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Chapter 87: ABO

    Ge Xiu frowned in disbelief:

    “But… why could I vaguely smell your pheromone before, but it only had such a big impact on me tonight?”

    “I don’t know.” Haines shrugged: “It may take some testing to figure it out.”

    After all, an Omega that differentiated early on the battlefield and entered estrus, not only ruthlessly cut out his glands, but after surviving, he actually encountered a destined partner pheromone match of more than 90% —this kind of situation is too rare, and there have never been such a precedent in the entire Federation before.

    After thinking for a while, Haines said to Ge Xiu:

    “Wait for a moment.”

    After speaking, he turned to Admiral Drost not far away, and whispered a few words in the other’s ear.

    After only a few minutes, the two ended their conversation.

    Haines came over and smiled at Ge Xiu: “Okay, we can go.”

    As he said that, he was about to turn around and walk out.

    Ge Xiu reacted: “Wait…then what about this coming-of-age ceremony?”

    How could the ceremony continue when the two protagonists were gone?

    Haines didn’t change his expression: “Let Admiral Drost worry about it.”

    He turned his head and glanced at Ge Xiu and raised his eyebrows: “You don’t want to attend anyway, do you?”

    Ge Xiu thought about it, too.

    So he calmly picked up his pace and left the villa following Haines without any guilt.

    The two quickly sat in the aircraft.

    With the roar of the engine, the aircraft slowly started, and they flew quickly into the distance under the cover of the deep night.

    The bright banquet hall was left behind, and if one looked through the glass, it felt like entirely different distant world.

    Ge Xiu retracted his gaze, and finally remembered to ask: “By the way, where are we going?”

    Haines crossed his legs, his slender fingers resting on his knees, and sat relaxed beside Ge Xiu.

    He raised his eyebrows and replied: “Of course it’s to do a test.”

    Ge Xiu shrugged indifferently, “oh”-ed, then narrowed his eyes and turned his head to look out of the dark window—Haines was right about one thing, he really didn’t care whether the coming-of-age party was successful or not, as long as he could find an excuse to leave that boring occasion, it didn’t matter where he went.

    Plus… he was indeed a little curious about what was going on right now in this situation.

    For the consideration of flight speed and safety, the interior of the entire aircraft was a completely airtight enclosed space, which couldn’t generate any form of air circulation with the outside world during the flight.

    With the passage of time, this space seemed to have become more and more cramped and narrow, the interior of the aircraft was quiet and stagnant. Only the buzzing of the engine and the whistling of the high-pressure wind outside the metal shell could be heard, making the inside of the aircraft seem more and more like a small world isolated from the outside world.

    In the still air, the faint smell of rum became more distinct and more difficult to ignore too.

    Ge Xiu tried hard to keep himself from noticing.

    But the mellow and intoxicating light wine aroma felt like a tangible substance, tightly wrapping around his senses, clinging to his warm skin, and penetrating into his nose and throat little by little.

    A slightly hot and tingling sensation spread, flowing to his limbs and bones along the rapid blood flow, bringing a certain kind of irritable heat that was hard to ignore.

    Ge Xiu felt his cheeks heat up faintly.

    He wanted to take a deep breath to calm himself down, but this made the influence of the other’s very distinctive pheromones on him even more unbearable, a feeling of drunkenness mixed with the burning heat spread, the burning feeling made Ge Xiu feel a bit uncomfortable.

    Ge Xiu took out a candy from the banquet out of his pocket, peeled off the candy wrapper, and hurriedly stuffed the candy into his mouth.

    But that didn’t work.

    The sweet aroma of candy couldn’t suppress or alleviate this weird feeling, but instead intensified it, making Ge Xiu more and more unable to ignore the aggressive pheromones coming from the other side.

    Haines leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

    Ge Xiu glanced at him.

    Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and asked: “Can you stay further away from me?”

    As soon as the words came out, Ge Xiu was taken aback by his own voice—his voice was very hoarse, the nasal tone was slightly prolonged, as if he was acting coquettish, with a touch of sweetness.

    He frowned in annoyance.

    Haines was startled, opened his eyes and looked at Ge Xiu.

    He saw the young man in front of him sitting as far away as possible in the opposite corner of the aircraft, as if wanting to stick his whole body tightly against the icy walls of the aircraft.

    A blush spread from his fair cheeks to the neck and his ears, and even the ears hidden under the black hair were dyed red. From the delicately contoured tips to the round and jade-like earlobes, all seemed to be on fire, painted with an intoxicating pink.

    Haines’ eyes deepened, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

    Alpha’s instinctive desire of the predator and aggression were rising and flowing in his eyes, clamouring to possess and mark, wishing to integrate the other into his own blood at this moment, so he would never be able to separate from him from now on.

    Ge Xiu gritted his teeth: “Your pheromone…is too…”

    In fact, Haines has been very restrained.

    The alpha release of pheromones means that the instinct of possession must be restrained by extremely powerful mental power. Only when expressing hostility and war will use pheromones to attack with mental power. Such self-control is actually very surprising.

    And since he had learned that Ge Xiu and him may have a match of more than 90%, Haines was more careful to control his pheromones — but it seems to have little effect.

    To make matters worse…the attraction seems to go both ways.

    Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to come in an aircraft.

    Haines’ fingers moved slightly.

    His eyes narrowed slightly, and he controlled his fingers to relax a little bit, and then pressed his palms on his knees, his slender knuckles turning white due to the amount of force.

    Haines said in a hoarse voice:

    “…Sorry, I didn’t think…but, we’re almost there.”

    The air was thick and sticky.

    It was almost impossible to breathe normally.

    Ge Xiu blinked slowly, feeling as if he had been drinking, his whole body was light and fluttering, a scorching hot feeling flowed from his lower abdomen to every part of his body, and a bit of sweat was dripping from his forehead and tip of his nose.

    It kind of feeling was too weird.

    Haines, who was sitting not far away, seems to be the source of all the heat and drunkenness, like a heat source that constantly radiated high temperature, but there was some attraction in his body, pulling him closer to the other.

    It was not the kind of mindless reason devouring desire in estrus.

    This attraction was as certain as a magnet, as irresistible as gravity.

    Unable to break free. Every cell in the body is clamouring to get close, madly longing to be close to each other, skin close to skin, heart close to heart, so that the blood flowing and the rhythm of both of their heartbeats was combined into a rhythm echoing the other.

    Ge Xiu pursed his lips, feeling his heartbeat rise and fall in his chest, an unbearable burning sensation spreading around in his body.

    The worst of them was the scar on the back of his neck.


    It was extremely itchy.

    It felt as if thousands of ants were crawling on it, stomping on the unhealed scar with their tiny feet, densely gnawing at the sensitive skin, causing unbearable itching.

    Ge Xiu couldn’t help raising his hand to scratch.

    “Don’t scratch it.” Haines quickly grabbed his hand: “Your wound hasn’t healed yet…”

    At that moment, an astonishing heat erupted from the fingertips from the place their hands touched each other.

    The man’s palm exerted more force and landed on the slender neck of the young man. The delicate skin seemed to have an amazing adsorbing force, and the slightly raised scars was covered with his palm, causing uncontrollable itching and numbness—— The youth’s cold fingers clasped his wrist loosely, and then dropped weakly.

    The crackling sparks exploded silently.

    Desire gushed out like lava, consuming the remaining reason.

    The next second, alpha came close in an instant.

    The distance between the two was instantly shortened to an inch, and the strong smell of strong rum spread recklessly in the air.

    The man’s dark eyes glowed with a metallic blue, and the intense undercurrent of terrifying desires swept like a flood. He forcibly imprisoned the Omega between his chest and arms. In the depths of his eyes violently burning light was like a huge net, tightly wrapping around the young man in front of him.

    The young man stared at him blankly, as the drunken blush spread on his face, the hand on the other’s chest seemed to be pushing away, but it also seemed to be pulling him closer — his breathing was equally disordered, the sweet smell of candy escaped with his breath.

    Haines’ eyes darkened, he bent down, and the tip of his icy nose touched the other’s slightly hot cheek.

    His breath was like fire, burning the side of the other’s sensitive neck.

    Haines’s hand grasped the slender waist of the young man, meandering down the curve of his back, then holding the other’s shoulder blades and pressing him into his arms.

    Immediately afterwards, the man bit on the pink round earlobe.

    The sharp canine teeth pierced through the skin, and the hot tip of the tongue licked the soft and cold earlobes, causing the other to shudder.

    Ge Xiu’s nose reddened slightly misty water sparkled in his eyes.

    A drunken intoxication swept over him, the strong alcohol seemed to seep into his body through his skin, and his eyes gradually became hazy.

    The terrifying desire for danger and destruction was like a beast about to be caged, eager for blood and slaughter.

    His violent soul clashed with the soft, submissive nature of the Omega.

    His body longed to surrender under the oppression of the opponent’s pheromone, but his nature roared ferociously in its cage.

    Ge Xiu raised his hand and embraced the other’s neck, lowered his head and sunk his teeth into the side of the other’s warm and tense neck, biting indiscriminately, like a beast hardly suppressing desire for blood, sparing no effort to release the desire to kill the man as he sucked the blood gushing from the man’s wound with his cold lips and tongue.

    At this moment—


    the aircraft stopped suddenly, and the sudden weightlessness hit as it landed and its hatch opened automatically.

    The cold wind of the night was slowly sent into the aircraft filled with the strong smell of rum, diluting the hot and sticky atmosphere inside.

    The sight of the two gradually became clear.

    Haines and Ge Xiu looked at each other and saw the same consternation in each other’s eyes.

    five minutes later.

    The two walked ten meters apart on a silent night road.

    Ge Xiu pursed his lips tightly, his eyes fixed on the building in the distance.

    The edges of his ears and the side of his neck were still red, the licked earlobe was slightly swollen with blood, and bright red tooth marks were imprinted on it.

    His face was expressionless, but the way he walked awkwardly as if forgetting how feet worked betrayed his inner nervousness and embarrassment.

    Haines walked ten meters away with a still calm expression— after all, he didn’t have much sense of shame in the first place.

    But his condition was obviously more miserable than that of Ge Xiu. His neckline was torn into a mess, revealing some part of his strong chest as well as his shoulders and neck, and a bloody tooth mark was branded on the side of his neck — it was bitten truly ruthlessly, it could be seen that the person who created this wound didn’t spare him at all, and even after spraying the haemostatic spray, blood was still slowly oozing out.

    The two came to the door of the building.

    With a quiet sound of electric scan, the door opened, and Joseph, who had been waiting there, couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback when he saw the two of them.

    Ever since Haines decided to teach in the Federation, as Haines’ right-hand man, Joseph followed him to the capital to arrange affairs here, while Avery stayed in the fleet on standby to handle follow-up procedures and business affairs.

    He stared with a strange gaze at his Captain in front of him and their future captain’s wife.

    His eyes swept over their expressions and their respective wounds.

    There was even a faint scent of rum in the air—it was certainly smell of Haines’ pheromones, no doubt.

    Joseph was very familiar with the feeling of being threatened and suppressed by these powerful pheromones.

    But the aroma of wine wafting in the air actually felt warm and languid.

    ——No one knew better than Joseph, who had been his subordinate for a long time, the level of control the Captain has over his own pheromones everyday. Haines’s mental power is extremely powerful, and the control of his own pheromones is extremely strict.

    It was almost impossible for Joseph to imagine how intense a situation could have been to cause the Captain’s pheromones to flow out of control to such an extent.

    He recalled uncontrollably the contents of the artworks and texts of the doujinshi that his Captain had ordered him to find. A few odd but very logical guesses slowly came to his mind—

    Have the two of them had a fiery fight* on the road?

*干柴烈火 – here is used an idiom meaning dry firewood and fire referring to how dry firewood easily catches on fire. Meaning passion between couples.

    Or has his family’s Captain tried to use forceful means and was taught a lesson?


Bamboo has something to say:

Haines: rum

Ge Xiu: candy

Haines and Ge Xiu: Liquor candy!

The chapter: Liquor candy on fire



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