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Chapter 111: Modern Entertainment Circle

    These photos caused a commotion on the Internet.

    How could a little-known star that was hidden by his own company, full of black material, suddenly return to everyone’s attention without warning, and it was still in a veteran variety show with high viewings. Not only that, but he also got several hot searches to whitewash his black history in one fell swoop.

    People’s associative ability were at its peak at this moment and all the unreasonable things that happened before seemed to have an answer.

   How did he make a comeback? How did he get such good resources? How many times had he been on the hot search?

    Of course it’s thanks to unspoken rules!

    How could he be whitewashed so quickly, why has he been consistently forwarded by the marketing account? That was naturally the power of water army and capital behind him.

    More importantly, who was Zuo Yan? He was someone who sat on hundreds of billions of assets and controlled Zuo’s business empire, a real tycoon with an air of mystery, coupled with his cold and handsome face, he became an unreachable existence.

    This incident instantly overwhelmed the social network and Weibo collapsed three times within half an hour.

    These few photos fired up a shocking and terrifying heat in an instant, causing the entire network to quiver in the huge waves.

    All qualified netizens in the new era almost had a microscope on person, and they quickly enlarged and read the content on the stack of papers in the pixel-blurred photo.

    Although it was still a little blurry after zooming in, if one looked closely, the work “keeping” could be vaguely recognized.

    So Weibo crashed again.

    The programmer had to work overtime again and fix it overnight.

    This incident set off a thousand waves, and almost the entirety of related industries had been impacted.

    At the same time, an insider broke the news again that Lu Nan participated in the series IP produced by Zuo’s Entertainment Company. Although the role was not big, it was still not a resource that he could get as an inferior celebrity.

    Once again, the nurturing rumours were confirmed.

    Black fans, who had been gradually subsiding before, regained their spirits again, and jumped out with a smug look to show off the accuracy of their vision. The fan group that was not very stable also turned to the black on a large scale, and countless questions and insulting dirty words flooded the skies.

    The black material that had a tendency to surface was once again wildly exposed and reprinted, even with a lot of misleading content added, seven points false and three points true.

    Lu Nan returned to the point of being reviled by thousands of people almost in an instant.

    At this juncture, the video of his previous interview was dug up again.

    In the video, the handsome young man’s eyes were full of laziness and leisure. He frowned, looked in the direction of the camera and asked without changing his face: “Who is Zuo Yan?”

    The more one tries to hide the more is exposed!

    Skilled liar!

    The online craze was getting more and more intense.

    As Lu Nan’s manager, Li Jie was overwhelmed. She started to use all her resources and contacts to try to suppress this matter. Although all the company’s resources were mobilized along with her, once this matter was linked to Zuo Yan’s name, it became very complicated. People’s attention and enthusiasm for him couldn’t be eliminated and channeled by any water army nor any rhythm.

    And now Li Jie couldn’t contact Lu Nan at all.

    No matter how many times she called, on her phone there would always be the same busy tone. After trying many times, the call was finally connected.

    The other party’s lazy and hoarse voice came from the microphone: “Hello?”

    Li Jie exploded instantly.    

    She battered her angry words like a cannonball: “What have you been doing all this time?! Why didn’t you answer my call! Do you know what’s happening right now?”

    After three minutes, Li Jie took a breath and finally stopped.

    Her tone softened a little, but she was still blunt and cold: “In short, you shouldn’t go out during this time, try not to walk around, and don’t log in to any social networking sites. Let the company handle this matter. We will…”

    Li Jie’s words have not yet been said before she was interrupted by an “Huh?” from the opposite side.

    “Haven’t Zuo Yan told you?”

    Zuo Yan?

    How could he call her boss by his first name?

    Li Jie’s heart trembled subconsciously, and she was a little distracted, only after two or three seconds did she finally fully understand the meaning of the other’s words.

    She suddenly had an ominous premonition in her heart: “…Tell me what?”

    “I quit the entertainment industry.”

    The opposite side yawned lazily and replied nonchalantly.

    Li Jie froze.

    She was down for three seconds, and then asked slowly: “What?”   

    “I quit the entertainment industry.”

    He patiently repeated it again for her.

    “I thought you had been notified, sorry for not telling you in advance.” He pondered for two seconds, then continued: “This year, your year-end bonus will be tripled as a compensation.”

     Li Jie was still confused.

     But the other had already hung up the phone, and there was only a beeping busy tone left in the receiver.

     She stared at the phone screen in her hand for a while.

     At this moment, a staff member shouted in panic: “Sister Li! Sister Li!”    

    “What’s wrong?” Li Jie turned to look at the other party.

     The staff took a deep breath and pointed to the computer screen in front of him: “Zuo… Mr. Zuo… has posted on Weibo.”

     At this time, a brand new account, but with the bright verified V sign on it appeared, making it completely impossible to ignore.

    The name of the account was only two simple words:

    Zuo Yan.

    Since he had just registered, he didn’t have many followers, but his followers list was full of heavyweight celebrities — all the industry officials under the Zuo clan had paid attention to him, standing in a neat row, there could be no doubt about the authenticity of the account.

    A minute ago, the account posted its first Weibo.

    [@zuoyan V: Just for fun. ]

    A picture was attached below:

    A contract exactly like the one in the photo.

    Party A: Lu Nan, Director of Xingchen Entertainment.

    The position of the kept person was written and signed with two big characters: Zuo Yan.

    The next second, Zuo’s industry official V liked the post.

    So, half a minute later, Weibo exploded again.


    Holy! ! ! shit! ! ! !

    Apart from these two words, there was no other way to express the current mood of all netizens — this was! ! This was the fictional plot made real! ! ! !

    The one being kept…

    was actually Zuo Yan? ? That Zuo Yan? ? ? What? ? ?

    The netizens who just bombed suddenly realized the blind spot that they didn’t notice before—

    Lu Nan was, the director, of Xingchen Entertainment?

    Before they could check and verify, Xingchen Entertainment official V reposted Zuo Yan’s Weibo, and the account uploaded the announcement of the largest shareholder.

    The word Lu Nan was written on it impressively.


    So, this was not a story about a down-and-out starlet being kept at all…

    It was actually a story about rich man hiding true identity to experience life in the entertainment industry, and meanwhile, show his affection with another rich man? ? ? ?

    Weibo collapsed for the nth time.

    The programmer posted a blog full of pain on his trumpet: “I really don’t want to work overtime anymore.”

    At this time, when people look back at those black materials, everything felt very different.

    What debts, loan sharks, owed 80 millions — this small amount of money was not even 1% of the family’s net worth!

    What looking down on others and arrogance on the set?

    Sorry, they are investors! What’s wrong with acting arrogant? The money comes from them!

    Bring money into the group and going through the back door?

    He was the capital himself and he was in love with another great capital. What shady, how could this be shady since he had the money to shoot movies and variety shows! It’s called experiencing life and gaining experience!

    Being kept scandal?

    He should be taking care of other people, right?

    As for the gay rumours…

    —Oh, this seems to be true.

    At this time, when they saw the interview video, people seemed to have a different experience watching it once again.

    The young man raised his eyebrows and asked: “Who is Zuo Yan?”

    Arrogant, too arrogant.

    This is clearly making trouble and waiting for others to fall into the pit! ! ! !

    The screen was full of the sour smell of showing affection.

    Do these little couples play so much nowadays?

    Why lure the single dog in to kill it?

    Everyone silently shed tears of envy and jealousy, and swallowed the bitter dog food — but, it’s really fragrant! !

    The rich imagination of netizens once again played a role, and countless love stories of the rich and the wealthy emerged wildly one, all kinds of speculations emerged one after another. As a result, search engines and social platforms went down again.

    Programmer: …Forget it, get used to it.


    Ge Xiu casually glanced at the phone screen.

    He turned off the screen, put down his phone, and once again fell back on the messy mattress behind him.

    Looking at the ceiling in front of him, Ge Xiu sighed helplessly — as expected, he still liked to do these meaningless things ah.

    He has never cared much about the public opinion and evaluation of the outside world, gossip has never been able to slander him.

    But whether it was the previous world or this world, the other seemed to be unwilling to let him be attacked by the slightest negative public opinion.


    at this moment, the door was knocked on softly.

    Ge Xiu knew without thinking who would come to him at this time.

    He slowly got up from the bed, walked to the door, and opened it.

    Zuo Yan’s beautifully carved handsome face appeared outside the door.

    Ge Xiu turned sideways and let him in.

    As he walked into the room, he asked lazily: “What? Come to supervise?”

    Ge Xiu pointed to the blueprint on the wall and yawned: “I’m almost done, don’t worry.”

    Zuo Yan put his hands in his pockets, he looked around the whole room, frowning discretely — it was too messy.

    It was too dark when he came last time, so he didn’t see it very clearly. This time he officially witnessed the whole room. It was stuffed full with drawings and models, like a cramped and narrow labyrinth, and it was almost difficult to even find a place to stand.

    Zuo Yan’s eyes fell on the candy wrappers scattered by the bed, a slight smile evoked on his lips.

    This was the first time he had seen a person who quit the entertainment industry because he couldn’t eat candy.

    Zuo Yan looked at Ge Xiu and asked: “Do you have enough space here?”

    Ge Xiu shrugged: “It’s alright.”

    “Why don’t you move to my place.” Zuo Yan suggested without changing his face.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes and looked at him vigilantly: “I’m pretty good living here.”

    Zuo Yan followed suit: “The address of the shop we met last time has been picked up, and the paparazzi and reporters will soon flock to the address. So, if you go to my place, you won’t have to worry about being blocked.”

    “I won’t go out.” Ge Xiu categorically refused.

    “I’ve dedicated a room for you to use as a studio.”

    Ge Xiu was shaken for two seconds and then suddenly woke up—

    this man! Has tempted him! with the studio like that more than once before!

    Ge Xiu’s eyes were firm: “I have too many things here.”

    “I’ll find someone to move it.”

    “If you mess around, it will affect my work progress.” Ge Xiu took a step back.

    “I promise that what it looks like now, will look like after moving in.” Zuo Yan approached step by step.

    Ge Xiu was stuck for a moment.

    “But…” Zuo Yan’s eyes swept across the blue and black under the eyes of the young man in front of him, and frowned slightly: “How long have you not slept?”

    Ge Xiu stuck again: “…Not long. “

    His voice weakened, sounding a little guilty.

    “Do you have nightmares?” Zuo Yan suddenly asked.

    Ge Xiu was startled, frowned and looked at Zuo Yan, a cold light of vigilance flashed in his eyes.

    Zuo Yan smiled slightly: “After all, we have slept in the same bed twice.”

    His tone was relaxed and teasing, but his eyes were deep and solemn — each time, Zuo Yan couldn’t help looking at the young man’s sleeping face for a long time, feeling that the time always passed very quickly, like quicksand between his fingers, making it so that he could not perceive the passing time at all.

    Every time, the other frowned and his face was pale, as if he was experiencing the torture of an invisible nightmare.

    Zuo Yan didn’t know if it was his own illusion.

    It felt like when he was close to his side, the other party’s brows would relax slightly, and his face would not look so bad.

    He didn’t say this vague guess in his heart — it was too illusory, it might be his own hallucination.

    Zuo Yan looked down at Ge Xiu, his voice was low: “Maybe it would be better to change the environment.”

    “Also, there is a family psychiatrist in the house.” He added: “Maybe he can help you improve your sleep quality.”

    Ge Xiu brows furrowed.

    But he can’t just say that sleeping with him can prevent him from having nightmares, right?

    Ge Xiu hesitated for two seconds, weighed the pros and cons, and then looked up at the man in front of him with the same expression.

    But… a good night’s sleep was indeed tempting.

    Zuo Yan took the opportunity to add: “I recently bought some imported candy…”

    Ge Xiu’s eyes lit up slightly.

    The balance was completely tilted.

    He nodded: “Okay then…”

    Before Zuo Yan could say anything, Ge Xiu’s expression froze, and he added again: “But it’s only for this period of time! After I finish designing these three pictures, I will move away, no question.”

    Zuo Yan’s lips were slightly curved.

    His eyes were deep and pitch-black, like a silent and deep lake, with a hidden shimmer in the night:

    “Of course.”


    The author has something to say:

And so, cub Xiu was successfully abducted yet again.


Bamboo note:

All the time all I could think of was this:

Wanted to redraw it but job is a nightmare!! Ugh, I have no time and strength to tl at all. Don’t worry guys though, it’s only temporary. I’ll be back after I am done with the current job.


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