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Chapter 101: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Soon, the car reached its destination.

    Fang Zhengye followed closely behind Ge Xiu and walked inward with him, as if guarding against him because he was afraid that he would suddenly change his mind, turn back, and run away.

    Ge Xiu was calm and unmoved.

    He didn’t seem to notice anything unusual about Fang Zhengye and walked towards the depths of the corridor without changing his face:

    “By the way, in which room is that Wang?”

    Fang Zhengye was choked with anger seeing his disrespectful attitude, he quickly corrected: “Hey! What are you talking about? You can’t talk like that when you go in later, do you hear me? You have to call Mr. Wang! Brother Wang is also fine, act respectfully.”

    It was unknown whether Ge Xiu heard or not, but he still looked casual, looking up at the building in front of him.

    Doesn’t the design look familiar?

    It seemed to be a bit similar to the place where he first entered this world before, maybe… it belonged to the same company?

    Ge Xiu thought endlessly, and walked in the direction pointed out by Fang Zhengye.

    The corridors here were complex and winding, with the design attaching great importance to protecting the privacy of their consumers. After turning several corners, they finally came to the Mr. Wang’s private room.

    Fang Zhengye knocked on the door cautiously.

    After he held his breath and waited for a long time, a gruff voice of a man finally sounded through the door: “…Come in.”

    Fang Zhengye led Ge Xiu into the box.

    The other people in the box have already sat down and the table was full of exquisite and high-end dishes, while Wang Xuejiu was sitting at the top of the table, next to two beautiful female stars, his crude and mediocre face was slightly composed. The left hand laying on the table was still wrapped in plaster, and a pair of extremely sinister hanging eyes swept towards the door.

    Fang Zhengye nodded and bowed his head flatteringly:

    “Apologies Mr. Wang, apologies! I’m sorry, we came in late, this was not…”

    Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Wang Xuejiu directly and unceremoniously. Wang Xuejiu said contemptuously:

    “Okay, I understand, sit down.”

    Wang Xuejiu’s attitude was particularly cold, as if he wanted to deliberately hang them in the cold, and this estranged attitude made Fang Zhengye even more frightened. He quickly turned around and yanked Ge Xiu’s sleeve behind him, gritted his teeth and whispered:   

    “Let’s go quickly.”

       Ge Xiu awoke from his wandering thoughts, obediently followed behind Fang Zhengye and walked to the lower position at the end of the table together.

    There were just two vacant seats for them.

    They sat down as well-trained waiters stepped forward to serve them.

    After the waiter left, Fang Zhengye leaned into Ge Xiu’s ear and whispered, half threatening and half persuading:

    “Look, because of previous your rude behaviour, President Wang is not happy to see you anymore. You must be careful and respectful with your attitude, do you hear me? You should know that there is no shortage of good-looking boys and girls around Mr. Wang, and you are not that special. As long as he beckons, there are many people in the entertainment industry who would want to grasp this hard-won opportunity, you only have this possibility of turning over this time, do you understand?!”

    While he was persuading, Ge Xiu was busy picking up the food on the table with his chopsticks.

    In just a few seconds, the bowl in front of him became a hill—actually, in the past three days, not only did he not rest much, but he often forgot to eat, and now he was hungry.

    After finishing the dishes, he looked at the agent beside him in a daze:


    Fang Zhengye was so full of anger and blood rising to his head that he couldn’t wait to press the innocent-looking young man’s head right into the dish in front of him — eat, eat, eat! You only know to eat!

    During this process, Wang Xuejiu frequently cast hidden gazes in this direction from his seat.

    He did hold a grudge against that night.

    Not to mention the pain caused by his fingers being broken, but also all of his friends were present that night. He had always enjoyed the thrill of being sought after but to be humiliated in public in the eyes of the flattering followers who usually hold him to the sky, he couldn’t swallow it.

    Therefore, Wang Xuejiu had already prepared his own revenge plan.

    During this period of time, the black materials against Lu Nan on the Internet have intensified. Among them, there were also ones orchestrated by his hands. His purpose was to make Lu Nan desperate, to give him no other way but to rely on himself. He had to bend his waist willingly and kneel down obediently at his feet, offering him everything he wanted, and then be tortured by him, unable to live or die.

    This kind of situation would bring him unparalleled pleasure.

    This was why Wang Xuejiu wanted to see Lu Nan take the initiative to lower his head—

    every time he recalled what happened that night, the small star’s eyes would always appear in front of his eyes without any suspense, and they wouldn’t dissipate for a long time — such a wild, untamed, primitive, murderous look.

    And when those eyes would be forcefully stained with painful water, and his pride shattered under his feet due to humiliation, shame, and unwillingness, even just thinking about it, Wang Xuejiu’s desire for conquest would be greatly satisfied, and his whole body seemed to filled with a shudder of pleasure.

    And when he saw the other here for the first time today, Wang Xuejiu strengthened his thoughts even more.

    He didn’t know if it was an illusion… He always felt that Lu Nan seemed to be different from before. With Wang Xuejiu’s barren vocabulary, he couldn’t describe how different he was from before, but he could clearly feel the changes in the other party.

    In the past, Lu Nan was already attractive enough, both his face and body were Wang Xuejiu’s favorite type, but now, he had become even more difficult to look away from, just standing there, like an everlasting luminous star, attracting everyone’s attention.

    Wang Xuejiu felt a little itchy in his heart.

    At this moment, Ge Xiu felt the phone vibrate in his trousers pocket — he had charged the phone before taking a shower, just enough to use it after the shower.

    He put down his chopsticks, took out his phone from his pocket, and glanced at the lit screen.

    Obviously, the auction was over.

    Ge Xiu glanced at the number that suddenly appeared on his account, and the dazzling series of zeros that followed the number, and the corners of his lips twitched slightly.

    His fingertips jumped and slid briskly on the screen, and the bright screen was reflected in his eyes like a small cluster of gleaming stars.

    On the other hand, Fang Zhengye, who was sitting on the side, was restless, completely opposite to Ge Xiu’s good appetite. He couldn’t eat anything at all. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Ge Xiu was actually playing with his mobile phone, making him even more angry. He was so enraged he couldn’t wait to grab the phone from the other’s hands and throw it away, and then tell him how important this opportunity was.

    At this moment, Wang Xuejiu looked over, and in an extremely cold tone, he asked knowingly:

    “What’s the purpose… of your visit today?”

    The whole table fell silent.

    They were obviously friends who knew Wang Xuejiu very well. They had long known what he was doing this time, so they all gloated over his misfortune and waited for the show to happen next.

    Ge Xiu turned a deaf ear to these words, still lowering his head and playing with his phone under the table.

    Fang Zhengye glanced at Ge Xiu nervously, and seeing that he had not realized that he had become the focus of attention on the entire table, he became so angry that he couldn’t catch his breath — he shoved Ge Xiu with his elbow and then glared at him threateningly:

    “Mr. Wang asked you something!”

    Ge Xiu then raised his head: “Huh?”

    His expression was too relaxed and comfortable, and Wang Xuejiu only felt as if his heart had been blocked, but had no choice but gnash his teeth and repeat the question from just now.

    Ge Xiu turned off the screen of his mobile phone, put it on the table, and said slowly:

    “What else can I do in a restaurant besides eating? Thank you very much for your hospitality this time. The food here tastes really good.”

    Wang Xuejiu’s complexion distorted for a moment.

    He didn’t expect that he got to this point, and the other party could still be stubborn!

    And act with such a contemptuous attitude completely disregarding him! The alienation and etiquette he put as a mask was torn apart in an instant like a paper shell, and an uncontrollable anger began to rise rapidly from the bottom of his heart, making him tremble a little with anger.

    On the other hand, Fang Zhengye was even more panicked. After all, he contracted the work of persuading Lu Nan. Now that things were not going well, he will obviously be blamed for this.

    His voice changed its tone:

    “Lu Nan!!! What are you talking about!!!! How can you treat President Wang like this…”

    “President Wang?”

    Ge Xiu suddenly opened his mouth halting his words, he turned his head to look straight at Fang Zhengye, then slowly narrowed his eyes.

    His long and curled eyelashes covered down, shadow spread in his dark and deep pupils, and there was a creepy smile in his eyes that made people shiver:

    “Are you sure?”

    Fang Zhengye was stunned for a moment.

    After a moment, he asked in confusion: “You…what are you talking about? What do you mean?”

    Ge Xiu leaned against the back of the chair and folded his legs unhurriedly: “I mean…Wang Xuejiu, can you still be called President Wang?”

    The corners of his lips were slightly raised: “It’s still good now, but it may take a while.”

    The attitude of this beautiful young man in front of him was so strange that everyone couldn’t help but tremble in their hearts, and feel chill on their backs. For a while they were unable to discern the deeper meaning behind his words.

    Wang Xuejiu was furious: “Damn it! You ungrateful animal! How the hell do you have the right to speak with such an attitude in front of me? If Laozi doesn’t kill you…”

    He was interrupted by the vibration of the phone in his pocket.

    Ge Xiu stared at him and asked calmly,

    “Won’t you look at it, Mr. Wang?”

    His eyes were deep and dark, like an abyss with no end in sight. hair on Wang Xuejiu’s neck couldn’t help but stand up, although he was confident that the other was bluffing, but he still couldn’t help feeling a little guilty.

    His lips twitched twice, and he finally decided to pull out his phone.

    As Wang Xuejiu dug it out, he still thought bitterly in his heart: After he was sure that everything was fine, he must torture this kid so that he would learn the price of teasing him.

    However, the moment he turned on the phone, he was stupefied.

    It was as if a thunderbolt suddenly fell from the sky, penetrating the ceiling, and hit his heavenly inspiration straight, as if his entire body was instantly petrified, even forgetting to move his eyes, he just stopped breathing in shock.

    In just an hour from now…

    The shared of Xingchen Entertainment were shortened on a large scale by hackers, and then was acquired by an anonymous buyer with a large amount of money at a very short speed. After collecting a large number of scattered shares, the buyer quickly became the largest shareholder of the entire company.

    Ge Xiu stood up, walked slowly to his side, and shook the screen of his mobile phone in front of him:

    “Am I qualified to speak now?”


    The author has something to say:

    Mr. Wang! Lu Nan has been riddled with black material and was scolded by the entire network.

    Did he admit his wrongs?

    No, he bought your company!


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  1. Fuck, I’m not a masochist but I desperately want Ge Xiu to give me a disgusted look and ,let’s be real, threaten my life. He’s so damn cool that every chapter gives me shivers and makes me all giddy. Love this lil maniac and can’t wait to reread this novel once we’ve reached the end of the translations. Thanks for another great chapter!

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