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Chapter 42: Ragnarök

   The ammunition made from compressed elements was shooting uncontrollably at the enemy in the front. The light and heat generated when it tore through the air at high speed illuminated the entire cave like a flare. It was simple and crude, but with great lethality. There was no need to load the bullets, it was enough to provide continuously elements for it. Hot blood flowed and spread on the hard and cold ground, wailing and sharp howling intertwined.

    Fire reflected in Ge Xiu’s pupils, and his clear eyes looked at the scene indifferently without any sorrow or joy.

    Suddenly, there was a faint cracking sound in his ears.

    That light noise, mixed with the loud roar from the surroundings, seemed extremely insignificant.

    However, Ge Xiu didn’t know why, but he felt that his heartstrings were pulled by some unknown force. This strange intuition made him look to the right suddenly, and one of the magic puppets behind him under his control rushed out quickly and stopped in front of him-

    -a huge, pitch-black net firmly trapped the magic puppet inside, tiny spikes extending from the net were surrounded by faint black mist, which made the puppet instantly lose ability to move and it collapsed.

    Was this… the dark element?

    Ge Xiu was taken aback.

    Were the necromancers who were also looking for him also here?

    …Now that made it a bit difficult.

    He originally wanted to deal with one wave and before dealing with another wave, but most of these necromancers acted separately, and always hid in the night habitually, so their whereabouts were not as easy to grasp as those of Holy Knights. They arrived at much faster speed than Ge Xiu expected.


    Ge Xiu turned his head to look into the darkness in the cave on the left, and raised his brow thoughtfully.

    He didn’t actually see the direction from which the spell was cast just now, and the battle disrupted the flow of elements in the cave. Necromancers were usually good at masking their breath. Logically, it would be difficult to determine the enemy’s location.

    However, unbeknownst to himself, he just knew that the other party was hiding less than a hundred meters away to his left.

    This feeling was very strange, as if it was some kind of gravitational force that was close to intuition, and as if it was just a guess for no reason.

    But Ge Xiu simply felt that his his feeling was not wrong.

    Under burst of such a powerful and terrifying spell, many Templar Knights fell before they even had time to resist, and the remaining knights from the first round of attacks retreated behind the huge stone pillars in the cave under the cover of the mage. They were crushed under the constant attack and couldn’t even lift their heads, so they couldn’t find out what was happening outside.

    Ge Xiu chanted a light spell with his excellent memory under the cover of the loud surroundings, and then threw it towards the place where the group of necromancers had hidden themselves. Then, he suddenly stopped supplying the puppets with elements, turned and ran towards the depths of the cave.

    So, when the knights rushed out from behind the stone pillars fully armed, they happened to unknowingly run into the necromancers who had been disguised.

    Ge Xiu’s lips slightly curled up as he heard the chaotic sounds behind him.

    Templar Knights and necromancers were always incompatible with each other, especially as this time they came for the same purpose —— this would be very interesting.

    Let them kill each other and consume each other’s strength, just to buy him some time.

    The sound of the fast wind swept past her ears, and the whistling of spells and clashes of metal being struck from the distance was left far behind him.

    Ge Xiu thought for a while, and finally decided to raise his hand to summon his frog.

    After quickly reviewing the information that the magic puppet had sent back during this period of time, he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

    ——The full moon was slowly approaching, but there were no news from Elinor until now, and he hasn’t appeared in the scope of his magic puppet’s detection.

    So, what has slowed him down?


    Under the moonlight, a giant wolf staggered down from the sea of ​​blood on the mountain.

    Its scarred fur was soaked with blood, and the shredded flesh and blood remained on its sharp white fangs. A pair of scarlet pupils gleamed in the cold moonlight. They were filled with brutal and primitive desire to kill.

    The red-coloured claws slammed on a man’s chest, and the claws sharp enough to tear the space deeply plunged into the other’s skin, and they could tear the opponent into pieces with just a little bit of force.

    The giant wolf lowered its head, and the white puffs of mist emitted with breath were mixed with the strong smell of blood.

    The fear of death strangled the man’s throat and he shouted in horror: “El, Elinor! Believe me! It’s really not that I have any hostility to you, yes, it’s the God of Light, he…”

    “Believe ……?” The giant wolf’s voice was low and hoarse, filled with slightly cold sarcasm: “This word was actually spoken from the mouth of the God of Deception, how ironic.”

    The giant wolf continued to approach, exuding a strong sense of pressure. His horrifying fangs forced the opponent to turn back his heads tremblingly, in an attempt to stay away.

    Elinor narrowed his eyes slightly: “However, I did not expect you to leave the God Realm.”

    The face of the god of deception instantly changed: “Did you remember?”

    Elinor snorted: “How is it possible? My godhead is gone, don’t you remember?”

    “It was like this—” The sharp claws stretched in an instant, tearing open the flesh and ribs with ease, tearing open the soft belly amidst the other’s wailing and screams, and then continuing until they embedded in a sharp, cold core. The giant wolf stared coldly at him: “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I will just let you taste how I felt.”

    Scarlet blood spattered out under the moonlight.



    A sharp howl erupted from the throat of the deception god. Godhead in his body was suddenly crushed. He passed out from the pain, and was still shivering even though he was unconscious, twitching half-dead on the ground.

    Elinor exhaled heavily.

    The God of Deception cooperated with the temple to lay an ambush on him, that was indeed unexpected.

    It seems that the light and darkness on the continent were now returning to balance, and that there were now gods that could leave the God Realm and come to the continent.

    However, it should be limited to the small gods, like the God of Deception.

    Powerful gods like the God of Light had more restrictions, so they can only use the temple and other gods with weaker abilities to exert influence on the mainland.

    Dizziness hit him instantly, making Elinor’s body sway slightly — the wounds on his body were caused by a divine tool, which made them almost incurable, and he was quickly consuming his own vitality.

    Although Fenrir was an extraordinary creature capable of killing gods, there was still a gap with and without a godhead.

    He won by a narrow margin this time.

    Elinor turned his head and glanced at the shattered puppet behind him, a trace of anger flashed deep in his eyes.

    That was the gift Ge Xiu gave him…and it was treated like this…

    He coldly swept the unconscious god of deception under his paws, and suddenly felt that he was too light for him.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time left.

    Elinor raised his head and looked at the moon. The reflection of the moon was reflected in his scarlet pupils, like two small spots of light.

    Tomorrow was the full moon.

    ——Must go back quickly.

    The wings behind the giant wolf spread out and beat twice, and the huge wind that swept under them lifted his body and he flew towards the distance under the icy moonlight.

    at the same time.

    Ge Xian was in the dark cave with the group of people trying to catch him.

    After living here for nearly a month, Ge Xiu knew by heart the whole terrain. Even though most of the magic puppets had been sent out by him, most of the remaining were first class and they  had been strengthened and improved. He dismantled and studied the large-scale destruction weapons on the starship, and combined the product with the magic element system of this world. If used properly, a magic puppet could even destroy an army.

    ——And in this world, there was no one who could use these weapons more than Ge Xiu.

    Although the number of opponents far exceeded him by nearly a thousand times, and there were more reinforcements coming continuously — whether it was the Templars or the forbidden magic of necromancers, the number was increasing rapidly, but when they stood in front of Ge Xiu they were almost equivalent to a child with bare hands. That is, they had no advantage in terrain, and no advantage in strength. In addition, there were unresolvable enmities and entanglements between those teams. It was simply impossible for them to turn backs to each other without worrying about getting stabbed.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that those teams were too scattered, and enforcements continued to join the battle, this game would have ended long ago.

    Ge Xiu leaned on one of the demon puppets and yawned sleepily.

    While he was able to do his job well, he started to feel a little bored—the feeling of sleepiness came to him again, even worse than before.

    Corners of his his mouth lowered and he blinked away the moist tears trapped at the corners of his eyes. In his sight blurred by the mist, a figure suddenly appeared in front of his eyes without warning—abruptly and unexpectedly appeared in the air not far away, almost not bring a slightest change of elements.

    Drowsiness disappeared instantly.

    Ge Xiu woke up abruptly, and the surrounding demon puppets suddenly transformed into a defensive posture as he commanded in his mind, and the dark muzzle pointed at the human figure in front of him.

    It was a man with a tall stature, his long hair hanging down to his waist and both of his eyes were brilliant gold, his red and full lips had a slight smile, as he slowly stepped towards Ge Xiu.

    “You are not a human.” Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes. “A god?”

    The man raised his eyebrows in surprise: “So fast? Not bad.”

    He stopped a few steps away from Ge Xiu, his lips deepened with a smile: “I heard that you are very smart… After all, for one person to play thousands of people around and even faintly have the upper hand, it was unseen for tens of thousands of years.”

    The man stretched out his hand and easily snatched the gun one of the puppets was holding. The movement was so fast that it was almost impossible to catch with the naked eye.

    He looked at the weapon forged from metal in amazement, and praised:

    “Very exquisite…unbelievable, these all were designed by you?”

    Ge Xiu looked at him calmly.

    According to the strength that the other party has just shown – and the current attitude of almost condescending admiration, the gap between them may be even more terrifying than he imagined, and it was a great gap that couldn’t be crossed even with all the magic puppets he has created.

    Confrontation with force would be unwise.

    Ge Xiu raised his finger, and heard the sound of metal rubbing against metal as all of the magic puppets put away their weapons under his command.

    He leaned back again, curled up like a boneless cat, and raised his eyebrows lazily:

    “Isn’t it basic politeness to introduce yourself before asking questions?”

    The man gracefully bowed before Ge Xiu: “I am the god of promise.”

    “Ge Xiu.” Ge Xiu reported his name concisely: “But, you probably knew it a long time ago, didn’t you?”

    “Naturedly.” The God of Promise nodded: “But I still want to hear it from your mouth—did you take this name yourself? After you escaped from the control of the demons?”

    Ge Xiu shrugged non-committally: “After all, the idiots there has no interest in naming their experiment.”

    The god of promise stared at him and asked, “Do you know why I came?”

    “Of course it is to take my life.” Ge Xiu lazily raised his eyelids: “Since the Temple of Light has orders of ‘regardless of life or death’, no matter whether I am alive or dead, that door would definitely be able to open—”

    He seemed to suddenly understand something, and he stared at the tall god in front of him, his dark and deep eyes were astonishingly bright:

    “Actually, I am not the key…I am the door.”

    In this case, everything made sense.

    To open the door to the reverse side of the continent, the key was indispensable. If the key is destroyed, the dark and light sides of the continent would no longer be able to connect —but not vice versa.

    Those patterns of totems that were deeply imprinted in the depths of his body would break free of his body and appear in the air every time at the full moon, because it itself was “door”! If it was sealed in the depths of his body, then, as long as the host is killed… the “door” would break the seal! The back and the front of the mainland could become one again!

    So “regardless of life or death.”

    Because the purpose of God of Light was actually to kill him!

    Ge Xiu straightened his back and stared deeply at the god in front of him: “However, there is one thing I can’t figure out. Killing me can open the door—but those demons, they haven’t tried to kill me from beginning until now. Even the necromancers sent here would avoid the key parts when attacking. Why?”

    The God of Promise asked, “What do you think?”

    “Because they don’t know.”

    Ge Xiu answered very quickly, as if he already had an answer in his heart.

    His eyes were dark, and there were two enthralling fires burning in their depths: “You made the ‘door’. It was you who sent the ‘me’ to the back of the mainland. You just made the demons mistakenly believe that they found a way to open the door, so they didn’t know the real way to open the door from beginning to end—and so they didn’t dare to kill me.”

    The smile on the corners of the God of Promise’s lips has completely faded at this moment.

    His handsome face chilled, and in the depths of his golden eyes reflected the face of the human.

    He slowly said: “I really didn’t expect you to be able to reason to this point.”

    Ge Xiu looked back at him, his face calm and peaceful, as if he didn’t have the slightest sense of panic from the fact his life was threatened, he curled his lips: “What now?”

    This time, the God of Promise smiled instead: “There is no more.”

    He slowly walked towards Ge Xiu, looking down at from his height, his lips curled up, as if he was the one in control of the situation again: “No matter how much you know your life is over. The reason why you’re still breathing and have a heartbeat is because I have rewarded you these few minutes, understand?”

    The man’s tall figure cast a deep shadow, completely covering Ge Xiu’s thin figure.

    The golden eyes were filled with light, ruthless and unfeeling, like two inorganic glass beads, killing intent was threatening in the air, like silk threads wound around his neck, slowly tightening—

    Ge Xiu did not resist.

    He didn’t move a finger, and he didn’t call for the magic puppet as last stubborn resistance— he just raised his head obediently, and quietly looked up at the man who was about to kill him, as if he had already lost his fighting spirit and calmly accepted the fate that has befallen him.

    In the next second, a bright and dazzling flower of blood suddenly appeared on the thin chest of the young man, and the man’s fingers plunged deeply into his chest. The bright red and hot blood instantly dyed his clothes red, blood gurgled out like an unstoppable spring, splashed on the ground, and in an instant it condensed into a pool of blood.

    Cruel joy flashed across the face of the God of Promise.

    He continued to push his palm slowly toward the depths, and his sharp fingertips tore the flesh and blood vessels.

    He stared at Ge Xiu’s face suddenly paling, as if enjoying the last moments before the human dies.

    Suddenly, expression on the God of Promise face has changed.

    He pushed forward with more force, but, for some reason, his palm could not move forward, as if there was an indestructible barrier protecting the body of the young man before him, even the power of a god could not break through.

    How… how was it possible?

    Ge Xiu looked at the other party’s expression quietly, his pale paper-white lips were stained red by the blood that was constantly pouring from his mouth, and it ticked down along the sharp and fragile chin, dampening the cuffs of the other person.

    His voice was very low, weakened by blood loss, but it was steady and did not tremble at all:

    “You know I escaped from the hands of the demons, but you don’t know how I survived in the abyss on the opposite side of the mainland, do you?”

    The palm of the God of Promise was fumbling inside in the young man’s brutally torn open chest, and an indescribable expression slowly appeared on his face. The previous victorious expression had completely disappeared from his face at the moment when he held it—

    This, what is this?

    Could it be…?

    The boy’s blood-stained lips approached, and a low breath blew into his eardrums: “Do you know how many times I have been gnawed on that only half of my body was left, almost dying?”

    The next second, face of the God of Promise has distorted from horror.

    His fingers finally touched the area close to the heart—outside the living, beating muscle, a long rib kept it tightly protected, and the terrible energy contained in that bones made the God of Promise feel extreme fear and horror.

    In his entire life, he had felt this terrible feeling craving deep into his soul only once.

    That was 30,000 years ago, when the God of Darkness swept eyes over him in the battle of the gods that spread across the continent.

    That pure sense of being suppressed, and the instinctive fear that spread from the depths of his soul, it was unforgettable even after 30,000 years.

    This is……! This is bone of a God! ! !

    How? ? ?

    How is this possible? ? ?

    The God of Promise was struck with panic, he fixed his gaze on the face of the young man in front of him without a master.

    Ge Xiu lifted the corners of his dazzling red lips stained with blood, with a happy expression: “It seems that you aren’t clear about this matter, it could only be that the demons on the opposite side of the mainland did not act as you imagined…and to make you show such a funny expression of horror, I’m afraid it’s a higher level than the level I previously imagined—then there are only the two innate gods.”

    He continued, “I read about it in a book before, the bones of the gods have the ability to attract each other. In addition, the group of necromancers can always find my position inexplicably, and I can always know their position in the dark… Then, in this case, the bone inside my body, I assume it’s a bone of the Dark God.”

    The face of the God of Promise has distorted.

    He couldn’t imagine that there was such a human being who could carry out purely rational logical thinking and judgments in the situation where a big hole was smashed in his chest by his opponent…

    It was too terrifying!

    However, according to the current situation, he may not be able to kill Ge Xiu, so the best choice now was to leave temporarily, and first report the situation-

    The God of Promises thought about it and tried to pull his hand out in the meanwhile.

    However, the weak young man in front of him suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed his wrist. The cold fingers seemed to have no temperature at all, like the soul from the netherworld. The strange feeling made the God of Promise tremble all over his body, he subconsciously stopped the action.

    Ge Xiu held the man’s wrist tightly, and even pulled the other’s palm into his chest again.

    The corners of his lips raised slowly, the red lips exuded the fragrance of blood, the sharp snow-white tiger teeth pressed against his lower lip, in a kind of cunning scheming malice:

    “Let me guess, are you not the only one who left the God Realm to perform the task? One of you is responsible for holding back Elinor, the other is responsible for killing me.”

    The pupil of the God of Promise shrank suddenly.

    Those dark and deep eyes were like bottomless black holes, as if they can suck human souls inside. In the depths of those eyes, excited and delighted flames were ripping and clamouring, as aggressive as beasts.

    The young man leaned closer slightly, his low, hoarse voice was like a whisper:

    “Guess why should I tell you so much?”

    Deep footsteps sounded behind him, cutting through God of Promise’s heart like a knife. His back was stiff as iron, hot sweat kept oozing out, almost completely soaking his clothes—he didn’t even dare to turn his head.

    The arc of Ge Xiu’s lips deepened, as if the devil’s strategy finally succeeded:

    “…because the magic puppet I arranged at the entrance of the cave told me that the master of this place is back.”

    The face of the God of Promise was twisted and terrified, and the previous composure and contempt had long since disappeared from his face, and all that was left was appalling fear and regret.

    ——So, just now, he was… delaying time.


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Knights & necromancers: YOU’RE PLAYING WITH US! >: (

Ge Xiu: Why do you say so

Them: Then what was that!

Ge Xiu: Survival of the fittest?

Them: …

Ge Xiu: Natural selection?


Ge Xiu: You can’t catch me anyway~

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