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Chapter 51: The Merman

    Rowett lowered his eyes absent-mindedly, his gaze falling on his hand.

    The cut on the inside of his hand had been properly treated, the snow-white gauze was tightly wrapped around his hand, and the remaining blood stains had also been washed away.

    He twisted his fingertips.

    The soft touch of the merman’s tongue seems to remain on the surface of his skin, moist and cold, winding slowly like a snake, with a sense of strangeness and danger from a different race, like a kiss from the god of death from the deep sea.

    The fingers gradually tightened, as if to wanting to hold something tightly in the palm, and red blood stains slowly appeared on the gauze, as it was soaked through little by little.

    The young Emperor stared at his injured palm calmly, as if he didn’t notice the slightest pain.

    His eyes darkened, and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down slightly.

    At this time, a thick pile of all the information related to the sirens was meticulously sent to the table in front of Rowett by an attendant, who then quickly minimized his presence and retreated from the room as fast as possible—everyone that could stay on his side long enough knew that the fickle Emperor didn’t like getting disturbed, and they were not willing to face the possible consequences of angering the other.

    Rowett retracted his gaze, raised his hand to take the pile of materials he had ordered to collect, and simply flipped through it.

    All these myths and legends were basically the same. The testimonies of fishermen and sailors who claim to had seen siren were often made up tales. The image constructed from the summing up all of the information was not much different from that of the merchant.

    These sea monsters were cruel in nature, beautiful in appearance, and fed on bewitched sailors.

    Rowett narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, and his gaze fell on the frozen screen on the side of the screen — in the water-stained camera lens, two white lotus-like arms wrapped around the victim’s shoulders like vines. The long blue-purple hair that dangled spread on the wet ground, as if it was a big net that captured people on sight, even if his throat was bitten, blood gushing out like a fountain, the man’s figure didn’t show the slightest sighs of struggling.

    The cold and moist touch on his fingers became clear again.

    Rowett threw the information back on the desk, and the heavy file smashed with a loud bang.

    He lowered his eyes with an unpredictable expression, and raised his hand to touch his wounded gauze that had been soaked in blood. There was a dark emotion in his heart about to move.


    It was really too cheap for him to be able to leave in this way.

    Rowett tapped with his finger, and the monitor picture in the glass room instantly zoomed in on the screen, faithfully presenting the picture recorded—

    the side of the pool.

    Various flavours of candies were stacked into hills, and the words on the packaging were of different origins. They were placed in crystal vessels and placed within reach of one’s hands. The same exquisite human food was also placed next to them. ——obviously, the temporary owner quickly understood the peculiar taste of this merman, and quickly made corresponding preparations.

    The bowl containing the food was mostly empty, and several torn candy wrappers were scattered to the side.

    Ge Xiu slowly licked the sweet sugar ball, the sweet taste of the candy in his mouth greatly diminished the previous irritability and anxiety.

    He squinted his eyes lazily and contentedly, like a cat satiated after eating.

    Ge Xiu has already adapted to the way of movement in the water at this moment. Every curve of this body fit perfectly with the waves. As long he swung the tail fin a little, the streamlined body would quickly break through the water waves and rush forward.

    Because the body temperature of a merman was lower, the sugar ball melted more slowly in his mouth. He liked this feeling.

    Ge Xiu yawned sleepily, and a string of snow-white bubbles came out of his mouth, rushing towards the surface of the water. When each bubble popped in the air, the faint sweet fragrance of fruit inside released immediately.

    He swam towards the rock on which he was lying before, curled up his tail habitually, and found a comfortable position to lie down.

    Ge Xiu blinked and look through the rippling water at the small piece of sky exposed in the skylight.

    The dark night has completely covered the twilight, leaving only a starry sky high above.

    The water weeds swaying around him gently and lightly brushed against his back and arms. The little whitebait seemed to have determined that the merman would not harm them, so he boldly circled his tail, Ge Xiu stretched out his hand and caught two or three daring little fish swimming by his cheeks. The smooth and cold touch of the fish scales remained on his skin, and this realism seemed impossible to fake.

    It was completely unimaginable that everything in front of him was just an overly real virtual world.

    However, Ge Xiu saw everything turned into data with his own eyes, like an illusory great bubble, which disappeared into nothing after a light poke, leaving only a deserted and empty void.

    Except for…

    that person.

    Ge Xiu opened his hand, and the little fish bumping around in the close space in his hand finally found a way out, swam into the distance hurriedly, and joined their comrades.

    He was not sure where the person who expressed kindness to him in the previous two worlds came from, and why the Emperor in this world would save him in trouble, what was his hidden connection with the characters of the past two worlds… But what Ge Xiu could vaguely confirm that all of this seemed to be connected at some level.

    And he was getting closer.

    Ge Xiu stared solemnly at the distant void, and there was an undercurrent surging in the depths of his eyes.

    Using force of his jaw, he chewed up the candy in his mouth. The sweet candy shattered instantly, releasing a fragrant syrup in an instant, spreading on the tip of his tongue and mouth, and instantly occupying his five senses.

    Moonlight poured down from the narrow skylights, and clear silver brilliance reflected on the sparkling water surface, illuminating the dark water bottom.

    The slender mermaid curled up in the dark, its skin was like white and cold porcelain, and the scales on the blue-purple fishtail shone under the moonlight. The feeling of danger as if he could tear the enemy’s throat has long disappeared. He looked so fragile and beautiful, as soft and harmless as every merman, like a fleeting dream.

    Through the monitor, Rowett’s eyes were dark, and his aggressive gaze stayed on the mermaid on the screen for a long time.

    At this time, the attendant’s cautious voice came from the door, interrupting his contemplation:

    “Your Majesty, the banquet is about to begin.”

    The small banquet held by the royal family every month was a customary habit. For the upper class as a whole, being invited was a symbol of supreme glory. All the nobles with prestige and power would attend to express their respect and loyalty to the royal family on behalf of their families.

    Compared with the previous emperors, Rowett was not really keen on banquets. During the reign of his long-dead father, banquets and dances were almost uninterrupted. The entire palace was lit by carnival lights every night, countless dishes and were delivered from the banquet hall wine was flowing like water—after Rowett took over the throne, these wanton carnival pleasures were basically banned, only this was left.

    Rowett stood up, raised his hand casually and waved away the attendant, and walked towards the banquet hall.

    Everything tonight was the same as usual.

    Elegant music was flowing in the air, bright lights were reflecting on the magnificent sculptures, in the coveted wine glasses, and everyone hang a perfect smile on their lips to entertain others*.

    Except… His Majesty the Emperor seemed a little absent-minded tonight.

    Rowett casually swayed a glass half filled with red wine, narrowed his eyes, his eyes rested on the ripping wine, with an unpredictable expression.

    In terms of appearance and body, the young emperor was simply outstanding. In addition, the position of the Queen was still vacant. Many aristocratic ladies who have not yet married had ideas, but no one actually dared to step forward—the kind of fear that seemed to originate from instinct made them involuntarily retreat, except for one.

    Christine Albert lifted her skirt and stepped forward in a stylish posture.

    She was the youngest daughter of Earl Albert’s family. She had a beautiful face and many suitors, but she seems to have other ambitions.

    Kristen walked in reservedly, looked at him with a pair of big affectional eyes, and shyly said to Rowett in a soft voice: “Your Majesty, what’s on your mind tonight?”

     Rowett raised his eyes to look at her, under the stern outline of his brows, he cast a glance with his unpredictable eyes — his handsomeness was extremely striking and aggressive, even an emotionless glance shook Christine’s heart, but the infatuation in her eyes deepened. She pursed her lips, prepared her next words carefully, and said softly: “I heard that you recently started to raise a merman?”

   Rowett brought a wine glass to his lips and took a light sip. The red wine stained his pale thin lips, making them seem as if stained with blood that hasn’t dried yet.

   Although he sat in a seat, he inexplicably gave people a feel of looking down on them condescendingly.

    “My brother also raises two mermaids. Perhaps you would like to share with him how you raise them?” Christine was a smart girl. She knew that it was not wise to show feelings to the superior. The best way was to get closer to each other, so they would have a possibility of falling in love with each other.

   Arthur Albert just came over with a wine glass.

   He was a romantic and beautiful prodigal, no matter what the occasion he always seemed a bit leisurely and careless. He didn’t speak like a well-tutored nobleman. Perhaps it was this unrefined and careless character that made many ladies fascinated to death.

    “A mermaid?” He asked with interest: “I did raise two. They are really beautiful and their singing is good, but in some ways they are too docile and too boring…”

   Arthur narrowed his eyes and made a meaningful expression: “But, they’re good for having fun occasionally for a different taste.”

   Christine didn’t expect the topic would suddenly change, her cheeks were suddenly hot and she shouted angrily: “Big brother!”

   She glanced secretly at Rowett who was sitting not far away, but the other still looked cold and didn’t seem to have any intention to help her. Christine stomped her feet in embarrassment, turned and ran away in anger.

    An older nobleman shook his head and said disapprovingly:

  “After all, mermaid is an ornament, something that is it enough to watch and play, but it’s not good to get close.”

    Arthur shrugged unconcerned: “Everyone has their own passion. Moreover, mermaids aren’t completely boring… Do you know how they are in estrus?  They’re really…”

    His smile deepened and he interjected a vague sound: “——Whoa.”

    A young Viscount with a sullen face seemed to be equally interested in this topic, he joined the discussion with a glass of champagne: “But mermaids still need to undergo special training, otherwise they’re prone to hurting people. They can only become perfect after they have been trained by a suitable trainer.”

    He turned his head to look at the Emperor who hadn’t said a word from the beginning, and said earnestly:

    “If you need it, I also have a few very well-trained, very docile mermaids, with absolutely top-notch looks and quality, you won’t find any gentler and charming little guys than them—or, I can send my trainer to you, I promise, his craftsmanship is absolutely excellent.”

    Obviously, the fact that His Majesty the Emperor has built a luxurious fish pond for his new merman in the past few days didn’t have a small impact. The new hobby he cultivated had  begun to spread in the upper class, so all kinds of people began to take this as an opportunity to show him courtesy.

    Arthur was also unwilling to lag behind: “I have medicines that can induce mermaids to estrus, if need just say.”

    The Viscount drank the champagne in his hand. The wine he had previously drunk gradually rose to his head, making his pale face slightly red, and he began to lose control of his mouth: “Your Majesty, I heard the rumours that the mermaid newly raised  by you is the one that killed Duke Willis before?”

    His eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes were a little blurred, and he put on a smile with ulterior motives:

    “Duke Willis is also a joke among us. I didn’t expect him to fall into the hands of a merman… If I had the opportunity, I would really like to see it…”


    The bottom of the wine glass knocked on the tabletop and made a slight noise, and the man’s white and slender fingers carelessly put away the wine glass.

    But the not-so-loud impact sounded like an ear-piercing bell, and instantly awakened the Viscount from the hot drunkenness just now, and the previous blush suddenly faded from his face, leaving only the paper-like pale white.

    He stammered and argued: “Sorry, sorry, Your Majesty…I…”

    Rowett raised his hand lightly, his expression was almost indifferent, and he didn’t seem to have any emotional changes or anger.

    But in the next second, several heavily armed guards walked in. They were well-trained, and their wrists blocked the trembling Viscount’s mouth, still begging for mercy, and then dragged him out. The process did not exceed half a minute.

    The audience was silent.

    Rowett held the wine glass again, with a faint smile on his lips, and said to the others attending the banquet indifferently:



*迎来送往 lit. to meet those arriving, to send of those departing (idiom); busy entertaining guests / all time taken over with social niceties

Little Theater:

People on the banquet: Emperor–

Rowett: You interrupted my thirsty merman thoughts, guards, drag him out!

Rowett: No need don’t drag out the one with the estrus medicine.


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  1. Hopefully the Viscount will get to.. personally see what happened to Duke Willis on that night.

    Also poor Viscount, he didn’t even get a name and he’s already been arrested and most likely will be sentenced to death. 😅

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