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Chapter 89: ABO

    The ear-piercing sirens echoed in the night sky.

    From the dark sky above came a strange buzzing sound, and the scratching sound that was painful to the ears sounded from all directions, but the night scene in front of them was still seemed calm and peaceful, and only the pervasive and terrifying earth-shaking sound could be heard from all directions.

    Ge Xiu frowned: “What’s going on?”

    Haines looked solemn: “This planet is the center of the Federation and it’s covered with a light energy shield. Right now the bugs are trying to break through this shield — but with electricity cut off, it can’t last long with the backup power supply alone.”

    Joseph’s face paled: “It’s the first time they have attacked such a core place…how is it possible…?”

    Zergs have rarely launched an attack of this magnitude ever since the last insect wave had been defeated.

    Moreover, it was a fact that the planets occupied by Zergs were at least tens of thousands of kilometres away from here — how did they silently pass through the federal military defences and managed to invade here? !

    Haines narrowed his eyes: “This time the insect wave is not so simple — there was no warning from the Federation army, and if my guess is correct, they should have attack the satellites and power system first, to cut off the contact between this planet and the outside world, so we couldn’t ask for help, and then launched a large-scale attack.”

    Joseph’s eyes widened in shock: “This…”

    The high degree of familiarity with the federal military protection system, as well as the militarized combat skills… How could the Zerg that invaded and plundered driven by breeding instincts plan it to this point?

    His pupils shark and he suddenly looked at Haines: “Could it be… they evolved intelligence?”

    Haines’ eyes were heavy: “It’s not possible to make a conclusion yet.”

    At this moment, the dark night sky above his head suddenly burst out with a series of electric sparks exploding in the sky like fireworks symbolising death, and faintly light blue honeycomb patterns appeared in the air.

    The scratching sound became more and more terrifying and ear-piercing, as if it was close at hand.

    Through that layer of thin film, one could already see the densely packed Zergs clinging to energy barrier, pairs of scarlet eyes and countless hair-raising claws were looming ahead,  their ugly and bloated abdomens covered the sky one by one, making one’s scalp numb.

    There were low cries of despair and hysterical shouting from the people behind.

    They desperately tried to find rescue by dialling long-unavailable lines, and some tried to leave the building to warn their loved ones.

    Amid the chaos, Ge Xiu went to the window.

    He looked up at the sky and asked calmly,

    “What about the troops stationed on the planet? Why hasn’t there been any movement yet?”

    Joseph frowned and shook his head:

    “I don’t know. Logically speaking, during this time they should have been received orders by now — now that the shield is about to be breached, they shouldn’t leave the city in this defenceless state.”

    A series of violent sparks erupted overhead again.

    Haines’ eyes narrowed, and he said in a deep voice: “Then there’s no other way.”

    Joseph seemed to realize what Haines wanted to do, and hurriedly stopped: “But Captain! The use of armed force on the planet is a felony in the Federation. “

    Especially for people like them, the restrictions set by the federal military are even more numerous and complicated.

    Haines let out a low laugh, as if he had heard a very funny joke:

    “Could it be I haven’t committed felonies before?”

    Joseph was at a loss of words.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows and asked: “Do you have a solution?”

    Haines lowered his head and operated on his personal terminal, his voice was calm: “It’s not a very good solution, but…”

    At this moment, the protective film above their heads sounded with a dying buzz, and then shattered with a crack, opening a small gap, a bug squeezed hard through it — there were screams from the crown on the ground.

    “…At least it’s practical.” Haines added the last sentence, looking up at the torn protective cover with an unpredictable expression.

    After the protective cover cracked open, the Zerg whirled and whistled as if they had been injected with stimulants.

    Like an overturned domino, the originally stable structure quickly collapsed and disintegrated.

    The protective cover on top of the head was covered with spider web-like cracks, vibrated with every crack, and then, with an increasingly sharp scratching sound — suddenly shattered!

    Countless ugly bugs swarmed from the cracks, and in dense waves rushed towards the unsuspecting city, and the air was stirred with the buzzing sound, the apocalypse-like scene made people feel cold chills from fear.

    At this moment, two lightning bolts pierced through the night sky, cutting two paths in the way to the rushing Zerg, swiftly flying straight in this direction.

    One black and one white mecha suddenly landed in front of the door, causing the ground to tremble violently.

    Joseph explained: “These two mechas were customized and their wiring does not rely on the signals from satellites, so they can communicate directly even in the absence of support during wartime.”

    Ge Xiu looked at Haines, and hooked the corners of his lips:

    “It’s really practical.”

    Haines made a “you’re welcome” gesture.

    Under the surging insect tide above their heads, the cockpit door slowly opened, and Ge Xiu jumped into the mecha cabin.

    The hatch closed, blocking out the buzzing storm made with Zerg’s wings.

    The spiritual linker was connected to Ge Xiu’s spine segment by segment, and the electronic voice sounded:

    “The spiritual link was successful.”

    The control screen in front of him slowly emerged, and the faint blue light reflected in Ge Xiu’s eyes, like a cold ghost fire ignited in the dark abyss, quiet, fiery and burning.

    He raised the corners of his lips silently, revealing his white canine teeth.

    The wrist holding the virtual control bracelet pressed down hard — “engine drive mode started”.

    The engine started with a deafening roar.

    In the next second, the huge silver-white mecha pierced through the darkness like lightning, and the sound of the laser cannon penetrated the night sky, accurately targeting the insects that were attacking it.

    The fragile underbelly of the insect exploded like a punctured balloon, and the dirty yellow-green liquid splashed in all directions.

    The silver-white light wings of the mecha unfolded, and it made a precise and swift turn, just to avoid the scattering insect’s body fluids.

    Haines’ black mecha activated and flew into the air.

    The overwhelming tide of insects seemed to have found their target, flapping their wings and rushing towards the two mechas. The densely packed tens of thousands of pairs of scarlet eyes flashed with hunger and thirst, eager to shred the huge body blocking their eyes.

    There was no need for communication.

    Two mechas, one black and one white, shuttled rapidly through the swarm.

    They covered each other, relied on each other, and cooperated as if their hearts were connected.

    The laser-weaved net seemed sparse but it precisely targeted danger, keeping the entire neighbourhood airtight and blasting away any approaching bugs without exception.

    More and more Zergs attacked just like moths attracted to the flames, forming a vortex-like storm in the sky, and the two mechas were in centrum of the eye of the living typhoon.

    The rotten corpses fell like rain, and yellow-green body fluids and brains smeared the streets.

    On the ground.

    Joseph organized the panicked crowd, completely closed off the entrances and exits of the research institute building, turned on the backup power supply, and with a few loud clicks, the military enforced metal walls prepared for wartime slowly rose from the ground below—

      As he waited for everything to be over he reported to Haines curtly through the mobile terminal:

    “It’s ready.”

    Haines’ voice sounded a little distorted through the communicator:

    “Go to the top floor, try to send a help signal to the main ship, and mobilize the battleship support.”

    “Yes.” Joseph responded decisively.

    As he ran towards the top floor, he asked: “What about you guys?”

    Ge Xiu’s voice sounded from the communicator:

    “The ammunition is limited, the battle here won’t last long, and we won’t be able to destroy the bugs that invaded the planet from other directions.”

    His voice was extremely calm, there was no unsteady fluctuation in his voice, only a purely rational judgment:

    “I suggest going to the military station.”

    Haines’ usually casual voice was mixed with a little serious consideration: “I really want to see what this group of rice buckets* were doing to allow the situation to develop like this.”

*rice buckets: idle people who basically can only eat and waste food (hence rice buckets)

    “By the way, we’ll refill the ammunition.” Ge Xiu added.

    As soon as the words fell, Joseph saw the silver mecha in the air make a beautiful spin, and then, a dazzling light exploded, and a huge hole was suddenly exposed in the insect tide.

    The black and white mechas took this opportunity to break through the siege and flew towards the distance one after the other.

    Joseph was shaken by the blast and sonic boom from the explosion, and he held onto the wall barely avoiding falling.

    The communicator sounded again and Haines’ voice was mixed with a smile came over: “Don’t kill the red eyed ones, at least leave me a few.”

    Ge Xiu snorted: “It all depends on your ability.”

    Joseph continued to climb upstairs, and there was an ear-piercing sound of insects gnawing on the walls outside the building.

    At the same time, the conversation between the other was still coming from the communicator:

    “How many did you reach?”


    “Looks like I have to work harder.” Haines pretended to sigh.    

    The next second, there was a violent explosion from the communicator, and Haines whistled: “I’m over a thousand.”

    Ge Xiu: “…Don’t be too complacent.”

     Immediately afterwards crackling sound of electric shock followed.

    There was a little of childish smugness in the youth’s voice: “I’m one thousand three now.”

    “Speaking of which, if I win this competition, will there be any reward?” Haines asked lazily: “How about a kiss?”

    Ge Xiu’s side exploded with a huge noise again, the piercing roar of the insects sounded unreal through the communicator, but it could make people easily imagine the intensity of the battle on the opposite side.

    “Tsk, you feel like you’re going to win so soon?” He snorted, and then said:

    “Okay, I’ll bet with you.”

    Haines chuckled softly:

    “It seems that I have to get serious.”

    “Then what if I win?” Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows and raised the corners of his lips silently.

    Haines pondered for a while, and then replied unhurriedly: “Then how about… I kiss you?”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    Damn, shameless.

    Joseph, who was watching the whole process: “…” Do you think I don’t exist?

    ——And his family’s Captain was indeed too shameless!

    He took a deep breath and finally couldn’t hold it back, and asked blankly, “…Do you two know that I’m online?”

    Don’t be so blatant in showing affection! ! !


    The author has something to say:

Joseph: “Hello? Single Dog Conservation Society? I’m here to report animal cruelty.”



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