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Chapter 82: ABO

    Percy Edmure.

    The Omega who had a crush on Igor but couldn’t confess, and held a grudge against Igor’s fiancé, Iris.


    To be honest, Ge Xiu lost interest the moment he saw the initiator.

    ——It was that rubbish person that the original body provoked before.

    The moment he came to this world, no matter who this body had a love-hate relationship with, it had nothing to do with him.

    Ge Xiu had never cared and was not prepared to devote too much energy for such a pointless affair.

    He yawned disinterested, threw the terminal aside, and leaned his head casually against the aircraft’s window.

    The light outside the window flashed like a fluorescent reflection, forming flickering spots of light, and the edge of the border between light and dark blurred in his eyes, dividing into two indistinct halves.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes and stared out the window.

    His conversation with Haines this evening was fruitful.

    Haines had wide experience in designing and piloting mechas. His ideas for design drawings and weapon improvements were very interesting, bold and risky, but very implementable—the most important and pressing need in Ge Xiu’s heart now was to go back to his room and see if he could put these theories into practice.

    The speed of the aircraft gradually slowed down and finally stopped at the door of the student dormitory.

    Ge Xiu jumped out of the aircraft and looked up at the towering building in front of him.

    The Mecha Academy was the most high-end and powerful top university in the entire interstellar space. The quality of its dormitories was also first-class in the country. Both the facilities and the floor space were excellent, especially for students from an influential family and with a strong background like Ge Xiu. In other words, the material level of life on campus did not need to be considered at all. As long as one was willing to spend money, one could enjoy all of the preferential treatment that could be enjoyed outside the school.

    He walked towards the building according to Iris’ memory.

    Before he could take a few more steps, he heard a cold voice coming from not far away:

    “Oh, you’re back.”

    Ge Xiu paused and turned his head to look in the direction of the voice.

    The blond Omega slowly walked out from behind the pillar, with a malicious smile on the corner of his mouth, and a pair of azure blue eyes flashing with a malicious look.

    He said sarcastically*:

*talking yin and yang, referring to sarcastic malicious talk

    “How come you’re back so early? It seems that your charm was not enough.”

    Ge Xiu blinked and looked at him up and down with some surprise: “So… you are waiting downstairs exclusively for me to come back?”

    Just to say these few words?

    “Are you so free?” Ge Xiu was genuinely curious about this.

    Percy choked: “You…”

    He was indeed waiting here, because he didn’t want to miss the other party’s sad and painful expression after being humiliated, but unexpectedly, Iris seemed to be fine! Didn’t he see the foul language on the school star website?

    Percy felt resentful anger surging in his chest, but he felt aggrieved as if his fist had hit cotton, which made him unable to think of words that he could fight back with for a while.

    Ge Xiu waited patiently for a few seconds.

    But Percy just glared at him gnashing his teeth, as if he was going to bite off his flesh, and didn’t seem ready to share his mental journey.

    So he sighed regretfully, turned around and continued to walk into the building.

    Percy’s face twisted for a moment from his indifference.

    His voice rose in an instant, and the tone was mixed with undisguised bitterness, and he began to lose his self-control, yelling: “Don’t think I don’t know why you’re here, what else would you do other than seduce alphas? You even hooked up with Haines Erost, I really underestimated your ability!”

    The boy continued to walk forward indifferently.

    A trace of jealousy flashed in Percy’s eyes. He said slowly maliciously,

    “If he knew there was something wrong with your glands, could you say if he still would like you so much?”

    The boy in front of him paused slightly.

    Percy raised the corners of his lips successfully, feeling that he had finally found a way to jab at weak point of this hateful Omega.

    He actually didn’t know what was wrong with Iris’ glands, but he overheard from the words of the two when he was eavesdropping on him and Igor in the afternoon.

    For Omegas, gland injury was a major injury, and almost no alpha would want to have an Omega who couldn’t be in heat as their partner, and such an Omega’s future was basically equivalent to being destroyed.

    And what made Percy even more infuriated was that…

    based on the conversation between the two this afternoon, Igor clearly knew about it.

    However, not only did he not dislike it, but he even seemed to like him more!

    And that Haines Erost.

    What was wrong with those excellent alpha eyes? Why would they be attracted to such an Omega who not only wasn’t outstanding but even had gland problems?

    Jealousy overwhelmed Percy’s head, his smile was slightly distorted, and he continued viciously: “If I told everyone that you are a crippled monster that can’t have estrus, do you think anyone would want you?”

    He looked smugly at the silent back of the young man standing still in front, waiting for him to collapse due to pain and fear, crying bitterly at his feet, begging him not to leak the secret.

    —The boy turned back slowly.

    The warm yellow light shining behind him outlined the lines of his profile, and the delicate and soft fluffy hair on his cheeks was clearly illuminated. His facial features were shrouded in darkness, and his expression couldn’t be clearly seen.

    There was a shining cold light in his eyes.

    At the moment when he the other’s eyesight locked on him, Percy felt a chill behind his back, and an instinctive sense of danger hit his heart, causing him to take two steps back unconsciously.

    There was no excess emotion in the other’s eyes.

    But it made it even more terrifying.

    Percy had the illusion that he was being stared at by some kind of beast for a while, his hair stood on end, his hands and feet were cold, but he forced himself to calm down: “Who are you pretending to be? Now kneel down and give me a kowtow and I will think about not revealing it… “

    “Do you know what I hate the most about people like you?”

    The teenager said quietly.

    He walked toward Percy, getting closer slowly, every step seemed as if he was stepping on his beating heart:

    “You never know what it means enough is enough.”

     He said softly, with some kind of deep and cold feeling in his voice, with a hint of weariness in his tone, as if he was bored with everything in front of him.

    Percy froze suddenly.

    Before he could react, an invisible sense of oppression covered his head like a crumbling mountain and pressed him to the ground with an absolute powerful crushing posture.

    Percy’s pupils shrank in horror. He opened his mouth to say something, but his lips and tongue seemed to be glued to asphalt, unable to move at all—

    how could it be possible?

    When did Iris’s mental power became so powerful?

    Percy felt a little breathless, as if his chest was firmly pressed by a large stone, and an instinctive fear rose from the bottom of his heart, causing his limbs to tremble slightly.

    Ge Xiu stood in front of him.

    He lowered his eyelashes, and his voice was soft and low, like a gentle whisper:

    “You want to know what’s wrong with my glands, don’t you?”

    Percy’s eyes widened in horror, unable to shake his head, unable to nod his head, he could only blankly stare at the young man in front of him.

    The boy turned his head to the side, his fingers lifted the collar, revealing his slender neck and his nape—the dark scars were crawling on the back of his neck like an ugly centipede, which seemed particularly abrupt and terrifying on the fair skin.

    Percy stared at Ge Xiu forgetting how to breathe, his eyes were completely occupied by the scar and he could not even react.

    The boy’s pitch-black eyes moved slightly, staring at him from under his eyelashes, his thin and gorgeous lips curled into an arc:

    “The heat on the battlefield stood in my way, so I dug my glands out.”

    The depths of those pitch-black eyes flashed with a strange and evil light, like a seductive and depraved demon, taking pleasure in cruelty, making people feel fear and tremble from the depths of their bones:

    “Do you know what this means? “

    Percy couldn’t move and was drenched in a cold sweat.

    Ge Xiu’s fingers, cold and calm, slid slowly all the way to his neck along the arc of his jaw, like some soft, cold-blooded animal, burrowing softly and silently into his collar, landing on the sensitive patch where his glands were, caressing gently his skin.

    His lips were close to Percy’s ear:

    “That means I have experience—I know how to dig it out, and how to create the most pain in the process.”

    Ge Xiu took a step back, his eyes narrowed looking to the side, on the corner of his thin lips appeared a sweet and pure smile:

    “—You seem to care about it, don’t you?”

    Percy shivered violently, his pupils shrunk to the size of pinpoints in fear, and there was not a trace of his arrogant appearance from before, the cold killing intent diffused by the other party is so real and terrifying that he can’t move even a little bit.

    Ge Xiu withdrew his hand reluctantly, patted his cheek, and said:

    “Behave, do you know what I mean?”

    He pulled away without any hesitation.

    The strong and heavy pressure suddenly disappeared, and Percy felt his knees go weak and he fell to the ground. He raised his hand and pressed his sore throat, feeling ashamed and angry because of ehis embarrassing performance.

    He roared with a twisted face:

    “You…you are finished! Do you know who my dad…”

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes.

    Ah… sure enough.

    Some people really don’t know when enough is enough.

    Although he has no interest in entangling with the original owner’s past, he was certainly not a soft-hearted and magnanimous person—especially for those idiots who didn’t know to not provoke him.

    Percy saw dark in front of his eyes, and then, a sharp pain came from his fingers on the ground:


    Ge Xiu stared at him condescendingly, the strength under his feet increased little by little, and the heavy soles rubbed against the hard fingerbones making a grinding sound:

    “I said behave, why don’t you understand?”

    He leaned down and stared at Percy’s pale, sweating face, slowly reporting a series of numbers.

    Percy stared at Ge Xiu in horror, speechless from shock, unable to utter a syllable.

    ——This, these were, the coordinate address of the virtual server he purchased!

    Ge Xiu raised the corners of his lips:

    “Did you use your left hand or your right hand?”

    He narrowed his eyes, his feet became heavier, and the curvature of his lips deepened slightly: “I don’t mind helping you heal.”


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