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Chapter 64: The Merman

  “So what should we do now?” The leader lowered his voice and asked in an irritated voice.

    The other person didn’t seem completely sure: “We should just… pour it directly into the water, right?”

    “What about the amount?”

    “This… They didn’t say it…” The man replied hesitantly: “Although it is said it doesn’t have much effect on mermaid’s body, but I’m not too sure about it, why don’t we try half of it first?”

    They talked quietly on the shore.

    No one saw that, under the moonlight, a bluish-purple shadow passed quickly and silently under the water.

    The man in the lead finally made a decision. He squeezed the reagent, stepped forward cautiously, looked down at the lake, which seemed dark and deep at night, and then reached out to trying unplug the reagent tube.

    At this moment, a clear and violent sound of water suddenly resounded throughout the glass room.

    The few people who were waiting in the back saw only a blurred movement in front of their eyes, and they could hardly see the process. They saw that the man who was standing by the pool had disappeared, and there was only a water stain where he stood just now, and the test tube with blue-purple liquid fell to the ground and rolled to their feet.

    They hurried to the edge of the pool.

    They saw that on the water surface where the colour of the water and moonlight intertwined, the white-skinned mermaid pressed the terrified human against the wall. His face was shrouded in the shadows but the blue-purple eyes were filled with pure wildness and ferocity, and his voice was cold and indifferent: “Who sent you here?”

    This… Was this really the legendary gentle mermaid?

    Everyone was horrified.

    The man with the neck stuck raised his eyes to look at the other people on the shore, and his throat let out a hoarse hiss with difficulty: “…Test tube…”

    The others woke up from a dream.

    One of the smarter people picked up the test tube, and then stumbled to the edge of the pool with his feet slipping. He was about to continue the task that the man had not completed before, but he did not think that the merman was faster and more agile than they thought.

    A huge blue-purple tail swept over from below the water surface, and a crisp sound of bone cracking sounded, followed by a miserable howl of pain.

    The man fell face down into the water.

    The test tube containing the potion slipped from his hand and flipped in the air.

    The mermaid rushed in the direction of the test tube, but before his hand touched the test tube, it slammed on the hard edge of the pool with a harsh—”crack“.

    The glass bottle, which was full of delicate cracks due to the last dropping, suddenly shattered on the impact, and all of the blue reagent instantly and silently merged into the pool water, disappearing without a trace in an instant.

    Ge Xiu was stunned.

    The moonlight was like a gauze or a mist, and it was quietly scattered over the surface of the dark pool, the water was glimmering with shallow spots of light.

    In the next second, an astonishing hotness swept in like a violent storm, and the gnawing tingling-like feeling penetrated into his body from the gaps in the scales of his tail, and the pool water that was intimately clinging to the skin seemed to heat up suddenly, as if he was thrown directly into the boiling magma. This almost painful feeling was like torture, cutting into his flesh inch by inch.


    Ge Xiu fell into the water, but the huge splash of water he brought up seemed to come from far away, distant and slow, almost unnoticeable.

    The heat surged up, dyeing his vision a bright red, as if it had turned into dazzling and sticky blood.

    The violent effects did not give him time to breathe.

    Instinctive desire rose in his body and spread along the nerves.

    The irritability and anger that had gradually accumulated since entering this world, after being deliberately ignored for so long, began to counterattack frantically, and the attention previously diverted because of Rowett broke through the shackles and confinement of reason.

    The bloodthirsty killing intent was surging with the heat of desire, and they complemented each other and twist together into an uncontrollable torrent.

    At that moment, Ge Xiu could hear the sound of his own nerves snapping.

    When Rowett heard the news and rushed to the glass room, the first thing he saw was the uncontrollable endless bloodshed and countless shockingly mutilated limbs.

    Those limbs seemed to have been abruptly torn off from the body. The edges were uneven, and broken flesh and bones could be seen, and some even had terrifying tooth marks on them. The beast’s terrifyingly sharp teeth and merciless cruelty could be easily imagined through the look of the wounds.

    The only survivor was curled up in the corner of the glass room away from the water, his face was pale, his pupils were dilated, his whole body was shivering, the side of his face was covered with splatters of blood, and he seemed to be so scared that he had lost his sanity.

    His mouth kept chanting words over and over again.

    Such as “the devil”, “help” and “he killed everyone”.

    Rowett didn’t even bother to give him the slightest glance, just strode towards the edge of the pool with greatest speed, completely ignoring the frantic obstructions and shouts of the attendants and soldiers behind him.

    The moonlight crept in from the skylights, shining on the billowing lake.

    It took a while to be recognize it in the dark. The vast surface of the pool has been completely dyed a dazzling blood colour, and the bright red colour was gradually expanding. Like a deadly net, it’s scarlet tentacles slowly spreading into the distance, occupying the surface of the water little by little.

    And in the center of that bloody pool, a merman floated quietly on the water.

    The gentle moonlight caressed the profile of his face.

    The dark shadows and the bright moonlight were entwining and separating on his face, like a war of light and shadow, darkness and light torn apart.

    His facial features were blurred in the shadows, only the clear moonlight reflected in the blue-purple eyes, penetrating the darkness and through the light and the shadow towards the shore, bringing a thrilling impact.

    The merman swam a few meters forward quietly, the moonlight illuminating his face.

    Everyone present couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

    ——The creature in front of them seemed to be completely out of the mortal world.

    He was the beloved darling of the creator, the most perfect work of the gods, and the embodiment of all the beauty in the world.

    The long hair of the same colour as the eyes fell on his shoulders, the blue-purple fish tail swayed softly in the moonlit pool water, and the pearly white huge tail fin glimmered with a shallow lustre.

    The scarlet blood had long been diluted by the splashing water, covering half of his face like a light red film, and the other half of his face was pure white and flawless, shining in the cold dark night. A gorgeous blush covered his cheekbones and spread along his slender neck to his collarbone and chest, almost dazzling and mind-stirring.

    The eerie murderous beauty made people feel instinctive panic and fear, but they uncontrollably became bewitched and attracted.

    Like the gorgeous patterns of a viper, or the poisonous tentacles of a coral.

    Beautiful and deadly, evil and monstrous.

    Everyone was stunned by this creation that seems to exist only in mythology. Their brains and eyes were invaded by such an amazing picture, and they couldn’t think about anything else at all. It felt as if all the sounds and scenes around them no longer existed.

    The only clear idea in their minds was—if there really is a so-called siren in this world…

    that’s probably what it looked like.

    Rowett’s breath caught in his throat.

    —but not out of surprise.

    Ge Xiu’s current appearance was very abnormal. His expression seemed sober, but his pupils were dilated.

    The abnormal morbid bright red spread from his collarbone to his cheeks, as if a flame was burning in his body, and there were still bloodstains on his lips that had not yet dried up. Rowett could almost imagine how the other used his teeth to shred apart an adult’s throat as easily as a thin piece of paper.

    Rowett turned livid and walked towards the only survivor.

    He walked in front of him with a few big strides, then raised his hand and pulled up the man who was slumped into a puddle, and then threw him to the ground roughly.

    “What did you do?”

    Rowett’s voice was low and hoarse, as if suppressing violent anger, and there was an icy killing intent in those dark eyes, which was as sharp and cruel as a blade. It felt as if he could directly use this killing intent to slay the person in front of him.

    He reached out and pulled out a gun from the waist of one of the guards, unhesitatingly pulled the bolt and loaded the bullet.


    The bullet shot into the man’s limp thigh.

     Rowett raised his foot and stepped on the man’s wound amid the man’s miserable howl, spinning and pressing down slowly with the soles of his hard boots, his voice gloomy:


      The survivor shuddered with severe pain, snot and tears and saliva filled his distorted face, he opened his mouth tremblingly, and said tremblingly in a shrill breaking voice, “It’s… it’s a medicine… a mermaid… a mermaid… estrus medicine…”

     “What about the amount?”

     Rowett asked fiercely, stepping harder on his feet, in exchange for a more miserable scream from the other party: “One! One whole tube! Originally prepared, only half of it was planned! But! But ! It’s broken! It’s all…”

     …a whole tube.

     Inducing a merman into estrus often requires only a 10 mg dose.

     Rowett let go of his foot with a gloomy expression, raised his hand and let the other guards carry the man down:

     “Continue the interrogation and find out who is behind him.”

     Amidst the other’s voice begging for mercy, he called one of the adjutants, and concisely commanded:

     “Block the surrounding area. Contact all the mermaid experts, tell them to bring all their previous research materials, and to rush here immediately.”

     No one knows better than him—

     Ge Xiu was not a mermaid.

    No one could know what side effects the medicine that could induce a merman to estrus would have on him.

    Rowett threw the pistol to the guard beside him and turned his head to look into the pool.

    In the dark lake water under the moonlight, the merman slowly swam towards the edge of the pool. His expression was pure and innocent, and he looked extremely terrifying amid the thick blood and severed limbs all over the place.

    Everyone stepped back subconsciously, only Rowett was still standing there, watching Ge Xiu silently.

    The mermaid crossed the two soft white arms by the edge of the pool. The contrast between the snow-white skin and the bright red blood was so strong that it could almost sting people’s eyes.

    He tilted his head, his blue-purple eyes were deep as if he could devour a vortex of light, and his lips moved.

    Rowett heard as Ge Xiu asked slowly and mechanically,

    “Where are you taking me?”

    Rowett was stunned.

    This was… the sentence he kept repeating when he was drunk.

    And it was exactly the same, word by word.


Bamboo has something to say:

Just continuously translated two chapters in a row I’m on a rideee

Rowett, when he sees Ge Xiu brutally torn apart and dissembled a few humans: WHO DID THIS TO HIM (◣д◢)

Guards: Uh, do you mean them–?



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