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Chapter 66: The Merman

    The glass house was drowning in moonlight and colour of water.

    The loud sound of the merman’s tail fin splashing on the water surface and attacking everything suddenly disappeared, leaving only the tiny sound that appeared when waves rippled on the water surface, and it was unexpectedly quiet for a while.

    Rowett walked slowly towards the edge of the pool.

    The dark water rippled with sparkles of moonlight, but the merman was nowhere to be seen.

    In the next second, there was a sudden loud “SPLASH” sound.

    The sudden splash of water soaked him down from head to toe, and then, a powerful force slammed into him violently from the front, knocking him down to the ground.

    The sky was spinning, his back hit ground heavily, and a sharp pain came from his throat.

    Rowett didn’t frown, just blinked away the water droplets on his eyelashes and looked up.

    He saw Ge Xiu pressing down on him, his fingernails sharp enough to cut through an adult’s bones firmly pressed against his throat, cold as a knife, it had already slightly cut through the soft human skin, and if they moved an inch they could directly rip his throat.

    Those blue-purple eyes stared at Rowett condescendingly, and the cruelty and brutality of the animal nature swirled at the bottom of his eyes.

    There was no trace of sanity on his face, some kind of mania that seemed to have been provoked by something spread in the corners of his brows and eyes, as if of some kind of injured animal, showing its sharp claws to the whole world, trying to destroy all those who approached, to tear all that came close to shreds.

    Rowett could even smell the blood coming from him.

    The cold and humid air with the smell of copper and rust completely wrapped his senses, penetrating into his skin little by little.

    The wound on the neck is far less painful than the stifling dull pain coming from the chest—

    This kind of dull pain that seemed to be clenching his heart, flowing along the blood to the limbs and bones, as if the depths of the soul were soaked with soreness and pain, and it flowed back to the heart along the meridians.

    He had never felt this way in his life.

    In the past, whether it was war, banquet, compliments, adoration, or fear, they were all so boring. He tirelessly pursued the fresh excitement and the pleasure that made his blood boil, but after the freshness faded, everything went back to the original boring and faded state—unreal time flew past him, but everything around him seems to be covered in a glass cover, far away from him.

    It felt false and unreal,

    Until his merman appeared in his life, and everything turned upside down.

    Whether it was happiness, desire, anger, or pain…

    It all became real.

    And now this moment was also real.

    Rowett stared deeply into Ge Xiu’s violet eyes, and gently raised his hand to support his waist.

    The soft and smooth skin trembled lightly under his palm. When the mermaid’s icy skin was in heat, it turned an abnormally high temperature, like a hot jade, but it was still much still lower than the temperature of his palm—Rowett could clearly feel the terrifying power hidden deep under that skin.

    He has never been so sane.

    “Where are you taking me?”

    The merman asked.

    Rowett quietly stared into the eyes of the mermaid, his expression so calm that he felt like he wouldn’t care whether the other took his life in the next second.

    He replied softly: “You decide.”

    The merman fingertips, still digging deeper, suddenly stopped and a vague daze flashed in his eyes, as if he did not expect the other to give such an answer.

    Rowett raised his hand and hugged Ge Xiu’s waist, and a slight smile overflowed on his lips:

    “The decision is in your hands, we will go wherever you want.”

    The man’s dark eyes seemed to filled with tenderness and affection, he fondly stroked the flushing face of the mermaid, as if his eyes were full of the merman and could only reflect him alone:

    “I won’t take you away, you can take me away.”

    Ge Xiu stared at him in confusion, struggling to maintain a bare minimum sobriety in his eyes. He let go of his hand: “…Who are you?”

    “I am no one in front of you.” Rowett grabbed the other’s hand stained with his own blood and put it on his lips and kissed: “What you want me to be, is what I am.”

    The warm lips were pressed on the back of the cold and slippery hand, and the surprising temperature difference made Ge Xiu shiver in an instant.

    This action seems to have awakened his memory, making Ge Xiu’s lucid sanity a little stronger.

    He stared at the man pressed under him in a trance, his lips moving, as if he wanted to say something, but something was blocked in his throat and he could only let out vague syllables.

    Rowett gently stroked the back of the merman, his movements slow and gentle, with a soothing touch.

    In the next second, his eyes flashed.

    The mermaid leaned down and bit the side of his neck with his mouth open.

    The sharp, white teeth dug deep into the flesh, causing Rowett to frown a little.

    But he didn’t resist, and even turned his cheek slightly, as if he was cooperating.

    His teeth are so sharp that they can tear off a piece of flesh with a light pull, but at this moment, they seemed to be well controlled by their owner. He didn’t bit deeper, cut off the trachea, or crushed his throat, but only quietly held the piece of flesh in his mouth.

    It looked like he was thinking, but also seemed to as if he was struggling.

    This position brought their bodies closer together.

    They didn’t know how much time has passed.

    It felt as if calculating the passing time has completely lost its meaning at that moment, and every second had been stretched into a century, but it flew so fast it felt as if no time has passed at all.

    Ge Xiu loosened his teeth.

    The slightly warm cheeks were tightly pressed against the man’s neck, and the wet lips and the tip of the tongue licked and sucked the blood gushing out of the wound indiscriminately.

    The wet fishtail rubbed against his body, as if struggling impatiently, as if pleading for pleasure.


    The hoarse voice held a soft nasal sound, as if an aggrieved child was acting spoiled, and the soft cry brushed past his heart like a feather.

    Ge Xiu had enough licking and raised his head.

    His eyes were moist, his fair face was abnormally flushed, his lips were red with blood, and his eyes were misty, as if he was dazed and confused about his state, and he didn’t know how to relieve the pain and desire at the moment, and could only mumble in a crying voice:

    “Hot… uncomfortable…”

    —— hiss.

    Rowett took a deep breath.

    It was really…

    too deadly.

    Rowett felt that his body suddenly burned, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, his Adam’s apple slid up and down uncontrollably, and instantly understood where vague exclamation of Arthur Albert’s at the banquet came from.

    Sanity was teetering on the edge of a cliff.

    Ge Xiu blinked slowly, then lowered his head and licked Rowett’s blood-splattered chin.

    The cold and soft tip of the tongue swept lightly across the wet skin, almost touching the corner of his lips.

    ——The string of reason snapped at that moment.

    Rowett raised his hand and pressed on the back of Ge Xiu’s head, his slender five fingers dug deep into the wet long blue-purple hair, and pressed him down closer to him.

    Intense electric current spread the moment the lips fit together.

    His breathing was rapid and disordered, and he fiercely kissed the other’s lips, almost biting and sucking eagerly, and he could even hear the crackling sound of his nerves being ignited in his ears.

    The merman’s smooth fishtail swung more vigorously, and the tail fins slapped hard on the wet ground.

    Driven by blind instinct, the slender body unconsciously crawled into the man’s arms, greedy and eager for all possible skin-to-skin contact.

    —The fire suddenly ignited a prairie.

    At this moment, the door of the glass room was suddenly pushed open, and the bald mermaid expert stumbled and rushed in gleefully. : “Your Majesty, Your Majesty… the reversing potion—”

    He said half of the sentence, and the rest of the words were suddenly swallowed back into his stomach.

    With a gloomy face, Rowett raised his hand suddenly, and covered the body of the merman curled up in his arms with a coat. His eyes were as cold as ice blades and he looked at the other party, the expert who was watching suddenly shrank his head.

    His thin lips were still red with blood, and what he had just encountered——

    didn’t need to be guessed.

    He cautiously asked, “That… Your Majesty… Excuse me, do you still need this reversal potion?”

    ——He had to say, he still admired His Majesty the Emperor… After all, this merman was indeed incredibly beautiful, but his destructive power and attacking strength were astonishingly terrifying… and most people still cared about their own lives.

    Admiration rose spontaneously.

    Rowett glanced at the tube of reagent, then looked down at the merman in his arms.

    After the interruption just now, Ge Xiu, who had just became calmer, started to become restless again. The fishtail with metallic lustre rubbed randomly on his legs, and his morbidly flushed face lifted up. The moist blue-purple eyes stared at him blankly, and there were still traces of water left by all the tossing and sucking on his lips.

    He rubbed his cheeks, his sharp fingernails scratched involuntarily, and with uncontrollable strength, he tore Rowett’s shirt in shreds, making the skin distance between the two closer.

    The merman murmured: “…Uncomfortable.”

    Rowett’s chest rose and fell rapidly uncontrollably, and a strong aggressive light flashed through his eyes.

    ——Only a ghost could endure it.


    His eyes were dark, and he fixedly stared at Ge Xiu’s pale face, his eyes swept over his tightly wrinkled brows, the lips that kept opening and closing, his rapid breathing, and the dazed painful look on his face, he recalled what the experts mentioned before—

    the so-called “psychological factor”…

    That kind of uncontrollable attacking and killing everything that’s close was a state of overprotection after extreme stimulation.

    The merman struggled to maintain a trace of rationality in the rage and arrogance, staring at him with sparkling eyes, trying to distinguish what he said, his expression… so helpless and dazed, almost fragile.

    Rowett gritted his teeth.

    He slowly tightened the hands holding the mermaid, and pressed the other’s soft and cold body into his embrace.

    Does he really want to let down the precious trust of the other because of his own selfish desires?


Bamboo has something to say:

Ge Xiu’s typical behaviour: biting

Rowett: Here, here, have my neck

They’re a match made in Heaven sir

I’ve been reading Omega Allergy all day, very recommended!


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  1. If you like reading Omega Allergy, you would love reading Bursting After He Transmigrated into the Cannon Fodder Omega, the ML in it also has an omega allergy. Plus the mc is really cool and a mecha fighter alongside the ML.

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  2. Tgank you for the chapter!


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    I can’t go back to cardboard MLs… this novel spoiled me, help

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