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Chapter 74: ABO

  Ge Xiu: “…”

    He was silent for a while, then slowly asked: “Wait…what?”

    Admiral Drost also knew how absurd this matter sounded.

    He still remembered how his face had contorted in shock and disbelief when Haines made this astounding request.

    Moreover, even in this situation, the other party still did not change his expression—

    as if this dumbfounding request from a second ago did not come out of his own mouth.

    —simply shameless!

    Admiral Drost felt the fire that had built up in his heart showing signs of resurfacing.

    He avoided his son’s gaze a little awkwardly, and continued as if trying to convince himself:

    “I don’t know why Haines made such a request, but the situation was urgent at the time after all, so I had to agree— I, I I have already explained the reasons to General Lester. I know you like that kid Igor, but he had no intention for you after all…Haines Erost is actually not a very bad candidate.”

    The whole room was exceptionally quiet, they could hear only the sound of their breathing.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes carelessly.

    His expression was extremely calm, and the light shining from above his head made his pale skin almost transparent, making his eyes look darker and more unpredictable, just looking at him would make one feel terrified.

    At this moment, Admiral Drost looked downwards, his eyes fell on the foot of the bed, so he didn’t see his son’s unusual appearance.

    He continued speaking dryly:

    “…Haines Erost controls the largest mercenary army in the entire interstellar space and his sphere of influence and ability and means are unmatched even compared to me – although, although he was once one of the most wanted criminals in the Federation, but his assistance and participation in the battle when the Zerg attacked a few years ago has won him honour, and he has been awarded the Hero Medal by the Council, merits and demerits cancel each other…”

    In fact, outstanding contribution in combat was not the main reason for the Council’s decision.

    But under the circumstances at that time, Haines’ power had developed to the point where it could not be touched at all, and the Federation was still in a state of weakness after the war and was in urgent need of outside assistance, so they simply took this opportunity to give each other a step back.

    The federal government rescinded the arrest warrant for Haines.

    And Haines aided the Federation using his forces after the war to finance post-war reconstruction.

    It was essentially a mutually beneficial transaction.

    ——But Iris doesn’t need to know this.

    Admiral Drost sighed deeply, as if he had suddenly aged a few years, and his originally straight back slightly hunched:

    “And… with your current physical condition, I still recommend that you accept this engagement.”

    Omega glands removal surgery was a federal felony, but due to the critical condition of Ge Xiu at that time and the influence of Admiral Drost in the military, the military court finally decided not to pursue it.

    The omega that lost glands will lose the estrus at the same time, subsequently affecting the fertility.

    Even an ordinary alpha would be reluctant to accept such an defective omega, let alone aristocrats.

    It was with that in mind, that Admiral Drost decided to accept the other party’s proposal.

    Iris didn’t have a better choice.

    Not to mention—although Admiral Drost was very reluctant to admit it—Haines’ conditions couldn’t be found anywhere else in the interstellar space.

    He took a deep breath, raised his eyes to look at Ge Xiu on the hospital bed, and persuaded earnestly:

    “You should think about it in the next few days…”

    But before Admiral Drost finished speaking, he was mercilessly interrupted by Ge Xiu:

    “What is there to consider?”

    Admiral Drost was choked directly.

    Yeah, what’s to consider? ——Even the wedding date has been set, so there is no chance for him to think about it.

    He thought about how he didn’t pay attention to Iris, and the suffering that the other party had been through during this time—especially the wounds that even he felt were shocking.

    As soon as he returned to his family, the marriage contract with his sweetheart has been cancelled.

    Immediately after graduation, he was directly determined to marry a stranger he had never met.

    And he’s only grown up recently.

    A faint guilt flashed in Admiral Drost’s eyes.

    —Guilt was a good thing.

    The expression in Ge Xiu’s eyes was indistinguishable, and a fleeting smile flashed across his pale lips.

    He opened his mouth and asked: “When will I be able to go back to school?”

    Admiral Drost didn’t expect him to ask such a question, and couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback: “This…you can go back to school when your body recovers a little more.”

    Ge Xiu nodded.

    “I wish to change the department.” He said bluntly: “I don’t like the current mecha maintenance department. I want to transfer to the mecha driving department to continue my studies.”

    Admiral Drost hesitated for a while.

    After all, the Mecha Academy is the top federal university, and it would be difficult for him to change departments when he was only two years away from completing his studies.


    Admiral Drost looked at the boy lying on the bed and sighed slowly: “I’ll try what I can do.”

    Ge Xiu raised the corners of his lips and showed a well-behaved smile: “Thank you, dad.”

    Admiral Drost became more and more guilty looking at his son’s pale face, and in the end he said a few words of concern for Ge Xiu’s body without thinking, and then hurriedly turned and left the ward.

    The figure of the admiral disappeared outside the door.

    Ge Xiu indifferently withdrew his gaze, the smile on his lips went down slightly, leaving only a slight arc of a smile that was not a smile.

    He leaned back lazily, reached out and picked up the bad of candy Igor had left just now, took out one and slowly unwrapped it.

    What’s there to worry about a marriage contract?

    Iris was a second-year student in the Mecha Maintenance Department. He would graduate in two years. According to his momentum in the previous worlds, it was estimated that he would have already left this world before that time.

    And that cheap fiancé was far away, so it was even less of his concern.

    And Ge Xiu was more interested in another matter.

    The mecha itself.

    As he arrived in this world, he briefly piloted a mecha. Before driving, he thought that it was just a new fighting method that covered the body with exoskeleton from metal. He had read relevant information about it in the first world. ——In that world, mechas were nothing more than an impractical combat plan.

    After all, humanoid mechas would have the same combat capabilities as light combat ships, and the humanoid design was completely superfluous.

    And when Ge Xiu tried to really operate one, he really realized the difference between the two.

    The operation of a mecha did not depend on the instruments in the panel inside the cockpit— or rather, the control panel was only for assistance.

    The real key was the metal connector that attached to human spine.

    It seemed to connect to the nerves of the human body, and directly controlled the various parts of the mecha through the mind, making this exoskeleton work like an extension of the human body.

    This also led to the level of mecha control being more dependent on the level of the pilot.

    And this also meant… After training the pilot, the mecha could have an even more powerful combat performance than the ships!

    It could even be said that its development potential was linked to the human body!

    Ge Xiu pushed the sweet-smelling candy into his mouth, narrowed his eyes slightly, and slowly melted the hard candy in his warm mouth.

    A bit of excitement and thrilled fire danced at the bottom of his dark eyes, and the corners of his lips rose slightly uncontrollably.

    Mecha Academy…

    He was really looking forward to it.


    Avery and Joseph went through countless ups and downs of life in just one day.

    For the first time in so many years, they saw their captain being interested in an omega.

    But just when they thought that the captain’s wife was gone, they didn’t expect an ever explosive news to follow—

    the omega who was so cruel to himself that he resemble an omega at all actually had a connection to the Captain’s old enemy from the Federation and was Admiral Drost ‘s little son!

    In the past, the fleet under his command has always been the main force sent by the Federation used to contain them.

    This was really a meeting of old enemies, moreover…

    ——The next second, they heard the groundbreaking words of their Captain.

    The condition for letting him go is… to let his younger son marry him.

    Avery and Joseph almost wanted to cover their faces on the spot.

    How can you bring such conditions to someone’s parents like that!

    Although they knew that their captain’s moral bottom line was not high, it was the first time that he was so brazen!

    And the worst part was that this omega already has a marriage contract, and it seemed that he was even quite satisfied with it, even this time he ran out to find his sweetheart.

    Unexpectedly, their family’s Captain didn’t seem to mind.

    No matter how much they complained in their hearts, the matter was finally settled like that.

    However, Admiral Drost also had conditions—a marriage contract was fine, but only after Iris graduated from the Mecha Academy.

    Haines was pleased and agreed easily.

    Avery turned his head and glanced secretly at the boy who was still unconscious, and complex emotions emerged spontaneously in his heart—

    How can one get engaged while still in a coma?

    By the end, both sides felt numb with shock.

    After the federal warships left, their light ships returned to the main ship, while their captains returned directly to the captain’s room and began to communicate with many high-level figures in the Federation.

    Avery and Joseph thought that Haines was negotiating the next cooperation with the top officials of the Federation, but they didn’t expect…

    Two days later, the captain suddenly called their confidants together, and then announced news without changing his face:

    “After careful consideration, I decided to accept the Federation’s invitation to become an honorary tutor of the Mecha Academy and I will begin to work at the start of the next semester.”

    Avery: “…”

    Joseph: “…”

    Joseph endured and endured and still couldn’t hold back in the end: “Captain… Haven’t you already arranged a marriage contract?”

    He didn’t finish the sentence, but it was obvious—the wedding date was already set, so what else did he want?

    Haines chuckled softly: “I advocate free love.”

    Joseph: “…”

    As long as you’re happy.

    Haines narrowed his eyes and continued casually in a low voice: “And I really want to see the alpha that could make him so obsessed with him.”

    Avery: “…”

    Joseph: “…”

    So in the end you do care!!


    The author has something to say:

Ge Xiu: Anyway, that fiancé is far away, so what is there to worry about?


Bamboo has something to say:

Ge Xiu: I’m gonna be doing a speedrun of this world as well anyways.

The scientists that worked hard for years to make this world realistic: …………

PS: today the conditions were a bit unfavourable to translate. Do continue to tell me mistakes if you spot any!


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  1. Thank you for the chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    djhdjdjsjsjs Ge Xiu Ultimate skill activated: Speedrun or Die.

    I love that this novels gets all the mainstream tropes and does a twist with it, it’s so good to read, my guilty pleasure ❤️❤️

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  2. I didn’t really notice any Translations issues other than;
    “And I really want to he alpha that could make him so obsessed with him.”

    I’m unsure but I believe it was supposed to be: to meet the alpha.

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  3. “the omega who was so cruel to himself that he resemble an omega at all” and also Haines is spelled “Hines” in a couple places.

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  4. I just binged this whole series in two days… I love it!! (◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
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