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Chapter 91: ABO

    The entire training ground was dead silent, and only the overlaying sound of the Zergs’ claws scratching on the steel ceiling could be heard, echoing in the huge and empty space.

    Omega lowered his eyes and looked down at them, a pair of dark eyes gleaming with a dazzling cold light, like a killing god who came back from the sea of ​​​​blood. The powerful mental power swept over the audience in a overwhelming way, the heavy pressure was suffocating and nobody could move an inch.

    Everyone looked up at the youth sitting in the silver-white mecha in shock.

    ——No one thought that he was joking.

    The mind that had previously lost its rationality due to fear gradually calmed down, and the reality that they had been subconsciously ignoring from panic was finally fully revealed in front of their eyes.

    Chilling and cruel, but there is no doubt that there is no turning back—

    In other words, after the army was destroyed, they became the only barrier between the innocent people and the Zerg.

    They were warriors trained in the Federal Mecha Academy, they were the Mecha pilots who had been selected through rigorous military training. Many of them have even joined the reserve army and would participate in battles as soon as they graduate.

    What they bear is not only the glory of the Federation, but also the responsibility for the millions of lives of the entire planet behind them.

    Millions of blood debts.

    The sense of honour and responsibility lost under the shock of fear gradually returned.

    The person who was shaken and lost control just now couldn’t help feeling ashamed at the thought of trying to escape.

    And the most shameful thing was… the only one standing in front of them, who threatened them with a sharp blade to make them face the enemy, was an Omega—and as an alpha, he didn’t even have as much guts and backbone as Omega!

    This realization made them feel ashamed.

    The anger at the Zerg raging in their homeland, and the shame at their own incompetence, condensed and mixed into a raging fighting spirit that burned in everyone’s chest.

    Everyone in the venue moved and quickly rushed to the mecha area.

    Ge Xiu stared at the scene in front of him, narrowing his eyes in satisfaction.

    ——That’s why he chose these people.

    They are all trained to deal with crises. Even if they got briefly carried away by fear of death, they still retained their basic qualities and abilities. Most importantly, they were still young and have not experienced the baptism of brutal war. They had sense of honour coming from the youthful spirit and only such young soldiers could throw themselves into a war with a huge disparity between the enemy and their side, fighting at all costs.

    The hatch of the mechas slowly closed.

   Ge Xiu distributed weapons and ammunition collected from the wreckage left behind the army after the attack.

    He assigned them tasks curtly:

    “From 001 to 012, evacuate the masses according to the divisions in the planet, and the rest and I will go to meet the Zerg, face the main force, and buy time for them.”


    The mechas spread their wings and everyone answered in unison.

    Humans were inherently attracted to hope*.

*lit. phototaxis meaning movement, that occurs when a whole organism moves towards or away from a stimulus of light.

    In crisis, people always subconsciously obeyed the leadership of the most calm and composed person.

    Before they knew it, they had begun to habitually obey Ge Xiu’s orders and fight under his command — as if there was a strange and charm of calmness about him, which made people feel subconsciously reassured and instinctively want to follow him, as if it was only natural, exactly as it should be.

    The originally scattered and desperate team quickly returned to order, as fast as magic.

    The silver-white mecha jumped into the air first.

    It led the mecha team behind it fearlessly, and they rushed towards the surging insect swarm without any hesitation.

    The crackling electric sound of the lasers and the sudden burst of artillery fire filled the air, and the dazzling red flames exploded in the dense brown-black insect tide. The scorched smell of burned insects along with the severed limbs, dripping with yellow-green blood, fell from the air.

    The silver-white mecha flew through the sea of ​​​​fire, it was extremely agile seeming not at all like a steel machine weighing several tons.

    Every time it advances and turns, fires and cuts, it throws even more broken corpses to the ground — ruthless, merciless, reaping the lives of the bugs around it like a god of death, deicide, in an unbridled display of its absolute power.

   In a deadly dance, it swiftly advanced and jumped through the gaps between the bugs with an astonishing dexterity.

    The fluid firelight was reflecting on the smooth silver-white surface of the mecha, shining in the dark starless night.

    It was like the first ray of morning light that cut through the night sky, like a flash of lightning tearing apart a storm.

    That beauty was bloody and cruel, but also filled with pure power, leaving one breathless.

    Percy tilted his head up, staring in shock at the scene in front of him — the scene pierced through the screen, imprinting so deeply on his retinas that it couldn’t be erased with the passing of time.

    He couldn’t help but recall the previous scene in his mind.

    The young man looked down at him, who crawled on the ground with tears streaming down his face. The warm yellow lights in the building not far away were reflected in his dark eyes, like flowing molten gold. His voice was extremely faint, as if it came from a distant place: “…Those who imprison themselves are the saddest.”

    The silver mecha hovered in the air in front of the broken wall, the other party’s expression was cold and calm as he asked calmly:

    “Are you injured?”

    Percy couldn’t describe his current mood for a moment.

    Countless complex emotions mixed together, tumbling and fermenting in the chest.

    Was it jealousy, hatred, resentment, or gratitude, sense of inferiority, self-loathing, or even yearning… He didn’t know, and couldn’t understand it at all.

    At this moment, the urging voice of his companion came from beside him.

    Percy snapped back to his senses.

    He took a deep breath, then manipulated the mecha and flew towards his destination of evacuation site — in any case, now that the crisis was at stake, the insect tide was the first enemy they had to deal with.


    An unknown amount of time has passed.

    In the high-intensity wheel battle, time seems to have lost its meaning.

    Ge Xiu once again released a trap bomb into the air.

    The artificial scent bomb specially developed to attract Zergs exploded, and countless pairs of scarlet bugs buzzed their wings and rushed in a black tide, swallowing the mecha’s figure in an instant, and then suddenly they were forced to leave it with the protective electric shield focus in the next second, falling like raindrops.

    The ground was covered with thick insect corpses, almost submerging the two-story building, and yellow-green liquid flowed recklessly in the block.

    The disgusting stench and odour wafted in the air, and the horrible smell seemed so strong as if it wouldn’t disperse for months.

    Ge Xiu was breathing heavily.

    He could hear the bellow-like whizzing sound of his lungs inside the closed mecha.

    His hair was already wet with sweat, sicking to his forehead and cheeks, the sweat was falling down drop by drop and his clothes were already soaked in sweat as they stuck tightly to his back.

    The wrist holding the control ring turned deep blue and purple, and the tiger’s mouth of his hand also cracked due to excessive force, and the bright red blood flowed down dripping, and gathering into a small pool of blood on the ground beneath his feet, flowing along with the movement of the mecha in the distance.

    Ge Xiu took a breath, then raised his eyes and looked into the distance.

    During this period of time, in addition to the students of the Mecha Academy, other people joined them as well — although this planet had no private armed forces other than the army, there were still private institutions that keep mechas that silently joined the battlefield, following Ge Xiu’s command and tactics, they attracted the attention of the insect tide in the air, and created time and conditions for the evacuation of the crowd.

    ——Some of them died already, and some of them were still struggling.

    In the thick pile of insects on the ground, several broken mechas fell with black smoke curling around them.

    However, the insect wave seemed to have no end, the enemies still rushing towards them endlessly.

    In the next second, Ge Xiu instinctively turned around and cut open a bug that was rushing towards his back with his backhand.

    The blade of the laser cut through the body of the insect without hindrance, and cut it in half abruptly, and the abundant blood plasma that suddenly exploded splashed on the arm of the mecha.

    The corpse fell to the ground.

    At this moment, the communicator that had been silent for a long time suddenly rang.

    In the ziziziii sound of electric current, Haines’ voice seemed a little distorted due to the distance, but it was as brief and precise as when speaking face to face: “…Everything is ready, as planned.”

    Ge Xiu calmed his breath and replied:


    The other side seemed to sense something was wrong in his voice. After a short sizzle, Hines’ voice sounded again:

    “Are you okay?”

    Ge Xiu nodded.

    After he clicked, he realized that the other side couldn’t see his movements, and then added: “Feeling a little tired, but it doesn’t affect anything.”

    ——Although this body was young, its foundation was too delicate, and it can only barely maintain short burst of strength, once it enters a long-term high-intensity strength tasking state, it is inevitable that it will become powerless with time.

    Ge Xiu blinked hard, blinking away the sweat off his eyelashes.

    The sequelae of mental exhaustion had gradually begun to show on him, dizziness and blurred vision being just one of them.

    He bit his tongue hard.

    A sharp sting came, the smell of blood filled his mouth, but his vision was instantly cleared.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes were burning with a dark fire that could not be extinguished, almost paranoid flash in his dark eyes — since he said he could hold on, he would definitely hold on.

    He raised his hand and pressed the button on the operation panel.

    With a hiss sound, white gas was ejected from the gaps in the mecha armour. It smelled like a sweet fragrance composed of countless flavours mixed together, quickly spreading in the air — it was the stock from the pheromone testing center. The purified mixture of the countless samples of Omega pheromones extracted from Omegas was several times more effective than a single’s Omega estrus alone.

    In the next second, the mecha’s engine suddenly increased to its maximum engine power and flew towards the sky at a speed that was almost undetectable to the naked eye!

    Must be fast!

    Otherwise, other alphas in the battlefield would also be affected by this pheromone.

    If he slowed down a little bit, he would be engulfed by the swarms of insects that suddenly became manic behind him—their speed had also increased by terrifying amount, and their scarlet crazied eyes were furiously and eagerly following the seductive aura coming from the mecha in front of them. They were fuelled by primitive instinct churning, making them crave blood and murder.

    Ge Xiu gritted his teeth.

    He could hear the violent vibration of the air scraping against the metal surface at high speed filling his ears. He blasted a few bugs that followed, and then ignored the warnings that the temperature in the mecha cabin was close to overheating, and started all the spare engines!

    The sonic boom spread the pheromone further, and the swarms from the entire planet rushed towards the silver-white mecha.

    In the brown-black storm storm, the mecha looked so fragile and small, as if it would be swallowed up in the next second.


    A piercing siren rang through the cabin, and the screen in front of him also turned into bright red of an emergency.

    Blood gushed out from Ge Xiu’s broken mouth, and when it fell to the metal ground, it made a sizzling sound, quickly boiling and vaporizing.


    Ge Xiu’s eyes were serene and deep, at the bottom of his eyes flashed some kind of extreme calmness on the edge of madness.

    The corners of his lips twitched silently, the sharp white tiger tooth pressed against his lower lip, and the arc gradually raised. He indulged in this dangerous peak pleasure, as if his limbs and blood, muscles and bones, and the metal outer shell around him and the high-speed engines all merged into one, trembling under the impact of the strong wind.

    The mecha swiftly swept across the edge of the storm, and flew towards the designated position like lightning, so fast only afterimages could be seen in the air.


    From a distance he could see that the huge metal floor was slowly opening, and the dark, icy cannon muzzle with a radius of nearly 100 meters was faintly being revealed——

    The scorching energy condensed in the dark cannon barrel, and the terrifying temperature made the air fluctuate around it.

    Ge Xiu did not dodge or evade, and rushed straight towards it!

    The turbulent swarm of insects behind them chased the small silver-white mecha in front of them, swooping blindly towards the ground, and the buzzing of their vibrating wings was almost deafening.

    A millisecond away from hitting the ground, an earth-shattering terrifying cannon sounded.

    The mecha, with a terrifyingly accurate time difference, slammed into the spray device in front of the breastplate, and shoved itself out with gravity—!

    The huge swarm of insects slammed into the muzzle that suddenly exploded.

    In the next second, the molten red lit up in the densely packed pitch-black swarm, and the sky-high flames rolled up violent waves, completely igniting the entire sky!

    The impact of the explosion sent Ge Xiu flying farther away, and thin cracks inevitably spread on the surface of the mecha. In the seemingly endless fall, he stared at the one that swallowed his vision and blurred the world. The fire caused his face and eyes to turn bright red.

    The scorched black and burning corpses of the insects fell from the air like a huge rain of fire.

    Breathtaking beauty.

    Ge Xiu couldn’t hear the explosion.

    He couldn’t hear the harsh roars and screams of insects, the sound of wind blowing through the mecha, and the sound of the metal cover being lifted, nor could he hear the harsh sirens in the cabin, and the buzzing vibrations that were about to disintegrate.

    It felt as if all the voices and all the colours were ignited by the raging flames in the sky and restored to a violent crimson, the pure colour engulfing everything that has been there before.

    The pain caused by the exhaustion of the body lasted too long, and his sight gradually began to blur, his consciousness was pulled away from his body little by little, he felt as if he was floating, quietly watching the damaged silver-white mecha in the distant sky.

    Its surface was covered in charred soot and stained with insect blood, and it sank under the pulling of gravity, as if nothing could stop it—

    Scarlet fire burning the air.

    In that rich red, a black spot flashed from a distance, growing rapidly, shoving the red out of sight.

    It was a mecha.

    With a firm, urgent, and unyielding momentum, he lunged straight towards him.


5, 4…..

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