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Chapter 72: ABO

    This was the last scene that appeared on the screen.

    The next second, the live broadcast was cut off.

    Avery sucked in a breath of cold air, and as if he still couldn’t recover from the impact he stared blankly at the dark screen in front of him:

    “This omega…”

    As if he couldn’t think of any suitable adjectives, he paused.

    For a moment he didn’t know how to end this sentence.

    The walls around him were still shaking violently, and there was a faint sound of explosions in the distance, but the three people in the luxury suite were still not panicked, as if the exploding of the ship had nothing to do with them.

    “Captain, the light ship is already waiting outside the Marauder.” Joseph turned his head to look at the man sitting in the corner of the room, and asked cautiously:

    “However, the auction has not yet had time to start, should I directly send a signal to them to attack the cargo hold and get our goods back?”

    “Yes. Let’s attack.”

    Haines nodded casually.

    He stood up unhurriedly, reached for the coat on the chair, and strode out.

    Avery recovered at this moment, dropped the screen and stood up hastily.

    He asked suspiciously:

    “Captain… Do you need to go anywhere else? We have basically achieved our goal this time, and the rest of the spaceship is too dangerous right now… You…”

    He hardly said two sentences before Joseph jabbed him hard with his elbow.

    Avery said “ouch” and turned his head to look at each other in exasperation: “What are you doing?”

    Haines’ back had disappeared outside the door.

    Joseph shook his head in disgust: “Why are you so stupid at a critical moment? Why do you think the Captain bought that dagger in the wormhole just now?”

    He winked teasingly, lowered his voice, and hinted secretively:

    “…We may have a Captain’s wife.”

    Avery suddenly realized.

    He and Joseph looked at each other and laughed knowingly.


    The metal corridor was collapsing.

    Ge Xiu took a deep breath, clutching his most seriously injured abdomen, struggled to walk past the dead insect corpse on the ground for a long time, and walked towards the door step by step.

    The door had lost power due to the burnt circuit, and opened loosely.

    Thick blood spilled through his pale fingers and tickled to the ground, leaving trails of blood in the places he had walked through.

    As he passed through the door, the entire hull trembled again.

    Ge Xiu’s figure staggered.

    He rested his shoulders against the wall for a few seconds, calmed his breathing, and continued to slowly walk forward along the slightly sloping corridor.

    His blood-stained upper and lower eyelashes were tightly glued together, and he could only peer through the gaps in dried blood scabs.

    Ge Xiu knew very well which direction he was going to go.

    He knew the structure of the ship by heart.


    Ge Xiu’s body was unstable with the shaking of the ship, and he almost fell directly to the ground.

    He gritted his teeth so hard, he could taste the strong smell of rust spreading from the depths of his throat.

    If—if only his injury wasn’t that serious.

    Ge Xiu took a breath and could clearly feel that the heat of his body was quickly dissipating with the loss of blood.

    His vision began to gradually blur.

    Ge Xiu could sense that the metal wall under his palm was rapidly heating up, but he could only feel the cold.

    —Boundless cold.

    In his gradually blurring and darkening vision, he saw a tall figure appearing at the end of the corridor, walking quickly towards him.

    Ge Xiu couldn’t see the other’s face clearly.

    Even the figure of the man seemed to have a double shadow.

    He clenched the dagger in his hand calmly.

    He still had strength remaining.

    In just a few seconds, the other party came close, and a shadow came shrouding Ge Xiu.

    At that moment, Ge Xiu suddenly exerted force, turned his wrist slightly, the cold light of the dagger glinted between his pale fingers, and he stabbed with a fierce and fast move!

    However, in the next second, the opponent’s powerful fingers wrapped around his weak wrist.

    With one skilful move, the dagger fell.

    The other party squeezed the back of the dagger and chuckled lowly with unknown meaning: “Are you going to stab me with the goods I bought?”


    Ge Xiu struggled to understand the meaning of this sentence.

    He blinked laboriously, trying to make his line of sight a little clearer, but this attempt backfired, and the endless darkness spread rapidly from the edge of the line of sight, swallowing the spots of light in his eyes.

    Finally, Ge Xiu closed his eyes silently.

    He passed out.


    Beating one who’s already down*.

    The warships under Haines’ command exploded their cargo hold as the Marauder crumbled and burned, thoroughly playing robbing the thief** and earning a fortune.

    When the crew members saw that their captain actually carried a wounded youth on board, their jaws dropped in shock—

    This was really something nobody expected.

    Joseph and Avery followed behind Haines pretending to be calm, the corners of their lips tense, for fear of accidentally revealing their inner cheering.

    Avery looked serious:

    “Where’s the doctor? Call the onboard doctor!”

    Joseph was busy calling the crew members to spread out a comfortable bed on the ship, so that the seriously injured and comatose omega could have a place to lie down.

    Soon, the doctor ran over surrounded by the crowd, and began to conduct a general physical examination for Ge Xiu using the basic equipment of the cabin.

    Rib fractures, excessive blood loss, concussions, visceral injuries…

    One after another, just picking one of these was enough to have a healthy alpha is incredible pain.

    Such terrifying wounds appeared on a slender Omega who should have been protected and pampered. It was simply terrible.

    The cabin gradually became quiet.

    Everyone seemed to be astounded.

    And the ones feeling it the deepest were undoubtedly Joseph and Avery.

    They have witnessed with their own eyes how this severely injured omega fought back and even counter killed the enraged bug—the most advanced microphone equipment was installed in the wormhole, so that the sound of the victim being torn apart and screams of pain and despair would be faithfully delivered to the audience’s ears to increase the effect of the show.

    And in the process, whether it was a broken rib, a torn wound or damaged internal organs…

    —he didn’t say a word.

    It was… too shocking*.

*funfact, the characters meaning shocking here can also mean earth shaking, or shocking as in shock after explosion. Perhaps a pun.

    Joseph and Avery looked at each other and found the same emotion in each other’s eyes.

    Asking themselves, would they be able to do the same thing if they were in the position of that omega? In such a situation of being isolated and helpless, not only did he try to kill a Zerg that went mad from pheromones, but even figured out the structure and weakness of the ship in such a short time, and finally blew up the ship.

    This required not only steel willpower, but also strong strategic ability***, as well as terrifying sanity and calmness that was almost inhuman.

    Who the hell was this omega?

    Haines listened with a gloomy expression, his eyes drooping slightly under his cold and sharp brows, his mood was unclear.

    His eyes fell on the boy’s naturally curled up fingers due to the coma.

    The bloodstains on it had already dried up, and the irregular dark red stains appeared even more startling on the pale skin.

    Haines raised his hand and pressed it on the other’s fingertips, rubbing it lightly.

    The youth’s fingers were slim and slender, with well-proportioned knuckles. The soft fingertips and sides of the fingers had no calluses, and the knuckles and palms were light pink, like flawless nephrite.

    This was a hand that could only be raised with pampering.

    One that has never held anything heavier than a pen, let alone fighting on the battlefield.

    At this moment, the doctor’s voice paused, as if he had found something, he frowned in confusion, and then slowly and carefully put his hand on the boy’s shoulder blade, turning him over gently.

    The sound of sucking in air rang out one after another in the cabin.

    Even Haines’s pupils shrank.

    The young man’s dark and delicate short hair contrasted with the white and slender neck, his complexion was snow-white, not stained with dust, just like the first snowflake falling in early winter, the protrusions of his spine were slightly raised, and he was small and delicate like a work of art—

    However, on the beautiful nape, there was a huge dark red scar, lying on the white and flawless skin like a centipede. The wound was still new, the stitches were irregular, it looked ugly and terrifying. It torn in the middle in the previous battle, and the bright red blood slowly slid down from it, flowing down his shoulder blades.

    This…was this…?

    Avery suddenly remembered the auction information he had seen on the Marauder earlier, combined with the time when he first saw the other in the corridor——

    Was this the omega who lost his glands due to the surgery? !

    My God…

    He stared at the unconscious boy in front of him in shock, a mixture of admiration and intimidation suddenly rose in his heart.

    Avery looked at Haines subconsciously.

    Omegas without glands were regarded as incomplete and defective products in the whole society—although he knew that the captain was not one of those superficial alphas, he couldn’t help feeling a little worried.

    At this moment the doctor said cautiously:

    “Actually, if a transplant operation is performed, the possibility of subsequent recovery is still very high…”

    Before he could finish, he was interrupted casually by Haines: “No need.”

    No more words were said.

    But his attitude have been made very clear.

    At this moment, suddenly, the ship’s detector made a beeping sound.

    On the screen, countless red dots poured in from all directions, surrounding the place, including the still-burning Marauder and the starships that other customers were trying to escape on, all of which were tightly surrounded.

    —Federation battleships.

    Unexpectedly, Federation came to their door at this juncture.

    Haines turned to look at the picture that appeared on the screen.

    It was a middle-aged man in a federal military uniform. He had gray hair, a serious expression, and a sense of majesty of someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

    He said: “Captain Haines, long time no see.”

    Haines raised his eyebrows and looked unfathomable: “What? Admiral Drost, were you in the mood to go out today?”

    He slowly walked forward, his slender and tall figure gave people an invisible sense of oppression, as he asked slowly:

    “Or say, is the Federation going to use me as a scapegoat again?”

    This sentence was ironic.

    Admiral Drost seemed a little embarrassed at that moment. He pursed his lips and shook his head briefly:    

    “Of course not—to be precise, I actually hope you can do me a favour, Captain.”

    Haines: “Oh?”

    Admiral Drost sighed, the wrinkles on his face seemed to deepen a little, and he looked like he by a few years as he said: “Iris hid it from his family and escaped to join the army some time ago, we found the wreckage of the mecha on the planet occupied by Zergs, and the process of Iris being taken away was recorded in the mecha—it’s obvious it was the Marauder who forcibly took him away in a coma, and when we came here according to the clues, we found that the Marauder has become what it is now, and most of the other ships have left…”

    The admiral looked conflicted:

    “Captain Haines, I know your power and means, so I hope you can help me with this, and treat me as I owe you a favour, as long as it doesn’t violate federal law…”

    Haines frowned.

    He quietly interrupted Drost’s words: “What does your son look like?”

    Admiral Drost on the other side of the screen lowered his head a few times.

    The next second, a photo popped up.

    It was a young man with a beautiful and sunny face. His facial features were exquisite and picturesque and he showed an innocent and bright smile at the camera without any worries.

    The crew were stunned.

    All in unison turned their heads and looked behind them—

    The unknown omega was still in a deep coma, his eyes were closed, his hair was dishevelled, and his pale face was stained with a little blood, looking miserable and tragic.

    But, without a doubt…

   It was really the same person.


The author has something to say:

    Haines: It turned out to be my father-in-law, I was disrespectful.

    General Drost: (speechless from anger): You…you’re too shameless!

    I take you as my old enemy, and you actually want to do my son!


*趁他病,要他命 – beating one who’s already down (beating the underdog). Meaning to take advantage of someone’s who’s already weak.

**黑吃黑 – lit. black eat black, also can mean dog eating dog, etc. Basically obtaining something that was already obtained illegally by robbery, criminals and criminals fighting and such.

***the words here both mean strong strategic ability as well great self-control, amazing mental strength etc, etc

Bamboo has something to say:

Haines upon seeing Ge Xiu kill Zerg with almost bare hands: I Want To Marry This Man

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