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Chapter 50: The Merman

    Stagnant silence filled the air.

    After a long time, Rowett finally spoke thoughtfully and slowly said: “So you mean… he feeds on humans, right?”

    The merchant was taken aback, he didn’t expect that from the words he said just now the other party would actually came to this conclusion. He raised his head in panic, his chubby body trembling in fear and panic, as he stammered: “Your Majesty…I, this is just a guess. After all, sirens only exist in the legend. I, I don’t know if he is or not…”

    He gritted his teeth, and finally gathered courage to tremblingly tell his inner thoughts:

    “Moreover, if, if , If my guess is really correct, I actually don’t recommend to continue to raise him. According to the legends, the siren is a mysterious sea monster, and it will cause all ships swimming past in the sea to sink in the storm without exception. Their temperament is ferocious and cruel, not as docile and harmless as a mermaid, and they are likely to pose a threat to Your Majesty’s safety! You might as well avoid further troubles…”

    Rowett calmly interrupted him: “Avoid further troubles? You suggest I should kill him? Because you think he is a threat to me?”

    The merchant felt cold on his back, and he suddenly broke into cold sweat: “No, no, no…”

    Rowett looked away indifferently and did not continue to question, only made a simple gesture to the soldiers and then stood up.

    The merchant raised his head in confusion. Before he could figure out what was going on, the heavy butt of the rifle pushed him on the back, forcing him to move forward.

    Passing through the magnificent corridor, they came to the newly built glass house. The afterglow of the setting sun was reflected on the glass and the water surface with vivid and dazzling colours. In the huge fish lake-like pond, there could be seen a brilliant blue and purple fishtail flashing in the depths of the water, and the moist water vapour filled the air, making the atmosphere seem almost psychedelic and bewitching.

    Ge Xiu had already heard the chaotic footsteps coming from a distance, but this time he was not interested in floating up and taking a look.

    The effect of the anaesthetic in his body has completely disappeared, and he lazily swung his fishtail, slowly shuttling among the swaying water plants, inspecting this area temporarily belonging to him.

    Until the man’s low voice came from above his head:

    “This is the person who caught you in the first place. Are you interested?”

    The soldier pushed the pudgy frightened merchant to stagger two steps forward, until he stood on the edge of the fish pond tremblingly. His mediocre and fat face was full of horror, as he stared in terror at the calm water surface without the slightest ripples in horror, and he shook his head desperately, but there seemed to be something stuck in his throat and he couldn’t let a sound.

    In his mind there were only merman’s eyes, filled with hatred, when he was hunting him.

    It’s over, it’s over…

    Rowett sat down on the chair, his slender legs crossed, and on his handsome face there was no mercy or prejudice, only heartless indifference.

    He asked the merman in the pool gently:

    “Are you hungry?”

    The mermaid slowly floated to the surface of the water from the bottom, his body gradually appeared in the shallow water, the long blue and purple hair curled around the beautifully-lined shoulders, his smooth white skin shimmered like a pearl in the setting sun, but such a beautiful scene looked like death in the eyes of the merchant, approaching step by step—

    behind was the muzzle, in front was the beast.

    Everything was black before his eyes, his clothes were soaked in cold sweat, his face was pale as paper, and his lips kept trembling.

    Ge Xiu looked at the crowd around the pool, and quickly realized what was happening in front of him. He turned his head and looked at Rowett sitting on the side in a strange way—

    This person wouldn’t want to feed that fat man to him? ? ?

    At the moment when the mermaid slowly surfaced, others finally saw the face of the legendary siren — even though the fear of the tyrant was very deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the soldiers still couldn’t help but shake their heads and take a deep breath.

    At this moment, they finally understand why the merchant would say such a crazy story. After all, such a thrilling beauty could only appear in myths, and there are even people whispering the name of God, as if only by relying on religious beliefs could they avoid being charmed by evil.

    Rowett coldly glanced at the place where the sound was coming from, and cold displeasure flashed on the dark bottom of his eyes.

    That almost tangible look made the soldiers who had just been shaken by the beauty of the merman wake up in an instant, and they moved their eyes away in a cold sweat, for fear that they would become the next target to be fed — after all, the merman, although very beautiful, but they knew clearly that he was horribly cruel, and they didn’t want to be ripped apart and bitten to death like that famous Grand Duke.

    Rowett retracted his gaze with satisfaction, looked at the merman that finally emerged from the water, and was taken aback—

    He didn’t know if it was his illusion… He had a feeling that just now, in the blue and purple eyes of the other, there flashed briefly a trace of disgust?

    He frowned, and carefully examined the fat and short mediocre merchant in front of him.

    It didn’t look delicious.

    Rowett tapped the armrest of the chair lightly with his fingertips, and said, “As the ingredients, he is indeed not of high quality…I thought you would be a little interested in these people who sold you. After all, you killed Willis in this way, right?”

    The name of the once-high-ranking Grand Duke Willis was said by him so lightly, as if it was not his cousin who died, but an ant that was crushed to death with his feet at will—Just like those brothers who were killed with his own hands.

    Nobody dared to make a sound.

    Rowett stood up, moved his long legs, and walked to the side of the fish pond in a few strides. He looked downwards at the wet merman in the water and asked casually:

    “If you don’t like him, what kind of human is to your appetite?”

    Ge Xiu: “…” Is this person sick?

    The previous irritability surfaced again.

    He slowly narrowed his eyes, waved his tail vigorously, and swam in the direction where Rowett was standing, with his white arms crossed by the pool, his upper body leaning out of the water,

    His brightly coloured eyes deepened, reflecting the setting sun, turning into a deep and seductive* purple. He stared at the tall man in front of him, something fierce and animal-like appeared in the depths of his eyes, like a shark that smelled blood, slowly revealing its sharp and long teeth——

    “Your Majesty——!” “Your Majesty! Please stand back!”

    The soldiers’ nervous voice came from not far away. The sound of metal guns colliding rang through the glass room, and countless black holes in gun muzzles were aimed instantly at the merman in the pool.

    Rowett raised his hand and motioned for them to put down their guns.

    He stared at the merman in front of him with an expression of unconcealed interest. Then, he slowly drew a lavishly decorated military hunting knife from his waist. The sharp white blade was shining in the sunset, like first snow that was about to melt.

    The young monarch spread out his palms and cut his hand with the blade.

    Bright blood rushed and overflowed from between his fingers, trickling drop by drop. A few drops splashed into the blue pool water, flowed with the water current and was washed away into blood-coloured threads, then quickly disappeared from the surface of the water.

    “Your Majesty!” Panicked and bewildered voices rang one after another in the distance, but Rowett didn’t have any intention to look back.

    He fixedly watched his blood dripping on the mermaid’s artwork-like face, like a rose on the white first snow, his dark eyes gleaming with almost crazy joy, and he slowly reached out his hand. The deep voice was as gentle as a whisper of a lover laying beside on pillows:

    “Or, are you more interested in me?”

    ——Ge Xiu was indeed somewhat surprised.

    He didn’t mind biting the man’s throat directly in full view, even if he was shot, it was just an end to this boring world for him.

    But this Emperor was more crazy than he thought, and even when he showed his killing intent he made such a bold move—

    the previous irritability and lack of interest seemed to disappear instantly at this moment, the rare delight and excitement sparked again.

    Ge Xiu raised his hand to hold the slender palm, his cold and wet fingers seemed to be like a flexible molluscs, silently entwining the hot fingertips of the other party.

    The scarlet tongue stuck out like a snake’s, gently swiping over the fingertips stained red with blood, dripping blood trickled down in the gaps between the fingers, blending into the water like a ribbon.

    His expression was so innocent and natural, and it didn’t seem to have the slightest bit of sensuality.

    However, the cold tip of the tongue and the slow licks past the fingertips had a suffocating seductiveness*, like a deadly blade, which could instantly dazzle people’s hearts and fascinate people.

    Rowett’s breathing hitched, and a deep darkness emerged on the bottom of his eyes.

    The merman showed a smile.

    The blue-purple eyes were like overwhelming violets**, releasing a sweet and compelling rich fragrance. The divine facial features were shrouded in the sunset that was gradually swallowed by the haze. The outline of his face was fuzzy, and the only thing visible were the remnants of his bright red blood on the corners of his lips, like a flame burning in the afterglow.

    Even Rowett, who was quite resistant to beauty, couldn’t help being lost for a moment.

    Ge Xiu slowly backed away, his back gradually sank into the water again, his long blue-purple hair spread out like under the cold water, and the swaying fishtail shone with a dazzling pearly white halo.

    When the water was about to submerge his jaw, the merman said,

    “Candy is good.”

    His voice was amazingly clear, with a slight hoarseness from not speaking for a long time, and it was as mellow as wine. It seemed that he was not familiar with the language of this world and there was a charming foreign accent in the pronunciation,

    —— this was the first time Ge Xiu has spoken since entering this world.


*妖冶 coquettish, flirtatious, beautiful. Usually referring to beautiful women, it could be also translated as coquettish but seductive worked the best.

**should be talking about those flowers

Bamboo has something to say:

I will be picking up one novel soon, when I reach 53rd chapter of Born to Be Rebellious (which is 1/4 of the novel by the way)! It shouldn’t affect much the updating speed of Born to Be Rebellious, no worries, but I’d like to recommend to everyone that likes fluff, shameless pit-digger shou and a tsundere gong with a very beautiful tail~ Check out Offered Into Marriage, first 22 chapters translated already! (there’s a very cute cub as well ^u^)

Today’s little theater, illustrated:

Also Ge Xiu: nevermind, candies are better.


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