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Chapter 97: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The colourful lights fluctuated with the loud music, appearing even more chaotic and crazy under reflection of countless glasses and drinks.

    Under the flickering light, the young man turned his face slightly.

    Crowfeather-like eyelashes drooped down, through the black as lacquer pupils swept a ray of light, like a glimpse of lightning in the abyss.

    The man was stunned, as if captured by some unknown magic power, unable to look away for a while.    

    It was not until the severe pain came from his fingers that he recovered from the nightmare-like state, and uncontrollably let out an ear-piercing scream: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

    The young man slowly stood up from his seat, gripping the hand that the man had just put on his lap in his palm.

    He bent down slightly and asked unhurriedly,

    “What did you just say?”

    The sound rubbing bones was engulfed by the deafening music. The man’s fingers and arms were broken into unnatural angles, and he knelt down tremblingly on the ground: “Ahhhhh! Let go! Let go! My fingers are about to break ahh ah ah!”

    The whole dancing stage was shocked by his sudden action, staring blankly at the astonishing scene in front of him.

    One of them hurriedly shouted:

    “Lu Nan! What are you doing! Let go of Mr. Wang!”

    Lu Nan? Mr. Wang?

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows.

    It seems that this virtual world was the same as the last one, with basic characters and plot settings.

    Out of sudden, the familiar electronic voice sounded in his ears: “Welcome to Punishment World Five, I invite criminal No. 7098 to accept the first task in this world: drink the three glasses of wine on the table.”

    Ge Xiu was startled.

    Task? This is new.

    He narrowed his eyes secretly, and replied in his mind, “What if I don’t accept it?”

    In the next second, a powerful electric current rushed through his body, and the bones and muscles trembled and groaned in pain, but it seemed to be acting directly on the spiritual body, shaking his brain vividly and violently.

    Ge Xiu’s face turned pale, he let go of the man’s fingers subconsciously, took a step back staggeringly, and barely stabilized his body.

    The emotionless electronic voice sounded again: “Level 1 electric shock warning.”

    How many other levels were there?

    It was a fleeting thought, quickly passing through Ge Xiu’s mind.

    The man took the opportunity to get away, he hugged his arm and stumbled backwards, his face was contorted by pain, his eyes flashed with malicious light, and he roared dishonestly: “Lu Nan! Don’t forget that you were crying and begging me for the chance to come back! How dare you do this to me, you’re fucked! Don’t even think about going out of this door today, believe it or not, I’m not playing with you!”

    Ge Xiu’s eyes narrowed for a moment.

    Before he has figured out the purpose behind the task in this world, it would be the safest to follow the directions it suggested, observe changes and wait for an opportunity to turn things around. This was the most sensible way to do it now.

    What’s more, just three small glasses of wine were not much.

    But… this man was really irksome.

    He didn’t get angry but chuckled: “Did you want me to drink just now?”

    Ge Xiu pointed to the edge of the table.

    There are three glasses filled with wine of different colours, the wine glasses were small, only half the size of a thumb, and the wine in them shimmered like jewels under the light:

    “Are these the ones?”

    He smiled and raised his hand to abruptly pull the man over:

    “Of course I can drink it.”

    The young man’s posture was calm and peaceful, and he spoke words that seemed be compromising, but the expression on his face made people shudder.

    “A cup for a finger, how about that?” Ge Xiu tilted his head, the curve of his lips was innocent and pure.

    He picked up a glass of wine and drank with his up head slowly.

    The next second, before the anyone could react, they heard a harsh “crack” of a bone breaking.

    “Ahhhhh” the man screamed miserably, but the sound was covered up by the loud music and there was no sigh of people noticing anything in the hidden private booth.

    The smile on Ge Xiu’s lips widened, showing his joy and cruel pleasure.

    The second cup was downed.

    “Katcha.” The man’s second finger twisted in the opposite direction.

    Then came the third cup.


    The man could not speak from pain, only a hoarse scream squeezed out of his throat, but it was so weak that it hardly caused much impact, even Ge Xiu, who was closest to him, could not hear it clearly.

    But the wine was pretty good.

    Sweet, fruity.

    Ge Xiu stood up and casually pushed the trembling man aside, without giving him a single glance, it took only less than three minutes before and after, and there was hardly any chance for anyone to react.

    Then, under the stunned gazes of those people, he turned and walked away.

    The door of the bar and dance room closed behind him.

    The door panel with good sound insulation effect blocked the loud music behind it.

    After suddenly entering the quiet corridor, the sudden volume change made Ge Xiu a little uncomfortable, as if there was something buzzing in his mind, hitting his nerves like a heavy hammer, but his ears couldn’t hear anything.

    He blinked hard and slowly.

    A bit dizzy.

    Ge Xiu shook his head and stepped forward, but just as he took a step, his legs involuntarily softened and his body tilted to the side.

    If it wasn’t for his reflexes, causing him to hold onto the wall next to him, he was afraid he would have fallen directly to the ground.


    Ge Xiu shook his head again, feeling that the ground under him seemed to be fluctuating. He seemed to be standing on a ship in a storm, while the deck under his feet was as soft as cotton.

    Not right… those glasses of wine…

    were sweet.

    Had a fruity taste.

    And they didn’t really taste like alcohol.

    Ge Xiu felt the air going out of his mouth and nose was on fire, hot and humid, and the dizzy heat began to spread from the depths of his body, quickly acting on his body and brain.

    Damn, sure enough, the tasks set by the group of people outside the virtual world were not well-intentioned.

    At this moment, he felt that a huge amount of complicated informations was suddenly shoved into his mind. It seemed to be related to this world and his identity, but Ge Xiu’s slightly dulled brain could not deal with the amount of information as fast as usual, and could only ponder dizzily.


    What was an entertainer? What was the entertainment industry?

    Debt? Seventy million?


    ah? What did he do?

    Just as Ge Xiu was slowly clearing the clues in his mind, suddenly a buzzing sound came from his pocket.

    He hesitated, then reached out and pulled out the buzzing thing.

    The black…communicator…? It was too old.

    Very outdated technology.

    Ge Xiu frowned in disgust.

    He poked at the screen with the tip of his finger, and then, the buzzing noise disappeared, and then a rough and grumpy man’s voice came from the other end of the microphone: “Lu Nan!!! Where the hell are you? What are you doing?! Do you fucking know what kind of status Boss Wang has? You fucking begged me for this opportunity back then. At the end of the day, you want to run away and pretend to be lofty? Piss on your own virtue*!”

*meaning wanting to do everything on their own, overly self-sufficient

    A series of angry curses came from the communicator.

    Ge Xiu blinked and counted silently in his heart.

    In this period of time, he said four “your mom’s”.

    He cleared his throat, and then asked slowly, “Who are you?”

    There was a sudden silence on the other side.

    “I’m your fucking agent!!!!” A roar exploded from the microphone.

    —The fifth one.

    Ge Xiu held the phone away from his ears, then cut off the communication without caring, and put the backward communicator back into his pocket again.

    And…what was an agent?

    Not sure.

    But it shouldn’t matter.

    He leaned against the wall and walked out slowly along the corridor, feeling that his feet seemed to be floating, but his spirit was in a state of strange excitement.

    Just then, several people came over from the other end of the corridor.

    Their figures were blurred and doubled in Ge Xiu’s eyes, making it almost impossible to distinguish the outlines of each person, but the person walking in the middle was extraordinarily clear in his vision.

    Ge Xiu was slightly startled.

    ——For some reason he recognised who the person was at a glance.

    Zuo Yan’s brows were furrowed and his expression solemn, as he listened to the reports of his subordinates indifferently.

    Suddenly, a man walked straight towards him from the other end of the corridor.

    It was a young man with a beautiful face and a slender and well-proportioned body, but his steps were a little disordered, as if he was drunk.

    Zuo Yan frowned secretly.

    There were too many beauties trying to get close to him through drunkenness.

    The subordinate on the side stepped forward and tried to stop the man who was rushing straight towards his boss.

    As the distance shortened, Zuo Yan could clearly see the other’s face.

    The youth’s skin was as red as fire, and a pair of jet-black eyes shone brightly with the moisture of water, like dazzling stars soaked in mercury. His facial features were gorgeous and flamboyant, and against the bright red blush that spread to the neck and earlobes, they looked extremely brilliant.

    For some reason, Zuo Yan’s heart moved.

    He made a beckoning gesture and asked his subordinates to retreat.

    The young man approached him smoothly.

    At such a close distance, Zuo Yan could almost smell the faint aroma of wine coming from the other party, mixed with a faint fruity smell, clear and sweet — he frowned without a trace. He has done a lot of research on wine. This flavor could only come from a very strong foreign wine. The price was high and the taste was mellow.

    Were these people working so hard now?*

*as in, spending so much money just to get close to him

    Before Zuo Yan could say anything, the young man came over and put his hand on his shoulder.

    Zuo Yan stared at the face that was so close in front of him, and his thoughts swayed slightly.

    However, what everyone didn’t expect was—the next second, the young man’s eyes turned cold, his palms pressed down, and then he aimed a knee at the man’s abdomen:

    “Your fucking uncle!”

    Everyone was stunned.

    Ge Xiu raised his fist and punched Zuo Yan on the cheek.

    He was furious, his eyes were red with anger and drunkenness, and he gritted his teeth and roared, “I said wait, wait, can’t you fucking hear it?”

    Ge Xiu grabbed the stunned man:

    “Pulling the gun? Just you try to pull it out again!”

    He raised his hand and punched again, hitting the opponent’s eye socket without reservation, and shouting angrily:

    “You can’t fucking say anything clearly, just commit suicide!”


    The author has something to say:

   News say that a well-known CEO was beaten violently in a bar by a vile star? Is this a lack of humanity or a loss of morality?

    SangSang Night Talk will continue to follow up for you.

    ——Reported by our reporter Sang Wo*.

*the novel’s author, Sang Wo. Can also be translated as Shang Wo (the author themselves can;t decide)

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  1. GE XIU, MY BABY, FUCKING HELL YOU’RE ALREADY KILLING IT IN THIS NEW ARC. No other MC will give me this much chaos in such a fun way. I love him. I’d never want to meet him IRL (I’d probably die) but man is he a hoot. Our ML will never be bored with Ge Xiu running the show.

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