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Chapter 76: ABO

    The ring field was dead silent.

    No one could have predicted that things would turn out this way.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyes to look at the observation platform not far away.

    The light inside the platform was dim, and nothing could be seen.

    He looked back calmly and then walked towards one of the mechas.

    The ring-shaped field was filled with eerie silence. Under the high ceiling, only the clear footsteps of Ge Xiu could be heard. Step by step, he approached the steel giant that was reflecting a silver-white cold glint under the light.

    The student who just ran out of the mecha was still standing beside him. His face was pale and he was holding onto the mecha, as if he had not recovered from the impact from before.

    Covering his stomach, he stepped back a little embarrassedly to make way for Ge Xiu, who came forward.

    The teenager held the metal shell of the mecha, jumped up and turned over neatly in the air, jumping into the cabin.

    With a buzzing sound, the cabin door closed.

    Everyone’s eyes were fixed on this mecha, waiting with a bated breath.

    Ge Xiu looked around the cabin and raised his eyebrows—although the general design was not much different from the mecha he had previously driven, there were subtle differences in details and configuration.

    However, this alone wouldn’t be enough to draw conclusions.

    He sat in the pilot’s seat, the spinal connectors covered his spine from the back of his neck to his tail bone, and the dashboard in front of him glowed blue.

    “Click” sounded twice softly.

    The virtual control bracelets were buckled on his wrists, and an electronically synthesized voice sounded in the closed cabin: “The mental power link was successful.”

    At that moment, a weak feeling ran through his nerve ends like an electric current.

    Ge Xiu couldn’t help being dazed.

    This feeling…was very amazing.

    As if the hard and huge metal mecha outside had completely become a part of him, as if the steel exoskeleton was a film covering his body, clinging to his skin lightly, waiting for his orders.

    The last time he drove the mecha was really too perilous. The burning pheromones spread in his body so that all his senses were focused on the lower half of his body. With the Zerg chasing behind him that would catch up if he were a little slower it was impossible to feel the small feeling.

    Ge Xiu took a deep breath and raised his hand to hold the control panel.

    The slender and pale fingers clenched, closer and tighter fitting on the dark and cold metal surface.

    “Engine drive mode activated.”

    The electronic voice sounded in his ears.

    The roar that suddenly exploded in the depths of the mecha was accompanied by violent vibrations, every part of the steel machine trembled under the strong whirl of the engine, and the vitality of the machine trembled under his hand, leaping and roaring with joy—

    Outside the mecha.

    The long period of silence made the students’ hearts float.

    Discussion in lowered voices began to spread in the crowd, and some people even speculated whether this weak-looking omega passed out directly in the cockpit without even achieving  the mental link, or backed away and did not dare to continue, but he didn’t dare to come out afraid of losing face.

    So, when the sound of the engine starting suddenly exploded, everyone was taken aback.

    Percy raised the corners of his lips silently, gloating from one’s misfortune in his azure blue eyes, a look of visible pleasure and malice on his face.

    When Iris decided to pilot the mecha, he turned on the video recording function of his personal terminal, making sure to record every minute and every second of his embarrassment.

    He began to count down in his heart.

    Would the omega collapse within a few seconds under the impact of the mental link with the mecha, and then rush out and vomit in pain?

    Many sophomores had the same look of waiting for a show on their faces.

    They also did not like Iris. Not only because of his stalking behaviour and pursuit of the piloting genius Igor, but also because he switched to another department for this reason—every student who entered the highest federal university was a little arrogant, and those who the opportunists who come in through the backdoor were someone who they despised from the bottom of their hearts.

    They were also expecting a complete failure of the ignorant omega.

    Of course, the harder the fall, the better.


     Ge Xiu was obsessed.

    For him, machinery has always been a very fascinating thing—steel and metal subtly intertwining to construct a complete existence, and a programmed creature starts to operate under the impetus of energy, becoming a living body independent of the world.

    How wonderful.

    The corners of his lips curled up uncontrollably, a trace of shivering excitement ran across his pale lips, and a fierce flashing electric current crackled in his pupils.

    The hands clenching the instrument panel pulled down one block at a time, and the engine was full—

    a huge roar resounded throughout the ring field.

    The expressions of every onlooker became more subtle—twenty seconds, thirty seconds…

    Omega didn’t escape the mecha as soon as the engine started, as they expected, but the sound of the machine started to get louder and louder instead, even to the point of being deafening—

    on the observing platform.

    The man sitting in the dark seemed to realize something, he slowly straightened up, his eyes locked tightly on the mecha in the center of the ring field, and there was a gleam of unknown meaning in his dark and deep pupils.

    The next second, the mecha that was still standing in one spot a moment ago suddenly rushed out!

    The gust of wind and the shocking roar from behind pushed the students surrounding the ring to the back, and they fell down in the blink of an eye!

    The mecha was like a silver lightning that pierced through the air, soaring to its maximum power in an instant, and it flashed through the ring field at an almost undetectable speed, leaving only an afterimage on the spot!

    The intelligent training device in the field is automatically turned on under the impact of sound waves.

    Countless obstacles suddenly rose, blue electronic ripples leaped in the air, and the sound of laser bullets pierced through the air—

    the curvature of Ge Xiu’s lips deepened uncontrollably, and the sharp white canine teeth pressed against his lips, seeming as a shark who smelled blood, with an almost fanatical savage look in his eyes.

    The silver-white mecha swept through the obstacles and the gaps between the obstacles in an almost impossible angle.

    【E level obstacles passed and completed】

    The emotionless electronic sound resounded throughout the training ground:

    【Construction of obstacles level D, begin——】

    It shuttled in the gaps between the lasers as if alive, and the violent roar of the engine resounded through the space as it was flying in the air at an astonishing speed.

    Yost’s pupils shrank, staring at the mecha in disbelief—

    the students didn’t know it, but he was aware.

    These mechas were prototypes that had never been mass-produced, let alone put into the battlefield—they were specifically used to train the pilot’s mental capacity.

    The level of mental link resistance of this mecha was more than ten times higher than that of ordinary mechas. In theory, it could stimulate the potential, and development of the mental power and fasten its growth by suppressing the pilot’s spirit.

    Even if a trained and skilled pilot entered this kind of mecha for the first time he would have a hard time getting used to such a strong link resistance, and even he wouldn’t be able to drive this mecha without long training— let alone dragging it to such terrifying speed!

   This.. was this possible?

    Yost stared at the huge steel monster in shock and his mind went blank in an instant.

    Was he really piloting a mech for the first time…?

    Inside the cockpit of the mecha.

    Ge Xiu was addicted to this feeling of speeding and extreme control. The crazy excitement spread little by little along the meridians and bones to the whole body, and the adrenaline surged sharply. Every part of his body was trembling slightly, as if it was also trying to merge with the vibrating metal around him.

    His pupils stared at the screen in front of him, his nerves tensed to the extreme.

    The uncontrollable mad and violent emotions hit his senses.

    His fingertips holding the control panel were bloodless due to the force he was holding it with, his pale knuckles turned a pale bluish white.

    Ge Xiu’s wrist continued to slowly and firmly press down with more strength, gradually increasing the speed—

    The converged sound set off huge air waves, and the emotionless electronically synthesised voice resounded again through the entire venue:

    【D level obstacles passed and completed】

    This time, the time between the system prompts has been shortened twice:

    【Construction of obstacles level C, begin—】

    Then, after just a few short breaths, the electronic voice sounded again:

    【C level obstacles passed and completed.】

    Yost suddenly woke up from the shock, he hurriedly strode to the side of the emergency control panel, a vague feeling of anxiety spread on his face.

    This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

    The pressure that the human body can bear is limited. If the mental force is stimulated to a certain extent, it will inevitably lead to the collapse of the body, and it would even leave some pilots disabled for life

    What’s more, once the training obstacles level C has been passed…

    the clear electronic voice resounded in the ring field again—

     【Weapon loading mode is turned on! 】

    —The system will automatically turn on the piloting weapon training! ! !

    Yost clenched his teeth, feeling a layer of cold sweat on his back in an instant.

    The astonishment from a second before was completely swept away by a creeping sense of panic.

    Not even the elementary course has been started by now and the other students have not taken any safety precautions at all! Once an accident occurs after turning on the weapon loading mode, the consequences would be unimaginable!

    A faint red light began to flash on the laser weapon device at the front of the mecha, like a dangerous warning sign, indicating an unpredictable and terrifying future—

    at this moment.

    “DI DI DI—”

    A tingling pain came from the wrist and the ear piercing alarm sounded in the empty cockpit.

    Ge Xiu snapped back to his senses, looked down at the place where the sound came from, and saw that the light on the medical wristband firmly attached to his wrist was flashing with a dangerous red light.

    The speed of the mecha slowed down.

    At this moment Ge Xiu felt the soreness in his joints and muscles. His body had not fully recovered from the previous injury. This heavily pressuring operation made this already delicate omega’s body reach the limit.

    A burst of uncontrollable dizziness struck him.

    The scene in front of him also seems to double in his eyes and blur.

    Ge Xiu blinked hard.

    In the slightly cleared vision, the metal wall of the training ground was running at him at a very fast speed—or rather, he was rushing towards the wall at a very fast speed!

    Ge Xiu was shocked, and he hardly had time to think about it. He firmly grasped the control panel in his hands and pulled it back!

    The silver-white mecha suddenly turned sharply at the moment when it was about to hit the wall, and then rushed into the observatory on the side because of the inertia that could not be stopped!

    Metal ruptured, rocks fell everywhere with earthshaking impact.

    The lights in the training ground shone into the dark observatory from the gap, illuminating the mess.

    The damaged armour stopped after sliding for a few meters, the silver-white coating on the outside was scratched everywhere, and the hatch on the top was broken, revealing a large hole.

    The high temperature steam caused by the overly energy sprayed out of the joins and instantly enveloped the narrow space in the observatory in a white mist.

    Ge Xiu crawled out of the cockpit with difficulty, the mental link at the back of the spine had been broken, and the wires and broken circuits were crackling with sparks.

    He felt a rush of heat gush out of his nose, falling drop by drop on the broken metal surface in front of him.

    Ge Xiu raised his hand and caught it.

    Sticky and scarlet.

    It was blood.

    An encompassing feeling of weakness surged up from the depths of the body, as if the entirety of bodily functions was protesting to him, and the symptoms of dizziness struck again.

    He heard only ringing in the ears.

    Boundless white noise surrounded him from all sides.

    He was temporarily deaf due to the impact of the explosion, and could only hear a monotonous and harsh beeping—

    Ge Xiu blinked slowly, trying to dispel the haze in front of him.

    In the misty white smoke in front of him, a tall man’s figure broke through the clouds of smoke and appeared in his sight.

    That man stood backlit by the light, looking down at him condescendingly.

    Shadows descended, covering his blurred vision.

    But Ge Xiu couldn’t see anything—white smoke and steam completely shrouded the line of sight, the dust in the air swirled wildly in the high temperature, and the horizon was shaken by the impact from the explosion.

    Through the beeping and the crackling sounds of the steel breaking, he heard a voice coming from above—

    It felt as if it came from a very distant place, the low voice was half exasperated and half helpless, and it took a lot of effort to barely discern some broken words words and voice tone:

    “…why do we meet like this every time?”


Little Theater:

The instructor: Ge Xiu, what do you have?

Ge Xiu: A MECHA!!!

The instructor: NO!


Bamboo has something to say:

Ge Xiu adding to his list of favourite things: recklessly driving mecha


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