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Chapter 22: Garbage Star

The elite warships that survived in the interception were stationed at the edge of the laser minefield to deal with the Alliance’s increasingly frequent sneak attacks and invasions.

Therefore, when the radar detected an unfamiliar ship approaching, they were ready to fight.

To everyone’s surprise, the familiar serial number displayed when the ship came in contact with them – this was simply a miracle, an absurd dream, beyond everyone’s wildest imagination.

No one would have imagined that this warship that passed through the death swamp full of deadly weapons, without injuries, would actually be reinforcements.

Ten minutes later, the handover and landing of the ship was over.

The captain, who was already ready to meet the friendly forces, took his subordinates and waited in the transfer cabin, feeling both complicated and excited.

Since ship from their side can pass through the laser array, did it mean that the main ship has finally found a way to crack it? Or has it intercepted a high-level enemy ship and got a detailed signal map?

They knew, no matter which one, it represented the possibility of breaking the game.

How can he not get excited?

The hatch in front of him slowly opened.

However, what caught him off guard was that a crew member wearing a protective suit rushed out like a whirlwind and with a grim expression, he reached out and grabbed his neckline: “Medical cabin!”

Wait, what…?

Before the captain of the light battleship could come back to his senses, a group of crew members leaped out from the open cabin. The heading youth looked serious and calm. However, the reddened corners of his eyes showed his extremely agitated emotions – he held a young boy, thinner than him, in his arms, the boy’s black hair was scattered on his pale face, only his sharp chin and thin, colourless lips could be seen – and dazzling blood stains on his cheek.

The boy repeated in a low and stern voice: “Medical cabin!”

The captain woke up suddenly. He hurriedly opened the control screen and the emergency medical cabin in the handover cabin popped out of the ground.

Xiao Yi’s fingertips were shaking uncontrollably, and his lips were pressed into a rigid straight line. He walked forward in a few strides, properly and carefully placed Ge Xiu in the cabin-

A pale, thin hand poked out of his arms and gently grabbed his collar.

Xiao Yi’s body was stiff, his eyes widened in disbelief, and he looked down with surprise and joy.

Ge Xiu was still pale, giving a shocking sense of vulnerability, but nobody knew when he opened his eyes.

His pupils were pitch black, and indifference flashed in his eyes quietly.

He curled up his lips and said in a hoarse voice:

“What’s with that face, I’m not dead yet.”

With some difficulty, he broke free from Xiao Yi’s arms, held the handle of the medical cabin, and sat up barely.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on his body, and their expressions were stunned and blank, as if the relief haven’t gotten to them yet.

Xiao Yi’s lips trembled, and the calmness that had been maintained until now fell apart like thin ice in the sun. He raised his hand to grab Ge Xiu’s sleeve and whimpered in a shaking and cracking voice:

“Xiao, Xiao Qi, you, you scared me to death just now…”

Ge Xiu raised his hand and smudged the blood on his face. The viscous blood had not dried up yet, and it was on his fingertips. The contrast between bright red and pale white was sharp and eye-catching.

He gave a low “tsk”, with a casual smile on his lips and said to himself:

“I didn’t expect this.”

Ge Xiu turned to look at the stunned crowd around him and asked, “Does anyone have a tissue?”

A crew member took out a handkerchief in a daze, and handed it over.

He took the handkerchief, wiped the blood on his fingertips and face carefully and then smiled slightly:

“Thank you.”

Ge Xiu casually jumped down from the medical cabin, his movements were light and skilful, one couldn’t tell that he was still in a coma just now.

He turned to look at the captain and asked:

“How is Lulai?”

He naturally called Lulai by his first name in public, and did not shy away from the existence of other people.

The captain suddenly realized the identity of the person in front of him. He gritted his teeth, put away the negligent attitude he might have had and waved his hand to order around the other crew members around him.

After the command ship was destroyed, although Lulai was sent out by the protection settings of the ship, he still suffered devastating damage from his spine to important organs. Most of the First Medical Center was destroyed in the first few rounds of the Alliance’s bombing and most of the medical equipment and supplies were buried under the steel mountain that originally existed as a protection mechanism. Any possible supplies, energy and electricity supply was cut off as early as the start of the war. In addition, Lulai sent troops to intercept the suicide ship in an emergency, so almost all of the fleet consisted of elite military warships and there’s no reserve of supplies.

Under the increasingly intense attacks of the Alliance and the gradual shortage of supplies, they were almost completely exhausted.

Care for Lulai’s wounds under such difficult conditions was very limited. Healing agents and low-level medical cabins could only be used to repair simple wound, while more complex and deep-level treatment operations required to implement treatment cabins above the main ship level.

The severe fighting and lack of sleep made his injuries worse.

When the starship Ge Xiu was driving arrived, Lulai had been in a coma for seven hours already.

This incident was only known among a small number of upper-level generals to prevent the spread of information from causing their soldiers’ morales to drop, and to prevent the enemy from losing all precautions and making large-scale attacks.

While he narrated the situation, the captain’s expression was constantly solemn and worried.

Ge Xiu lowered his eyes thoughtfully, and a smile on the corners of his lips emerged. He just listened quietly, without expressing any opinions from beginning to end.

The captain stared at him, his face finally relaxed, he slowly exhaled a breath of suffocation, and said with emotion:

“So, it’s really great that you can come.”

The captain paused and asked: “So, how did you get through the laser minefield outside? Did you finally intercept the signal map? The alliance’s high-level warships have been hidden in the inner protective circle since the beginning of the war. How did you do it?”

Ge Xiu shook his head:

“No, that’s too slow.”

He raised his eyes to look at the captain and smiled slowly: “I’m enough.”

There was an subtle sense of certainty in his tone, a calm arrogance, no matter how crazy and absurd the words he said, there was always a kind of influence that made people want to believe him from the heart.

The captain blinked, stunned, he couldn’t understand the meaning of Ge Xiu’s words for a while.

Ge Xiu didn’t care.

He just shrugged and naturally changed the subject: “So, where is Lulai now?”

“Temporary command ship.” The captain replied: “We don’t dare to move him to a safer place to prevent leak of information.”

“Take me to see him.”

The young man gave orders in a righteous manner, and the compelling attitude of a leader made people subconsciously want to obey.

The highest-level medical cabin was completely blocked by military-level confidential procedures, and only a very small number of people could be allowed to enter.

Lulai was lying in a semi-enclosed medical cabin.

His upper body was naked, with countless deep and shallow scars covering the pale marble texture. The most heavily injured chest and abdomen were treated with bionic bandages to prevent further tearing of the wound to the greatest possible extent. Countless psychical signs monitoring instruments were connected to his skin through wires, and several blue light screens beside the bed faithfully demonstrated his physical condition.

Every index on the light screen hovered in a dangerous state.

After undergoing a thorough disinfection, Ge Xiu walked into the isolation chamber. The captain who came with him politely waited outside the cabin.

Even in a coma, Lulai still frowned, as if he was immersed in heavy thoughts even in his sleep. The light golden eyelashes hung on the bloodless face, and his thin lips were pressed into a cold straight line, with a kind of indifference that repelled others thousands of miles away.

Ge Xiu looked away, leaned forward and picked up the light screen placed on the bedside to record his physical condition.

He just stretched out his hand, but then suddenly met a pair of eyes that were staring at him coldly – the light-coloured irises were cold steel-blue under the light, like the tranquil and silent sky after a snowstorm.

Ge Xiu was taken aback.

In the next second, a huge force struck.

The world spun around in a moment.

Before Ge Xiu regained his senses, the man’s hot and aggressive aura surged like magma. There was a suffocating and deadly sense of oppression, wrapping and squeezing every inch of air, domineeringly invading all of his senses.

His waist was firmly clasped by an arm strong like steel, and the severe pain of crushed ribs and muscles spread like a landslide and a tsunami. The hot and dry palm of the man caught tightly his throat, and then slowly tightened, pushing out the remaining oxygen in his lungs little by little, giving the illusion that he was about to suffocate.

Every inch of skin, every cell was clamouring for danger.

Ge Xiu calmed down quickly.

–Lulai’s body pressed against him was shockingly hot, the expression on his face seemed sober, but his pupils were diluted.

Still in a coma. Acting solely on instinct.

After careful examination, Ge Xiu came to a conclusion very quickly.

He loosened his subconscious resistance and leaned weight of his entire body on the other’s body, the distance between the two people instantly shrank to almost nothing.
After all, with the power gap between them, he was afraid that struggle would bring about counterproductive effects.

So what he needed to do now was to reduce his presence as much as possible to reduce his potential threat.

Ge Xiu breathed slowly and deeply with his throat restrained, carefully grabbing every trace of oxygen that could be absorbed and stared closely at Lulai, who was close at hand, carefully observing his every tiny reaction and move.

Fortunately, after realizing that Ge Xiu had stopped struggling, Lulai’s fingers no longer tightened. Although they were still firmly clasped on his fragile and slender throat, they obviously loosened.

Ge Xiu cast a glance at the captain standing in the doorway, shook his head slightly, and signalled that he was okay.

He retracted his gaze and once again focused all his attention on Lulai.

Ge Xiu raised the only hand that could barely move, and covered Lulai’s palm comfortably at a slow speed that would not disturb the other, applying pressure slowly and gently, his cold palm pressed against the Lulai’s hot and dry skin, silently conveying his calming and relaxing emotions.

There was a gentle grunt in his throat, as if some kind of small animal rubbed against palm of the opponent with its soft fur.

Lulai’s face showed his struggle, as if he trying his best to break free from the mist that obstructed his mind. The tight and hard muscles all over his body slowly relaxed under Ge Xiu’s comfort.

He relaxed the hand around Ge Xiu’s throat, but the strength of the arm around Ge Xiu’s waist increased bit by bit, almost pushing Ge Xiu into his chest, and the two bodies were pressed together without a gap.

The atmosphere was sticky and stagnant, and there was a kind of growing silence in the air.

Ge Xiu raised his hand to embrace the man’s broad spine and stroked it over and over again along the depression of his spine, as if he was smoothing big cat’s fur.

Lulai buried his head in Ge Xiu’s sunken neck and sniffed gently. The tall and narrow nasal bone rubbed unconsciously against the soft and delicate skin at the junction of his neck forth and back, searching for every trace of familiar and reassuring smell.

The taste of the boy’s body was mixed with a sweet smell of candies, and it warmed up with his body’s temperature.

It smelled unexpectedly relaxing.

Lulai’s eyelids slowly sank, the light golden eyelashes dropped above the brilliant blue eyes and there was a kind of almost peaceful tranquillity.

Ge Xiu’s hands were finally freed, but his body was still held in arms of the man possessively.

He gently patted Lulai’s back, his eyelids drooping slightly, and the curvature of the corners of his lips was gentle and sweet.

Lulai closed his eyes.

The next second, without any warning, a cold injection suddenly slipped out of Ge Xiu’s cuff. The steel needle flashed with ruthless cold glint under the bright light of the isolation chamber, then Ge Xiu twisted his wrist and pierced the sharp needle into the skin behind Lulai’s neck. The action was ruthless as he pressed the syringe without a trace of hesitation.

The transparent and colourless liquid was injected into the body in an instant.

Lulai opened his eyes abruptly, and his handsome face flashed with an expression of anger and grievance after being deceived. He began to struggle violently.

Ge Xiu held his head, his eyes drooping, his expression was gentle and indifferent. He whispered softly in the ear of the opponent:


Lulai’s tight body slowly relaxed under the powerful effect of the medicine.

Ge Xiu smoothed the ends of his hair that had been messed up due to the struggle, carefully laid Lulai on the bed, quickly checked whether the wound on his body was torn, and then turned his head to look at the door of the cabin.

The captain, who was stunned by such an astonishing reversal, stood there, staring at him in shock.

Ge Xiu jumped out of bed lightly and straightened his wrinkled clothes.

“Rest assured, the medicine was specially formulated according to his weight and physique, and it will not harm the body.”

His voice appeared a little hoarse because of the damage to his vocal cords.

Ge Xiu moved his stiff neck, a bright red palm print clearly covered his throat, the light colour began to gradually deepen, turning to blue-purple, but his expression remained unchanged, as if the wound on his neck was only an insignificant decoration.

He turned his head, glanced at Lulai lying behind him and added lightly: “It will give him ten hours of sleep at most.”


Ge Xiu hadn’t waited for captain to sort out his thoughts and stop stammering but ruthlessly interrupted his shocked questioning:

“I said, don’t worry – so you don’t have to bother delaying to call for support. I cut off the signal transmitton device from here the moment I came in.”

The captain closed his mouth, the panic on his face faded like a mask.

He took a slow and deep breath and asked,

“So what do you want?”

Ge Xiu shrugged, with a slight smile on his lips: “Don’t worry, I didn’t betray you.”

He raised his hand and operated the light screen for a while, and the portable medical isolation cabin separated from the side wall, the lid opened with a “click”.

Ge Xiu waved at the captain: “Come and help.”

The captain stood still and watched him vigilantly.


Ge Xiu sighed and turned to face him: “Do you remember the question you asked me just now? Regarding whether I intercepted the signal map?”

The captain nodded, his expression still filled with scrutiny and alertness: “Yes, you replied that it is enough to have you.”

Ge Xiu smiled softly: “Yes, and I didn’t lie.”

He raised his finger to seven places in the room: “Three cameras, three monitors, one scanner.”

The captain was shocked.

–The positions he pointed out were so precise…how was it be possible?

Ge Xiu’s face was calm: “There are five guard posts, three laser guns and two smart brain detection devices outside.”

Fear filled the captain’s throat like cotton, and he swallowed dryly, trying not to panic. A look of horror appeared on his face, he forced himself to look directly at Ge Xiu’s eyes and said, “Our guards change randomly every day. Why are you so sure that your intelligence is correct?”

He tried to make himself sound like it wasn’t a bluff, but he clearly failed.

Ge Xiu tilted his head, “Want to know why?”

The captain swallowed every sound in his throat and stared at him.

Ge Xiu curled his lips and pointed to his eyes: “I can see.”

The captain was startled, and subconsciously looked into the bottom of Ge Xiu’s eyes. The black eyes flashed with strange darkness, giving people a sense of chill all over.

But somehow, even though the content of the other party’s words was beyond common sense, he couldn’t refute in the slightest–

When something unreasonable, unjustified, can’t be refuted or questioned, it makes people subconsciously want to believe.

Ge Xiu showed an innocent smile, but what he said was far more thrilling than his expression:

“Whether it is the energy scanning network constructed by the monitoring optical brain, or the invisible light track made by the detection instrument, and then to the laser minefields. I can see all them all.”

He paused and said thoughtfully:

“Maybe my senses are a bit sharper than yours? It took me a while to realize that other people can’t see the trajectories of various energy in the air.”

The captain asked slowly:

“So…this is why you can pass through the laser minefield? Because…you can see?”

Ge Xiu hooked his lips: “That’s right.”

He stared into the captain’s eyes, looked at him carefully and slowly said: “The arrangement of the laser minefields will change randomly. I can only bring one ship in, and I can only take one ship away.”

“And so you drugged sir Lulai Sivir”

Ge Xiu shrugged:” I’m not sure if he would be willing to abandon you. It will be good to you and me if he calms down.”

He paused, before continuing: “I hope that after we leave, you can organise the remaining fleet to launch a counterattack against the Alliance – they should know my whereabouts and plan already, so I hope you can distract us from the Alliance and create a chance to escape.”

The captain was cautious. After thinking about it for a long time, he finally nodded slowly: “Okay.”

“Do you know what I’m asking for?”

The captain’s expression became clear and firm: “Yes, the subordinate understands.”

It was sacrifice.

Lulai’s wounds were in an urgent need of treatment. The huge fleet outside was waiting for his command and leadership. He was the pillar and spiritual support of the entire rebellion. Alliance has to try to stop him in this tiny galaxy at all costs, so that everything they have struggled to achieve so far would have been stifled in the middle.

So yes.

He knew exactly what Ge Xiu asked for.

–They will devote all they can to create an opportunity for their officers and leaders to escape, launch a suicidal attack with the determination to die, and exchange life and blood for a brand-new country.

Ge Xiu’s expression was still calm and hard to understand. He looked away and pointed to the portable medical cabin beside him:

“Come and help me.”

This time, the other party did not hesitate to follow his orders.


Ge Xiu, when people panic thinking he died: i sleep

Ge Xiu when he hears ”medical cabin”: REAL SHIT *WAKES UP*

Lulai: why is it when I have the opportunity to eat tofu I am unconscious??

Bamboo has something to say: next chapter in two days is the end of the arc! We’re gonna have a brand new world~~

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