xiu lay in the semi-enclosed streamlined instrument and on the side of the light screen there was a blue data stream flowing and changing at an extremely fast speed.

    He closed his eyes, the emotion on his face was so weak it almost couldn’t be discerned, and there was a strange feeling of unreality.

    Lulai, who stood by, frowned.

    He didn’t know why, at this time Ge Xiu gave him a sense of distance, as if he would dissipate and dissolve into the air in the next second. If it weren’t for him forcibly suppressing his urge, he would walk over uncontrollably in the next second to drag him back to the world.

    The whole process came to an end very quickly.

    The instrument cover covering the upper part was slowly lifted. Ge Xiu sat up, his thin legs drooped, his eyes were slightly closed and his face still had the expression of indifference and alienation.

    Lulai’s heart missed a beat, he walked forward and asked softly:

    “How is it? Do you feel okay?”

    Ge Xiu raised his eyes and glanced at him. Dark eyes flashed under his long eyelashes, like an abyss suddenly illuminated by lightning, before Lulai could catch the look in his eyes he withdrew his gaze, gave a faint “um” in a low mood and then asked,

    “Are there any candies?”

Lulai pursed his lips, took out a candy from his pocket and handed it over.

    Ge Xiu peeled off the candy wrapper and stuffed the candy into his mouth. He seemed to relax a little.

    Lulai tentatively touched his head, his hair was light and soft, he rubbed his hair into a mess, like the fur of some kind of small animal.

    Ge Xiu didn’t escape this time.

    Lulai lowered his eyes, his gaze travelled from the thin shoulders of the young man and landed on his bulging cheeks. The light in his eyes was softened and a secret satisfaction spread from the bottom of his heart — he vaguely understood why he deliberately avoided going to the medical area, perhaps it was precisely because he was afraid that such a peaceful and almost intimate atmosphere would make him addicted, make him unable to control desire to plunder and control… He deliberately alienated him, trying to escape this strange attraction but still failed in the last moment of confrontation.

    But the most frightening thing was that he was willing.

    At this moment, the manager of the medical center approached cautiously, his pale fingers held the light screen and he hesitated to step forward.

    Lulai raised his eyes: “Are the results out?”

    The manager nodded, his fingers tightened nervously and sweat dripped on his forehead, he passed the light screen in fear.

    While Lulai carefully reviewed the above content, the manager wiped the sweat from his forehead and explained in panic:

    “Sir, sir, we can perform a few more tests… Maybe, maybe…”

    Lulai raised his eyes and shot his gaze towards him from above the light screen, his silver-blue eyes were like snow on the mountain peak, freezing cold.

    The manager stopped his weak arguments frightened and bowed his head down deeply.

    No joy or anger could be seen on Lulai’s face.

    He just lowered his eyes again and read the content on the light screen carefully.

    Although he couldn’t see the light screen, Ge Xiu knew his diagnosis clearly.

    Organ failure means shortening the duration of stay, not a disease that can be cured.

    Ge Xiu propped his chin, slightly narrowed his eyes carelessly and licked the slowly melting candy in his mouth a few times.

    The fruity scent filled his mouth, spread across his tongue and teeth, giving an inexplicable sense of peace of mind.

    Ge Xiu used his sharp canine teeth to bite the hard shell of the candy and an even richer sweetness spread, he unconsciously scratched the smooth leather surface of the chair with his fingertips.

    He yawned calmly.

    Lulai finally read every word on the diagnosis result carefully and put the light screen down.

    He seemed to be restraining his emotions, a certain gloomy aura surged in his light blue eyes, as if a fierce and deadly undercurrent was hidden under the sea surface, silent and violent, destructive and devastating.

    The clothes on the manager’s back were completely soaked in cold sweat. He swallowed hard, his dry throat trembled slightly and his voice became sharp and distorted because of fear:

    “First, the first research institute of the first galaxy is said to have studied two years ago high-end testing equipment…Here, we had no time to update it…”

    Lulai had already suppressed his emotions at this moment. He became expressionless again, but he was inexplicably more terrifying than before. The pressure so heavy that it seemed to have solidified almost forced the manager to bend down uncontrollably.

    He finally said: “You can go.”

    The manager took the light screen from Lulai’s hand tremblingly, and quickly slipped away with relief. Considering his size, the whole process was surprisingly swift.

    Ge Xiu watched his back with amusement, swallowing the last trace of sweetness in his mouth into his throat.

    Lulai stared at him condescendingly. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand without warning and touched Ge Xiu’s cheek — thin, cold and very bony.

    Ge Xiu was taken aback and looked at Lulai. Lulai did not avoid his sight, but squatted down and kept looking straight at him.

    Lulai’s palms were warm and slender, a little too big compared to Ge Xiu’s remarkably small skull. He rubbed Ge Xiu’s cheek and the side of his neck, then retracted his hand.

    “Be careful with your teeth.”

    Lulai said nonchalantly.

    Immediately afterwards, he grabbed all the candies in his pocket and put them in Ge Xiu’s hands.

    Lulai stood up and walked out at in the same fast pace as when he came, with a straight back and a healthy body, and soon disappeared from Ge Xiu’s sight.

    Ge Xiu lowered his head inexplicably, watching the large amount of candy that suddenly appeared in his arms. He peeled one and stuffed it into his mouth, then crushed it with his teeth as if retaliating. The sound of crunching filled the empty room and he made a childish grimace at the door.

    Tut, his teeth will not go bad.

    After all, his body will have broken down long before them!

    In the next days in the medical clinic, Ge Xiu was like a fish in water. In particular, the manager deep psychological shadow left from day because of Lulai. After that, every time he saw Ge Xiu, a patient sent by Lulai himself, he couldn’t help nodding and bowing and he was very courteous to him.

    The battle situation during this time has also become more dangerous and complicated.

    Lulai significantly accelerated the speed of attack and expansion. His fleet was fierce and unstoppable. In just three weeks, he conquered two tactical fortresses that were praised as impossible to fall and even wiped out one of the Alliance’s main forces, but the Alliance has finally recovered from its unfavourable start and stopped retreating. It was like a huge and slow-moving beast, facing the attack of young and strong emerging challengers, that woke up under the threat and began to counterattack.

    The Alliance began to urgently adjust its garrison pattern and sent young generals newly cultivated in recent years to the front. It began to avoid its edge, shrinking as much as possible and unreservedly mobilizing all galaxies still under their jurisdiction, and even started to consolidate and win over several powerful families that had been suppressed before in order to obtain more economical and military assistance.

    After all, the Alliance was deeply rooted, and with some operation, it barely managed to maintain the situation for a while and it stopped getting defeated.

    However, in the face of its emerging sharp and unstoppable opponents, the Alliance still showed clear decline.

    The foundation of the Alliance’s ruling has been shaken, and it was only a matter of time before the entire line was defeated.

    In internal and external troubles, it was slowly being driven into a corner.

    The desperate moves of a trapped beast were extremely dangerous.

    Ever since the beginning of the war, Lulai planned with foresight, step by step, and the design of every battle was interlocked, forming a meticulous and terrifying big net, slowly engulfing the Alliance’s area of control — he had never done any irrational or pointless action, except one: taking over the medical research center of the second galaxy.

    And… According to unreliable gossip, Lulai even personally escorted the patient to that place.

    Although the source was untraceable, and the tight line of defense built by Lulai made it impossible for the Alliance to verify the authenticity of the rumours, they had no other choice.

    Lulai’s defence of the Second Medical Research Center was really impervious, and the Alliance, which was gradually running out of ammunition and food, has long lost the ability to break through such defences.

    You cannot trap a predator who was equally fierce and cunning.

    Unless you have a bait he can’t refuse.

    The First Medical Research Center was located on the planet at the edge of the first galaxy. Although its location was not remote and dangerous, in the recent period of time, according to continuous observations, the stars surrounding this planet were gradually dying and declining. It would reach a tipping point within a hundred years. Once the star’s core collapses and shrinks under the action of gravity, it will explode, creating a new black hole.

    The Alliance cancelled the aid transfer plan.

    It sent a suicide ship carrying a large number of special explosives to attack the dying star.

    Once the black hole was created, everything around it would be swallowed, including all the life in at least three small galaxies around it. Panic spread, but the Alliance had already fallen into madness and despair. As long as there was a way to hurt Lulai, they would not hesitate no matter the price.

    They succeeded.

    Knowing that what awaited him must be a series of killer moves and traps, Lulai personally led the most elite fleet to attack and intercept ship with explosives.

    What’s even more frightening was that in a situation where combat equipment and even all conditions were completely unfavourable, Lulai, with his astonishing calmness and almost miraculous strategy and command, actually turned around the battle situation under suicide ambushes and siege, with very few casualties. They intercepted the starship heading to the star-but also paid a great price.

    The command ship driven by Lulai received a devastating blow and his elite fleet was besieged in the asteroid belt, the signal was interrupted, his life and death were unknown.

    The manager sat at the breakfast table sipping coffee, watching the latest news on the light screen in front of him, and shivered silently.

    Although this officer was a bit scary, he still understood where the truth stood. One was a leader who didn’t care about his own safety for the lives of the three small galaxies, and the other was a crazy desperate tyrant, there’s no suspense about what side to chose. What’s more, he was also the manager of the Second Medical Research Center and he felt deeper sympathy and concern for other similar institutions.

    He sighed sadly, stood up and began his daily inspections.

    With a few candies in his pocket, the manager came to the most core ward of the entire medical center. During this time, he and Ge Xiu established a fairly good relationship. This seriously ill child was well-behaved and pitiful, although they still haven’t found a cure for his illness he was smiling every day. In this case, he was very optimistic, which made the manager feel a little more affectionate and caring towards him.

    He knocked gently on the door of the isolation compartment.

    No one answered.


    The manager subconsciously turned his head to look at the monitoring light screen on the side. The heart rate and vital signs on it were all very stable and everything was in a normal state.

    He should be just unwilling to respond.

    He sighed——poor child, his close guardian had such a big incident, it must be difficult for him to accept it.

    The administrator unlocked the compartment door with a pity.

    In the next second, he froze in place and couldn’t believe his eyes.

    The light in the room was bright, the metal wall was peeled off neatly, and the bio-monitoring instrument under it was connected to an ugly steel bump, and the screen was lit with blue light, simulating the heartbeat and life reaction of a living person.

    Other than this, the room was empty and no one was left.

    There was no trace of forcibly breaking in or breaking out of the door and the teenager who should have been in the isolation cabin disappeared like mist.


Manager: he’s such a good optimistic child!

Hall: O_O

Xiao Yi: -_- he really isn’t…

Lulai: ? I think he’s cute though


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