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Chapter 80: ABO

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    So were they even chatting on the same frequency?

    He sighed helplessly in his heart and gave up trying to get the truth from the other person’s mouth.

    As for the date the other party said just now…

    Ge Xiu showed a polite smile: “Not now, everyone is very busy, next time if there is a chance…”

    “Don’t be so quick to refuse.” Haines took a step closer, his thin lips slightly raised.

    He blinked at Ge Xiu: “Just take it as an apology for offending you just now, how about it?”

    Haines narrowed his eyes, a bewitching gleam flickered in his deep pupils under the sunlight, and his low voice was filled with all irresistible means: “I promise I won’t let you down.”

    Suddenly, he changed the subject: “Of course, if you don’t agree, then I can’t help it…”

    Haines didn’t change his face: “But come looking for you every day.”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    Damn, what a shameless man.

    ——Sure enough, only such a person could openly declare that he advocates free love after forcing a marriage contract.


    He tilted his head: “You said, you promise not to disappoint me?”

    Haines’ smile deepened: “Yes.”

    Ge Xiu was really interested now.

    The corners of his lips lifted upwards slightly, revealing a brilliant smile, but the cold light flashing in his eyes was provocative: “What if I’m not satisfied?”

    Haines shrugged casually, looked back at his eyes, and said seriously: “I will never take the initiative to look for you again until you complete your studies.”

    Is that just the case?

    Ge Xiu felt a little regretful.

    He thought he would be able to break off the engagement.

    But it’s not bad, he was going to leave this world before graduation anyway, so in fact the essence was similar.

    He nodded: “Deal.”


    Fifteen minutes later.

    Ge Xiu and Haines got out of the aircraft one after the other.

    In front of them was a huge dark building without any decorations and signs outside, seeming like a sharp dagger aiming straight into the sky.

    Ge Xiu frowned suspiciously: “This is..?”

    Haines walked over to him, followed his gaze to the building in front of him, and said indifferently: “Mecha Academy invited me to be an honorary professor, of course, it has to pay some compensation money.”

    The robot on the side floated over, light blue light swept across Haines’ face, and it made a high synthetic voice:

    “Identity confirmed. Welcome back, Mr. Erost.”

    Haines’ attitude was light-hearted:

    “So I asked them to give me a piece of land in the school.”

    In fact, by hiring him to teach for a piece of land, the Mecha Academy has already taken a big advantage— after all, for a mercenary corps captain who was rich and could rival a country, this reward was equal to nothing.

    The dark door opened slowly in front of the two of them.

    He turned to his side and made a graceful “please enter” gesture to Ge Xiu.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows: “So this is equivalent to your temporary residence in the school?”

    Haines thought for a while: “I guess you could say that…”

    After all, ever since he had came to the Federation, he has basically spent his time in here, the real estate he bought in the capital had never actually been visited once.

    Ge Xiu quietly complained: “…then this is really a good place for a first date.”

    Haines laughed happily: “I thought you were looking forward to me not going to find you.”

    “…” Ge Xiu rolled his eyes: “Lead the way.”

    The smile on Haines’ lips did not disappear: “As you wish.”

    The two walked into the building one after the other, and the blue sky disappeared behind them. The layer of lights in the mechanical passage in front of them were illuminating the cold mechanical surface clearly.

    While walking, Haines explained in a leisurely manner:

    “Although this land and the buildings above were assigned to me by the Mecha Academy, the facilities inside were practically fully designed and manufactured by my people….”

    The two walked to the end of the corridor.

    The metal door in front of him automatically opened.

    In front of him was a huge space that was shockingly empty. Under the high metal ceiling was a sophisticated and high-end hall of weapons and a well-equipped training ground. It was even more designed and technologically advanced than the ring field that Ge Xiu had seen before.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes lit up instantly.

    Haines’s smile deepened, and then led him forward slowly, introducing dutifully as they walked.

    From the optical arsenal, the laser setup room, the accuracy training field…

    and finally—

    The two stood in front of a huge metal wall.

    Haines placed his palm on the identifier on the wall, a faint blue light swept across, the wall in front of him rumbled loudly, and a huge door slowly opened.

    Under the illumination of the overhead lights, the huge steel monster inside seemed even more oppressive.

    It was completely black, and the metal joints and the iconic sharp arcs on the mecha were exuding aggression, lurking quietly in the darkness like a silent beast, waiting to roar and fight.

    This mecha was completely different from anything Ge Xiu had seen before. It was bigger and deadlier than every mecha he’d seen.

    As well as more charming.

    Ge Xiu raised his head and stared at the pitch-black mecha in front of him, a bit of amazement sparkling at the bottom of his eyes.

    Haines said: “This is my personal mecha, designed and supervised by me, equipped with the most advanced positioning missile system and light energy bombs equipment in the entire interstellar space. The mental link is adjusted based on my own mental power.”

    He put his hand on the cold and hard metal exterior of the mecha, and stared affectionately, his dark eyes as deep as abyss.

    “She contributed greatly in the Zerg siege five years ago.”

    Ge Xiu said softly: “…She is so beautiful.”

    “That’s right.” Haines glanced at the dark mecha and then turned his head to look at Ge Xiu, and let out a low chuckle:

    “Do you want to try it?”

    Ge Xiu was astounded.

    He turned his head sharply to look at Haines: “For real!”

    The boy’s eyes were staring at him under the light, and his eyes flashed with unconcealed anticipation. Haines felt as if he could see the crazily wagging tail behind him.

    … so cute that it’s foul.

    Haines’ hands were a little itchy, and he had the urge to reach out and ruffle a little boy’s delicate hair.

    “Of course.” he said with a chuckle.

    Ge Xiu cheered, his dark eyes bent into bright crescents, and happily rushed towards the mecha cockpit.

    Smile on Haines’ lips couldn’t be restrained. He seemed to suddenly think of something, raised his voice, and shouted to the boy who had run so far his shadow couldn’t be seen anymore: “Your mental power has just recovered, don’t play too much!”

    A cheerful and energetic voice came from the cab:

    “…I know!”

    After hearing his answer, a gentle smile appeared in Haines’ dark eyes.

    He came to the command area, and the blue screen above was linked to the cockpit, showing the status of the driver.

    The hum of the engine sounded, and in an instant, the huge steel monster rushed out like a shadow, and drew a sharp arc in the air. The movements were smooth and natural, not at all like the moves of a novice at all.

    Ge Xiu fell into a state of high excitement.

    Every cell in the body is trembling and rejoicing in thrill—

    After he actually sat to drive, he could feel the gap between other mechas and this one more clearly—the engine has been updated at least four generations above, and the axle system was more sensitive as well. The coordination bought by the mental power link was even more smooth and amazing, and there was no such thing as uncontrollable excitement that caused him to fall into a irrational state due to excessive resistance last time.

    He was extremely excited now, but also extremely calm.

    Haines’ voice came from the communicator in front of him.

    The man’s deep voice was slightly distorted by the electric current: “How does it feel?”

    Ge Xiu was driving a mecha doing a difficult somersault in the air at this time. He laughed happily, and his voice was full of suppressed excitement:

    “Very good.”

    As if infected by his emotions, Haines also had a slight smile on his lips as he asked:

    “Want to learn something interesting?”

    Ge Xiu raised his eyes and looked at the screen, his eyes light up little by little, like the bright stars in the night sky, looking ever so dazzling in the cockpit of the mecha.

    He nodded heavily: “Want!”

    Haines felt his heart tighten, and the whole heart seemed to be caught hard, and it felt as if it was being scratched by a light and soft feather.

    He took a deep breath slowly and forced himself to look away from the screen—

    Help, what should I do if my fiancé is too cute that he gives me arrhythmia.


    The author has something to say:

   Ge Xiu:  *blinking obediently* (blinkblink)

    Haines: Lost, lost too much blood! Call the ambulance!


Bamboo has something to say:

Little Theater:

Haines: Come, visit my basement.

Ge Xiu: What do you think, that I’m a naive child?

Haines: I have mechas

Ge Xiu: So is your basement far away


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