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Chapter 30: Ragnarök

    Ariyust, feeds on fear, has no protective shell, the mucus covering the body is corrosive, and the weakness is its heart.

    The sharp blade formed by the condensed dark element cut open its belly, gently swirled  into its body amidst the sizzling sound of corrosion, and cut fiercely into the still vigorous heart, turning the tip of the knife to shred the greasy meat into minced meat.

    Gasser is a poisonous insect, eats decayed bodies, carries deadly toxins all over its body, curls up when in danger, and protects his soft belly with indestructible poisonous armour.

    The barrier formed by the dark elements trapped the curly poisonous insects inside and flew up towards the sky. The huge insects with human faces rammed inside the barrier, making irritable squeaks, the barrier shattered in mid-air, and the poisonous insects fell down quickly—its body stretched out, they spread its limbs in an attempt to land smoothly. The distance between it and the ground gradually shortened, when suddenly, a sharp blade broke through the soil, and it fell straight on it. The sharp blade pierced its belly, and the foul viscous blood trickled down.

    Hayvis, likes to eat still alive creatures, has a cruel temperament, spikes on its tentacles, limbs and wrists, and has a large and flexible body. The brain is shrewdly hidden deep in its body, and its energy source was constantly repairing its body unless completely destroyed.

    Three huge barriers trapped the stumbling and struggling monster in a corner of the stone wall, tightly without the possibility of escaping. The young man held a blade in his hand, with cruel patience, skilfully, bit by bit, cut its all limbs to pieces, cut the monster’s wailing and scrambling body piece by piece from the end. The coloured arms and legs were cruelly cut off before they could regenerate. The long, dark blade was as precise and meticulous as a scalpel in his hand, and it searched through its pulpy flesh, and in the end, in the corner of that huge rotten flesh, he picked out a peach seed-sized lump with a blade and gently crushed it with the sole of his shoe. The monster’s huge body shuddered and twitched a few times, losing its last traces of vitality and going limp in the narrow gap between the barrier and the stone wall.

    The human being in front of them had an almost terrifying knowledge and he was well aware of the weaknesses and characteristics of each race.

    Every piece of the irregular terrain and even every piece of a rock under the narrow section of the cliff has been used to counterattack in the most cruel, insidious, and merciless ways.

    In the depths of the dark abyss, the moonlight had long disappeared, and the blade didn’t reflect a trace of light. The moment a shadow passed through, fragmentation of flesh and the miserable wailing sounded at the same time.

    The young man’s breath was covered with the dark elements, dissipating like a mist in the dark and shadowless abyss, whenever he occasionally revealed a trace of flesh and blood between actions, and when a hungry and angry monster attacked in that direction, it would fall into a new trap.

    He was so cunning and vicious, nobody could guard against it, and even the monsters were terrified.

    Some monsters with a higher level of intelligence lost their desire to fight and fled toward the end of the cliff, but once again ran into a hard and invisible barrier—the opponent had already blocked their way of retreat long before the killing began.

    This was a one-sided massacre.

    A series of wailing and screams resounded through the valley, and then it finally returned to silence.

    Ge Xiu stood high on the towering rock, carelessly shaking off the remaining blood from his hand, the blade on his fingertips dissipated in the air like a river flowing into the sea, and the blood that had not yet dried flowed down the contours of his cheeks, slowly dripping down, his pale face was like the dim morning light before dawn.

    He looked around for a while, his gaze swept across the valley calmly, as if what was on the ground were not cluttered corpses and broken limbs piled up like a hill, but just cold stones and vegetation.

    In the next second, a sharp blade condensed from dark elements suddenly rose from the distant rock peaks, piercing through a body that looked lifeless.

    The purple-black ugly flesh let out a scream, and twitched twice, finally losing the last trace of anger.

    There was no more sound in the entire valley.

    However, Ge Xiu knew clearly that this calm was only temporary. The bloody smell spreading due to the slaughter was too strong, and it was a fatal temptation for the monsters at the bottom of the abyss. It wouldn’t take long for countless hungry and ferocious monsters to smell the wind, eager for blood and fight – this seemingly cruel scene, for the creatures accustomed to killing in the abyss, was just an ordinary Sunday.

    He jumped off the rock wall with ease, a thin blade emerged from between his fingers, skilfully peeling and cutting valuable organs from the corpses, with the coldness and precision of a surgeon.

    Within a few minutes, Ge Xiu filled his backpack with loot.

    He returned to the cave he was before, carried the little wolf on his shoulders, turned and jumped into the darkness, his slender figure was instantly engulfed by the shadow, and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.


    Above the abyss was the ground.

    Poisonous air rampaged over the barren desert soil, and the blood river gurgled between the dark mountains and abyss like scars.

    Like the front of the mainland, there were also settlements and towns here.

    In the center of the Dead Wasteland, a majestic city stood tall, dark and icy rocks form the bedrock, hot magma flowed under the city, and spires were clustered among the huge rocks like sharp blades. hHigh walls, stone pillars, statues accounted for the complex city, dense dark elements gathered and flowed in the dark alleyways and sharp spires, tightly trapped in the center of the city by a huge element array.

    This is the Magic City of Este.

    It was the largest city of the entire opposite side of the continent. It rose on the grounds where Dark God was buried and was controlled by the high level demons. It was strictly controlled and hierarchical.

    In the very center of the magic city, a tall mage tower was constructed, the spire of the tower glowed with a weird light in the darkness.

    Inside the tower, two high level demons knelt deeply on the ground, their red curved horns against the ground, their faces almost touching the dust.

    A tall, gorgeously dressed demon was standing in front of the long gothic-style windows with intricate patterns on the mage tower. The curved horns on his head were a deep dark purple, symbolizing the his identity was that of a nobility.

    “Haven’t found it yet?”

    His voice was irritable.

    The heads of the two demons buried down a little deeper, and their voices were fearful and faintly trembling: “Sir, we are doing our best to expand the search range, and the number of manpower invested is also multiplying. All the idle goblins and puppets have been sent out–“

    “Answer me.”

    The demon’s voice was low and unpredictable, with a vague sense of danger.

    “…Not yet. My lord.”

    The demon standing by the window narrowed his eyes, and the deep purple pupils were burning with cruel dark fire. He raised his finger, and the heads of the two demons rolled down in an instant. The two headless corpses collapsed after a brief period of stillness, and hot blood sprayed from the neck cavity, instantly dyeing the gorgeous carpet into a deep dark red.

    The well-trained attendants quietly entered the room, lifted the two bodies, and quickly replaced them with brand-new carpets.

    Their movements were skilful and swift, and they seem to have done it more than once.

    But the strong and penetrating smell of blood in the room did not dissipate, as if it had soaked through the walls and crevices of the mage tower.

    Two new demon adjutants walked in immediately, replacing the positions of the previous two demons – once their direct superior died, they also got their positions in turn.

    Nobleman with purple eyes retracted his gaze and turned around, his dark robe flashed with strange blood lines, following his movements.

    He said: “The night of the full moon is approaching, and its power will gradually increase. Send more demon soldiers to search and make sure to find it before that day.”

    The two demons lowered their heads:

    “Yes, my lord.”


    Dark whispers sounded in the vague mist and chaos, bewitching in an unknown ancient language.

    Cold, it was just cold.

    As if falling into an endless abyss, the biting water swallowed all the sounds, penetrated the skin like steel needles, and pierced into the joints. In the end, the pain was more vivid than the coldness.

    In the dizziness, Elinor subconsciously leaned towards the only source of warmth.

    The warmth was so small and far away, almost swallowed by the thick darkness, but it always persistently radiated heat and light outwards.

    The whispers were diminishing, and the pain that spread along with the cold in his limbs seemed to become insignificant.

    Elinor felt the long-lost peace, and his consciousness sank into the deep darkness.

    When he woke up again, he found out that not knowing when, he returned to the cave where he’s been living for a long time.

    The fur nest was in the corner of the cave, only a vague outline could be seen, and he was not inside it.

    The nerves dulled by the coma suddenly tensed and awakened.

    Elinor felt the warm body next to him, and suddenly realized that he was lying in the arms of that human being.

    As if burned by the fire, he moved quickly to jump away from the source of warmth, but the warm touch left by the human being remained on his fur like a gangrene. Even though the cold and dry air in the cave replaced that in a moment, the feeling of being hugged by the human arm still followed him closely.

    Elinor felt extremely uncomfortable and awkward, as if nothing was right all over his body.

    He turned around and licked the hair on his side, but when the surface of his tongue touched the fur that was still warm, he suddenly retracted it as if he had been scalded.

    The cave was dark and there was no sound.

    It was so quiet that Elinor could almost hear the loud sound of his heart hitting the ribs.

    He bared his fangs into the darkness, as if declaring war on an invisible enemy.

    Finally, he calmed down after the long silence, and found that after so long, the human was still motionless.

    Elinor took a few steps closer and sniffed the other’s palm, laying the ground.

    The smell of blood, but not human blood.

    He approached a few steps again, and the human’s face appeared in his field of vision.

    After such a long time, this was the first time that Elinor has taken a serious look at this human face.

    Pale, symmetrical, and very young. The facial features that were like work of art were beautiful enough even for God’s standards.

    His eyes were closed tightly, and there was still dried blood on the side of his face. The thin shoulders were curled up, rising and falling slightly with the gentle breathing. He looked like some kind of delicate and fragile doll, calm and harmless.

    But Elinor clearly remembered the other’s eyes.

    Those were eyes that longed for chaos. The deep black pupils were always burning with vibrant fire, and it gave a sense of unpredictability, there was always some kind of repressed and restrained evil madness inside.

    No species that believed in the god of light would have such a look.

    But he was not a dark follower.

    Didn’t crave power, didn’t indulge in sin, didn’t love killing.

    For dark creatures, power and ambition were the existence flowing in their blood and the original instinct that drove them to make all actions. They indulged their desires and took pleasure in killing. But all these characteristics couldn’t be placed on the head of the human being in front of him. He never expanded his territory, nor does he intend to compete for power. It seemed that he had no ambition to control the abyss, but he was always willing to explore further territory. Although he didn’t mind staining his hands with blood, for him, this was at best a last resort, not a pleasure to vent his desires.

    Elinor found that he was too close.

    The other person’s breath was spraying on the tip of his wet and cold nose, and he could touch the human’s cheek as long as he got a little closer.

    The young man’s breath was hot and scorching, like lava, radiating heat continuously, but there was no trace of fever on his face.

    Elinor licked his sharp teeth, there was still a faint bloody smell at the roots of the teeth.

    Even if he didn’t take the initiative to eat, a small amount of flesh and blood was still swallowed into his abdomen during the battle, and then quickly absorbed and transformed by his eagerly anticipating body.

    While the dark element’s temptation to him has greatly increased, he has also become more sensitive to its changes—just like now, although he couldn’t accurately smell what was happening, he could clearly perceive that human body in front of him, a certain immense energy was accumulating and surging, expanding and clamouring at a terrifying speed.

    The roots of his teeth were faintly itching.

    The empty stomach was convulsing.

    Elinor could already imagine how satisfying and joyful it would be to plunge sharp teeth into the soft skin, tear blood vessels and muscles, let the warm and sweet blood pour into the mouth.

    But it’s not just hunger.

    It was a vibration and longing that emerged from the depths of his soul.

    A voice was whispering deep in my mind:

    Eat him.

    Craving to lick his skin, savour his flesh and blood, chew his bones, without wasting a single bit, bite off every treasured part of him and swallow it bit by bit into his throat and hide it in his body. From then on, blood would be mixed with blood, the body would be mixed with his body.

    Perfect monopolising.

    The human being in front of him was so unique and so elusive-and so fit with his godhead.

    ——Eat him.

    Elinor sat in front of the young man, his tail rolled back to cover the claws, a pair of golden vertical pupils were slightly narrowed, and the pupils contained the hunger and desire unique to predators, and the scarlet blood surged, his irises reflected red in the dark and shone with a strange light.

    As if bewitched, he slowly moved closer.

    The sharp fangs shining with cold light hung over the other’s white and slender neck-

    blood rushed under the thin skin, exuding a warm fragrance.

    Eat him.

    With the deep red in Elinor’s pupils, his reason was gradually eroded by the pure and brutal animalism, and the cruel and bloodthirsty primitive desire grew vigorously.

    The young man curled up, fell asleep unsuspectingly, breathing evenly, and a thick dark aura escaped from his body.

    However, the tip of the tooth did not fall for a long time.

    Next second.

    The rough, scarlet tongue licked the youth’s thin collarbone, and the delicate skin seemed to have been rubbed by sandpaper, instantly turning into a pale red.

    Elinor paused, lowered his head, and licked his neck again.

    The hard throat bone* was covered by soft skin, and it quivered slightly with the strokes of the tongue.

    One lick, two licks, three licks…

    The tastes of a human and a beast mixed together, blending with each other, becoming one. In the end, the scent of flesh and blood that exuded temptation was completely covered and concealed under the aggressive breath of a beast.

    Elinor narrowed his golden-red beast pupils, lowered his head again, buried it in the boy’s neck, and breathed in deeply.

    ——He smelled his own scent with satisfaction.


*also I could go wild and say it’s the hyoid bone but would anyone understand? (*-* )

Bamboo has something to say:

I diagnose Elinor with a secret crush

an awkward, first-time crush to that

Little Theater:

Ge Xiu: I knew my little wolf wouldn’t hurt me!

The said wolf that licked his neck raw: Yeah…

Ge Xiu: You’re such a good pet

Little wolf, secretly hiding his big crush: En *nervous*

(waiting for Ge Xiu to see Elinor’s human form)

Alternative title: ✧hidden yandere finds out he has a vore fetish ✧

FUNFACT: with 30 chapters I’m now the legitimate translator of this novel ah, if anyone wants to pick it up it’s your last chance, ya

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