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Chapter 83: ABO

    Before Ge Xiu could do anything, the communicator in his pocket buzzed again.

    He was going to ignore it.

    However, the next second, the communicator that fell out of Percy’s pocket also began to ring frantically.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows in surprise, reached out and took out the communicator from his pocket.

    The first was the message sent by the original’s friend, this time there were no extra words, only a series of huge and bold exclamation points: “!!!!!!”

    Ge Xiu frowned in doubt.

    In the next second, a new message was sent: “Look at the campus Starnet!!!!!!!!!!”

    … So many exclamation marks really hurt people’s eyes.

    Ge Xiu blinked, moved the communicator further away from him, and then opened the StarNet interface again.

    The post from before was still hovering at the top, but the difference compared to before was that there appeared another post that had been posted not long ago. It quickly has come to the top, and it dominated the first position.

    The title was blank.

    Ge Xiu suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart.

    He opened the post slowly.

    A few ordinary bold characters jumped into his view: “I’m pursuing, don’t disturb.”

    The picture below:

    A young man was seriously digging in the chocolate parfait in the glass, and a tall man was sitting across the table. He lowered his eyes to look at the other party deeply, his face with deep features was handsome and sharp, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, his expression was so focused that it gave the feeling of being affectionate—the whole picture was beautiful and harmonious, with a magnetic force that made it difficult to take your eyes off.

    Posted by: Haines Erost.

    ——The exclusive account of the school tutor.

    The number of commentors below has skyrocketed wildly, and all the contents were incredibly unified:

    […Holy shit]

    […Holy shit]


    Ge Xiu: “…Holy shit.”

    He took a deep breath, slowly turned off the communicator in his hand, blankly turned it to silent mode and stuffed it back into his pocket.

    The huge amount of exclamation points and buzzing received from the communicator came to an abrupt end.

    The silence finally returned to his ears.

    Exhausted, Ge Xiu raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling that his heart was as calm as lake, and he no longer had any expectations.

    ——And, why… wasn’t he surprised at all.

    He glanced down at Percy, whose eyes were full of tears, and moved his feet away with little interest.

    Percy fell to the ground in an instant, then crawled back, trying to get as far away from Ge Xiu as possible.

    Ge Xiu picked up his communicator from the ground and casually raised his hand to toss it to him.

    The communicator fell perfectly into Percy’s arms, and his palm shook slightly, almost shaking out the lost communicator.

    “The estrus period brought by the glands is a confinement, not a gift.”

    Ge Xiu glanced at him lightly: “Those who imprisoned themselves all their life are the saddest.”

    There’s no more to say.

    He yawned lazily, then turned and walked slowly towards the door of the dorms.

    The warm yellow lights penetrating into night from the building outlined his gradually receding figure, which elongated into a pitch-black silhouette of his shadow on the ground.

    Percy stared blankly at the boy’s back, the buzzing sound of the communicator in his hand still continued uninterrupted.


    What happened next was unsurprising.

    This amazing news spread explosively, not only the on campus Starnet, but even the Starnet of the entire Federation caught the news. Because Haines’ identity and status were too special, and he himself was too low-key, so any words related to him have attracted much attention on the Starnet, not to mention this seemingly ridiculous news was actually released by him, which made the whole event even more sensational.

    And his words were actually ——”pursuing”!

    He hasn’t succeeded yet? !

    Countless speculations and rumours were flying all over the sky, and almost the entire Federation Starnet has turned upside down with this news.

    And as a person in the middle of the storm, Ge Xiu was annoyed and it gave him a headache.

    During this time, his communicator was almost overwhelmed by the frantic bombarding of messages and calls, and even General Drost specifically called him to ask him what happened.

    How could he know what crazy thing was Haines up to?

    In order to stay focused, Ge Xiu had to turn off the communicator and all devices that could communicate with the outside world, so that he could finally devote himself fully to the project he was currently researching.

    The transformation and innovation of mecha was not a simple project.

    Compared with ordinary machines, the degree of cooperation between the mecha and the pilot determined whether the mecha could use its maximum potential. It made the transformation project of the mecha impossible to simply stop at “increasing weapon power” or “improving engine power efficiency”, but it must also take into account the metal power of the pilot.

    Ge Xiu was an absolute expert on how to “get the utmost results from machinery.”

    However, when it came to the transformation and utilization of mental power, he has only come into contact with it recently, which made his research run into a dead end often—he could increase the lethality of the mecha a hundred or even a thousand times, but he couldn’t guarantee these functions can be used to their best advantage.

    So, after three days of being locked in the room day and night, Ge Xiu finally decided to go out of the room.

    The world has almost turned upside down in these three days.

    Yet he knew nothing about it.

    Ge Xiu quickly discovered that wherever he went, he became the absolute focus of attention and the center of the crowd.

    Countless curious and inquiring gazes surrounded him from all directions, shooting him from head to toe like lasers. Their eyes were extremely complicated, feeling as if they contained countless emotions

    Ge Xiu felt hair rise on his back.

     He casually found an aircraft and sat in it. Just as he inserted the student card into the card slot, the intelligent robot in front of him said in a sweet voice: “Are you going to the instructor Haines Erost’s residence?”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and replied: “Yes, I do.”

    These types of robots often ask questions and make a talk by reading student card information and calculating network data.

    So…in this period of time, to what extent did the incident spread that even this semi-intelligent robot directly associated him with Haines the moment his name appeared?

    At this time, Ge Xiu finally remembered the communicator that he had forgotten for a long time.

    He took out the communicator out of his pocket.

    At the moment when the signal blocking mode was turned off, the overwhelming information suddenly flooded the screen.

    Ge Xiu directly turned off the messages and messages sent by people he didn’t know, and then opened Starnet.

    He flipped through it casually, then fell silent.

    In the past few days, countless rumours and speculations have been circulating on the Internet. Except for some conspiracy theories, people were most concerned about how these two completely unrelated protagonists met. There were thousands of versions, but one of them was the most widely circulated and the most convincing——

    Due to political persecution and high-level intrigue, the omega, the jewel of Admiral Drost, was kidnapped and left in a deserted star, and then was rescued by Captain Alpha. The handsome and powerful former wanted criminal fell in love at first sight with the delicate and tender son of the admiral.

    Although the beautiful omega secretly loved him back in his heart, because he had already an arranged marriage, he did not dare to respond. To make matters worse, General Drost, who had hunted down Haines unsuccessfully for many years, still held a grudge against him and was determined not to allow him to get close to his son. The two were forcibly separated and Haines agreed to tutor in Mecha Academy, just to be closer to his lover.

    The writing was beautiful, the plot is compact, and it was very appealing.

    A beautiful love story that brought tears to one’s eyes.

    Ge Xiu’s knuckles, clutching the communicator, were slightly white due to the force he exerted.


    The author has something to say:

     Federation people: Such beautiful love! I’m hooked*!

*actually this is a reference to netizens crazily shipping CP, it’s like when someone has been shipping a CP and there’s a new content, so you go “SO GOOD! / so sweet

Bamboo has something to say:

My schedule has become irregular because I am busy preparing for exams! Will still upload chapters but the schedule will be more erratic, rip


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 83: ABO

  1. Creo que GX está muy cerca de explotar en la siguiente persona que mencione a Haines Erost 😂😂😂


  2. Why does seeing get xiu on the verge of exploding from anger bring me so much joy and amusement?.

    Maybe because he’s slowly becoming more and more human as time passes. ML is doing a great job.

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