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Chapter 78: ABO

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He doubted his ears.

    Free love? ?

    The kind of free love where he forces the other’s father into a marriage contract by hijacking him?

    ——How did this person say such shameless words with a straight face?

    At this moment, the door of the infirmary was hurriedly pushed open from the outside, and a man who didn’t look young strode in. His expression was calm and serious, and his aura brought a sense of invisible majesty and prestige.

    Yost’s spirits lifted and he shouted: “Dean.”

    Hines lowered his eyes and glanced at Ge Xiu who was sitting on the hospital bed, his lips curled slightly, and he said a bit playfully:

    “It seems that the noise you made in the training ground was not small.”

    Ge Xiu came back to his senses, raised his eyebrows and looked at the man standing not far away.

    The curvature of Haines’ lips deepened a little and he casually counted:

    “On the first day of school, you broke a mental power testing instrument. While exploding the mecha, you also crashed a pit in the observatory’s wall. It’s also the first time a mecha was destroyed so fast since the establishment of the Mecha Academy.”

    There was a very obvious smile in his voice.

    Not only there was no blaming, but there is even a vague appreciation and satisfaction.

    Ge Xiu: “…”


    At least it’s confirmed now that this guy was definitely not here to be a teacher.

    What kind of tutor would be so happy to see his school explode?

    Yost, the doctor, and the dean stood at the door of the infirmary talking seriously, and from time to time they cast their gazes in the direction of Ge Xiu and Haines, increasingly frequently.

    Haines sighed regretfully: “It seems that I can’t not go.”

    He gave Ge Xiu a frivolous smile:

    “Maybe we can have a formal date next time.”

    After speaking, Haines turned and walked towards the three people standing at the door, leaving only the view of his neat and straight back.

    Ge Xiu stared thoughtfully in the direction the man was leaving, his dark eyes unpredictable, as if he was quietly pondering and evaluating something.

    The door of the infirmary slowly closed behind Haines, completely covering figures of several people in the corridor. The sound of footsteps walking away came from outside the door, and the entire infirmary gradually became quiet.

    Finally, except for the regular ticking of the nutrient solution drip, there was no sound in the whole room.

    Ge Xiu took back his gaze and lowered his eyes.

    The brightly coloured candy on his knees suddenly appeared in his view, and the bright and eye-catching colour scheme had a very strong presence on the pale one-colour background, bringing a strong visual impact —very eye catching.

    Ge Xiu was slightly taken aback.

    He raised his hand to pick up the candy.

    The slender and pale fingertips lightly pinched the thin layer of cellophane covering the candy, and a quiet rustling sound rang in the silent ward, and in just a few seconds, a round, crystal clear ball exuding a faint sweet aroma appeared in his palm.

    Ge Xiu closed one eye, held up the candy, and observed it carefully under the sunlight shining through the window.

    Through the translucent sugar ball, it looked as if every inch of the world was dyed with a dreamy rose red, the light and the scenery were refracted and distorted, everything seemed to be imprisoned in a small candy.

    Ge Xiu opened his eyes, threw the sugar ball into his mouth, and licked the remaining syrup off his fingertips.

    The sugar balls melted slowly in the mouth, and the sweet taste of fruits spread on the warm tongue.

    Strawberry flavoured.

    Ge Xiu suppressed the corners of his lips that subconsciously started to raise slightly, and frowned tightly instead.

    In that short period of time, he couldn’t understand the true purpose of the other party, let alone whether the other party knew the original owner.

    And… how did the other party know that he likes candy?

    Maybe it was just a coincidence?

    After all, in this ABO world, it was not uncommon for omegas to like sweets. In fact, most of the omegas here had a strong preference for candy, pastries and other desserts, so it didn’t seem too surprising for the other to give him candy.

    In addition, Ge Xiu was not sure whether the other party knew the original owner.

    If they really knew each other, it seemed to be normal to know the taste of the original owner.

    But there was another possibility that couldn’t be ruled out.

    A completely different guess from the previous one gradually emerged in Ge Xiu’s mind.

    Could Haines Erost be [that person]?

    The only real existence in countless virtual worlds, his name was unknown, his appearance was unknown… His purpose was also unknown.

    The only thing Ge Xiu knew for sure was that in every world, he would always be by his side.

    He raised his head and looked at the nutrient solution that was being injected into his blood vessels bit by bit.

    Under the sun, the dark eyes of the teenager showed an light brown, almost amber colour, which looked beautiful and almost illusory, but also brought an inexplicable sense of alienation and distance.

    The sequelae of overusing mental power suddenly came up, and the soreness of his limbs and joints began to be impossible to ignore, his muscles trembled slightly under the skin, as if protesting against his excessive cruel exercise method.

    Ge Xiu licked the candy that was slowly melting in his mouth, propped himself on the edge of the bed with some difficulty, and lay down slowly.

    He closed his eyes wearily, trying to rest for a while.

    At this moment, for some unknown reason, the last sentence the man said while leaving just now seemed to suddenly pop into his mind.

    Ge Xiu was stunned for a moment, and suddenly opened his eyes, only then did he realize something was wrong:

    Wait… a date?

    What the hell was that?


    The office of the Dean of the Mecha Academy was located on the highest floor. The large space was covered with a simple metal design. It was quite long in depth, and the entirety of three walls was occupied by books.

    The dean frowned slightly, fixedly staring at Yost in front of him, and asked slowly:

    “Are you sure?”

    Yost nodded firmly: “Yes, absolutely correct. It took him almost fifteen minutes to pass the E level, nearly eight minutes and thirty seconds to pass the D grade, and he didn’t take more than two minutes to pass the C grade!”

    The dean listened thoughtfully, and suddenly asked: “What is his mental power test value?”

    Yost paused suddenly, and his voice suddenly dropped: “We don’t know.”

    “What?” The dean raised his head.

    “I suspect that there is a problem with the mental power detection device, and the value given for him was always 0…”

    “And you still dared to let him go into a mecha?” The dean looked at Yost in shock.

    Yost choked.

    “I let him go.”

    A casual voice came from behind the two, interrupting the conversation abruptly.

    Yost and the Dean were both stunned and looked in the direction from which the voice came.

    They saw Haines standing not far away, his slender figure leaning lazily and carelessly against the bookshelves, his deep eyes half-narrowed, and the corners of his lips curled up in a smile:

    “If you lack funds for repairs, I don’t mind helping you make up for it.”

    Dean: “…”

    He took a deep breath and looked away a little sullenly.

    Yost glanced at Haines with complex gaze, then withdrew his gaze and looked at the Dean again.

    His emotions became agitated: “Regardless of the specific mental power values, just based on the test data, you know better than me what this shows! This shows that the mecha pilot’s mental power is terrifying, and that he could even learn and improve himself while piloting a mecha, and this was still the first time he has piloted one!”

    “Actually, to be precise,” the Dean suddenly interrupted Yost, shaking his head heavily: ” This wasn’t the first time he has piloted a mecha.”


    Yost was taken aback for a moment.

    The dean continued: “About half a month ago, Iris Drost concealed his name and went to the army privately. During this process, the reserve army encountered an unexpected Zerg attack, and Iris separated from the troops during this time… We think he should have piloted a mecha during that time, although for a short period, but that should be the first time Iris came into contact with a mecha.”

    “You think that?”

    Haines asked with a mixed mood:

    “What made you think so?”

    The dean hesitated for a while, and considering his words for a while, he explained:

    “The galaxy where the team was forced to land was basically devoured by Zerg. Even the wreckage left behind was swept away by the thieves’ ships, and by the time the rescue army arrived on the planet, it was basically impossible to confirm the original landing location.

    Furthermore the mecha driven by Iris was almost destroyed in an explosion, our technicians are still trying to analyse and decode the remaining data files, and so far only less than three minutes of video have been recovered, so we are not very sure what he did in the mecha, nor is he very sure that how long had he been driving it. The only evidence we have is the testimony left by the surviving members of the squad, they proved that Iris snatched a mecha and flew away, but there was no substantive evidence for this kind of testimony…”

    “Snatched the mecha?” Haines straightened up and slowly repeated what the dean had just said.

    With an unpredictable expression, he continued indifferently:

    “Why did he snatch the mecha?”

    The dean sighed: “Iris’s differentiation period has advanced, he started the estrus period early on the battlefield and released pheromones. “

    A the small missing piece in logical chain was finally filled at this moment.

    A boy from a noble family who was sold on a thieves’ ship, with a hideous scar on the back of his neck—and an early beginning of estrus.

    Haines’ expression cooled down, the smile on his lips dissipated, and there was a chilling sense of aggression and oppression in his dark blue eyes:

    “Where is the image you recovered?”


    Nutrient solution drip finally finished.

    Ge Xiu sat up from the hospital bed and moved his still-aching joints.

    The tinnitus and dizziness left from the previous impact had basically disappeared, but this omega body was too delicate, especially with the previous injury that still haven’t recovered. Ge Xiu feels as if his was run over by a boulder, and there was pain everywhere.

    After listening to the doctor’s orders, he left the infirmary.

    The hallway was empty, and the smell of disinfectant was everywhere.

    Ge Xiu walked slowly and leisurely along the wall, thinking in his mind whether to contact his cheap dad.

    At this moment, a shadow came over.

    Ge Xiu was taken aback and looked up.

    He saw a tall alpha standing not far away. He had a handsome face, a cold expression, and he stared at him with a complex expression in his eyes.

    This was… Igor?

    Why has he come here?


    The author has something to say:

   Ge Xiu (pondering): Who is this?

    After three seconds, suddenly realising: Oh!


Bamboo has something to say:

ML gets less expressionless and more shameless with each arc


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