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Chapter 27: Ragnarök

Elinor stared at the heart in front of him.

    The bloody food that was still beating stimulated his senses, abundant saliva began to secrete in his mouth, the instinct of a beast urged him to eat.

    The power of light remaining in the body clamoured in his mind.

    Of course, nothing would happen if he ate it.

    As a god with war as a source of faith, Elinor never resisted killing, not to mention that he is a Fenrir god. The Fenrir race has always enjoyed fighting and hunting. It’s in their instinct and nature to swallow the flesh and blood of the enemy.

    However, everything was different when he was deprived of his godhead and the power of faith was lost.

    Eating the flesh and blood of dark creatures would make him begin to absorb and transform the dark elements here, and he would completely belong to the dark camp.

    The rich dark elements at the bottom of the abyss would no longer burn his body, but would strengthen and nourish him, so that the wounds on his body heal quicker and make him stronger again.

    However, this also meant being sealed in Calvary forever.

    The seal created by the God of Light used the bones of the God of Darkness as its material, and it only has a binding effect on all creatures in the dark camp. He was just under a curse that forced him to the other side of the mainland, and the seal couldn’t stop him. But once he turned to the dark camp, the seal of Calvary would take effect, and he would never be able to leave.

    That would make his revenge impossible.

    Elinor stared tightly at the tempting bloody food in front of him. The golden eyes were filled with craving for blood, but he closed his eyes and looked away.

    Ge Xiu’s wasn’t surprised by his reaction.

    He could still see the fluctuating white halo inside the little wolf’s body. This light was very weak under the erosion and pressure of the surrounding darkness, but it was very stable and unshakeable.

    But, it doesn’t hurt to try.

    He shrugged indifferently, threw the heart back into the backpack, then put the backpack in the corner of the cave, turned his head and said to the little wolf:

    “In case you change your mind.”

    After speaking, Ge Xiu rested his cheek on his hand, feeling it’s a little troublesome.

    In his memories, he had never raised anything. Even if he took care of something before he got arrested he had forgotten it all.

    Ge Xiu’s gaze stopped on the little wolf who was lying on the ground, feeling a little at a loss for a while, not sure what to do next.

    So, he began to recall in his mind all the peculiar books that he had read in the medical research center before, and with his good memory, he remembered the contents of several reference books on how to take care of pets.

    Although this world wasn’t the same, the fundamental idea should be similar… right?

    Ge Xiu scratched his cheek hesitantly.

    He looked around the empty cave and frowned. He looked at the little wolf lying on the ground, and said casually:

    “Don’t run around, I’ll be back soon.”

The little wolf laid motionlessly on the ground, and didn’t react to his words at all.

    Ge Xiu didn’t expect a response. He walked out on his own, added a few more defensive and concealing barriers at the entrance of the cave to ensure that no creatures could get in, or out, then he leaped out of the cave with ease, and disappeared into the darkness in a few jumps.

    The second his breath left, Elinor opened his eyes silently.

    He stared quietly in the dark cave, the golden vertical pupils did not blink, the original bloodthirsty and ferocious expression was replaced by a thoughtful look, with a certain gloomy and rational pondering.

    This human being was a bit strange.

    He didn’t have the aura of demons nor any dark creatures, nor did he exude a decadent and gloomy smell like those human mages that turned to the dark force.

    He smelled…like an ordinary human.

    Young, fresh and warm.

    Even though Elinor’s eyes hadn’t adapted to the eternal darkness in the abyss, he could still instantly know the other party’s existence by feeling.

    The body of the youth radiated heat all the time, which was why he had to cover his skin with dark elements after leaving the cave.

    But he was definitely not just an ordinary human being.

    According to Elinor’s observation, he could manipulate the dark element skilfully without the aid of any spells. Although the technique was simple and rude, even a little naive, it was even more surprising because he seemed to have not received any relevant training at all.

    He could directly drain the vitality of dark creatures – just like all other dark races.

    And very skilfully at that, obviously having done that for a long time, but the breath on his body showed no signs of being transformed.

    All this confused Elinor, and at the same time he felt even more jealous.

    He stood up on all fours, walked to the entrance of the cave and sniffed, the dark element filled the air in front of him and protected the cave entrance without a leak, there was almost no possibility of escaping.

    Elinor wasn’t surprised.

    He chose the place farthest from the heart that exuded the delicious smell in the cave, ignoring his fangs and stomach craving for food, and then lay down quietly.

    Although he was deprived of his godhead, Elinor was still a Fenrir.

    The Fenrir race’s tenacity and patience were as well-known as their tendency to bloody violence. An adult wolf could go without food for more than ten years.

    The reason why his body was so eager for it was because it needed the power contained in it to heal the wounds on his body.

    The pursuit of strength was his nature and instinct. And eating was not.

    Elinor curled up his whole body, resting his short fluffy chin on his straight paws, and closed his eyes again.

    There was almost no light in the dark cave, and even the passage of time could hardly be perceived.

    Only the dense dark elements in the air greedily absorbed his body temperature, cutting into the thick fur bit by bit like a tangible blade, the curse attached to the wounds on the back became more active, and the pain of erosion to the bone crawled through his flesh and penetrated into his limbs and a hundred skeletons, cold and heavy.

    There was a slight rattling sound in the dead silence.

    Elinor realized afterwards that his teeth were chattering.

    The smell of the dark-filled heart seemed to be much clearer.

    But he was still unmoved, he just curled up a little bit tighter, and then returned to the half-asleep and half-awake state of drowsiness just now.

    When Elinor regained consciousness for the second time, he felt a faint light shining on his eyelids. He moved his eyes and raised his heavy eyelids with difficulty.

    The reddish moonlight fell on the smooth, mirror-like rocks polished outside the cave, seeming like a layer of flowing bloody waves.

    In the next second, a black shadow rushed up quickly, covering the faint light reflected on the rocks, the moonlight was blocked behind him and the cave fell into pitch black again.

    Elinor stared at the hole relentlessly, his limbs tensed up instantly, and his body that was close to the ground slowly arched, forming the best angle to launch an attack.

    “Ah! You didn’t run around, very good.”

    The boy’s lively voice came in the moment the barrier at the entrance of the cave was removed, and the dark elements obscuring the aura on the person’s body also disappeared, revealing a smiling face.

    It’s that human.

    Elinor remained in the same posture as he was just now, staring at the opponent unrelentingly, laying dormant in the dark quietly and waiting vigilantly.

    Ge Xiu energetically jumped into the cave and skilfully sealed the opening of the cave again with dark elements. His expression was pleased, almost elated. He winked at the little wolf:

     “Did you miss me?”

    Elinor stared at him coldly, his teeth clenched a little bit tighter.

    Ge Xiu ignored this.

    He bowed his head in high spirits and happily took things out of his bulging backpack, moving briskly and swiftly.

    First, a thick fur with rough edges and poor cutting technique. The hair attached to it was thick and hard, with a faint bloody smell, it was obviously just peeled off from some kind of animal.

    He awkwardly folded the fur into a strangely shaped nest, and then placed it in the corner of the cave.

    After taking a few satisfied glances, Ge Xiu continued to take things out of his bag.

    Two flat skulls were put by the nest in an upright manner, glowing white in the moonlight.

    Then there was a slender rib bone, the surface was polished very smoothly, and after being pulled out, it was thrown aside at random.

    Elinor put his chin on his front paws and watched coldly as Ge Xiu was busying around in the cave.

    A few minutes later, Ge Xiu finally finished, smiled and turned to look at the little wolf lying in the corner:

     “Little fellow–“

    Elinor was alert in an instant, and turned to run.

    However, Ge Xiu was already prepared.

    The free dark elements in the air instantly condensed into small balls, trapping the little wolf securely in it, even if he scratched the walls it was to no avail.

    Ge Xiu manipulated the ball to move in the air.

    Elinor felt the dark element under his feet suddenly disappear, and then he fell headlong into the small nest made out of fur.

    He shook his head and unsteadily, and then pulled his paws caught in the thick hair. The rough fur was thick, black and hard, slightly curly, always hooking his paws from time to time whenever he moved, causing him to lose his balance and stagger backwards in the thick fur.

    The boy approached and watched him in his new home enthusiastically.

    Elinor bared his teeth at him angrily, and let out a threatening growl from his throat.

    The only effect it had was an even brighter smile on Ge Xiu’s face.

    Elinor gnashed his teeth, lowered his head and continued to struggle in the fur.

    Ge Xiu retracted his gaze and started adding things to the two flat skulls, one filled with meat and the other with water.

    After doing everything, he looked at the little wolf expectantly, his eyes focused and enthusiastic, as if a child who couldn’t put down his newest toy:

    “Eat it?”

    As he said that, he pushed the two skulls towards the nest with his fingertips.

    At this moment, Elinor finally found a way to walk harmoniously with the fur beneath him. He walked carefully to the edge of the nest and sniffed the contents of the two skulls.

    The dark element was much lighter than in the heart.

    But it still wasn’t edible.

    Elinor lost interest. He turned back his head, found a comfortable position in the den, and curled up on it again.

    Ge Xiu stared at the food in the two skulls, blinked in disappointment, and muttered to himself:

    “So, as long as there are dark elements in it?”

    He hugged his legs and put his chin on his knee, thinking for a while.

    The thick cushion under his body dissipated a little bit of cold and the feeling of drowsiness  came again, but Elinor forced himself to resist this feeling. The dangerous sense of being stared at pierced his nerves like a steel needle, but his consciousness still gradually dispersed.

    His eyelids gradually closed.

    However, in the next second, a soft touch swept across his head, and then rubbed his ears clumsily.

    Elinor reflexively jumped up three feet high.

    He bared his fangs and stared fiercely at the rapidly retracting hand, his muscles tensed up, and he looked like he wanted to chew it up and swallow it into his stomach with his eyes.

    Ge Xiu’s expression sank and murmured:

    “That broken book is completely useless…”

    He sighed, placed the two hearts and two skulls side by side on the corner of the stone wall, and then once again manipulated the dark elements to build it a wall, divides the entire cave exactly into two halves.

    At this moment, Ge Xiu seemed to have quickly recovered from the frustration just now, and the previous low mood was swept away.

    He explained to the little wolf in a lively voice:

    “This side is yours, and I’m on the other, so that you and I can rest well, alright?”

    After all, he doesn’t want to worry about being in danger whenever he suffers punctually every night, because he lives in the same room with a beast, so it was a good arrangement for both of them.

    The little wolf stared at him coldly, the golden vertical pupils looked like a cold-blooded animal’s, and the suppressed hostility and anger burned at the bottom of his eyes, all the fur on his body stood up and his posture was defensive.

    Ge Xiu smiled and waved at him:

    “Good night.”

    After speaking, he turned and returned to the cave on his side.

    In the next few days, Elinor rarely saw him again.

    The boy seemed to be very busy every day, returning only when the blood moon reflected on the rocks, and then leaving when the blood moon disappeared.

    The food in the two skulls changed from time to time, and the dark element contained in them was sometimes less sometimes more.

    Elinor had no idea how was he able to find something that was not completely contaminated and swallowed by dark elements in the abyss. But even so, it was still inedible.

    Meanwhile, he was groggy most of the time.

    Fenrir’s self-healing ability was amazing, but under the suppressing effect of the cunning curse on his back, it took effect slowly. Elinor could feel his body slowly heal before the blood moon arrived, and then his wounds were torn again when bloody moon was at its peak.

    He had been unconscious for longer and longer, and even if he woke up occasionally, he would quickly fall into a coma again.

    Sometimes, after Elinor woke up, he would unexpectedly find some small things near his nest.

    Sometimes it was a few pebbles.

    Sometimes it was a few strange and beautiful bones, with smoothly polished surface, glowing with the jade-like lustre.

    Sometimes it was a few weeds that could barely survive in the dense dark elements of the abyss, tied together in an awkward methods, and carefully placed next to the rock wall.

    Elinor glanced deeply, then lowered his eyelids, and fell into deep sleep again.

    During this time, the dark element’s attraction to him increased day by day.

    Every inch of air around his body was slowly fluctuating, rubbing against his body, passing through tips of his claws and his fur, flowing through his ears. The dense dark elements were whispering all the time, using an ancient and unknown language to tell him indescribable scenes, painting pictures of darkness in his mind, tempting him and whispering repeated words every minute and every second-

    Join us.

    Darkness is where you belong.

    Thirst for blood and murder flows in your veins and in your inheritance. This is your destiny, your fate and your future.

    There is no need to resist.

    Join your brothers and sisters.

    You will be the most powerful being among us, and you will be our saviour and our glory.

    This is your home.

    Elinor’s answer was exactly the same every time-


    It’s not because he relied on or had sense of belonging to the light camp, he just didn’t want it. The flames of revenge burned in his chest all the time, making poison of revenge flow into his blood vessels little by little, and as the blood circulated throughout his body and penetrated into his lungs, every cell was desperately clamouring to destroy and fight.

    So he couldn’t fall, he couldn’t let himself get corrupted.

    With time, the scorching heat spread from his head through his torso to the tip of his tail. Every inch of his skin burned constantly as if in hell.

    Elinor fell into deep chaos and unconsciously curled up his body tighter.

    Ge Xiu silently jumped onto the rock and got into the cave.

    He realized something was wrong just a few steps in.

    Every time he came back, the little wolf would be very vigilant. Although he didn’t treat him as an enemy like he did in the beginning, he was never as silent as now.

    The little wolf was curled up into a dirty fur ball, lying quietly on the fur cushion deep in the cave, with its head drooping, the white light on its body visibly dimmed.

    Ge Xiu took a few steps forward cautiously deliberately not concealing his footsteps.

    The little wolf remained motionless.

    He tentatively shouted: “Hey? I’m going to touch you?”

    The little wolf didn’t react at all.

    Ge Xiu frowned, stepped forward quickly, and tentatively reached out and touched the uninjured back of little wolf’s neck.

    The gray fur was dull and knotted, but it was still soft. When it was touched he could feel the ups and downs caused by breathing. It was too rapid and faint, the skin under the fur emitted abnormally high heat and it almost felt hot to touch.

    The paw pads were also very hot, they felt like a small charcoal fire in his palms.

    Ge Xiu hugged the little wolf on his knees.

    Although he was as gentle as possible, he still inevitably touched the dense wounds on his body. The wolf’s body twitched slightly and there was a low, soft whimper in his throat.

    Ge Xiu held down the little wolf to prevent it from moving, and then began to look at the wounds on his body.

    The injuries from the chest to the abdomen were almost healed, only a deep pink scar was left, and short silver fur has grown out.

    But the wound on its back was not so optimistic.

    The deep purple crossing wounds were rolled outwards, revealing dark red flesh and snow-white bones, the muscles were completely torn, pus and blood burst again and slowly trickled down its back.

    The greasy and rotten smell was even heavier.

    The almost dull and viscous cold gray clung to the skin of the little wolf’s back, bit by bit persistently eroding the body under the fur.

    In the bottom of his heart, Ge Xiu didn’t want the wolf to die.

    The bottom of the abyss became more and more boring for him. He reached farther and farther away. In addition to this cave, he also found several other shelters while exploring. There were fewer and fewer places he could explore, and the excitement and challenge that the abyss could bring was weakening day by day… What’s more, most of the abyss creatures had low intelligence and could no longer bring him any other information. Ge Xiu gradually became bored with the monotonous environment here.

    And so the appearance of this strange animal was like a chaotic tremolo that disrupted harmony, symbolizing a blank area that has not been explored.

    Even if he didn’t count the possibilities offered by the little wolf’s wings, it was still much more interesting than the other species in the abyss.

    Hunting that gradually lost its challenge became more boring and tasteless. He left the cave happily every day, looking for suitable food for his new partner according to the techniques in the pet breeding manual, looking for some surprise gifts – his range of activities expanded almost several times faster than before. It also becomes more fulfilling and pleasant.

    How could he let this precious variable slip away so easily?

    Not even in death!

    An arrogant smile passed over Ge Xiu’s closed lips.

    His eyes were pitch-black, and they were covered with a faint red light from the moonlight coming in from outside the cave, giving him a strange sense of evil.

    Ge Xiu lowered his head and began to examine the gray marks in detail. After a long time, he seemed to realize something and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

    Since he could see the colour it radiated, it was like the black matter hovering around him.

    So, could he eat it?

    Ge Xiu stretched out his fingertips cautiously, and then tentatively used the method he used to absorb the hearts, and slowly absorbed gray part near the feverish wound of the little wolf.

    The burning pain came in an instant.

    He looked down at his fingers. He saw that the tips of his nails and the front edges of his fingers were stained with a light gray.

    Ge Xiu tasted it carefully—not very tasty.

    It was like a damp and cold soil, without any vitality, only the cold breath of death and malice. They should have been derived from the dark element, but they have gone through a twisted and weird change, which made them far from the original taste of the dark element. Eating it makes Ge Xiu’s stomach slowly churn, making him nauseous.

    But it was very useful. The gray matter attached to the wolf’s wound reduced a lot.

    Ge Xiu sighed, raised his hand and squeezed the unconscious little wolf’s ears on his knees, and muttered in a low voice,

    “If I have a bad stomach, I will blame you.”

    Then, he put his palms back on the little wolf’s back again.

    With the passage of time, the deep purple wound gradually lost its strange and terrible color, and the blood flowing out gradually turned into a normal bright red.

    The wolf’s breathing gradually became smooth, and the temperature gradually returned to normal.

    After a long time, Ge Xiu recovered from the meditation state just now.

    Almost half of his palm turned pale gray.

    Ge Xiu shook his hand indifferently, exhaled a sigh of relief, and quickly checked the little wolf lying softly on his knees. Although his back still had a portion that hasn’t been handled, most of gray substance around the wound has been absorbed cleanly, and it would disappear completely after one or two times at most.

    The weight of the little wolf was not light, and with the fluffy body pressed against his knees, there was a heavy and warm feeling.

    He had to admit that this kind of temperature was very valuable and rare in this icy abyss full of ugly creatures of all kinds of weird shapes.

    Ge Xiu yawned, and took the opportunity to raise his hand and touch little wings on the the little wolf’s back-he has been very curious since their first meeting.

    The touch is slightly different from the imagination.

    What connected the slender and light bones was not some kind of smooth film, but more like cold scales. It felt a little rough to touch. Perhaps because of the fever, the wings were still warm.

    He retracted his hand contentedly, raised his head, and inadvertently glanced at the opening of the cave.

    The bloody moonlight gradually spread from the external stone platform to the inside of the cave, and it was only one finger away from the familiar location.

    Ge Xiu went stiff.

    Oh no.


    The author has something to say:

Ge Xiu: This is my dog! I said he couldn’t die so he isn’t allowed to die!

Death: Do you think you have the final say on this kind of thing? You arrogant little… wait you can’t really have the final say, can you? ? (Shocked)

Bamboo has something to say:

meow I started to co-translate another novel but it’s ABO!! I love it a bit too much ah

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