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Chapter 73: ABO

    Igor was hastily called back from the army.

    He was a tall alpha with a handsome face and an extraordinary appearance.

    As a genius in the Mecha Piloting Department of the Mecha Academy, Igor was currently undergoing combat training in the Federal Military Reserve Army and would officially join the Federal Army when he graduated from the Mecha Academy.

    But he didn’t expect that he would be called back from the front line by his father at this juncture.

    The corridor smelled of disinfectant, and the metal door in front of him opened to both sides soundlessly.

    This was the most high-tech private hospital in the entire Federation. The privacy was very good, and there was no one in the entire corridor.

    Igor looked a little impatient.

    General Lester glared at his son: “What’s with your attitude?”

    Although he was no longer young, the momentum as he walked forward was still unstoppable: “Admiral Drost and I have been friends for many years, what’s wrong with asking you to visit his wounded son? And if it wasn’t for you, how could he hide his identity and join the army?”

    Igor frowned annoyed and responded coldly: “I didn’t told him to go.”

    General Lester angrily scolded: “Shut up! I don’t want to hear you say this! A young omega was seriously injured when he joined the army for you. This is how you behave? If you still have this stinky face after you enter the ward, you’re not my son!”

    Igor shut up.

    But his expression was a bit colder than before.

    As General Lester walked, he rambled on and on about how to be a gentleman and how to be gentle with the omega and the like.

    Soon, the two arrived at the door at the end of the corridor.

    Before entering the door, General Lester turned his head to look at Igor standing beside him, his expression seemed a little complicated: “At this time Iris…”

    His lips moved, but in the end he didn’t say anything. He just sighed, raised his hands and put the gift box in Igor’s hands, and then instructed: “Anyways, you need to have a better attitude, do you understand?”

    Igor nodded expressionlessly, then raised his hand to push open the door of the ward in front of him.

    The ward was very large, and the bionic light source from above filled the room with soft light. Countless advanced equipment was beeping in the isolation room. The whole room was filled with various rehabilitation gifts, making it seem a little crowded.

    In the center of the ward was a soft bed.

    A teenager in a hospital gown was sitting on the bed, with his head lowered, his delicate black hair hanging down, covering his pale and thin cheeks, and a pair of hands wrapped in gauze rested on the sheets.

    Even though he didn’t like this Omega who had been entangled with him, Igor couldn’t help being startled.

    Compared to the last time he saw him, Iris lost too much weight.

    His thin shoulders were visible under the thin hospital gown, his collarbone protruded, and one could barely see the ups and downs of his chest under the quilt, as if his body was engulfed by the huge hospital bed.

    Igor paused, softened his voice unnaturally, and said:

    “Iris… how are you feeling today?”

    The young man in front of him seemed to be suddenly awakened from a daze. He raised his hand and brushed back the long hair from his forehead. A pair of dark eyes swept over him lightly.

    Igor’s heart skipped a beat.

    Something didn’t seem right.

    But before he could figure out anything, the young man withdrew his gaze and shrugged lazily:

    “Very good, thank you for your concern.”

    Igor hesitated for a while, and finally pulled the stool beside him, a little cautiously sat down and bent down to put the gift box he was holding on the ground.

    This superfluous move of his alarmed the other party.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows with interest: “Is there candy in it?”

    Igor was taken aback by the question.

    He lowered his head and rummaged through the gift box, finding a bag of premium candy.

    Ge Xiu smiled and stretched out his hand to him: “Give it to me.”

    Igor paused, stood up, walked closer to the hospital bed with the bag of candy and put it in Ge Xiu’s open palm.

    For some reason, today’s situation seemed to have been turned upside down—he has become the most passive one in the room instead.

    The young man in front of him didn’t seem to notice his turbulent heart at all, and happily reached out to take the candy, then lowered his head and started to unpack it.

    The sound of the wrapping paper made a rustling sound, which was very clear in the huge ward.

    Igor’s eyes wandered, inadvertently sweeping across the lowered neck of the boy.

    A big piece of gauze was attached to the back of his neck, just covering the position where the glands should be, and there was a trace of blood on the gaze.

    His pupils shrank.

    ——What happened?

    Ge Xiu raised his eyelids, and the corner of his lips rose carelessly: “It’s nothing, it’s just that the glands have been removed.”

    Igor was stunned.

    Could it be that he just accidentally said what was in his heart?

    The boy in front of him rolled the wrapping paper in his hand into a ball, raised his hand and threw it, and it landed perfectly in the trash can at the foot of the bed.  He narrowed his eyes and leaned back on the hospital bed, his thin cheek slightly bulging from the candy.

    His voice was lazy and hoarse: “Don’t worry, you didn’t ask, I guessed.”

    Igor’s heart trembled violently.

    He frowned, his eyes were as sharp as a knife, about to stab the Omega who was close at hand.

    He saw that the other party was also looking at him.

    Under the long eyelashes, there was a pair of pitch-black eyes that seemed to be able to see through a person’s heart, a single ray of light couldn’t penetrate the darkness.

    The young man winked at him, his face still had that unconcerned expression, and the corners of his lips twitched slightly as if in a smile:

    “Don’t worry—that’s the first question most people ask.”


    When Igor left the ward, he was still in a trance.

    He originally thought… that he would face endless tears and grievances, or fear and trauma left from the battlefield, or even more, he was ready for the other party to take this opportunity to force him into a marriage contract.


    Igor found it difficult to describe what happened in the ward just now.

    Everything seemed to come naturally, but nothing seemed quite right.

    He stood at the door of the ward, frowning and thinking.

    Iris was completely different from before—his eyes used to suddenly light up whenever he saw him, and his eyes flashed with careful humbleness and deep love, worrying about gains and losses*, but now… the look in his eyes as he swept past him was no different from that of looking at a stranger.

*as a type of love, where you aren’t brave enough to express your heart, because you’re afraid of being rejected so you only dare to love secretly

    Igor felt a little irritable in his heart.

    At this moment, General Lester and Admiral Drost in the distance finished chatting and turned towards him.

    The two walked out together.

    Igor endured it, but finally he couldn’t hold back and asked: “Iris’ glands…what happened to it?”

    “Since you already know, I won’t hide it.” General Lester sighed: “Iris started the differentiation period ahead of schedule on the battlefield…”

    Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Igor’s cold voice:

    “Then he should be in a military court now, not lie in the hospital.”

    The young alpha looked indifferent and stern, and on his face there seemed to have a faint disgust and irritability.

    General Lester was stunned for a moment and then raised his brows angrily: “Do you know what you are talking about?!”

    Igor was expressionless: “The devastating influence of an omega’s estrus on the battlefield, father, you know better than me…”

    Before he finished speaking, General Lester slapped him hard on the back of his head: “I taught you for nothing! When you were in the ward, didn’t you realize that Iris had no pheromone smell on his body from a mark? Not even a temporary mark?”

    Igor was taken aback—he  was too shocked to pay attention in the ward just now, but now that he thought about it, it really seemed like…?

    So how did he get out of this predicament?

    General Lester sighed again: “We found the wreckage of the mech he used to drive on the planet occupied by the Zerg. Inside we found an automatic record before the energy was exhausted. After a day of hard work, we succeeded in restoring some images—”

    He reached out and took out his portable terminal.

    On the screen, there is a miniature mecha cockpit.

    Through the screen, you could clearly hear the harsh piercing sound of insects scratching the mecha from outside, but the teenager sitting in the mecha cabin seemed to be completely unaffected, and quickly arranged in a row medical equipment—

    Under the half-length dishevelled hair, the delicate white nape on the back of the neck was exposed, and the jet-black hair was wet with sweat and stuck to the neck, making the contrast between black and white more prominent.

    And on the slightly raised vertebral joints, the skin glowed with a beautiful pale pink, it felt as if one could smell the sweet fragrance in the air through the screen.

    He held the scalpel.

    Lowered it.


    Igor seemed to finally realize something, his pupils shrank suddenly, and the blood-stained gauze attached to the back of the omega’s neck appeared in his mind, and an absurd and almost unbelievable guess emerged in his mind—this seemed to be the only feasible explanation, but Igor just couldn’t believe it –

    the next second, the blade glinting with cold light cut through the skin, scarlet blood gushed out instantly, and the clothes behind him were soaked in the blink of an eye.

    Those slender fingers didn’t even shake, they were still as steady as a machine.

    Igor felt his heart tighten suddenly.

    General Lester looked at his son’s expression, he sighed, turned off the personal terminal, and said, “Yes, he cut out his glands himself, and… he didn’t inject any aesthetic throughout the entire process.”

    A short sentence, but the amount of information contained in it could make any adult feel terrified.

    “I talked to General Drost just now— now you have what you wanted, and the engagement has been dissolved.” General Lester shook his head, seeming to age suddenly: “I know you reject Iris, but I hope that from today onwards, you could at least have some basic respect for him—this child is a real warrior.”

    After he finished speaking, he didn’t wait, but turned and walked out.

    Only Igor was left standing there in a daze, his eyes fixed on the ground, his thoughts unknown.


    While Ge Xiu was chewing on the candy in his mouth, Admiral Drost pushed the door and walked in.

    He stood at the foot of the bed, staring at his young second son lying on the bed with a complicated expression.

    He knew that he seldom cared for his children, and he always paid more attention to the raising the two alphas among his three children, but this didn’t mean that he had no feelings for his youngest son—to be precise, he didn’t know how to communicate with him.

    Admiral Drost cleared his throat and asked bluntly:

    “How are you feeling today?”

    Ge Xiu shrugged and replied to the same question with the same answer: “Very good, thank you for your concern.”

    Admiral Drost hesitated for a while and then asked:

    “Do you still have any impression of what happened after you fell into a coma?”

    Ge Xiu frowned indifferently.

    His last memory was walking in the corridor that was about to collapse, and then a man with a blurred face appeared and tried to attack him, and then he couldn’t remember anything – but, in his groggy consciousness, in the interweaving countless colour blocks and noises, he seemed to have heard a man’s voice. He couldn’t hear what he was saying, but…

    It left a deep impression on him.

    Ge Xiu shook his head: “I don’t remember.”

    Admiral Drost took a deep breath and continued to ask: “Do you know a man named Haines Erost*?”

    Ge Xiu shook his head honestly.

    Admiral Drost looked away somewhat unnaturally, as if he was embarrassed about what he was going to say next: “In any case, he saved you after you fell unconscious and agreed to send you back to me after providing necessary medical assistance, however, he had one request…”

    Ge Xiu raised his brows: “Yes?”

    “—to marry you.”


    The author has something to say:

      Ge Xiu: WTF? ? ?


*I went with Erost because Auralie’s argument was very convincing. Let’s stay true to the raws yall

Bamboo has something to say:

Ge Xiu woke up and lost a fiance. Woke up again and got a new fiance.

my attempt at drawing scarred dangerous beauty Ge Xiu. Anatomy who?

also view on twitter here


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 73: ABO

  1. This arc has a heavy love-triangle vibe, huh? I can already feel a shura field somewhere. But really, why in this setting ge xiu is someone else? i’m so curious ahhhhhhhhh!!!
    thanks for the update ^-^

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  2. I like Erost because Frost doesn’t seem to fit his character at all nor does it fit with any of his previous names either, if I remember correctly all his past names were strong sounding and pretty cool names.

    In the end I guess my opinion would be that erost just seems more serious than frost and frost just seems kinda cheesy compared to the alternate lol

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