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Chapter 81: ABO

    The simulated battlefield mode is turned on, and the originally cold bare metal walls were covered with virtual electronic images.

    On the barren planet, countless ferocious Zergs rushed towards the mecha suspended in the air in swarms, like a dark flood making one’s scalp numb.

    The mecha was pitch black, like a huge silent beast.

    But when it moved, it was as agile and sharp as cold lightning, and in the blink of an eye, it passed through the gap between the Zergs.

    Haines’ voice came through the communicator.

    His voice was low, and his words were concise and powerful: “…Turn a 30° angle to the left and turn on the laser protection layer. Turn sideways and move downwards 20 meters. Turn on the automatic missile device.”

    In the practice field, the black mecha completed his instructions fully and swifty—

    The next second, a huge roar of shells sounded, and only the blackened corpse was suspended in the space in front of him.

    Everything went silent.

    Haines raised his head and stared at the mecha not far away, a look of amazement flashed in the depths of his dark pupils.

    When it comes to actual mecha combat, the entire Interstellar may not have more rights to speak about it than him.

    It was only his third time piloting a mecha, and the other could already completely fulfil his instructions, and could even sharply refine and improve it according to his actual situation, as to maximize the power and destructive power of the mecha and the weapons. And he’s not afraid of taking risks—sometimes it can be said that his actions were too dangerous and thrilling, but he always maintained extreme calmness and rationality at the critical moment.

    ——He had the talent, the courage, and potential.

    As if born for this.

    The simulated battlefield in the air flickered, and all the scenery slowly faded away as if erased, leaving only the cold and clean metal walls.

    On the screen on the podium appeared the face of Ge Xiu in the command room.

    A little bit of sweat glimmered on the tip of his nose, his jet-black hair was wet with sweat, sticking to his fair forehead, and a blush appeared on his cheeks due to the rapid movements and mental exhaustion.

    The young man gasped slightly, but his eyes were still as bright as stars, a the points of blazing light was rippling in the bottom of his eyes, once a person looked in them they were hooked and couldn’t look away.

    The corners of his lips were slightly raised, and he couldn’t wait to urge: “Come again!”

    Haines suddenly remembered the old photo that Admiral Drost sent to his spaceship—the handsome and sunny boy smiling brightly at the camera, his pointy tiger teeth making him seem playful and lively, with a bit of innocence of not knowing the world.

    Not icy, calm, ruthless.

    —or comatose, pale, bloodstained.

    Haines felt a dull pain in his heart.

    The pain was not sharp and distinct, but a long-lasting heavy pressure, spreading from his chest, making him feel as if he wanted to destroy something, or maybe he was just wanted to hold the other person firmly in his arms, to alleviate the sudden rush of pain.

    The teenager watched him expectantly from the screen.

    Haines was heartless: “That’s all for today, your current physical condition has not recovered, and your mental strength will not allow you to continue driving.”

    Ge Xiu did not give up: “last ten minutes?”

    Haines forced himself to look away, he shook his head firmly.

    “Five minutes?” Ge Xiu bargained pitifully.

    Can’t be shaken. Needs to have principles.

    “Three minutes! Three minutes, please!” Ge Xiu blinked and said eagerly, “I’ll make one last circle!”

    “…” Haines sighed helplessly: “Okay, the last three minutes. “

    Forget it, how much is this principle worth anyway.

    Ge Xiu cheered happily and cut the communication.

    The pitch-black mecha traversed a smooth trajectory in the air, circled the field gracefully and swiftly, and finally stopped firmly in the mecha cabin.

    The sound of the metal exoskeleton vibrating and rubbing against metal sounded.

    Ge Xiu neatly jumped out of the mecha cabin and landed on the ground briskly.

    Haines raised his lips and watched the boy run towards him.

    His eyes were drooping, and his dark blue eyes flashed a gentle smile under his sharp eyebrows: “How is it, are you satisfied?”

    Ge Xiu sat on the chair, frowning hesitantly, as if undercoming a psychological struggle.

    Finally, after hesitating for a few seconds, he replied in a low voice:

    “It’s…it’s not bad…”

    Haines couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips. If he wasn’t concerned about his fiancé’s face, he might have laughed out loud softly.

    The machine housekeeper on the side brought the towels and salt water that had been prepared.

    “It’s getting late.” Haines looked down at his watch: “Are you hungry?”

    Ge Xiu wiped his sweaty forehead with a towel, felt his stomach, and nodded honestly.

    Haines narrowed his eyes, and the curvature of the corners of his lips deepened.

    ——In the end, Ge Xiu not only ate dinner here, but also ate an entire chocolate parfait after dinner.

    At the end of the night, he went out with a pocket full of candy.

    The aircraft that took him back to the bedroom was already waiting at the door.

    Haines gently opened the door for him, placing his palm between Ge Xiu’s head and the aircraft door frame to prevent him from hitting his head.

    He lowered his eyes to look at the young man who was already sitting in the aircraft, his dark eyes were unfathomable, the corners of his lips were raised, and a smile appeared:

    “So, when do you want to do it again?”

    Ge Xiu tilted his head and thought for a while, then took off his communicator and threw it to Haines.

    He smiled with two pointed tiger teeth: “Remember to call me on your next date!”

    Haines lowered his eyes and smiled, he handed back the communicator with the entered number back to Ge Xiu and replied, “Of course.”

    —— If he doesn’t call his date, is it even a date?


    Ge Xiu leaned against the back seat of the aircraft and yawned.

    He was really tired. Today’s training and study consumed a lot of mental energy. Although he still didn’t know what Haines wanted, at least he had a good time.

    The so-called date may not be too bad.

    Ge Xiu blinked away the physiological tears oozing from the corners of his eyes, and narrowed his eyes lazily, staring at the rapidly changing night scene outside the window.

    At this moment, the communicator on his lap buzzed twice.

    So fast?

    Ge Xiu was stunned, raised his hand and picked up the communicator.

    But what appeared above was not a message from Haines, but a series of exclamation marks sent by the original body’s friend: “Where have you been!!!! Go and see the campus star network!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Ge Xiu simply swiped up.

    Dozens of unread messages appeared on the page, no matter the number of exclamation marks or the content, it was obvious that they had been looking for him since three or four hours ago.

    But he was having dinner with Haines at the time, and he was chatting so happily about mecha driving and mecha transformation that he completely forgot to look at his communicator.

    Ge Xiu casually clicked on a link attached to a text message.

    A string of bold red characters suddenly jumped out, and the sensational title, like a huge exclamation mark, jumped into his field of vision.

    “The Omega that was transferred to the Mecha Driving Department because of his relationship hooks up with another!”

    The picture below was a photo at the door of the infirmary.

    Igor was standing not far away, and Haines put his hand on Ge Xiu’s shoulder, almost like a possessive hug because of the angle of the shooting.

    The three people faced each other, and the atmosphere was strange and in a deadlock. It felt as if the coldness in the eyes of two alphas could be felt across the screen.

    He had to admit, this photo was pretty good.

    It was entirely possible for the onlookers to make up an earth-shattering dog-blood love triangle story in an instant.

    The following text was even more provocative. After describing the process of Iris’s crazy pursuit of the mecha pilot genius Igor, it started talking about his short-term disappearance. His well-known father arranged him to join the Mecha Driving Department, and he was allowed to drive the mecha before he even passed the mental value test, and even he even crashed the training ground! ——A brief video a few seconds long was attached,where a huge mecha slammed into the wall out of control, followed by a huge explosion and steaming smoke.

    And even not long after he changed departments, he quickly hooked up with the newly hired honorary tutor of the academy—the famous Haines Erost!

    This post caused quite a stir when it was first posted.

    Apart from Iris, the identities of the two other alphas were not simple.

    Igor was not only the only son of General Lester, but also a rare genius in the Mecha Driving  Department. He has been invited by the military before even graduating, and his future is bright.

    And Haines Erost was a legendary figure.

    He commanded the largest mercenary army in the entire interstellar space. It was a military force that not even the federal government dared to provoke. It was not only powerful, but it was also exceedingly rich and influential. After the war with the Zerg five years ago, the federal treasury was empty. Subsequent post-war reconstruction were almost fully dependent on this ex-wanted criminal who was both good and evil, and now he was a war hero.

    The media had mixed opinions about him, but his power and terror were unquestioned.

    Most people at school had only heard his name, or had seen his vague profile in magazines and in the news.

    Before the school started, some people heard the rumour that Haines was going to teach at the Mecha Academy, but most people regarded it as a ridiculous foolish talk.

    But they didn’t expect…

    Haines really came to the academy!

    And who was Omega who is between the two top alphas?

    ——Heavens, what the hell is going on!

    Ge Xiu simply scrolled down.

    He saw that the past and previous experience of the original owner had basically all been dug up, also and with the family behind him, interpersonal relationships, college results and even all his previous academic grades were all listed in that post one by one.

    He frowned.

    Although the past experience of the original body did not belong to him, the feeling of being exposed by prying eyes made him feel very uncomfortable.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

    …it’s really annoying.

    He opened his personal terminal and began to decode and trace the address of the poster—the uploader was obviously very careful, the server used for posting was outside the federal jurisdiction, and apparently it had changed hands at least three times.

    But this method of that could prevent most of the trackers was pretty much useless for Ge Xiu.

    He hacked into the company that provided the server, then retrieved the user’s location information from the source, and then cross-calculated it from the terminal codes of the members of the academy.

    In less than ten minutes he caught the person who wrote this post.

    The full profile appeared on the screen.

    Percy Edmure.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes drooped slightly, staring at the blond omega with an unpredictable expression, in his dark pupils was reflecting the blue light of the terminal.

    As expected.

Contemplating changing the schedule into a looser one. I will only get busier in the future ah ah ah


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