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Chapter 109: Modern Entertainment Circle

    No one could have imagined that Lu Nan would appear in the eyes of the public again so soon —— moreover through news from a variety show.

    When the preview of the guest list was released fans were in uproar.

    His previous black material was once again turned over and retweeted, and everyone would rather not have him, hoping that the program team could reconsider the guest candidates, so as not to not affect the reputation of the variety show.

    But in the end, their capital operational ability was formidable and the program team pretended to be deaf and mute to all these voices, not replying at all.

    until the show aired.

    Fans clicked into the video with anger, ready to start scolding with the keyboard, but only after clicking into the video did they realize…

    In the first hour, there were basically no shots of Lu Nan.

    It’s not that the variety show team didn’t want to shoot him — after all, an artist like Lu Nan had its own public opinion effect, no matter whether his performance in the show was good or bad, he could bring attention and traffic.

    However, he was too low-key in the early stage, and liked to hide into the blind spots of the camera. With so many guests it was really difficult for the host to pay attention to him in this state. The only few close-ups were out of focus and in wandering mind, his figure also was only fleeting by in the wide-angle lens.

    The angry fans who came in had nowhere to vent and the emotions accumulated in advance were useless.

    The barrage discussing artists was interspersed with a few comments about Lu Nan:

    “The program team probably heard the crowd’s voice and cut Lu Nan’s scenes.”

    “I estimate that this was the case, the progress bar is almost halfway through. Without his footage, this passerby is very satisfied.”

    However, in the middle of the show, a running female guest suddenly lost her balance and the blind spot in the safety measures that the show team hadn’t noticed beforehand were circled in the later editing. The suddenly enlarged font and the abruptly rising tense melody made the hearts of all the audience suddenly lift up— “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, don’t!”

    “Heavens, will something happen?”

    “How did the show crew do safety work?! Didn’t notice such an obvious sharp contour?”

    At this time, in the shaking camera field a young man’s slender figure suddenly came into view. He stretched his arm to catch the female guest who was about to fall.

    The female guest staggered into his arms.

    “It’s fine, all fine… I just said that the show crew wouldn’t let the artist have an accident.”

    “Where did this guy come from, I didn’t see him at all just now.”

    “Oh, this is scripted, the scene of whitewashing almost overflows the screen, disgusting or not disgusting.”

    “What did you say before? How could this situation be scripted, have a little judgmental abilities. No matter what, he helped others. I am a passerby and I can’t stand it anymore.”

    For the next ten minutes, the barrage was extremely noisy.

    However, ten minutes later, the barrage suddenly became silent for a moment—

    “Where is the person ?”

     “What happened just now?”

    “What happened? I want to go back and watch it again…”

    In the camera view, the young man had already vanished almost in the blink of an eye, disappearing from the screen without warning.

    Immediately afterwards, what was presented to the audience was an epic chase.

    After one photographer was exhausted, the next caught up, like a relay race, chasing the back of the young man in front, but no matter how hard they tried, the distance between the two sides continued to widen without any suspense. They were all left behind with ease, without a possibility of shortening the distance.

    “Go and catch up with him!” The dispatch team leader’s frantic voice was edited into the program: “After that person! Where is the photographer at the next node!”

    “I… I can’t keep up…. nor catch up… “With the shaking back and forth camera caused by desperate run, the photographer’s breathless voice came: “The last one was hit down by an obstacle mechanism, and I, I also lost him…”

    The video was swept by the frenzied barrage:

    “Oh shit…”

    “Oh shit…”

    “This…is this the effect made by the show…it’s too awesome…”

    “It’s fake…”

    “I’ve been the fan of this show for three years, and the mechanisms in the later stages are really purely for pitting people. I can testify that this effect can’t be faked even if one wants to fake it!”

   “What the hell…what is this kind of physical fitness…is it still a human?”

     From the very beginning of the race, the only clear footage captured in the video was actually from the finish line at the end of the race.

    The young man stands on the high platform blocking the light, the sunlight behind him outlined his figure, his graceful face profile was plated with a layer of brilliant gold, as he looked down into the shaky camera. A bright smile appeared on his face and his already slender brows and eyes cleared, with a certain kind of self-conscious of his own attractiveness seductive look. He waved towards the camera with an innocent look.

    “…Fvck, kinda good-looking.”

    “Am I crazy, I also think he’s looking kinda good.”

    “In love, I’m excited.”

    For the next two and a half hours, Lu Nan didn’t show up for more than ten minutes.

    The first half because he was too low-key and the second half was because… nobody could catch up.

    Most of Lu Nan’s shots were shaky and blurry and his figure appeared far away at the edge of the shot, disappearing within a few minutes.

    The audience in front of the screen couldn’t relax after the show ended.

    They originally came in to spray people… But… not knowing why, when they looked at them, they sort of forgot their original purpose.

    Weibo hot searches related to the show quickly reached the top.

    Soon, Lu Nan’s single hot search was also arranged.

    “As long as I run fast enough, the photographer can’t catch up with me.”

    “The man whose only back can be seen.”

    “The photographer’s natural enemy, the mudslide in the parkour world.”

///“Hahahahahahaha althought I really hated Lu Nan before, but I don’t know why, I can’t stop laughing.”

    In such an optimistic situation, the top public relations team led by Li Jie quickly went to work and began to refute and clarify Lu Nan’s black materials, bribing the marketing accounts to guide the public opinion at the same time and quickly established a pitiful image of being trapped by capital and splashed with dirty water by competitors. The previous black material instantly became a tool to increase fans, and Lu Nan’s super talk* was also quickly established. A large number of face-con fans who entered the pit through variety shows gathered and the number of his Weibo fans began to skyrocket.

*super talk on Weibo is something like a subreddit on reddit but on twitter. Sort of hard to explain but it’s a space where you can post about certain topic.

    Immediately afterwards, the program team struck while the iron was hot and released the full version.

    After discovering that the photographer could not catch up with Lu Nan, the program leader became keenly aware of the breaking point, so he quickly mobilized the aerial camera to follow Lu Nan. However, because Lu Nan’s reputation before the show was not very good, it was not put into the official version, but was placed in the extended version, waiting for subsequent feedback before deciding whether to release it.

    Now was clearly the time.    

    The extended version of the introduction also specifically stated that even those who still haven’t turned Lu Nan’s fan in the aerial shots of Lu Nan still can’t control the urge to click on it.

     Although they firmly believe that everything was the company’s conspiracy, it was scripted and planned to whitewash his reputation — but they really want to know how he got rid of so many photographers! ! !

     And only after watching the full version, can they know whether he cheated or not! right!

     ——On that day, the membership sales of the video site jumped by one or two percentage points.

     The content of the aerial photography once again sent Lu Nan to the hot search.

     Even people who didn’t believe in its truthfulness at all couldn’t help but be stunned after seeing the full version——

    This predicting… this positioning… this movement…

    This is too unscientific! ! Is it possible for humans to do it? ? Even if there was a script, who can play it! !

    There was a dead silence in the huge office.

    Zuo Yan’s eyes drooped slightly, staring at the frozen picture on the screen.

    In the video frame, the handsome young man lowered his head, looked at the woman leaning in his arms with concern and gently wrapped her slender shoulders with his fair and slender fingers.

    The woman’s brows and eyes showed her panic, she looked up at the young man who was holding her in his arms and the pleats of her skirt rose due to inertia.

    Like a well-matched couple.

    Zuo Yan’s fingertips tapped the table regularly, his brows and eyes were a bit cold and his dark and deep eyes contained frost and snow.

    His expression was the same as usual.

    But there was a vague irritability deep in it.

    Zuo Yan’s eyes drooped slightly and his gaze subconsciously swept across the table, towards drawer under the table near his right hand.

    He didn’t even need to open it, knowing well that the scribbled IOU was locked in it.

    Since that day, he had not seen Lu Nan again.

    It was at that time that Zuo Yan realized that his emotions were too easily influenced by the other party and his behaviour would become subconsciously biased.

    The so-called keeping contract, in the final analysis, was just a proof of desire for the little star’s face and body, so he would be willing to provide money and resources in exchange for the other’s services — it was essentially a simple transaction between two sides, the exchange of resources like power, money and beauty. They were just a buyer and a seller, providing the other with what they want.

    But Zuo Yan himself did not even expect the speed at which this relationship deteriorated.

    Every move of the other seemed to affect his heart subconsciously, even when he deliberately distanced himself and adjusted his state.

    Li Jie’s report of the entertainment company was on the corner of his desk.

    It stood to reason that this kind of internal company documents, which accounted for less than 10% of his industry, wasn’t even qualified to appear in front of him, but he just couldn’t help but pay attention to his every move. The uncontrollable desire from the depths of his soul burned inside him every moment.

    Ever since Zuo Yan started from a scratch his industry, he had never been in such an out-of-control state.

    His eyes uncontrollably stayed on the other and his figure flashed uncontrollably in his mind——

    this attraction was almost like gravity, pulling him closer all the time.

    He was instinctively worried.

    If he continues to get closer, his pride and willpower will collapse under this irresistible gravity, and what happens next will no longer be under his control. Everything will turn upside down and fall into primordial chaos.

    Zuo Yan frowned in dismay, and his eyes involuntarily fell on the two people who were inseparable on the screen again.

    In addition—

    it’s been so long, Lu Nan didn’t take the initiative to contact him even once, he really didn’t have the consciousness of being kept.

    Zuo Yan suddenly stood up and strode out.

    Twenty minutes later.

    Zuo Yan stopped in front of the closed door.

    His brows were heavy, his eyes were slightly darker, showing a little indecisiveness unknowingly.

    A strange hesitation seized him.

    Zuo Yan raised his hand and wanted to knock on the door, but suddenly stopped before his knuckles dropped down.

    He frowned irritably.

    What was he doing?

    This was obviously a property under his name, why would he feel this trepidation before entering his own house?

    But, the next second, this nearly cowardly feeling was replaced and swallowed by a stronger sense of anticipation—

    What was he doing?

    What kind of expression would he show when he saw him?

    Although Zuo Yan didn’t want to admit it, but every time he thought about the other living in a house arranged by him, with him controlling everything from trivial life to his acting career, a strange sense of pleasure would always arise in his heart, as if his secret need for monopolisation has been satisfied.

    He took out the key and opened the door.

    It was pitch black in front of him.

    Zuo Yan suddenly had a bad premonition, he paused, raised his hand and turned on the lights above him.

    There was no one in the house.

    All the furniture was covered with a layer of dust-proof cloth.

    Zuo Yan: “…”


    The author has something to say:

Zuo Yan: I have struggled for so long! Turns out he didn’t move in at all?!

Bamboo has something to say:

I will be starting a new job soon regretfully, so the schedule might become a bit chaotic in the future! Will try my best to update though

also check out this art inspired by Ge Xiu I found on Instagram


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