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Chapter 67: The Merman

    Rowett took a deep breath, as if this was the only way to suppress the dark fire that was stirred up in his heart.

    He turned his head to look at the expert who was in a dilemma and said through gritted teeth: 

    ” …Bring it here. Before I change my mind.”

    The expert hurriedly trotted all the way, ignoring the slippery water and blood puddles on the ground, slipping on his feet and running a bit unsteadily.

    The light blue injection was handed to Rowett’s hand.

    Ge Xiu in his arms struggled more and more violently. He seemed to sense the approach of an unknown human being. The previously suppressed mania and aggression resurfaced, and he seemed to be ready to attack at any time.

    Rowett increased the strength in his arms a little bit, holding him in his arms even tighter.

    He raised his eyes and shot a look at the expert who was still standing stupidly. His eyes were stern, but his voice was still softly soothing the merman in his arms:    

    “It’s okay, don’t worry, he’ll be gone soon.”

    The other jolted and received the signal very keenly. He turned around and ran towards the door at his fastest speed. Although he almost fell twice in the middle, but fortunately, when he reached the door of the glass room, his limbs were still intact and no part of his body was torn off.

    He stood at the door in shock, but he didn’t dare to leave immediately, so he had to stand by the door, stretching his neck to look at the situation in the room, waiting for the injection to work.

    Rowett skilfully opened the cap of the injection with one hand, flipped his wrist, and pierced the merman’s arm neatly.

    Unexpectedly, the needle has bent and broken in an instant.

    Rowett was stunned for a while, he frowned, turned his head to look at the expert:

    “The needle has broken.”

    The expert was also surprised: “No, it’s impossible, I have replaced it with the special needle, which should be enough to penetrate skin of any thickness!”

    After he finished speaking, he seemed to suddenly think of something, and continued thoughtfully: “Unless… this genetic mutation in Mr. Ge Xiu is not static, but more of a slow and gradual process, so his skin will gradually increase in toughness…”

    The expert was stunned for a moment, and suddenly raised his voice and shouted:

    “Your, Your Majesty! If my guess is correct, it is very likely that the mermaid gene in his body will also gradually decrease with time!”

    Sweat seeped from his forehead, and his voice turned anxious: “—by that time, it is very likely that the reversal medicine will be useless!”

    After listening to the other party’s words, Rowett’s expression gradually became solemn.

    The fact that the reversal potion won’t work is one thing…

    He what was he more worried about was that the estrus drug still works because the mermaid genes remain in Ge Xiu’s body, but when these genes in his body completely disappear, and the estrus drug still wouldn’t have been metabolised, one couldn’t predict the possible effect of the drug on Ge Xiu’s body.

    If this medicine is poisonous to him, there is absolutely no possibility of reversal.

    The medicine must be injected as soon as possible!

    Rowett sharply shouted to the expert: “Go get the other needles! Quick!”

    The expert clearly understood the risks, so he hurriedly ran into the distance, and the night quickly completely engulfed the view of his back.

    Although there were no strangers in the whole glass room, Ge Xiu’s struggle hasn’t stopped, but it became more intense instead—the long fishtail was twisting and writhing frantically in the puddle, and his whole body from the shoulder blades to fingertips was shaking, and the flush on his face deepened.

    His brows were tightly furrowed, his lips pursed into a pale line, his pupils shrank, and his previously restored sanity seemed to be getting rapidly eroded further.

    Rowett’s heart tightened.

    He raised his hand and gently pressed Ge Xiu’s shoulder, trying in vain to relieve the pain that the other was suffering, but in the next second, he felt that——the piece of skin covered under his palm seemed to be undergoing a strange change.

    Rowett was taken aback.

    He moved his palm away and looked in the dim moonlight at the position of the merman’s shoulder blades.

    The skin there was white and delicate, and it seemed to glow in the dark night, and the beautifully contoured skeleton lines trembled under the skin, like the quivering wings of a butterfly that was about to fly.

    However, at the base of the scapula, a piece of skin was gradually opening a gap, and the thin stream of blood looked like a serpentine red snake, slowly winding towards the waist along the undulating skin on the back, and on the pale, almost transparent, skin, the contrast became even more striking and shocking.

    A small hard and round bone slowly emerged from the open wound in the flesh, and then gradually grew and elongated—

    Rowett was shocked by this scene.

    He suddenly remembered that when he was collecting mythological materials, he had seen those ancient illustrations—the legendary siren, which had wings.

    The cold sweat on Ge Xiu’s head soaked Rowett’s front, he shivered silently, his turbulent breath hit his chest, but there was not a single cry of pain.

    He couldn’t stand the heat though.

    …but he seems to have been long used to the pain.

    He seemed to be too accustomed to enduring the pain, and even when unconscious, he had never showed vulnerability and a hint of unbearable pain.

    Rowett gritted his teeth, he suddenly thought of something, raised his hand to wrap around Ge Xiu’s waist, and then used the half of a broken needle to pierce the wound that the bone was emerging from—

    In the next second, the huge and powerful fish tail swept across the floor and hit him violently.

    The merman struggled and staggered away, sanity completely gone from his face, and only mania and anger remaining.

    Rowett got up with difficulty and coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. He pressed his chest and clearly felt that at least two of his ribs were broken, not counting other internal injuries.

    The injection was still tightly held in his hands.

    He looked in Ge Xiu’s direction.

    He saw the merman lying quietly under the moonlight, the cracks on the smooth back gradually widened, the bloody bones slowly grew out, and the smooth joins opened up, under the cold and dim light, there was an inexplicable beauty that could take one’s breath away.

    Almost in the blink of an eye, the huge wings were fully outstretched from his back.

    The blood on it dried quickly in the wind, and the wing bones stretched and quivered rapidly in the icy air, rapidly changing from thin stubs to thick, dense feathers.

    Blue-purple, metallic feathers covered the light and delicate skeleton, unfolding suddenly under the moonlight.

    The sound of the silent wind came the moist smell of sea salt and blowing the long hair of the merman in the night.

    The wings flapped, taking him little by little from the ground.

    Ge Xiu raised his face under the moonlight, the bright white moonlight was reflected in his pupils, and the thin and strange lines stretched along the neck to his cheeks, and snaked along the cheekbones to the corners of his eyes.

    Looking like a spirit rather than a human, seeming like god not a beast.

    This was… the mythical sea monster.

    The siren.

    “Oh my God!” There was an exclamation from the door of the glass room. The expert who had gone to get the new injection stared at the siren, who had lifted into the air. The muscles on his face were shaking uncontrollably, as if couldn’t believe his eyes, but he couldn’t help being attracted by this almost heretical beauty and danger, and in the end he could only stand there blankly.

    Time was running out.

    Rowett wiped the blood spilling from the corner of his lips with the back of his hand, turned his head and shouted at the expert, “Can this medicine be taken orally?”

    The expert was suddenly awakened from the trance, his eyes widened, and he said slowly,

    “…the effect may…become reduced…”

    There was no other way.

    Even with the newly acquired needle, the possibility of piercing through Ge Xiu’s current skin was not very high.

    Rowett crushed the injection and poured it into his mouth, then stood up and rushed towards Ge Xiu without hesitation.

    The siren floating in the air was pulled vigorously, and even the wings behind him sank sharply.

    The non-human icy lips were covered with the warm human lips, the flexible and hot tongue pried open the teeth, and the medicine mixed with blood poured into his throat.

    Gradually, the confused rage and violence disappeared from the depths of those blue-purple pupils, and clarity and rationality gradually came back.

    Just now—

    he seemed to have had a bad dream.

    Ge Xiu blinked slowly.

    The next second, he looked at the face of the man who was only a few centimetres away in front of him, and couldn’t help but freeze in place.

    Huge wings fanned the wind behind him, blew the hair of the two of them, making it intertwine and mix with each other, almost as one.

    As was if time stilled.

    The air stopped flowing, the sound was blown away by the wind, and the passage of time became meaningless.

    In a trance, Ge Xiu heard a vague voice coming from a distant place—

    “…the criminal brain’s fluctuations are stable, and the link is immediately disconnected—”

    Within seconds of regaining consciousness, Ge Xiu felt that the world before his eyes darkened and his body suddenly sank into the endless abyss.

    A second before his vision was engulfed by darkness, he saw that in the background where time froze, the handsome man slowly opened his eyes.

    He was Rowett, but not quite.

    The man’s eyes were silent and sad, as he silently stared at Ge Xiu, whose consciousness was gradually dissipating.

    Ge Xiu looked back at him in a trance.

    For some reason… he felt that this scene was very familiar.


    The presiding judge sat fidgeting at his desk, occasionally looking up at Ge Xiu, who was unconscious, on the monitor screen and seemed to be a little distracted.

    Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind him:

    “Don’t worry, the criminal’s life is not in danger.”

    The presiding judge was suddenly startled, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his palms, but his face still maintained a calm expression. He slowly turned around and looked in the direction from which the voice came from.

    The member of the Secret Service who had contacted him before stood a few steps away and looked at him quietly:

    “This time the Punishment World was very successful, and the above were very satisfied.”

    The presiding judge asked calmly: “Then long will take for him to wake uo?”

    The unremarkable man smiled—even when he laughed, his expression still looked cold, which was fake and a little disconcerting:

    “He won’t wake up this time. After the ending this world, he will be sent directly to the next world.”

    The presiding judge continued to ask: “However, the report after the end of each Punishment World—”

    The man interrupted him: “It will be sent to your desk after the information is finished processing.”

    The presiding judge paused, and finally decided not to ask further, so he nodded slowly.

    Watching the man’s back gradually fade away, the presiding judge sighed in relief. He moved his fingers and felt that his palms and his back were completely soaked with sweat.

   —he shouldn’t have been found.

    After the last conversation with that person, he felt deeply puzzled and confused. The mystery in front of him gradually increased and expanded, and there seemed to be hidden secrets and conspiracies that couldn’t see the light.

    The most wanted criminal in front of him seemed to have some ulterior motives.

    And after being in this position for so long, he also had some connections and friends.

    The presiding judge had a close relationship with the chief designer of an intelligence project, and even after the project was shut down, one of the prototypes remained.

    This time, he finally didn’t want to be kept in the dark by the group of people in the secret bureau and played with him in the palm of his hand.

    So he used the device to track down the member of the Bureau of Secrets who came into contact with him—

    and in the end, he was led to a place that even he didn’t expect.

    —The headquarters of the Pandora Project.

    When he realized what level of secret place he came to, he immediately panicked and activated the self-destruction mode of the prototype, and destroyed all relevant traces and materials, hoping that his actions did not alarm any relevant people.

    The presiding judge couldn’t help but look again at Ge Xiu, who was still unconscious on the screen, with a complicated and deep look in his eyes.

    He needed to have a chat with the wanted criminal.

    About Pandora Project.

    About his arrest, and what he claims were these lost memories.


    Ge Xiu suddenly opened his eyes.

    ——At that moment, it felt like the whole person suddenly resurfaced, the darkness and silence were suddenly withdrawn, and countless noisy and buzzing voices rushed into the ears, followed by pain and dizziness, giving one a sense that the world was spinning.

    He stumbled forward, and subconsciously propped his palm on the metal object beside him, barely maintaining his figure.

    Ringing in ears.


    And a strong bloody smell.

    Ge Xiu blinked his eyes hard, his vision gradually cleared from the blur, ability to think clearly returned.

    It was only later that he realized that the place where he woke up was not the closed box in the prison.

    So has he… directly entered the new world?

    Why was this happening?

    Ge Xiu didn’t have time to think about it, because the sharp sound of bullets breaking through the air came to his ears, and a blue-light laser train swept across his cheek.

    He followed his instinct and ducked to the side, only to hear a roar exploding not far away: “No. 0527! If the mecha is damaged, quickly retreat to the rear! Do you want to be torn apart by bugs!”

    This was the battlefield.

    Ge Xiu’s expression froze as he instantly recognized the place he was in.

    ——This time the group of people actually threw him directly into the battlefield!

    Is it because he was too comfortable in the previous world?

    Ge Xiu gritted his teeth and quickly buried himself in ambush, using the metal object from before as a cover to avoid the stray bullets in the battlefield.

    Several huge human-shaped metal machines passed by him and continued to charge with heavy steps.

    This was a metal exoskeleton built on the outside of the body. As he saw, this combat method was called “mecha” by people in this world—Ge Xiu once read some relevant information in the first world, although this kind of machinery has not become the mainstream in that world, in this world, it was quite the opposite.

    And against them was a giant bug.

    They had hard shells, wings on their backs, and came densely from all directions.

    Ge Xiu felt the pain in his brain becoming clearer and more intense.

    A strange feeling of heat and emptiness began to rise from the lower abdomen, and a piece of skin on the back of the neck began to tingle and itch, bringing a shuddering pain even when he simply turned his head and it rubbed against the hard collar.

    This feeling…why was it so similar to the estrus from the previous world?

    He suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart.

    However, if you feel it more carefully, this effect does not seem to be so strong, his sanity has not been affected for the time being.

    Ge Xiu gritted his teeth, feeling a sticky liquid sliding down the roots of his thighs, sticking his pants wet to his skin, causing a strange discomfort.


    He didn’t know when it started, but a strong sweet fragrance began to permeate the air, and quickly overwhelmed the thick rancid stench from the blood of the corpses of the surrounding bugs.

    At this moment, a mecha suddenly stopped when passing by him.

    The protective cover outside rose, revealing the face of a man, who stared at Ge Xiu in disbelief:

    “—Are you an Omega?”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    At that moment, he had the urge to swear.

    What the hell is this? !

    —What the fuck is an Omega? ? ?


Bamboo has something to say:

with that, we’ve reached the end of the arc 3: The Merman!

It’s a little of a cliffhanger but bear with me, I need to take a week break to think through my life choices and rest… well, not exactly, because Offered Into Marriage updates will not stop and I want to revise first Born to Be Rebellious chapters. Back then I didn’t quite know how to use relevant sites to make sure the translation is correct, cough.

Today’s update is a little late for one reason: I wanted to finish the chapter fanart before uploading, just a little fun thing:

Siren Ge Xiu

Published by Bambootriangle

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 67: The Merman

  1. I have to say when his back was splitting open I was at most thinking that back fins would pop out but instead he sprouted wings. I was not expecting that lol

    I can say it suits him though and I wish it would’ve lasted a little longer than it did, alas were onto the next world which seems to be just as interesting. (Just the other chapter I was talking about abo mecha novels and how crazy it is that the next arc was actually just that lol)

    Also, take as much time as you need, if you need a little longer know that I’m perfectly fine with waiting longer for you to sort everything out 😊

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    1. Sirens aren’t marine creatures actually, they live on small islands. Taken from Wikipedia : sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

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  2. So the bet wasn’t relevant aside from keeping the two together .__. I’m disappointed in you Bamboo, to ask when you know there isn’t an answer (◞ ‸ ◟ㆀ) anyways, I’m excited for the ABO (❛◡❛)✿ thank you for the chapter~ ♡

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