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Chapter 107: Modern Entertainment Circle


    Ge Xiu fell into silence as he watched the people squatting in a row not far away.


    He bought the shares of Star Entertainment Company, got rid of the stumbling block in the company and then took the opportunity to seize power when Wang Xuejiu’s scandal broke out, all in order to control the company’s operation chain and pave the way for himself to invest in movies and act to make money—

    as a result left Zuo Yan directly got rid of the entire loan sharks gang!

    How can he repay the debt now?

    It’s not that he was afraid of being electrocuted a few times, but that the perfect ending that he had his hands on without a hitch just went to waste, so what was the point of his previous series of preparations!

    The familiar electronic voice sounded again in his ears: “Warning! Warning! The mission is about to terminate!”

    Ge Xiu was slightly taken aback, his eyes narrowed.

    About to?

    So…does that mean there’s still room for a turnaround?

    Across the thin wall, a faint siren could already be heard looming out of a distance, coming in their direction.

    Ge Xiu’s mind was spinning like electricity.

    He rushed in front of Zuo Yan in a single stride and spoke like a cannonball:

    “Thank you, Mr. Zuo for your help! In fact, in a certain sense, it can be considered that you helped me pay back the money, right? Very sorry for bothering you!” With that said, he turned around and walking quickly towards the only table in the room, where there was the IOU written by the original owner.

    Ge Xiu reached out and picked up a ballpoint pen that was randomly thrown on the table in the utility room. Then he bent down on the table and began to write and scribble on the IOU.

    Taking less than ten seconds, he rushed over again with the IOU in his hands, and then, without any explanation, shoved the note directly into Zuo Yan’s hands.

    Zuo Yan was a little dumbfounded.

    He lowered his head and unfolded the wrinkled IOU that was forcibly shoved into his hand. He saw that the original loan company’s name was crossed out, there were a few characters written in a flash. It took Zuo Yan several seconds to recognise that the scrawled handwriting was actually his name.


    Zuo Yan could only spit out a word when the other party interrupted hurriedly:

    “The total debt is 80 million.”

    Zuo Yan raised his head and looked at Ge Xiu.

    He saw the young man in front of him staring at him expectantly, with a sincere and heartfelt expression: “After I make money from acting, I will return it back to you with interest.”

    Zuo Yan’s eyes stayed on his name on the IOU for a moment and then he seemed to have changed his mind. The corners of his lips curved slightly, and then he slowly folded the note and put it back into his pocket: “Okay.”

    The moment he agreed, in Ge Xiu’s ears once again rang the emotionless electronically synthesised voice:

    “The alarm is lifted. The debt collector was transferred and the long-term mission continues.”

    Ge Xiu breathed a sigh of relief.

    The response for this task was so quick, it should be that he was still being observed from outside — since the first time the “prevention” type of task appeared, he had been counting the time. After he leaves this world, according to the previous time multiplying, he should be able to calculate how long he had been observed inside this world.

    But what he was more curious about was why the outside world would allow… or even induce him to transfer debts.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes and looked up at the tall man with a stern face in front of him.

    This could only prove that in the eyes of the group of people outside, what they saw was a potential disaster maker.

    However, according to this person’s attitude and behavior from the previous worlds, there doesn’t seem to be any hostility towards him, and there is even a tendency to favour him and protect him that can’t be ignored.

    Was it just a simple strategic error?

    Or…was the situation one saw from inside and outside the virtual world actually different?

    “Wait, someone will come to discuss the new contract with you.” Zuo Yan said casually: “Don’t worry about the termination fee.”

    Ge Xiu was pulled out of his thoughts.

    “But…” He tried to change the other person’s mind: “Actually, I am more interested in Xingchen Entertainment…”

    Zuo Yan raised his eyebrows: “Why?”

    … He couldn’t say that he was the majority shareholder of Xingchen Entertainment.

    This capital chain couldn’t be explained.

    In addition, it would be very illogical if he had so much money at hand and couldn’t afford to repay 80 million, even signing a support contract voluntarily.

    Ge Xiu bravely replied: “Corporate atmosphere…”

    Zuo Yan: “…”

    Was it the kind of corporate atmosphere where the company’s president was in jail?

    He took out the IOU that had just been stuffed in his pocket, held it between two slender fingers, and shook it in the air:

    “But aren’t you trying to make money to pay off your debt? The debt will be deducted directly from your salary. “

    Ge Xiu’s eyes followed the IOU, his eyes were sad and his heart was heavy.

    So, at the end of the day…

    does he still have to act?


    Li Jie was the ace agent in Zuo’s Entertainment Company. Today, her subordinates were sent to a newcomer who had just been signed.

    She has been in this business for a long time, and even if nobody said unnecessary things, she knew that this person was not ordinary. She doesn’t need to ask more questions and cause troubles, she just needs to make him popular at all costs.

    Although he was riddled with black material but Li Jie was very confident in her ability.

    As long as she has enough capital and top-level resources, coupled with ingenious public relations operations and carefully crafted personality setting, she can carve a white jade Guanyin even from a dead tree.

    At first sight, Li Jie was very satisfied.

    The young man in front of her was tall and handsome, with an impeccably superior body and appearance. He was by no means a mass-produced vase-like beauty on the market, and there was no trace of a knife* on his face. He stood out there even without speaking and possessed an attractive and unique temperament, like natural luminous body, unconsciously attracting everyone’s attention.

*face surgery

    Even Li Jie, who has seen countless beauties, felt her eyes light up the moment she saw him.

    With these looks, it was basically half of the success in hands in the entertainment industry.


    Li Jie looked at the cartoon T-shirt on the young man in confusion — was this some strange personal hobby?

    However, the fashion taste was important. The company had a professional team who could  create and design the most suitable prominent look for him.

    The most important thing now was to examine the direction of development of this newcomer.

    Li Jie put the thick folder on the glass table, glanced up and down with her sharp eyes and asked straight to the point,   

    “What are your special skills?”

    Ge Xiu hesitated for a while and began to search for any skills that could be used in the entertainment industry:

    starship driving, weapon designing, mecha modification, puppet making, hacking and sabotaging network systems…

    But… it seems that there was really nothing particularly entertaining?

    He hesitated for a while and said:

    “I’m good at fighting?”

    Li Jie was stunned and looked up at Ge Xiu in disbelief, as if she didn’t expect that someone would take this as a special skills — and what was the use of saying this skill? ? Could it be that he wants to be a martial arts star?

    She propped her forehead, determined to ask from the field she was familiar with: “Can you sing?”

    Ge Xiu shook his head.

    “What about dancing?”

    Ge Xiu shook his head again.

    “What about acting?”

    Ge Xiu was silent for a while, thought for a long time, and then hesitantly shook his head.

    Li Jie raised her brows and her voice rose uncontrollably: “But haven’t you acted before?”

    When the newcomer was just assigned to her, Li Jie went to look at the plays he had acted in before. Although she didn’t finish watching because of time constraints, she has pretty much understood the basic level of this guy. His acting skills were not too unsightly in the entire entertainment industry. Apart from his acting being slightly exaggerated and having not undergone systematic training there was no major flaws and a few acting lessons should be able to help him improve, so why did Lu Nan say that he couldn’t act? Was it just modesty?

    Li Jie was doubtful.

    She pulled out a few scripts that she had prepared in advance from her own materials, and then picked out a moderately difficult one and threw it to Ge Xiu:

    “Try it, just act the part I circled.”

    Ten minutes later.

    The pen between Li Jie’s fingers fell to the ground.

    The metallic clanging sound woke her up, and she bent down, trying to hide her overly stiff expression.

    Li Jie sat up with the pen she picked up.

    Her expression has returned to normal, only the smile on the corner of her mouth still seemed a bit blunt and strained, and she commented dryly: “…You have a good memory and you’re quite familiar with the lines.”

    Ge Xiu shook his head humbly: “You’re overpraising me, overpraising.”

    Li Jie took a deep breath and closed her eyes forcefully.

    She took out the least difficult script of the idol drama from her folder, handed Ge Xiu the second scene of the gentle spare tire, and said reluctantly: “You… try this again.”

    The technical difficulty of this kind of role was the lowest. As long as you have a beautiful face, smile softly and look good, and lower your eyes to pretending to be melancholic and infatuated, you can basically control it perfectly, and you can also gain a girl’s heart.

    Li Jie didn’t believe that the other couldn’t do it.

    ten minutes later.

    Li Jie inhaled and exhaled.

    Inhaled again, exhaled again.

    She finally couldn’t hold back, and slowly buried her slightly twisted face in her hands.

    ——It turns out that some people really can’t do it! !

    After mentally adjusting herself, Li Jie calmed down, wiped his face, and straightened up.

    She asked woodenly: “… how good are you at fighting?”

    ——I beat up your boss.

    Ge Xiu swallowed the words that he was about to blurt out, considered the choice of words for a while, and then said cautiously: “In the case of cold weapons, one to ten is no problem.”

    Does he still want hot weapons?

    And what the hell was one to ten? Fighting was for the sake of being magnificent, elegant and entertaining, and it had nothing to do with being able to knock down a few people!

    Li Jie hesitated.

    This was the first time she felt so exhausted physically and mentally since she started her career. She sighed: “Have you…have you undergone systematic martial arts training?”

    Ge Xiu thought back.

    Most of his fighting skills came from those years of fighting on the edge of life and death at the bottom of the abyss, which… probably didn’t count?

    He shook his head honestly.

    ——Eclipse has fallen over the sky and earth, even sun and moon have lost their brightness.*

*meaning despairing/sky suddenly falling on one’s head

    Li Jie felt darkness in front of her eyes. At that moment, she for the first time felt such deep despair in her career that has been moving forward.

    With a glimmer of hope, she finally asked the last question:

    “You… Do you have any ideas for your future career path planning? For example, the future development direction, the requirements for received scrips and so on?”

    Ge Xiu thought for a while, looked up at Li Jie, and seriously and sincerely answered:

    “Less appearance, more money.”


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Zuo Yan: Here!

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