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Chapter 44: Ragnarök

    Ge Xiu staggered forward, and squatted down in front of a severed arm that had been torn off. He forcibly bent the already stiff and pale fingers, took out the compass needle that was tightly held by the fingers, and gripped it with force.


     The compass cracked, and a piece of white coloured finger bone fell out between the gear of the complicated machine, and fell to the ground with a clatter, and then stopped after rolling two times in the pool of blood.

    Ge Xiu stretched out his hand to pick it up, and looked at it carefully.

    ——Although it fell into the blood, it was not stained at all. Under the dim light of the cave, it showed a jade-like hard and smooth texture, faintly exuding a heavy pressure and an almost magical attraction.

    That’s right, that’s it.

    Ge Xiu dipped his fingers in blood and painted on the ground with his cold fingers. His eyes were so focused that even as the cold sweat oozed from his forehead and slipped down the brow bones, he didn’t even have time to blink the sweat off—as time went on, the intricate lines appeared little by little under his fingertips, and the ancient totem slowly revealed its true and complete appearance.

    That was the pattern that was sealed in his body!

    Finally, the magic circle painted with blood was completed. Ge Xiu placed the finger bone in the center of the magic circle, and then slowly backed away. The strange was that even though he left retreated stepping on the lines that have not yet dried up, the whole circle didn’t get destroyed, the thick blood seemed to be absorbed by some invisible force on the twisting and turning smooth lines, without being disturbed at all.

    The seal created with the bones of a god must be broken with the bones of that god.

    Ge Xiu closed his eyes, and the ancient language spilled from his mouth, as if an existence from the ancient times spoke through his lips and tongue, the elegant and enchanting tone melted into the cold darkness, and the lines of the circle exuded a faint blood coloured fluorescent light. As the chanting continued, the red light gradually became brighter and brighter, almost completely dispelling the darkness in the cave, making it impossible to look directly at it.

    The surrounding elements were surging and swirling frantically, rushing and colliding chaotically like boiling a sea, making sharp ear-piercing whines.

    Even outside of the cave, dense clouds were encircling uncontrollably, with the entire floating island as the core,  gathering like a tide, blocking all the light in the sky, the sky and the earth changed colours*, and the wind and clouds were surging-

    Ge Xiu finally spit out the last syllable.

    In an instant, the blood violently gushed out from the formation, and the harsh bright red light seeped from the thick walls of the cave and shot towards the sky. From a distance, the whole island seemed to be huge sphere of red flashing light in the center of the storm.

    The dense dark elements gushed out from the inside and outside of the formation, like a roaring huge wave.

    As if it couldn’t find a way out, it rammed against the walls. The saturation of the dark element was so dense they almost condensed into a viscous liquid, almost suffocating the people with it.

    In the next second, the dark element seemed to have finally found a clear goal, rushing in the same direction like a flood breaking through the dam-

    that was…  to the nearest Ge Xiu!

    The dark elements rushed into his body violently, with such terrifying strength that could tear almost any existence to pieces!

    With Elinor’s eyes wide open, a roar burst from his throat:


    However, the intense pressure of the dark element pressed him to the ground like tens of thousands of tons of boulders, making him completely immobile, and he could only helplessly. watch Ge Xiu’s thin figure being swallowed by a stream of elements that almost turned into a substance.

    He didn’t know how long it took.

    The rampaging elements finally calmed down, and the dark elements no longer continued to increase.

    However, the blood-painted magic circle on the ground seemed as if it received a heavy blow, it lost its lustre, cracked at every inch, and seemed to have lost any power, turning into dead ashes.

    The door connecting the two sides of the mainland did not appear as expected.

    Seems like it was a failure.

    But Elinor didn’t pay any attention to this, but frantically looked for a figure of a person. His skin was cracked with bright red lines as a result of the close impact, and the wounds on his body were torn again, dripping blood all the way. He almost lost his voice, hoarsely calling out Ge Xiu’s name-

    but no one answered.

    On the ground, only the shiny finger bones were laying quietly in the dust.

    The light of hope gradually disappeared from his blood-coloured pupils. Elinor stood on the spot, his face numb like a stone carving. He slowly bent down and picked up the finger bones one by one, and then not knowing what to do, he stood fixed in place.

    Suddenly, the finger bones in his hand moved slightly.

    Before Elinor could react, a powerful force struck, and the finger bones shot out and flew above his head.

    Elinor suddenly raised his head and looked in that direction-

    Thick and dense layers of dark elements were wrapped in a huge cocoon in the air, confining the breath inside it, and the finger bones flew inside with a sound as if falling into deep water. Immediately afterwards, the ground seemed to shake, and more scattered bones rose from the ground and merged into the huge cocoon one after another, as if completely melting and getting absorbed, disappearing without a trace.

    A strong wind blew in the cave.

    The golden particles danced happily, celebrating the birth of the new god.

    The dark element was compressed and sculpted like a tamed servant, affectionately fitting to the young man’s slender and pale limbs, and turned into a black robe.

    Godhead has condensed.

    Ge Xiu felt as if he had had a long dream, which seemed to have started in the ancient times and would not end until all things were annihilated and turned into dust.

    As he opened his eyes, the lost time seemed to suddenly return to him, and the world began to move again. Everything seemed to be the same as when he closed his eyes, but it seemed that a radical change had taken place.

    Ge Xiu was full of doubts.

    However, don’t know why, he seems to have gotten the answer to the question he wanted to ask.

    As long as the Dark God was still dead, no matter how strong the dark elements on the continent became, true balance would never be restored.

    The balance of light and darkness was an inevitable course, as irresistible as gravity.

    What was broken will eventually recover, and was destroyed will definitely be remade.

    The entire world order required the birth of a new god, and there wasn’t a more suitable existence than Ge Xiu who had been fused with the bones of the Dark God.

    His existence originated from accident, but at the same time it was also the inevitability of fate.

    Now that the godhead returned to his position, the formation that sealed the reverse side of the mainland naturally lost its power, and disappeared completely.

    Ge Xiu slowly fell to the ground.

    The pure power he felt just now disappeared instantly as the sole of his feet touched the ground, replaced by an inexplicable sense of emptiness, and his limbs seemed so weak as if they could be blow away by a gust of wind.

    He realized in hindsight.

    He was now a newly born new god, without the support of any power of faith, as powerful as a god, but also as fragile as a baby.

    At this moment, Elinor walked over slowly.

    The red vertical pupils had lit with fire of pure fanaticism and obsession at this moment, staring deeply at the young god in front of him.

    He knelt down on one leg, his low voice was graceful and gorgeous, as if strings of a piano vibrated slightly in the air, as if telling the most tender heartfelt words of love, and as if singing a ballad from ancient times: “My God, please allow me to follow you— —Your desire is my belief, your joy and anger are my command. I would like to lay down my life for you, swear an oath to you, and my loyalty for you.”

    Each and every word turned into pure powerful force and poured in Ge Xiu’s body.

    The handsome man held Ge Xiu’s palm that was hanging beside him, lowered his head, and printed his lips religiously on it.

    ——The newly born god had his first believer, and had now been officially accepted by the world.


    At this time, inside the research institute.

    The red warning sign appeared on the huge screen without warning, flashing frantically with the harsh sirens.

    “Warning! Warning! Pandora has abnormal fluctuations!”

    “The fluctuation range is 0.0368%”

    “The fluctuation range is 0.0572%”

    The emotionless mechanical sound was amplified hundreds of times in the huge space, echoing among the steel cast walls, the speed of data getting broadcasted was getting faster and faster, giving people a feeling of suffocation.

    A middle-aged man wearing a research coat stood high on the monitoring platform, looking down at the blood red alarm on the huge screen through the glass. He stared at the constantly changing data, and faint enthusiasm flashed on the bottom of his eyes. He whispered to himself  distorted words: “…yes…that’s him…he’s back…hehe…this world…finally…”

    A researcher ran in from the outside in a panic, there was an expression of horror on his face:

    “Report, reporting director! Pandora’s fluctuations exceed the system’s tolerance threshold! And… and…”

    His voice was trembling from the shock: “Criminal No. 7098… An unstable increase in the brain area! He, he now…seems to be assimilating to the virtual punishment world! The rules that we previously made in this world…had been completely broken! His brain fluctuations even caused Pandora’s abnormality! “

    The director looked at the madly fluctuating lines on the screen obsessively, as if he didn’t even hear anything.

    The researcher’s voice increased uncontrollably, as sharp as the noise made by nails scratching the glass: “Director!! Please, please hurry up and give orders!! If the world of punishment does not stop…now…now…”

    His voice was mixed with instinctive fear, some kind of emotion blocked his throat and made him unable to spit out half of a syllable at all.

    The director exhaled slowly.

    Finally, he glanced with regret at the numbers on the screen that were still rising crazily, and then approached the sound transmission device on the brain, and ordered: “Immediately stop the operation of Punishment World 2, eliminate all residual data, and disconnect the brain of criminal No. 7098. from Pandora.”


    Everything seems to turn still.

    Ge Xiu saw that everything around him was melting away. Elements, walls, caves, formations, and all entities were quickly dissolving into tiny pale green symbols, rising around him like bubbles.

    The distant places in the depths of the caves, the intertwined light and shadow, all turned into an empty white board like an illusion.

    He floated quietly in the darkness, and everything around him had disappeared.

    The man kneeling in front of him became the only real entity. His body seemed to have been completely frozen in time, he was still maintaining the previous posture.

    The green data rotated and rose around him, the absolute silence clogged his ears like cotton.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes went dark, his vision darkened and swayed, his senses were gradually numbing, and the only remaining consciousness whistled away from his body.

    However, the remaining touch on the back of the hand still felt so real.

    Soft, warm, pressing down gently.

    Maybe it was Ge Xiu’s illusion… He even felt that the man’s fingers were still slowly tightening in the frozen space-

    until his sight has completely darkened,


    Inside the research institute.

    The sirens finally stopped, the dazzling bright red disappeared from the screen, and the lines that were fluctuating just now finally calmed down, slowly calming down.

    The researcher wiped the sweat from his forehead, his legs softened, and he almost fell directly on the ground.

    The director lowered his head unfathomably.

    He stared at the busy researchers below, slowly opened the inconspicuous box on the control panel, and gently pressed the button.

    “Boom!” “Boom!”-

    There were explosions one after another. Through the thick glass, one could see the researchers who were still busy at their posts a second ago fall down one by one, their brains bursting and bloody paste covering tables and floor, only neck remaining on their bodies.

    The director looked away indifferently, bowed his head and commanded his smart brain: “Call the people from the Secret Bureau.”

    After speaking, he turned around and walked calmly past the bloody headless corpses behind him. There was not even a trace of blood on his boots.


    The author has something to say:

Actually I was going to write about killing the God of Light, completely disrupting the balance of the world, and then assimilating with the world until finally being forcefully pulled out, but I really like the plot of God and his first believer, I don’t want to unnecessarily prolong and destroy the impact that I want to convey, so I finally decided to end the main line here – I know that some readers really want to see the God of Light getting abused, rest assured, Ge Xiu’s actions were tantamount to completely breaking the world. The God of Light is no longer at the same level as him. (wink)


*天地变色 meaning sky and earth changes colours, something bad ominous happens

Little Theatre:

Ge Xiu: Didn’t you say you were looking for your Dark God?

Demons: NOT YOU!

Bamboo has something to say:

there’s something really heartbreaking in Elinor shouting for Ge Xiu til he goes hoarse and loses all hope. But, him being the first and only follower also means he’s the only existence that can hurt Ge Xiu at this moment. HOT

I did not translate the author’s words saying what’s the next arc about, why not try and guess yall? A hint: sea & scales~~

As always, taking a one week long break to contemplate about my life choices. See you in the comment section–

COUNTDOWN: 1! START! next arc lets goooo


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 44: Ragnarök

  1. What an ending for this arc, and I thought the last one was done perfectly. This one definitely took the top spot now, I can’t wait to see his punishment in this new world 😊😊

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  2. This bow ending is simply amazing!! Can you imagine them warning that the prisoner was disconnected from the world because he became a god and was going to break the world? kkkkkk Ge xiu is the best!

    Repeat the mantra with me guys: Ge Xiu mermaid! Ge Xiu mermaid! Ge Xiu mermaid! Ge Xiu mermaid! Ge Xiu mermaid! Ge Xiu mermaid! Ge Xiu mermaid!

    Thanks for the translation! ❤

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  3. okay I have no idea why the director killed innocent people…I just hope that later either he would be shown as a villain who received his punishment or those innocent people turn out to be bad so that I won’t be unsatisfied with the outcome.

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