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Chapter 88: ABO

    Detecting the value of a pheromone match wasn’t complicated.

    In fact, most people just go to the relevant institution to test their pheromones after the differentiation period, and their mate selection criteria will often be based on this. An Omega and alpha who were engaged in an arranged marriage would also go to detect the matching degree of pheromones before finalising marriage contract — if the matching degree was less than 60% then the marriage needed to be reconsidered.

    Most partners with a match between 70 and 80 percent were compatible.

    Once the data exceeded 85%, the pair was basically guaranteed to grow old together with unchanging love.

    In fact, as the youngest son of the Drost family, Ge Xiu should have been tested for pheromones after his differentiation period ended, but his situation was too complicated.

    He differentiated too early on the battlefield, and when he was rescued, he was seriously injured, so rescue and recuperation became the first priority.

    In addition, Ge Xiu’s glands were removed too cleanly, and there was almost no possibility of restoring them and naturally he could not secrete pheromones. He also wouldn’t enter the estrus period, and so detecting pheromones match became meaningless.

    ——Moreover this directly doubled the difficulty in detecting the matching degree.

    The staff member in a white coat injected a thin needle into his arm and slowly drew out a small tube of bright red blood.

    Joseph, who had thoroughly investigated this, explained: “An average person just needs to collect the pheromones naturally released from the glands, but in your case, the genetic chain needs to be analysed—after all, although your glands have been removed, the genes themselves have not changed.”

    Ge Xiu put down his sleeves and asked:

    “How long will it take?”

    Joseph was prepared for this question and quickly replied: “Basic conclusions should be drawn in about fifteen minutes, but it will take at least 48 hours to get detailed data and reports.”

    Haines’ pheromone have also been collected, and the staff left the room with the equipment and samples.

    The air suddenly quieted down.

    Joseph noticed that the atmosphere was not right, so he withdrew smartly: “I’ll monitor the progress.”

    After finishing speaking, he slipped out of the room without waiting for Haines to respond.

    Now there were only two people left in the room, Ge Xiu and Haines.

    The air that suddenly stilled seemed to now longer flow, and it made one feel pressure to the point of being breathless.

    The silence was so long that every minute and every second seemed to have been stretched into a century.

    Ge Xiu pursed his lips, looked away somewhat awkwardly, and subconsciously raised his hand to pinch his still aching earlobe.

    His eyes wandered, and he glanced at Haines not far away.

    The other’s injury was visibly much more serious than his — the wound on the side of the neck was still oozing blood, and his collar and front of his clothes had been splattered with blood. The wound was still a moist dark red.

    But Haines didn’t seem to care much.

    The first aid kit for treating the wound was placed not far away, but he had no intention of treating his wounds.

    Although he didn’t have much memory of being in an out of control state in the last world, he could still guess some things after seeing marks left afterwards.

    Once he loses consciousness and control over his body, he enters a state of attacking indiscriminately.

    Ge Xiu subconsciously licked his back molars.

    There seemed to be a faint taste of rust in the mouth, and the other’s blood is mixed with the smell of candy that had not yet dissolved, mixing together into a bloody sweet fragrance.

    He stood up and walked towards Haines with the first aid kit.

    Haines looked up at him.

    Ge Xiu then straightened his arms cautiously and placed the first aid kit on the table one meter away from Haines.

    He lowered his eyes and said in a low voice,

    “That, I said before… I’m not very good at drinking…”

    The young man’s hair was messy, his ears were flushed, and he looked like a child standing with a head drooping down after having done something wrong, it made one’s heart soften.

    Haines felt his heart beat irregularly a few times, and he took a few deep breaths to prevent himself from uncontrollably releasing pheromones again.

    Seeing that the other had not responded for a long time, Ge Xiu moved a little embarrassedly.

    Finally, as if he had finally made up his mind, he stretched out his hand and took out the last piece of candy from his pocket, took a deep look at it with some reluctance, and then raised his hand and threw it to Haines.

    Haines caught it reflexively.

    When he saw what Ge Xiu was throwing over, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and look at the young man not far away .

    Ge Xiu scratched his hair, his eyes wandered, as he said in a low voice:

    “This is for you.”

    Haines suddenly laughed.

    He raised his lips and shook his head: “I can’t bear to accept such a heavy gift.”

    Then, before Ge Xiu could speak again, Haines added: “If you really want to do something, you can help me deal with the wound.”

    He spread his hands: “After all, the location of the wound is a little difficult to treat for me.”

    Ge Xiu hesitated.

    To be honest, pheromones were actually far less powerful than drugs that inducing estrus in mermaids.

    So when he was on the aircraft, Ge Xiu’s situation was not as bad as it was in the previous world, nor was his memory blurred and fragmented.

    He remembered taking a bite out of him.

    ——very ruthlessly to that.

    And, if he got to the bottom of it—the action of biting was partly instinctive and partly from being flustered—he felt that he could not resist the strong desire that emanated from the depths of his soul, he got overwhelmed by that irresistible burning sensation of being attracted towards him, so he choose the only way he knew how to deal with it:

     That was, attacking.

    So if he thought of it like this… the other’s wound was indeed his responsibility.

    Did it seem like too much to deal with it?

    “Then you pay attention to your pheromones…” Ge Xiu made up his mind, took two steps in the direction of Haines cautiously, and said: “Don’t blame me if I bite you again.”

    Haines chuckled: “I’m willing to take this risk.”

    Ge Xiu walked over, opened the medicine box, and took out the treatment equipment.

    Haines turned his head sideways, exposing the bloody side of his neck, so that Ge Xiu could handle it.

    Ge Xiu’s technique was skilful and quick, but he didn’t care about pain in the process, only focusing on practicality and efficiency.

    Haines hissed softly: “Are you sure you’re not taking the opportunity to get revenge on me?”

    Ge Xiu stopped and looked down at him:


    Haines narrowed his eyes slightly, and with a nonchalant smile, he tapped his lower lip: “Well, why don’t you give me a kiss, maybe it won’t—”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He was expressionless, and the movements of his hands suddenly increased.

    Haines’ brows twitched, and he swallowed the unfinished words again.

    Ge Xiu showed a pure smile with two sharp teeth, and asked gently: “Does it still hurt?”

    Haines: “…It’s much better.”

    Ge Xiu quickly treated his wound and closed the medicine cabinet.

    Before he could sit back in his previous seat, the door of the room was pushed open by Joseph:

    “The general analysis result is out.”

    With that, Joseph pushed over the terminal in his hand to them, and continued: “Captain, your guess is correct. According to the current preliminary test, your pheromone match is definitely above 90%, and…”

    He took a deep breath, and a flash of amazement appeared in his eyes: “And based on these basic values… 95% or more is not impossible.”

    Haines was astounded as well.

    Ge Xiu, who did not learn well in the physiology and hygiene class, looked blank: “More than 95 percent? Is it very different from 90 percent?”

    Joseph gave him a look in disbelief: “Of course! If the matching value reaches more than 80%, even a difference of 1% may be a huge difference!”

    In fact, although cases of more than 90% match were rare was not so much of an uncommon precedent in the Federation.

    But… the match rate of more than 95%…

    was practically a theoretical only value.

    Joseph looked equally disbelieving. He took a deep look at the boy in front of him, and then slowly explained: “The matching rate below 90% basically studies the degree of adaptation between pheromones. In other words, it is more of a comparison of compatibility between bodies…but more than 95%…theoretically speaking, it has risen from pheromones compatibility to the high level of spirituality matching.”

    Ge Xiu frowned: “What do you mean?”

    “In other words…” Joseph replied: “It’s a soulmate.”

    Ge Xiu was also a little surprised: “Are you sure there is no problem with the results?”

    Joseph shook his head: “I supervised the whole process of testing, and there is no possibility of error, but for the specific value we still need to wait at least 48 hours…”

    Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Haines’ voice.

    Haines asked bluntly: “Do you remember the first time you drove my personal mecha?”

    Ge Xiu was stunned and nodded.

    Haines continued to ask: “How was it compared to academy’s practice mechas?”

    Ge Xiu replied: “More smooth, very accurate control, what type of engine and power control system are you using?”

    “It has nothing to do with the engine and the power system.” Haines shook his head and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully: “I always thought it was a performance gap, but now it seems that it is very likely to be related to our mental power—I once told you that the mecha’s spiritual link system has been redesigned and adjusted according to my personal spiritual power.”

    Ge Xiu was taken aback.

    He did say this…

    Could it be that it felt so comfortable to pilot the other’s mecha, because of the fact that the match between the two’s mental power was surprisingly high?

    Haines smiled slightly: “This is very good news.”

    Ge Xiu and Joseph looked at him questioningly.

    Haines stood up, his pupils behind half-lidded eyes were dark and deep: “Your mental power detection map has never been released, so the mental power link system of the mecha have not been adjusted, so the Federation provided it with the standard model — but now, your spiritual link system can be modified according to my psychic map, and in that case…”

    He chuckled: “It will fully belong to you.”

    A real, tailor-made mecha.

    The concept was too tempting, and Ge Xiu felt his heart pounding loudly and a strong sense of excitement filled his chest.

    Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

    The whole earth began to shake violently without warning.

    The whole building felt as if it was shaken by a huge force, and it shook so much that the people in it couldn’t even stand firm. The staff not far away were caught off guard and fell to the ground, and all the equipment and materials were thrown to the ground, the three of them quickly supported the wall beside them, barely avoiding falling down as well.


    An abnormal electric current sounded from above their heads, followed by a high voltage buzzing sound, and the whole building suddenly went dark, as if the power supply was cut off.

    Ge Xiu turned his head and looked out the window——

    the whole brightly lit city dimmed in an instant, as if the power system of the whole planet suddenly stopped working.

    Panicked voices sounded from all directions, everyone was thrown into confusion, and the atmosphere of uneasiness spread in the darkness.

    Haines narrowed his eyes.

    His voice was calm and steady: “Contact Avery and find out what happened.”

    Joseph hurriedly lowered his head to open his terminal, but after a tense attempt, he shook his head: “Not working, the satellite apparently stopped working too, so no messages can be sent or passed over at all, I’ll try again, maybe..

    As he spoke, Haines had already walked to the window.

    He looked up at the cold and dark sky. There were countless panicked shouts outside the room. He said slowly: “No need.”

    Joseph was stunned: “Ah?”

    “I know what this is.”

    He turned his head and looked in their direction, his dark eyes reflecting a cold blue glint in the night: “We all experienced it five years ago.”


    His personal terminal slipped out of Joseph’s hand and fell to the ground with a loud crashing sound. His pupils shrank and he took a deep breath: “Could it be…?”

    As if in response to his question, a loud, piercing siren sounded over the entire city, and buzzing sounded all around them bringing sharp pain in their heads.

    Ge Xiu finished in a low voice:

    “—Insect tide.”


Ge Xiu’s love language: biting and giving candy (!) which is almost synonymous with putting incredible trust in the other.

Haines: After 4 arcs of giving candy finally… it’s my turn to get one back!

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