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Chapter 100: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The money collected from that group of people together added up to nearly five to six hundred yuan.

    Ge Xiu found a place to simply fill his stomach, then went to a nearby store to buy some indispensable items, picking up on the way two large bags of candy in the small supermarket downstairs, and then slowly returned to the original owner’s apartment.

    The apartment was not spacious, and there were posters of the serials that the original protagonist participated in on the walls. Under the gazes of the enlarged faces, the whole room seemed to be a bit narrower.

    Ge Xiu casually threw the things he bought on the sofa, then pulled up a chair and sat in front of the computer.

    He tore open the candy bag, took out a candy and stuffed it into his mouth.

    The sweet and fruity taste spread in his warm mouth.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly, moved his neck, and his cervical spine made a slight sound with his movement.

    He licked his teeth and got down to work.


    When the agent came to the door, it was already three days later.

    Fang Zhengye raised his hand and hammered on the closed door in front of him.

    “Dong dong dong!”

    There was no sound in the room.

    A trace of impatient anger flashed in Fang Zhengye’s eyes, he cursed through gritted teeth, and then rummaged through his pocket to find the spare key of Lu Nan’s house. Then he directly opened the door.

    As soon as he entered the apartment, he was stunned by the appearance of the room.

    It was really messy here…

    It looked as if everything in the room was randomly thrown all over the floor. The stacks of books and incomprehensible model utensils piled up like hills, making the small room look like a narrow and crowded labyrinth. The place where the TV series posters had been nailed had been cleared out, and replaced by many sketches and data that he couldn’t understand at all, making him feel dizzy.

    Was there an earthquake here?

    Just when Fang Zhengye was standing in a daze, a young man with messy hair scattered like a bird’s nest stuck his head out of the maze. His voice was a little hoarse, with some lazy sleepiness in it: “Who is it?”

    When Fang Zhengye heard this sentence, he instantly turned furious,

    “I’m your agent!!!”

    Ge Xiu suddenly realized: “Oh!”

    He scratched his head, and asked in confusion, “What are you doing here?”

    Looking at the other’s confused and innocent eyes, Fang Zhengye only felt a surge of anger, and couldn’t help but yell angrily: “How dare you ask me?? Today the crew called me to ask me where you were! Do you know that you were filming today? I thought you already died here and made the place stink!”

    Ge Xiu was stunned, turned his head and glanced at the phone that was tossed aside.

    He didn’t realise when the battery has run out and the screen turned off.

     It’s been already three days.

    There was no reminder of the annoying mission this time, and he had completely forgotten that he still had a web drama to participate in.

    Fang Zhengye rushed over and said with a look of disgust:

    “Lu Nan, do you still think you are an actor? Could there be an actor like you? Look at what you are wearing! Old rags? If it wasn’t for our old relationship I wouldn’t have not terminated the contract when you were scolded by the whole network, and you’re fucking rotting to death in this nest!”

    Ge Xiu looked down at himself: T-shirt and sweatpants with big cartoon figures printed on them.

    Not this bad ah?

    Where was it like rags?

    Fang Zhengye was so angry that he was almost ignored by the other party, he pushed the young man in front of him to the bathroom and closed the door with a bang: “Wash up and change right now! Hurry up!”

    Ge Xiu’s voice came muffled through the closed door:

    “For going to the crew?”

    Fang Zhengye paused indifferently, and then replied: “You won’t go to the crew today.”

    There was the sound of the faucet being turned on in the bathroom, and the sound of water clattered, so Fang Zhengye had to raise his voice and say: “Tonight, I’ll accompany you to apologize to Boss Wang.”

    His attitude was no longer as aggressive as before, but a little more persuasive:

    “Your actions last time were really too much, but fortunately, Boss Wang is still willing to go easy as long as you will soften your attitude and apologize, everything is still negotiable.” Fang Zheng Ye gently persuaded: “And what’s wrong with being with Boss Wang? Not only will your debt be no longer a problem, but you will definitely be indispensable for good resources in the future. Capital is the trump card for the public opinion right now, what will be those grievances you suffer today if you become popular in the future, right?”

    Although he persuaded him like this, Fang Zhengye knew the truth very well.

    Wang Xuejiu was a tyrannical and lecherous person by nature, and was extremely vengeful. Although he said he would take it easy, but if Lu Nan really fell into his hands, he would played half to death at least.

    But what does this have to do with him?

    If it wasn’t for Wang Xuejiu’s coveting Lu Nan’s face and figure, the company would have terminated the contract with him when he was exposed and boycotted by the whole network. The only reason why they still reluctantly kept this man was because he still had some value in him.

    Fang Zhengye thought without any guilt.

    In the bathroom, Ge Xiu brushed the wet hair on his forehead to the back of his head, and the clear water flowed down the curve of his face in stream, making his lips redder and skin more pale, and his face more beautiful.

    Across the bathroom door on the first floor, Fang Zhengye’s voice came from outside. It was washed away by the sound of running water, making it seem vague and unreal.

    His eyes drooped slightly, and a series of water droplets fell from the dark eyelashes, not reflecting on the dark and unclear eyes.

    Twenty minutes later, the bathroom door was pushed open.

    Steaming heat wafted out from the open door, and the citrus scent of the shower gel spread with the warm steam.

    The young man walked out with his hair still half-wet. Water droplets fell from the ends of the jet-black hair strands, and dark water stains could be seen on the shoulders. The excessively fair skin was steamed into a light powder by the hot water, his limbs were slender and well-proportioned resembling young green bamboo, one can vaguely see the wonderful proportions of his shoulders and slender waist.

    Fang Zhengye’s eyes flashed with surprise — Boss Wang is indeed knowledgeable, and could find unpolished jade among so many unknown little stars at a glance.

    At the same time, a faint sense of pity also flooded into my heart.

    He has always known that Lu Nan is good-looking, and even in the entire entertainment industry, he could be regarded having top quality looks. If it weren’t for the rumours of being indebted to loan sharks and homosexuality appearing shortly after his debut, and his behaviour of looking for death, he would have been actually very promising.

    However, it was too late to say anything now.

    Fang Zhengye’s gaze swept down casually, suddenly stopped, and then he fell into silence.

    Ge Xiu followed his line of sight and looked down, then frowned suspiciously: “What’s wrong?”

    The clothes were indeed changed.


    Only the cartoon character changed to another! ! !

    “You… are you going to wear this?” Fang Zhengye asked slowly.

    The young man looked blank: “Can’t I?”

    Fang Zhengye: “…”

    Could being scolded lead to a decline in aesthetics? ? ?

    He took a deep breath and felt a burst of evil fire burst into his chest, but he had to continue to do his work, so he had to suppress the evil fire and say: “…Forget it, I’ll take a look for you if you have something to wear on different occasions.”

    Fang Zhengye was a person who has worked hard in the entertainment industry for many years, and his aesthetic taste had gone through layers of experience.

    The clothes he chose almost perfectly showed all the advantages of Lu Nan’s body, and his gorgeous appearance was even more dazzling, high-profile and compelling, and could almost instantly attract everyone’s attention.

    Fang Zhengye looked at his success with satisfaction, and then said:

    “Okay, let’s go, I’ll drive you there.”

    Ge Xiu nodded casually and walked out behind Fang Zhengye, but before he walked out, he seemed to suddenly remember something after a few steps, and stopped with an “Oops”.

    Fang Zhengye turned his head to look at him impatiently: “What’s wrong?”

    Ge Xiu turned back and ran towards the tablet where he was working on just now.

    Then he straightened up and followed Fang Zhengye out of the door.


    Zuo Yan sat in the back seat and closed his eyes.

    The filtered windows blocked most of the dazzling sunlight, so that the entire car was shrouded in the dim and soft light, making his facial features seem even more sharp and pronounced. The light divided the profile of his face into part shrouded in light and shadow, intertwining brightness with darkness. Even if he didn’t open his eyes, the heavy pressure was still released without a hindrance.

    ——If only his right eye socket still wasn’t blue.

    Just then, a buzzing sound came from his phone.

    Zuo Yan opened his eyes and pressed the phone.

    The vice president’s message implied excitement: “You must see this!!!”

    The car screen lit up, showing a link that had just been sent. When he opened the link, it was an auction held on the dark web, auction’s content was a design of a weapon.

    Zuo Yan’s back straightened involuntarily.

    The more he looked, the more startled he became.

    Although the data values ​​above have been vaguely processed, and the core technology had been deliberately hidden, but only from the information revealed, the design concept of this weapon was extremely advanced, and may even be ahead of the current technology by 30 to 50 years!

    No flaws other than the design lacking a bit in aesthetics.

    “And…” There was a slight trembling in the vice president’s voice: “He auctioned five of these designs!”

    “Who is the designer?”

    Zuo Yan’s voice was low and calm, only his tightly clenched fingers betrayed his not-so-peaceful mind.

    “I don’t know, the person who posted this auction is very powerful. He used an encrypted server and couldn’t be traced back at all.” The vice president quickly replied: “The only thing we can know now is the online name he used when he released the auction: XIU “

    XIU?” Zuo Yan murmured and repeated.

    For some reason, the syllable gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

    “Mr. Zuo? What are you going to do?” The vice president’s voice interrupted his trance: “Countries A and B have already made bids for the arms companies.”

    Zuo Yan came back to his senses and said without hesitation,


    He moved his fingertips slightly and his eyes narrowed slowly: “Opening such a huge technological gap with the other arms companies is a risk we can’t afford. Gain the pictures of these five weapon designs at all costs and try to contact the behind-the-scenes designer and see if you can draw him over — the conditions are open.”


    The call ended.


    At the same time, Ge Xiu was drowsy in the passenger seat of Fang Zhengye’s car.

    He hasn’t rested much these days.

    The level of technology in this world was really too backward. If he directly brought the best products in the field, it would still a problem whether people in this world could comprehend them, so all this time, Ge Xiu has been trying to reduce the technological level of the designs, to make them as close as possible to the current level of the world, but leave enough room for improvement to demonstrate the lethality it can achieve.

    The long-term task stipulated that within a year he had pay off the debt owed by the original owner through acting, a full 80 million.

    In fact, Ge Xiu was very confident that he could sell for more than this price just one of his own drawings—the arms business was the most lucrative industry in any world.

    However, according to the content of the task…

    if he used money he earned by other means to pay off your debts, it would not meet the requirements.

    Seemed to be a dead end.

    Ge Xiu opened his eyes and casually looked at the blurry scene outside the window as the vehicle drove by, a fleeting smile flashed across his pale lips.

    -—In fact, the solution was very simple.

    Buy a film and television company, invest in his own movies, and hire himself to be the star.

    Won’t it work perfectly?


    The author has something to say:

   Ge Xiu, the abusive plotline killer.



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  1. That sneaky lil bastard…I knew he’d find a way to fuck with the scientists and he did it so beautifully I feel like lighting a candle for all those poor scientists. You tried your best but no one can beat Ge Xiu besides our ML (if Ge Xiu is feeling generous). Thanks for another chapter!

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  2. Congratulations on translating to chapter 100!

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  3. thank you for the chapter!

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    entertainment fresh meat (genius weapon designer) X underground lord

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