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Chapter 75: ABO

     In the end, young people’s bodies are durable and can withstand the toss.

    Coupled with the best medical care, Ge Xiu’s injuries recovered quickly. Although Admiral Drost still hoped that he would go recover for a while at home, but under Ge Xiu’s strong request, he finally relented and reluctantly agreed to let him enroll at the planned time.

    ——On the premise of wearing a medical wristband, of course.

    School day was coming soon.

    Ge Xiu did not take the hover train to the Mecha Academy.

    He was driven to the academy by the Drost family’s housekeeper, and because of a lot of necessary formalities to go through, he was absent on the opening ceremony.

    Under the arrangement of Admiral Drost, Ge Xiu successfully made a department transfer and was directly transferred to the second year of the Mecha Driving Department.

    Since there is no going to the lower year, the requirements would naturally increase greatly.

    His academic tasks this year will be twice as heavy as others, and he must pass the end-of-year test in order to continue staying in the mecha driving department, otherwise he would be transferred back to his original department.

    Ge Xiu had no problem with this.

    After everything was completed, the assistant robot took him to a path that was completely opposite to the direction of the Mecha Maintenance Department—

    in the end of his line of sight there stood a huge black building.

    There was the heart of the Federation’s famous Mecha Academy, and it was the top goal everyone who dreamed of becoming a Mecha pilot had.

    The black door sensed that there was a person coming and slowly opened to both sides.

    The area inside was astonishingly vast, one almost couldn’t see the end of it with their eyes. It was completely covered by solid black metal, which brought a low-key cold and heavy beauty.

    On the front there seemed to be a ring field for mecha training.

    Dozens of young teenagers lined up on the edge of the ring field, all seeming to be quietly waiting for something.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows with a bit of surprise.

    He originally thought that his first contact with mechas would be a theoretical course, but he didn’t expect… it would be a practical course?

    Standing in front of the team is the class instructor who taught basic knowledge. He was a tall middle-aged man with a vicissitudes of life engraved on his serious face. A deep scar run from the side of his ear to the bridge of his nose.

    He waved at Ge Xiu: “You came just in time.”

    Ge Xiu walked closer.

    Only then did he see that at the front of the queue, several youths who looked more youthful seemed to be lining up to do something.

    The instructor pointed to the end of the team:

    “Go there.”

    Ge Xiu calmly glanced at the front of the group—there seemed to be something flashing with a slight blue light, and the surrounding metal surface was plated with a layer of light blue colour which looked a bit strange.

    He took back his gaze and walked to the end of the line.

    In this world, the secrecy of the structure and operation principle of the mecha was extremely well done, and it was rather difficult to find any useful information on the Internet.

    And when Ge Xiu came to this world, the information transmitted to his mind was also very rough and general.

    Iris Drost also didn’t care about mecha piloting, and only wanted to pursue love, which makes the mecha knowledge in his memory not only vague, but also completely unorganized and messy like a clump of loose sand—that’s why he crashed soon after driving the mecha out of the teleportation cabin, so that Ge Xiu, who came later, had to snatch the other people’s mecha to leave.

    Ge Xiu was also half-guessing while driving the mecha. Based on his rich experience in dealing with machines from before, with the pitiful amount of knowledge in Iris’ mind he finally started the mecha.

    The group moved forward little by little.

    Finally, Ge Xiu clearly saw the complete appearance of the instrument in front of the team—the instrument was like a huge replica of the spine connector in the mecha cab, and rows of small numbers flashed on the floating screen in front of it, changing rapidly.

    The boy in front of him stepped onto the instrument.

    With two quiet mechanical “click” sounds, the spine connector connected, and in just a few seconds, numbers appeared on the screen:

   【Mental Power Value: 76】

   【Level: Good】

    The teenager let out a sigh of relief as if relieved, got off the instrument, and stepped off to go back to the group.

    Now, there was no longer any obstruction between Ge Xiu and the instrument.

    The blue light emitted from the screen hit his face unobstructed, and it reflected in the bottom of his dark eyes, like light blue fireworks ignited in the darkness.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes and walked up slowly.

    The slight sound of mechanical movement resounded behind his ears, and the cold touch came through the academy uniform, fitting into his spine one by one.

    Connection succeeded.

    A few seconds passed, and the numbers on the screen flickered quickly, but there was no exact number as the student had just now.

    A minute has passed.

    There was still nothing on the blue screen.

    There was a commotion among the students waiting below, low whispers rang out in the crowd, and countless speculating eyes, both blunt and hidden, all stopped on Ge Xiu, who was standing on the instrument.

    Although Ge Xiu’s expression was still calm, there was a little confusion in his heart.

    The instructor stepped forward quickly, to check if the machine has malfunctioned.

    He didn’t look at it for a long time before the blue screen suddenly flashed, and a clear number appeared on it:

    【Mental power value: 0】

    【Level: ? 】

    The students who were waiting on the side were in an uproar, looking at each other in shock, murmuring in each other’s ears.

    “How is it possible?” “What happened?” “…I don’t know”…

    Even the instructor standing beside the instrument was confused.

    This… how was this possible?

    It would be understandable whether the mental power value was high or low, but it was absolutely impossible for mental power to be 0! Unless the person was dead, it would be impossible to have brain waves read as 0!

    He asked Ge Xiu to come down, and randomly found a student to stand on instead.

    In less than five seconds, the result appeared on the screen:

    【Mental power value: 81】

    【Level: Excellent】

    The instructor let the students go down, and then asked Ge Xiu to stand back again.

    This time the instrument reported much faster than when he stood up for the first time, and the numbers detected quickly popped up on the screen:

   【Mental power value: 0】

    【Level: ? 】

    The instructor frowned in confusion. Now he didn’t know what was going on.

    A deliberately raised voice suddenly rang out in the crowd: “Maybe his dad did something for him again.”

    There was an uproar among the students.

    Ge Xiu glanced in the direction of the voice.

    ——It was a slender blond boy with light blue eyes and a beautiful and delicate appearance, but on his face was undisguised malice as he stared at Ge Xiu who was standing on the instrument with schadenfreude.

    Ge Xiu inexplicably felt that this person was a little familiar.

    He rummaged around in Iris’ memory and suddenly realized.

    This boy’s name was Percy Ayers, he was the only omega in the Mecha Driving Department. In his first grade, he pursued Igor, a genius pilot who was still in the second year of the mecha piloting department, but he was ruthlessly rejected. Because he and Igor met much more often than Iris who was in a different department, so Iris was listed as the most competitive rival in love.

    …and these love and jealously things again.


    Ge Xiu looked back lazily.

    After realizing that the other didn’t react to what he just said, Percy’s pretty face twisted for a moment, but before he could continue to say anything, he was suppressed by the teacher’s loud voice:

    “Discipline! Discipline! !”

    No one questioned the prestige of the instructor, and the crowd quickly quieted down.

    “Maybe there is a problem with the instrument. I have contacted the students to check.” The instructor frowned and said to the students in front of him with a serious face: “Now, the first-year students who have already finished the mental strength test, step forward, you will have the first mecha piloting experience in your life!”

    As his voice fell a huge door slowly opened on the dark wall.

    Several huge mechas glinting with silver light appeared in front of everyone.

    The faces of the freshmen were mixed with surprise and fear—they had dreamed of this moment since they applied for the Mecha Driving Department, but what they did not expect was that this moment came so quickly.

    They haven’t started learning anything yet, and they didn’t know anything about mechas!

    Is it possible to drive like this?

    The tutor showed an inexplicable smile: “I have always believed that learning must come from practice. It’s better to let you try it yourself than to teach you from a boring theoretical class, as to leave a deeper impression on you.”

    The faces of the second graders present were tense, but there was a gloating smile in their eyes.

    They have obviously also experienced this when they entered school.

    The instructor turned his head and glanced at Ge Xiu, his expression suddenly froze, he struggled for a while, and finally said: “Well… just wait by the side, wait until the instrument is repaired and re-tested before you drive for the first time.”

    Ge Xiu nodded obediently.

    A very light sneer came from not far away—Ge Xiu didn’t need to turn his head to know who it was.

    His expression was composed as he watched the new students enter the mecha one by one without changing his face.

    The roar of the mechas activating sounded, but within a minute, the freshmen in the cockpit rushed out of it one after another. They stumbled out, their faces were pale and ugly, and they wobbled away from the scene, starting to to vomit while holding the trash can that had been prepared earlier.

    Some freshmen didn’t even manage to get further, and began to vomit when they lay on the ground.

    There was unbridled laughter from the crowd.

    The instructor’s voice was like a bell: “Did you see it! No matter whether your mental power is high or low, you are powerless in front of the mecha driving system! Without training, no matter how high your initial mental power is, you are incompetent waste! Not even being able to turn on the engine.”

    Each and every freshman was blushing and could hardly raise his head in shame.

    Ge Xiu frowned slowly, a trace of doubt flashed across his eyes.

    He turned his head to look at the second-year student who was closest to him, and asked in a low voice: “Is this how everyone reacts when driving a mecha for the first time?”

    The second-year student glanced at him and nodded.

    Percy let out a sneer, and asked sarcastically: “What? Do you think you would be better than them if you went?”

    Ge Xiu glanced at him indifferently, and then directly looked away, not even bothering to waste time on responding.

    His indifference angered Percy.

    Percy raised his brows angrily, but in the next second, he rolled his eyes, a creepy smile appeared on his lips, and he suddenly raised his voice:

    “Mr. Yost, our new classmates also wants to experience the feeling of piloting a mecha.”

    Instructor Yost glanced over, and he frowned: “What?”

    —Ge Xiu really wanted to try it.

    Because he really wanted to figure out why he didn’t have the same problem as these students when he was driving the mecha on the battlefield before.

    Was the model of the mecha different?

    Ge Xiu nodded, with a harmless smile on his lips: “Yes, I really want to try.”

    Percy was stunned for a while, as if he didn’t expect him to cooperate like this.

    But Yost frowned: “No, this isn’t allowed in the school’s rules and regulations. Students who haven’t undergone mental testing are not allowed to drive mechas.”

    Ge Xiu pouted in disappointment.

    But it doesn’t matter, after all, after he enters this department, he will always have the opportunity to try to drive a mecha, and it will be a matter of time before he figures out this mystery—

    At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded above everyone’s heads:

    “Let him try.”

    It was a man’s voice.

    His voice was low, with a kind of indifference from someone that has been standing in high position for a long time, brining a heavy sense of oppression that was hard to ignore, making people subconsciously want to withdraw or obey.

    All the students present were stunned for a moment, and at the same time looked in the direction from which the voice came.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, his dark pupils looked unpredictable.

    The whole venue was a huge circular arch, and the ring training ground was surrounded by a layer of observation deck. The light outside and inside the observation deck was dim, and only a figure sitting in the dark could be barely discerned – no one knew when he came, no one knew how long he has been there.

    But Yost’s reaction was the biggest.

    His face suddenly turned ugly and clear fear flashed in his eyes.

    Yost shot a deep look at the direction the voice came from, then withdrew his gaze a little stiffly, and nodded at Ge Xiu.

    His voice was a little unnatural:

    “You can go.”


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