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Chapter 43: Ragnarök

    Under the high dome, the thin young man seemed to melt into the darkness behind him. His chest was pierced through, and the red blood gushed from the open wound and his mouth, flowing down like a river, converging into streams and lakes.

    Elinor’s pupils shrank suddenly.

    Violent anger swept in the depths of those scarlet eyes, like a fierce beast touched on its reverse scale*, the pure and terrible madness rushed like a wave, and the sharp fangs flashed with a cold and merciless glint, clamouring with the incredible bloodthirst⎯

    They actually dared to…!


    The vertical pupils shrank into a thin black line, like ones of a a cold-blooded animal, and all his reason was swallowed up by fury in an instant, leaving only the almost paranoid cruelty and anger.

    The terrifying beast from ancient times walked through the darkness, and the wounds remaining in the battle were all insignificant. All feelings were completely overwhelmed by the desire to kill. The huge body of the giant wolf exuded terrible pressure that made one’s body soft from terror, the enraged top predator rushed forward⎯


    The protective spell cast by the opponent in a hurry was as fragile as paper under Fenrir’s claws. All the attacking spells cut through the thick fur and the torn wounds were dripping with hot blood. But the giant wolf seemed unaware of this, still biting and roaring frantically.


    His eyes were covered bloody mist, everything in front of it seems to become pure bloody red, the flesh and blood of the enemy slips from between his fangs, and the opponent’s sharp howling and begging for mercy seem to be coming from the distant place. He didn’t even register it, it aroused his ferocity instead, as if he was a machine that only understood killing and plundering, treating the enemy in front of him with the highest efficiency and the most cruel means.

    Shred. Bite. Swallow.

    Wipe out everyone that dared to hurt that person.

    Only one thought remained in his mind, deep-rooted⎯ no one could take him away.

    Even if he had to kill the gods, destroy the world, it didn’t matter.

    At this moment, he suddenly felt… the fur on its tail being pulled slightly.

    The giant wolf turned his head abruptly, blood was dripping down from his fangs, and there was no reason in his eyes that had been coloured red.

    However, when he came into contact with the pale boy holding his chest, a miracle happened⎯ Fenrir became Elinor again, he changed from a beast to a human, true panic and pain appeared in the eyes that were filled with thirst for slaughter just a moment ago.

    Ge Xiu’s face looked too pale because of the excessive blood loss. Although the wound on his chest had been treated with spells, it still looked shocking.

    He shook, and almost fell to the ground due to excessive movements.

    ——In fact, the transformation from Fenrir’s wolf shape to human shape was not simple, especially while degenerated to the irrational state.

    However, Elinor had only one thought in his mind.

    He needed arms to catch the other unscathed.

    In the next second, the murderous giant wolf disappeared.

    A man, full of scars and wearing a jet-black robe, appeared in a pool of muddy blood, reached out his hands to catch the shaking young boy that was about to fall, and carefully embraced him in his arms.

    Ge Xiu’s pale and bloodless cheeks pressed against Elinor’s chest, there were still bloodstains that hadn’t dried up on his lips and chin.

    Although his breath was faint, his voice was surprisingly calm and steady:

    “Enough is enough.”

    Elinor slowly tightened his arms, and carefully picked up the thin and fragile figure of the boy, even though his unhealed wounds were cracking and bleeding again, but he had no hesitation in his actions. Although his face was cold and solemn like a sculpture, his eyes seemed to be stuck tightly on the other, as if he didn’t want to leave him for a moment.

    Ge Xiu breathed a sigh of relief as he cast his eyes down and coldly swept his sight across the ground, looking at the unrecognizable god with severed limbs and shattered godhead, as he continued:

    “He already gave me the information I wanted just now, so save his dog** life.”

    Elinor stared at the pale face of the young man in his arms, raised his hand, as if wiping a fragile treasure, he wiped blood from his lips, and said in a low voice: “…your injury.”

    Ge Xiu shook his head slightly: “Don’t worry, I have suffered more severe injuries than this.”

    However, Elinor’s expression hasn’t relaxed at all. The sculptural three-dimensional facial features seemed to be instantly condensed with frost, and his expression became even more dangerous and terrifying than before.

    Ge Xiu gave a dry cough and added: “But I have returned from dead a hundred times, really.”

    He showed a well-behaved and innocent smile.

    Elinor took a deep breath slowly, and finally reluctantly moved his gaze away from the other’s face.

    He glanced at the dying god on the ground, his eyes were cold, and he slowly stepped on the remaining fingers of the other, crushing them, watching the opponent tremble unconsciously in a coma, as if sweeping the rubbish under his feet: “He should die.”


    Ge Xiu nodded in agreement, then sighed regretfully:” Unfortunately, just now when you went mad, I made a deal with him, if he told me a way to fully open the door to dark part of the continent, I would spare his life—and I am a trustworthy person.”

    Of course, he also held grudges.

    In fact, the God of Promise gave Ge Xiu the answer he wanted in wailing and pain a few minutes ago already, but he did not stop Elidor immediately, only watched the other party get torn apart and bitten in despair and disbelief with enjoyment, and just before he died, he walked slowly behind Elinor and pulled his tail.

    Ge Xiu curled up in Elinor’s arms with peace of mind, and happily curved up his lips, he didn’t feel anything wrong with what he was doing.

    He yawned, rubbed his fluffy head against his chest, and found a comfortable posture in the other’s arm:

    “Let’s go, find the group of necromancers, it’s time end this.”

    Elinor stood still, his straight lips were like a cold line carved by a knife. He didn’t know why, although the other was now safely nestling in his arms, there was a feeling of uneasiness in slowly brewing in his heart, as if he was suspended high and couldn’t land.

    Ge Xiu yawned again.

    He raised his eyelids, looked at Elinor in doubt, and asked naturally: “What’s the matter?”

    … Maybe it was just an illusion after the battle.

    Elinor shook his head: “…It’s nothing.”

    Ge Xiu did not continue to ask, only nodded and said: “Very well. You can just follow my directions, I know their exact location.”


    Necromancers were trapped in this cave for two whole days.

    Although they had the compass needle send by the demons to show them directions, they didn’t know what kind of method he used, as he could always escape at the last minute, as if everything was already in his plan. He even led them and the group of Templar knights to same place, and then used magic puppets to encircle them.

    They were frustrated, they were actually played around by a little kid, and couldn’t catch the slightest trace of the other party for a few days already.

    Suddenly, the necromancer who was in charge of monitoring the change of the compass yelled:

    “The needle is moving!”

    Everyone gathered around the compass —they have learned not to ignore the slightest changes in the needle. To catch up, they must become more cautious.

    One of them said: “We need to specify a strategy this time.”

    Voices of approval sounded around:

    “Yes, this time we can’t let that nasty kid succeed!”

    “The Demon Lord only needs him to live anyway, right? Then we only need to keep him alive, and it doesn’t matter how many arms or legs are broken.”

    “Yes, yes, yes.”


    While they were assigning reconnaissance and offensive tasks, and even turned the topic to the encircled role tasks, the necromantic necromancer that shouted about the needle just now suddenly spoke in confusion, interrupting the heated discussion “Wait…wait…something’s wrong…”


    He raised the compass tremblingly, and said: “This shows…The distance between us is shortening! The opponent is approaching us in a straight line!”

    “Wh, what? How is it possible? It’s not a malfunction, right?”

    “It must be that this kid is playing some conspiracy!”

    However, no matter how loud they were questioning, the display on the compass did not waver, and it showed that the approximate distance was still rapidly shortening!

    The necromancers panicked.

    However, when they started to chant the spells and summon the dark element, a strange phenomenon appeared—the dark element seemed to no longer obey their instructions, becoming dull and unresponsive.

    This was not the first time they have seen the element in a passive state.

    Ge Xiu was nearby! !

    They quickly became vigilant, however, it was too late now.

    The huge wolf was like a dark shadow, attacking from the darkness between the surrounding stone pillars. In an instant, blood splattered and the severed limbs were everywhere. The defence and attacks of the necromancers was purely a futile struggle in front of it. In the blink of an eye, everything was over.

    The giant wolf disappeared, leaving only the tall man with black hair and blood-red pupils standing in a pool of blood. The flickering light and shadow swaying between the stone pillars reflected on his face, diving his profound features looking as if they were sculpted by a god, into two parts, intertwined dark and light.

    His expression was indifferent, as if he had just trampled on a few trivial bugs.

    Elinor turned around, and the pool formed from blood rippled under his feet, as he walked towards the darkness step by step.

    He leaned down and carefully lifted a young man from a safe blind spot, as if holding fragile porcelain.

    ——The posture was almost like a devoted believer.

    Ge Xiu shook his head and jumped out of his arms. Although his movements were a bit slow, but he was very determined. He said dismissively:

    “Don’t worry, I can walk.”

    Elinor’s movements suddenly stiffened, in the depths of his eyes a trace of confusion flashed briefly—why…for a moment, he suddenly felt that the scene before him was a bit familiar?

    It was as if… it happened a long time ago.


*according to legends dragons have a reverse scale under their neck that is their weak point and they go crazy when it’s touched


Little Theater:

Ge Xiu: My pet wolf is very good

Ge Xiu: He just looks at me sometimes as if he wanted to eat me.

Elinor, staring at him with burning gaze:

Ge Xiu: He must be hungry

Bamboo has something to say:

countdown to the end of the arc…


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  1. How interesting, this just keeps getting better and better.

    It caught me by suprise that he was the Doorway to the other side, I can’t wait to see how this arc’s ending will unravel.

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