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Chapter 90: ABO

    “What?” Haines asked coldly, “Do you want to be kicked out?”

    Joseph: “…”

    Sorry to bother you.

    You guys continue.

    As they were talking, the two mechas had already broken through the Zerg’s encirclement and rushed towards the edge of the sky like lightning.

    The silver-white mecha was extremely agile, and every angle of movement was incredible and tricky. It’s swift as and unreachable as intangible wind and it disappears long before Zergs manage to scratch it, in turn ruthlessly and mercilessly ending the attacker’s life.

    The jet-black mecha was the exact opposite.

    Its combat style is more direct and domineering, and every action seems to be wrapped in killing intent, harvesting lives of the surrounding zergs with overwhelming power.

    Although the two mechas have very different styles of operation, they have tactic cooperation, and they can perfectly understand the intention of the other’s next move without even needing to communicate, every ruthless tactic is brought to the fullest by them.

    The silver-white mecha piloted by Ge Xiu turned slightly to the left, and rushed towards the swarm of insects without dodging, and the distance between him and zergs suddenly shortened.

    In the next second, the light blue laser protective layer suddenly opened, and the surrounding zerg were pushed back violently.

    Immediately afterwards, the shoulder guns opened fire and the automatic missile device launched.

    A few loud bang sounded, a hole was cleared in the swarms revealing the sky, and countless destroyed corpses fell to the ground.

    —This was one of the tricks Haines once taught him on the training ground.

    Ge Xiu whistled: “It’s really useful.”

    Haines’s voice vaguely carrying a smile came from the communicator: “So should the spoils be counted on me this time?”

    Ge Xiu snorted coldly: “You’re dreaming.”

    As soon as he finished speaking the silver-white mecha’s engine roared, and just before the Zerg swarmed up again, dashed through the void.

    Haines laughed happily.

    He doubled the speed of clearing the surrounding Zerg, and then also accelerated his speed towards the direction where the other mecha disappeared.

    In just a short moment, two mechas, one black and one white, pierced through the sky like lightning, piercing straight towards the edge of the sky, leaving only the rushing insect tide flooding the air.

    According to the direction showed by positioning system, the two arrived at the area where army was stationed with the fastest speed.

    The tragic scene in front of him was shocking and frightening as hell on earth.

    The entire garrisoned area was extremely quiet, and only the buzzing of the Zergs flapping wings could be heard not far away. Everything was damaged beyond recognition, the sound of gnawing sounded from the charred ravines.Severed limbs and mutilated bodies were thrown all over the ground, and the whole earth was dyed red with blood.

    The two mechas shuttled between the crumbled walls.

    One of the corpses with an almost gnawed off head fell to the ground, its bloody belly bulging high, and squirming yellow-green limbs could be seen under the thin skin.

    No wonder there was no support for the city.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

    Something wasn’t quite right.

    According to the Zergs’ habits, the more complete corpses were often dragged into more stable buildings or caves for breeding purposes after the successful invasion was over, instead of starting to breed before the invasion was over as it was now. Neither would be in such an open-air place.

    Joseph’s voice sounded in the communicator, a little deformed because of the distance. They could barely make out what he was saying between the zipping sounds of electric current:

    “Captain…did you manage…find…?”

    Haines replied calmly: “The army can’t be counted on anymore.”

    Ge Xiu controlled the mecha to bend down and move the corpse on the ground, revealing the blackened ground beneath it.

    The pitch-black mecha stepped forward, the huge steel fingers swiped lightly on the broken wall next to it, and the electronic recognition system below was beeping.

    After two seconds, the recognition result appeared.

    Haines said: “The remnants of the AZZ-type laser artillery device.”

    The damage and burn degree caused by the AZZ-type laser device would naturally fade over time, and it was the most suitable concealed large-area artillery fire for assassination. If it wasn’t for them coming before Zerg that would destroy this place later on, they most likely wouldn’t be able to detect the traces left by this laser cannon fodder.

    According to the time calculation, the destruction of the station occurred about three hours before zergs invaded.

    —This was a military attack faked as a Zerg invasion.

    “So…this is…political murder?” Joseph asked: “Did the Zerg…evolve intelligence?”

    Ge Xiu opened the laser blade in the mecha, pierced the belly of the corpse, and the yellow-green liquid gushed out with a gurgling sound, and silver-white metal fingers stuck into the bulging belly of the corpse, and quickly dug out the embryos.

    After a simple inspection, Ge Xiu threw away the sticky worm corpse:


    Haines’ eyes darkened, and he replied to Joseph through the communicator: “The zerg are helping to cover up the evidence caused by the weapon attack.”

    This time insect tide crisis was a combination of inside and outside forces.

    That’s why the bugs could could fly into the center of the Federation so smoothly, straight into the heart of the Federation, and were extremely familiar with the Federation’s combat mode and defense mechanism. Not only did they not provoke planets with worse defences on the way, but they also camouflaged the attacking army.

    All warriors who have battle experience with the Zerg would know—

    The bugs were evolving.

    Coupled with their terrifying reproduction ability, this made eliminating Zerg even more difficult, not even possible after they have defeated them several times.

    And the high level of organization and obedience they now show must mean the emerging of intelligent system.

    The sound of electric current came from the communicator.

    No one spoke.

    Finally, Joseph broke the silence:

    “I… contacted Avery, the fleet should… at least four hours…”

    Through the vague sound of electric current, his voice sounded very heavy:

    “What do we do next… ?”

    The only permanent troops that could possibly support them cannot come, and the nearest reinforcements will take at least four hours to arrive, leaving the people of this planet defenceless and exposed to the raging swarm of insects.

    It would be a complete carnage.

    Relying on the two of them alone, even with the most elite mechas and superb piloting skills they still had no chance of winning, just like a canoe floating in the tsunami waves, completely unstoppable defeat.

    At this moment, Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes and said slowly,

    “I have an idea.”


    Percy Edmure trembled and clutched his glands, for fear of attracting Zerg because of leaking pheromones.

    Outside the window, there was a swarm of insects all over the sky — a black flood of insects covered the dark night sky, and it was almost impossible to tell one from the other.

    But his efforts were in vain.

    Several insects were already lying on the walls and windows. They scratched on the obstacles in their way with their hard claws, and their scarlet eyes flashed cruelly and greedily in the night, as if they could not wait to eat his delicious blood.

    Percy’s pupils clenched in fear, his teeth chattered, but he couldn’t look away or move his limbs.

    He had never been so powerless.

    The dust and rumble fell from the walls with an overwhelming rusting,

    Percy took a shaky step back.

    The wall in front of him suddenly collapsed, and a few bugs lying on the outside of the door wall came from the gap, the thick stinky and bloody smell hit him, they were so close as if they could tear him to pieces in the next second.

    Percy closed his eyes in despair.

    At this moment, there was a buzzing sound in the distance, like the sound of a laser being activated, followed by a huge crackling sound.

    The smelly liquid dripped down from his head.

    Percy shuddered and opened his eyes in surprise.

    He could see that outside the big hole in the broken wall, a silver-white mecha that shone with a faint brilliance was hovering in the air, and the huge wings of light behind it were unfolding, it felt as if a saint was descending from the sky.

    The laser cannon on its arm was still running, and a faint red light penetrated the night, as if the heat had not yet dissipated.

    The Zerg from the entire block hissed and rushed towards it.

    Percy stared dumbfoundedly as the mech slaughtered the huge swarm in front of him with amazing efficiency, and in just half a minute, he wiped out the hundreds of bugs in front of him.

    The cockpit door opened up.

    Ge Xiu’s face was exposed, and he asked shortly: “Are you injured?”

    Percy shook his head blankly.

    “Anyone else in the house?”

    Percy shook his head again.

    “Okay.” Ge Xiu nodded slightly.

    In the next second, the cockpit was closed, the mecha bent down, grabbed Percy with silver metal fingers, then unfolded the light wings, started the engine, and rushed into the night sky.

    Percy finally woke up from the daze, a terrified scream broke out of his throat.

    High-pitched screams echoed in the block full of corpses, and before it finished echoing, the mecha and the people had long disappeared.

    five minutes later.

    Ge Xiu landed smoothly in the training ground of the Mecha Academy, and the control and the Mecha put Percy on the ground.

    Percy stumbled to the ground and began to vomit with a black face.

    ——The way the opponent drives the mech was simply too wild and crazy!

    The engine was set on the top gear from the start, and then twisted in air and swirled at all sorts of weird angles—he felt as if he was about to die.

    He finally stopped vomiting and stood up on two noodle-soft legs.

    As he looked up, he saw the entire mecha driving department was standing on crooked legs in the training ground, some people were even vomiting, almost spitting out their internal organs.

    The cockpit of the mech opened again.

    The boy’s calm face appeared in front of everyone, and he calmly announced:

    “The planet’s military protection net has been severely damaged, and the entire army has been wiped out. It will take at least four hours for reinforcements to appear.”

    His voice was very low, clear and hoarse, like the sound of golden bars colliding, unbelievably convincing.

    Everyone gasped, and could hardly believe their ears—the army was gone?

    A cloud of despair enveloped the heads of everyone, and everyone’s expressions looked ugly.

    In fact, seeing the tragic situation in the city, everyone more of less guessed it was the case — but no one wanted to believe that one was in a near-desperate situation until it was cruelly pointed out.

    A hysterical shout broke out from the crowd:

    “Then what are you waiting for?! Go to the emergency rescue ship! This planet is done for, hurry up and escape!”

    Ge Xiu looked over, his eyes were icy cold, dark and black like abyss, it felt that there was something inexplicably terrifying inside them.

    He said: “Shut up.”

    The powerful and terrifying spiritual force suddenly pressed downwards, not hiding any of his absolute power.

    The chaotic training ground instantly quieted down, everyone’s faces turned pale, and they stood there in shock. Some students with poor mental strength even trembled all over, their legs trembled, and they almost fell to the ground.

    It felt like being being gazed on by a predator with emotionless eyes, as if one would be torn to shreds in the next second.

    The sense of fear that came from the depths of their soul made their spinal cords chill and they could barely move.

    Ge Xiu retracted his gaze and said coldly:

    “Four hours is enough for the insect tide to destroy the entire city, the old and young, for women and children to be eaten as food, and the strong adults will become the incubators for them to hatch larvae — a short period of time of barely four hours, the entire planet will cease to exist.”

    Everyone knew what a planet plundered by the Zerg would look like.

    Only four words could describe it:

    Living hell on earth.

    The silver-white mecha pressed the control panel on the side, and with the sound of two electric explosions, the iron gate of the training ground opened unexpectedly—

    A mecha was standing silently in the darkness.

    Ge Xiu glanced at the stunned crowd and said,

    “You are the last barrier between the insect tide and the defenseless city.”

    He raised the corners of his lips and showed a pure smile:

    “Those who do not want to be a barrier will be treated as deserters.”

    The blade of the laser unsheathed from the front of the mecha, flashing with a lethal, sharp blue glint in the dark.

    ——”Killed without mercy.”


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  1. I have the vague idea that maybe having a bunch of omega’s together would increase the Zergs attraction to them, hence making them bait or something?

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