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Chapter 39: Ragnarök

   The necromancer sat high on bone throne.

    The deep blue ghost fire illuminated the cold and dark cave, water drops consistently dripped down from the stalactites, and fell into the bottomless pool. The countless layers of bones reflected heavy cold light, filled with a dark breath of death.

    He never thought he would lose so badly.

    In the field of spells for the undead, he could be considered a rare genius in a thousand years. Even extremely difficult forbidden spells could be mastered easily by him. The liches and skeletons he fed with human blood were unmatched and almost invincible, even thousand of Templar knights were defeated easily. This time, however, his pride has been so thoroughly shattered today that he simply couldn’t accept it.

    The necromancer gritted his teeth.

    He could feel that the other party hadn’t been exposed to many spell controlling undead. In this aspect, his foundation was almost zero, but…

    That person’s affinity for the dark element was really terrifying.

    Those elements that usually require complex spells to be reluctantly comply, in front of the young man, were intimate and docile like a tamed domestic dog. With a simple hook of his fingers, they would rush enthusiastically and be willing to be used as he pleased.

    For mages, this was simply overwhelmingly terrifying.

    The necromancer stared at the phantom that appeared on the spell stone in front of him.

    A teenager’s face appeared among the floating spell runes, with handsome features, contemptuous and indifferent expression, dark eyes flashing with a gleam of light, and the corners of his lips curled slightly, making him seem quite cynical.

    This was the message from the opposite side of the mainland, and it was the human being that the demons were asking for a full search for.

    Those eyes and the picture in his memory slowly overlapped.

    The lines of his eyes were sharp and piercing, and the dark pupils were deep and cold. There was a touch of sarcasm and indifference hidden inside. They swept over him condescendingly, like looking at an weak ant struggling in the dust.

    Whenever he thought about those eyes, the necromancer trembled uncontrollably.

    That was a fear emerging from the depths of his soul, an instinctive shiver and urge to surrender to the enemy that was a hundred times stronger than yourself.

    He… was he really human?

    Although the seal 30,000 years ago sealed all the followers of the Dark God on the opposite side of the mainland, if someone told him that this was an out-and-out dark creature, he would unhesitatingly believe it.

    However, that person actually let him off at the last minute and left in a hurry.

    Although the Necromancer didn’t know the reason for the opponent’s departure, he understood very clearly that this was an opportunity for him.

    Although he knew that except for that young man, the rest of the people would not able to fight back at all, but the necromancer did not dare to stay, for fear that the other party would change his mind, so when the other party’s figure disappeared, he tore a scroll at the fastest speed and ran away quickly.

    It was too close.

    Just a little further, and he’s afraid he wouldn’t be able to come back.

    However, before he could taste the joy saving his life from the danger, he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps in the distance, coming from the depths of the corridor-

    Steady, slow, rhythmic footsteps, echoing and amplified by the walls of the cave, making them seem strange and unclear.

    – An intruder! ! ! !

    But… the warning spell he set around was untouched!

    A warning signal flashed through the mind of the necromancer, and cold sweat instantly seeped out. He stood up suddenly from the chair build with human skulls, murmured a spell quickly in his mouth, and the remaining liches and skeletons were summoned, swiftly disappearing in the direction of the footsteps, but they were silently absorbed by the darkness like water droplets falling into a deep pool.

    The sound of footsteps hasn’t even paused.

    The Necromancer was merciless and sang more spells, the dark elements in the air condensed into an overwhelming icy dark glow, all aligned in the direction of the sound.

    The faint ghost fire leaped in the cave, reflecting on the pale bones.

    Finally, a tall figure stepped into the light.

    At that moment, all the blades launched!


    A cold snort of contempt sounded from a distance, and then was swallowed by the darkness in an instant. In the next second, a sharp cold light flashed through the air, like some kind of unstoppable blade, cutting through all the spells in the air—what? ? ?

    The necromancer’s eyes widened, and he stepped back covered in cold sweat, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

    In this world, how can there be an existence that could cut through the spells already cast?

    At this moment, the intruder has stepped out of the darkness.

    It was a man with black hair and black clothes. He was tall and had a handsome face like a god. Under his high eyebrows, there was a pair of scarlet pupils. There was an almost inhuman cruelty in the depths of those eyes. At the moment they landed on him, the blood of the necromancer seemed to be freeze instantly.

    He shrank back tremblingly, but the man still walked towards him slowly.

    His expression was unwavering, and his voice was low and deep, like vibrato of strings vibrating in the air: “I found you.”

    The necromancer did not understand the meaning of his words, but he was frightened by the undertones in his voice. Extreme fear caught his mind for no reason, and he stayed froze in place feeling the chilling coldness as if his soul has been suppressed, making him so scared he couldn’t move his legs.

    The man walked up to him, slowly bent over and raised his right hand hanging beside him:

    “Did you touch him with this hand?”

    The necromancer was scared speechless, and he could watch with his eyes as skin of his hand dried and peeled off in an instant, revealing the bright red muscle tissue under it, but not a drop of blood oozed out. Then, the mechanism under his skin twitched and contracted, it clung to his bones tightly like a layer of burnt and dried oil – then he felt the pain.

    He hissed in horror and miserable pain. His voice was amplified by the cave and echoed across the walls.

    The man’s blood-coloured eyes did not fluctuate at all, staring at him silently and coldly, and asked softly: “Is there any other place?”

    The necromancer trembled on the ground holding his completely abolished hand, saliva dripped from his lips. A vague sound was stuck in his throat and he shivered from fear, his lungs made a wheezing sound of rapid breathing like broken bellows. Because of the excessive panic, he could not say a word.

    “Too much time has passed, and I can’t smell the residue smell from you.” The man said lightly: “If you don’t cooperate, I will have to do it myself.”

    He raised a hand with well-knotted joints and firmly grabbed something in the void.

    A faint gray mist was pulled from the center of the necromancer’s forehead. The necromancer wailed in pain, and his entire body was twisted and deformed in the horrible pain, as if he was suffering invisible torture.

    The man’s eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was reading something.

    A few minutes later, he raised his eyebrows, looked at the unhuman necromancer lying on the ground, and whispered with a certain cruel compassion:

    “If that’s the case, then there is no need for you to exist.”

    The shadows on wall reflected the twisted limbs of the necromancer that shrank and dried out in an instant, the faint ghost fire flickered a few times and went out.


    After talking to Elinor that day, more than half a month has passed.

    The time spent in the cave always passed by quickly, before he noticed it already flew away.

    Ge Xiu curled up on a blanket covered with gorgeous snow-white hair hide, and most of his body was buried in it.

    An old book was opened on his face, covering it.

    Killing god.

    It was much more difficult to do than to say.

    The gods of the light camp retreated to the God Realm after the war 30,000 years ago. After the beginning of the human era, they rarely appeared on the mainland. Only gods with the godhead could enter the God Realm, as long as they were on the Eliso continent they couldn’t cause any substantial harm to the gods.

    God’s love for the world has always been a white lie. For the high gods, a hundred years was only a flick of a finger, and hundreds of millions of believers were nothing more than ants who were constantly renewing, so there was no possibility of persecuting the gods to show up by slaughtering their believers.

    To make matters worse, when Elinor was deprived of his godhead, all the memories related to the gods also disappeared at that time.

    The way to kill a god was more difficult to find than one could think.

    Ge Xiu yawned lazily.

    Over time, he became more and more prone to sleepiness.

    He blinked away tears from the corner of his eyes and rolled over in the soft fur.

    If a knowledgeable person saw the fur underneath him now, they would definitely be shocked. This was the fur of a rare giant beast that lived on the ice glaciers. At auctions, even small pieces of their body could be sold for sky-high prices. Even the imperial emperor may not be able to have a complete piece of fur, let alone be able to use it lavishly as a blanket.

    However, in the cave, compared to the empty space from before, there was more than just such a blanket.

    During this period of time, Elinor has been constantly bringing back countless things. He has a strange idea for no reason. It seems that no matter what it was, as long as it could improve the quality of Ge Xiu’s life, it was worth bringing back——and he never stopped thinking that, as if no treasure was good enough, and no wealth was enough.

    This urge was instinctive.

    Soon, those rare and precious treasures collected from all over the mainland filled the space of the originally empty caves. As long as Ge Xiu wanted to, he could even smash a chalcedony that could be encountered once in a century, just to listen to the crisp sound, and spread the priceless fur under the body as a blanket for sleeping every day —— it was simply a luxury that even an emperor could not imagine.

    Although Ge Xiu no longer needs to eat, absorbing the energy from living bodies to meet the needs of survival, and the demand for ordinary substances was so low it was almost non-existent, but it still couldn’t extinguish Elinor’s unreasonable unending obsession.

    Every time Ge Xiu opened his eyes, more things appeared in his sight.

    This feeling…It felt as if a cat was throwing killed prey on the door threshold, and then looking at you expectantly.

    In the end, Ge Xiu didn’t even bother to stop it.

    In addition to these extravagant distractions, there were also huge piles of books—all of which he asked Elinor to collect.

    From the daily incantation textbooks issued in the empire, to ancient scrolls written on parchment, to secrets carved on slates, from humans, elves, dwarves, to the remains of the demons on the front of the mainland, there was almost everything, accumulating into piles and almost making a library.

    During this time, Ge Xiu has been reading eagerly, learning the language of each race, looking for clues about the gods in the crystallization of spiritual civilization they left behind, and practising from the vast ocean of spell books to master the method of manipulating elements.

    His affinity for the dark elements was very strong, but his usage of spells was extremely rusty, and he had not received relevant training at all. This reason he ushered in victory in most battles was either by tricks or simple and crude absolute crushing with pressure.

    Although these methods worked in the past, his body was deteriorating now, and it may be much harder to try doing this later.

    Ge Xiu rubbed his eyes sleepily, feeling drowsiness further eroding his mind.

    At this moment, a shadow appeared in front of him, blocking the light above his head.

    Ge Xiu yawned again, raised his eyelids slowly, looked at the giant wolf that appeared beside him, and greeted lazily:

    “You’re back?”

    The giant wolf leaned down slightly, his scarlet pupils were like a pool of blood in the light, the iris reflected the small figure of the curled up young man. He gently arched Ge Xiu’s belly with his wet nose, moved the tip of his nose, and sniffed gently the young man’s slender body.

    –there was none of it left.

    The abrupt and disrupting breath has completely disappeared, leaving only his own smell – domineeringly invading every corner and every gap, until it completely covered him.

    The giant wolf squinted slightly, seeming very satisfied.


    The author has something to say:

Today’s wolf wolf is a very possessive wolf wolf*

    necromancer: …I’m so miserable!

*wolf wolf is a cute way to say wolf, just like you can intimately call someone’s name by repeating it twice

Little Theater:

Elinor: You gave me fur nest to sleep on now I give you fur nest to sleep on.

Ge Xiu: am I the pet now?

Bamboo translator wants to say- ACHOO- something:

ACHOO I keep-ACHOO sneezing QAQ


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