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Chapter 21: Garbage Star

Hall listened carefully to the flustered and incoherent description of the Second Medical Research Center manager and then replied briefly and forcefully:

    “Okay, I know.”

    Before the other party could answer, he turned off the communication device, took a deep breath and slowly raised his head:

    “So, what do you want?”

    -the protagonist of their conversation was sitting alive in front of him.

    He saw Ge Xiu resting his chin with one hand, commenting in a methodological manner:

    “It seems that I caused a lot of problems.”

    Hall restrained his urge to roll his eyes: “What do you think?”

    This question obviously does not need an answer.

    Ge Xiu ignored Hall’s sarcasm, jumped off the chair lightly instead and said lightly: “You know what I want.”

    Hall did know.

    Soldiers, weapons, fleets.

    He sighed and shook his head: “According to your current physical condition, the isolation room of the Second Medical Center is where you should stay. If the captain comes back to find you, I will let you…”

    Before Hall finished speaking, Ge Xiu interrupted:

    “If he can come back.”

    There was no extra emotion in his voice, but the sharp meaning in it is like a merciless blow, and Hall felt his internal organs start to churn slowly with a dull pain, a metallic smell spread in his mouth, he gritted his teeth and couldn’t say a word anymore.

    Ge Xiu glanced at him:

    “If he really asks, you can tell him that I threatened you.”

    Although the eyes of the two met only briefly, Hall felt as if he had been cut open by something sharp, as if his internal organs and bones were exposed to the other’s scrutiny, and Hall took the initiative to look away. He avoided his gaze and retreated silently.

    “Of course, I’m really ready to do that too.”

    Ge Xiu added ostentatiously. He spread his palm on the table and an unknown miniature gun in his palm shone, cold and hard under the light.

    After looking at each other for a long time, Hall sighed and finally pulled out the control screen in compromise.

    Ge Xiu smiled, and jumped on the seat he left just now, swaying his thin legs contentedly.

    The Alliance understood that in order to help Lulai get out of trouble, the rebels would do anything it takes. They knew very well that once Lulai gets out of this mad and hysterical caeg, the Alliance would lose the slightest chance of winning, so they can only take Lulai’s life at all costs – they were not short of attempts. Although the besieged fleet was forced to retreat to the galaxy, it still stubbornly purged, using the terrain to invade again and again, trying to repulse their allied forces.

    The Alliance forces are not content with this stalemate.

    They cut off all energy supplies, sealed off the entire area with a ferocious fleet and even arranged thousands of miles of invisible laser minefields and signal interception areas outside the galaxy to block reinforcements and prevent breakthroughs.

    Hall was both anxious and desperate.

    He had sent troops for support many times, but the galaxy in which the First Medical Center was located was too deep in the territory of the Alliance-controlled area. Even if a fleet escaped the heavy siege and interception, it couldn’t get past the murderous laser area.

    Other battlefields also urgently needed support.

    He was now in a very dangerous dilemma.

    As a result, all hopes and possibility of turnaround depended on an outsider. This was a gamble on his family’s life and the entire interstellar world and Ge Xiu was the most important variable. The boundary between victory and destruction was just this fragile and delicate, even when you make the slightest mistake you lose, but Hall had to compromise with the unpredictable – because he has no other options.

    Ge Xiu knew the danger very well—and he enjoyed it very much.

    He sat on the command chair, his fingers extremely calm and steady, with almost no hesitation or trembling, as he steered the ship at an extremely tricky angle to avoid the light bullet that was shooting straight in front of him.

    After just half a second, the positioning of the thermal tracking missile was completed.

    A silent and spectacular explosion exploded not far away, and the crimson fire light illuminated the porthole.

    Ge Xiu didn’t slow down, but instead charged to full driving energy, rushing straight through the hot core of the explosion-

    his pupils were shrank because of the high excitement, his nose was slightly flared and the curve of his lips carried obvious pleasure and cruelty, sharp. His canine teeth were exposed from under his thin lips, like a shark smelling a hint of blood in the unfathomable sea.

    Ge Xiu deeply loved the thrill of dancing on the edge of the abyss and the exciting lethal stimulation of the tightly pulled nerves.

    These feelings were like a high-purity stimulant. His rusty and dull joints began to become flexible again and the laziness and stiffness that had been hoarded by curling up in the isolation chamber was quickly burned out and transformed into something more efficient and dangerous. He seemed to have been born for this.

    The speed of the ship slowed down.

    Several crew members untied the safety device, rushed to the toilet and began to vomit. Although the rest were still sitting in their seats, they had an equally lethargic and exhausted look.

    Their captain was a lunatic.

    The breakout experience in the past few days have carved this cognition deeply into their cerebral cortex.

    Ge Xiu glanced back casually and laughed:

    “Nice, only four vomited this time.”

    Yeah, this time.

    The crew wrinkled their faces in pain and the memory of the unbearable looking back a few days ago struck again – the first encounter with an enemy ship, except for Xiao Yi who had already experienced Ge Xiu’s driving style and several other crew members who were also from the Junk Star, no one else is spared. Some people even vomited directly in the helmet, almost choking to death by the vomit floating due to weightlessness.

    Ge Xiu stretched.

    The squinted eyes were covered under the bright and moist eyelashes, which seemed particularly harmless. The thin body stretches and stretches, like a tired cat curled up by the fire after eating and drinking.

    The dullness and depression accumulated for months were finally wiped out.

    He beckoned to Xiao Yi, and his voice was tired:

    “Next, you will drive.”

    All the crew breathed a sigh of relief without exception.

    Their eyes were moist and they looked at Xiao Yi who moved to the handover position. They had never been so sincerely thanking God for hearing their prayers and finally let the nightmare stop.

    Ge Xiu curled up on an empty chair and yawned: “Call me when you reach the laser area marked on the galaxy chart.”

    After that, he fell asleep without burden.

    The most dense and dangerous area of ​​the sentry has ended. The next part of the journey required them to pass through an extremely long isolation zone. At the end of the isolation zone was a dense and deadly laser minefield. This was always a special destructive weapon produced by the Alliance Military Laboratory. It cannot be disturbed or dismantled before it is activated, and could change its position randomly. Even the most accurate and sensitive detection device in existence cannot detect its existence. It was enough to cause the largest casualties with the least cost and it was extremely vicious and difficult to get through.

    And this characteristic was mutual – after the arrangement was complete, the Alliance warships were also unable to detect the exact location of the laser array.

    Only a few high-ranking generals had specially made minefield signal maps. They were properly stored in the huge main ship that cannot be hijacked by the Lulai side. They will only be used when formulating specific raid plans. All the lower-level warships needed to do is to obey orders.

    The reason for the existence of this isolated area is for self-preservation.

    It was also to prevent the Alliance’s own low-level warships from being accidentally injured.

    The location of the laser area marked on the star map was the last signal sent back from the reconnaissance ship that Hall sent out that had the longest surviving time.

    There should be the edge of the minefield.

    The star sea ahead was dim and far away, like an abyss shimmering with faint light.

    Xiao Yi piloted the ship quietly through the starry sky. During the period when Ge Xiu was receiving treatment, he received systematic ship piloting and combat training on the main ship. His talent was very high. In addition, with Ge Xiu, an outstanding enlightenment teacher, he quickly became a battleship captain who could stand alone, the ranks and salaries have also soared. But when Ge Xiu recruited the crew, he still signed up without hesitation and willingly followed as a crew member.

    Although he had already left the garbage star, but in his heart he was still the thin child struggling to survive in the wilderness.

    On the trash star, he used to be a protector, but he didn’t realise when his former partner became so dazzling and powerful, leaving him far behind, no matter how hard he studied, he couldn’t keep up with the other. From the back-so, after knowing that the iron piece that he once thought was a talisman was actually a miner’s identity card, Xiao Yi was lost for a long time.

    However, he soon cheered up.

    Since that is not a real amulet, he himself can be an amulet to protect the other side.

    He was eager to fight side by side with his childhood playmate once again, so that they could see his ability to grow up.

    Then, after the war was over, they could go home together.

    Xiao Yi turned his head and glanced at Ge Xiu, who was curled up in the chair, still asleep, his heart warm and calm.

    Although he wasn’t clear about the specific situation, he was exceptionally blindly optimistic. After all, Xiao Qi was so powerful, how could a little illness affect him!

    The small starship travelled quietly in the meteorite belt, gliding over one after another desolate and abandoned planets due to war, and finally came to the position marked on the galaxy map. Xiao Yi carefully kept a distance from the bright red coordinates.

    The universe ahead was silent and dark, without a trace of light nor any wandering celestial bodies. It was like a swamp that could absorb everything, exuding a strange breath of death.

    Xiao Yi felt his fingertips tremble slightly because of tension, he took a slow and deep breath to calm himself down and then turned to look at Ge Xiu.

    Unexpectedly, Ge Xiu was already awake.

    He hugged his knees and shrank quietly in the chair, staring intently into the bottomless darkness outside the porthole, his expression was extremely awake, and it even made people suspect that his sound asleep look just now was only an illusion.

    Xiao Yi was taken aback by Ge Xiu’s expression, but decisively calmed down, and was about to give him the position of the command chair.

    Unexpectedly, Ge Xiu shook his head, and only slowly reported a series of numbers:

    “2736484.837, 6274738.9214”

    Xiao Yi was taken aback for a while, and it took him a while to realize that Ge Xiu was talking about the coordinate system—

    It was a position only 500 metres away from them.

    He steered the ship cautiously, moving forward in a straight line toward the coordinates that Ge Xiu said-

    A minute later, the ship was in place. No laser was triggered.

    “2736484.526, 6274738.9311”

    The second coordinate sounded almost without stopping, and Ge Xiu’s voice was calm and steady, with almost no fluctuations: “The balance bar has to be tilted 41.43%, the steering gear goes down to 0.012° and the power unit is maintained. No change.”

    Each coordinate was followed by extremely precise operation instructions and the distance each time was closer and shorter than the last time.

    The concept of time almost ceased to exist. The air seemed to be frozen into a deep and heavy solid structure, which wrapped around everyone in the cabin tightly, increased the pressure of tons with every millisecond. They inhaled in rough and dry, cold gas with a craggy feeling, and then exhaled a turbid breath hot like magma.

    Everyone was strained to the limit, and they could almost hear the sound of their nerves cracking in their ears, as if they would collapse into madness in the next second.

    But second after second.

    Then an hour

    Five hours.

    Ten hours.

    Xiao Yi’s thick protective clothing was soaked in sweat and dried in the shade, and then drenched again, his forehead was damp and his dark hair was sticking to his cheeks. His eyes felt a little dizzy, but his pupils were always bright and lit with paranoid fear of death. His fingers are steady.

    It seemed that this part of the body had been stripped away from him and became an independent living being.

    He always fulfilled Ge Xiu’s orders accurately and in detail.

    The thick and encompassing darkness tightly wrapped around the ship, as if to press and immerse them in it, invading them little by little.

    Invisible, unknowable danger lurked in the dark, watching, craving to erode them and swallow them with its huge body.

    And Ge Xiu’s voice seemed to be the only light source in this boundless darkness. Although faint, it was clear and stable. The back, front, and surroundings were all dark, but the space where they could take one step in the front was illuminated.

    Step, after step, after step.

    And another step.

    His voice always maintained an almost terrifying calmness and precision, guiding them in the road ahead.

    They didn’t know how long it took.

    The crew in the cabin had lost the ability to perceive time. It seemed like hundreds of centuries have passed by them, the world rotated and moved outside their ship, stars collapsed, galaxies died, nebulae were compressed and planets were born. However, the dead silence and tranquillity that enveloped them seemed eternal, unchanged, as if they were abandoned by the world and the universe.


    “We came out.”

    Ge Xiu said in a hoarse voice that hardly resembled the original tone.

    All the perception of the outside world suddenly swept into everyone’s bodies, and the rich, intense, and surging emotions overwhelmed them and made them emotional.

    Xiao Yi slowly lifted his stiff and immovable fingers. It took him a long time to realize the wet and cold tears on his cheeks. He tremblingly unlocked the protective device on his body and fell from the command chair. He looked at Ge Xiu who was sitting aside with the ecstasy of finally escaping, his vocal cords were rusty like a machine that hadn’t been used for a hundred years:

    “…I, we, succeed…”

    The rest of his words stuck in his throat, the expression on his face froze.

    He saw that Ge Xiu still maintained his previous posture, his thin body curled up quietly in the chair, his shoulder blades fragile like a thin piece of paper, his face was so pale that there was almost no colour at all and he almost blended into the darkness behind him.

    He had a calm expression, his eyes closed tightly.

    Two lines of dazzling bright red blood flowed quietly from under his eyelids.


Bamboo has something to say:

Ah Sangwo has such a great poetic style sometimes…it’s me, da translator who suffers though [*]. All the suffering, worth it!

I wanted to recommend everyone another Sangwo’s (Born to Be Rebellious’ author) novel!

It’s called 专业三观矫正员[穿书] (Professional Three Views Corrector [Transmigration]) and you can read it here! It has no translation unfortunately, but I can translate somewhat the summary for y’all:

When Shen Kong woke up, he found himself in a book and became a free labor to correct the villain’s three views.
Not only he is unpaid, has no registered permanent residence, no five insurances and no housing fund, but every time his temporary identity used to be a vicious cannon fodder to the villain—from the kidnapper B who caused his disability, to the classmate C who followed suit with others and bullied him, to the spy D who stole his secrets.

It can be said, no zuo no die.

Shen Kong, who followed the principle of cold education, wore a high-risk vest*, and jumped repeatedly on the verge of death.

——And so little poor meow meow grew crooked**

Ten years later, after finally becoming the tyrant in charge of the business empire, Han Li came to his door:
“So…you have been the one who abused me since I was young?”
Shen Kong: …

The so-called Three Views Correction aims to overcome remorselessness with softness, cure distortion with tolerance, melt ice with warmth, and redeem darkness with light.

[Every demon was once a human being. 】

The Three Views Corrector was born for salvation.

Shen Kong sneered coldly, squeezing out the cigarette between his fingers, the eyebrows furrowed, he smelled of gunpowder, metal, and the smell of bloody rust:


1. Gong/top MC

*vest, a fake identity, y’know, like a spy does?

**don’t ask I’ve been improvising with this one. No idea if this is what it really means! It’s funny tho

The main CP has a great powerful dynamic, they have switch vibes to me! Ah I love some badass MC…anyways, everyone should read if you like Born to Be Rebellious!

check out my fanart too


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