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Chapter 153: The Zombie Emperor

    Thousands of zombies rushed towards the base, their rotting faces close together, converging into a big black tide. On the mutilated faces, the gray and cloudy eyeballs shone with terrifying and frantic light.

    The hungry roars and sound of dragging feet mixed together, making one’s scalp tingle.

    The turbulent tide of undead corpses rushed towards the base.

    Compared with the overwhelming waves of zombies, the human constructions were so insignificant and vulnerable as if they could be swallowed in the next second.


    Ear-piercing sound of metal friction resounded in the air.

    The metal gate of the base opened slowly and the fragrance of fresh human flesh came from inside. The zombies rushing in front couldn’t hold back, they rushed towards the direction the fragrance of food was coming from with growls, leading zombies forming a long line from the initial crowded mass of zombies.

    At this moment, a raging fire wave gushed out from the steel gate.

    The zombies rushing to the front were like a fuse, spreading the supernatural fire to the zombie mass. The blazing flames were burning crazily, as if they want to ignite the air itself. The extremely high temperature felt as if it could melt bones and flesh, several struggling zombies roared and wailed in the fire, but they still turned into burned coal in an instant.

    The fire seemed to have its own mind, spreading in all directions and quickly cleared several straight roads among the zombies.

    In the next second, the rumble of the engine starting sounded from behind the city gate.

    Several off-road vehicles enforced with barbed wire and metal plates rushed out of the base. Behind each vehicle was a livestock whose neck had been cut and still bleeding. The tempting scent of blood came from the road and the hoarse shouts of the supernatural users came from the vehicle, as they rushed into the zombies army, immediately attracting the attention of many zombies.

    At the same moment, from the top of the wall came the whizzing sound of weapons piercing the air.

    From primitive arrows and machine crossbows to long-range machine guns, every guard post was used to its fullest effect. Dense ammunition poured towards the zombie crowd, and the ground was instantly covered with a layer upon layer of zombie’s stinking and rotting corpses.

    The pressure in front of the city wall immediately decreased.

    The teams carrying reinforcement materials took this opportunity to quickly reinforce the wall to prevent the only barrier behind civilians and the zombie tide from being washed away by the zombie tide.

    Xie Shili was on one of the off-road vehicles.

    He skilfully controlled his ability, using a wide range of flames to drive a mutated zombie to a dead end, and then condensed the ice pick to quickly end the opponent’s life. The whole process was very simple and efficient, barely taking a few minutes.

    Other supernatural users surrounded him, releasing countless supernatural powers and fireworks of various colors exploded in the dark crowd of zombies.

    The battle was brutal and intense.


    Part of the zombie group was attracted by the bloody smell from the human base and the fierce sounds of the battle.

    But on the other side, there was a completely different scene.

    The dense group of zombies was slowly retreating, gradually vacating an area.

    In the middle of the only empty space, a pale young man was walking forward unhurriedly. The zombies crowding in the front retreated, while the zombies behind him were pushed towards him, but no matter what, they dare not invade the area closest to him.

    Ge Xiu felt that kind of inexplicable attraction was getting stronger.

    He knew where his opponent was.

    And likewise, it also knew.

    At this moment, the group of zombies seemed to have sensed something, and quickly retreated to both sides, like waves at low tide, leaving only the beach exposed to the sun.

    A zombie stood in front of him, looking at Ge Xiu.

    It was unknown whether it was a man or a woman, as skin all over its body was wrinkled as if it had been scalded. There are only a few sparse hairs on the top of its head covered with bluish-purple scabs. One of its eyes was covered with white film and the other dead eye that could move was staring at Ge Xiu, full of greed and hunger.

    However, its eyes were equally sober and fearful.

    It could perceive the powerful, life threatening terrifying aura coming from the opponent, and it was clearly aware of the opponent’s powerful strength, as well as the same hungry eyes.

    The zombie stepped back cautiously and took a few steps around Ge Xiu.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes followed its movements.

    He knew that his strength was far superior to the opponent’s, but there was one thing that could be fatal for him— each mutant zombie had its own ability, but Ge Xiu didn’t know what his own ability was, or in other words — he still had nothing to use to his advantage.

    When facing mutated zombies with a greater gap in strength, he could crush them with intelligence and strength only, but when facing high-level zombies with a smaller gap in strength than himself, he would inevitably fall into a disadvantage.

    The opponent finally couldn’t bear it any longer and attacked Ge Xiu.

    ——Its ability was the speed type.

    Ge Xiu lowered his head and glanced at the clothes torn into strips on his arm and the deeply scratched skin underneath.

    If he hadn’t reacted quickly enough at that moment, he might have already lost an arm.

    The other party was very cunning.

    The speed-type mutant zombies were often weak in strength and defense, so they relied on their extremely fast speed to win in a battle.

    It knew that it must not be caught, or it would lose all advantages.

    So it didn’t directly attack Ge Xiu’s most vital part, the head. If it did so, the distance between the two sides would become too small for a few seconds and it would be in danger of being caught—so it chose to first weaken the opponent’s strength by attacking limbs first, to narrow the strength gap between the two sides, and at the same time to force out Ge Xiu’s hidden ability, in order to control the overall situation.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly, staring at the wrinkled zombie not far away, thinking of a way to break the situation.


    During the interval of the battle, Xie Shili cast a hasty glance at the mountaintop beside him.

    That’s where he parked his car.

    Xie Shili frowned slightly, feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

    During this period of time, he avoided populated places and crowds and there was a lot of information that he wasn’t aware of. Even the concept of zombie tides was only briefly introduced to him by a member of the supernatural team when he was in the car just now. At the same time, he also heard the unproven guess from the other party— the zombie tide may have a high-level zombie in control, and the high-level zombie leading other zombies may have evolved extremely high intelligence.

    Xie Shili had no doubts about this.

    After all, he has been staying with a high-level zombie this whole time.

    What he was worried about was that if his previous guess was correct, then the high-level zombie from the zombie tide would definitely have a conflict with his zombie.

    Xie Shili didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if his zombie lost—he didn’t want to think that the young man who was sleeping in his passenger seat a few hours ago would become one of those motionless zombies with their heads shattered and nuclei torn out.

    Those ignorant and puzzled gray eyes, cold and soft lips, and the hazy mist around him.

    all reduced to nothing.

    He hadn’t even had time… to express his feelings.

    Any associations related to it made Xie Shili feel as if his heart was being forcefully gouged out, throbbing in pain.

    However, if he won…

    Xie Shili also has no idea.

    What if…his zombie really became the only surviving Gu king in this constant war of strong engulfing the weak?

    Would he regain his memory from before turning into a zombie?

    Or would he become the greatest enemy on the road to humanity’s survival?

    Xie Shili didn’t know.

    And he dared not think about it deeply.


    The other end.

    The battle between the two high-level zombies had reached the most intense peak.

    Ge Xiu retreated step by step under the opponent’s crazy attack.

    Relying on his intuition and sense of smell, he struggled to avoid the increasing attack speed of the mutated zombie. The clothes on his body had long been torn into rags and his limbs were covered in wounds. Although a zombie would not bleed much after being injured, Ge Xiu’s clothes were thoroughly soaked in dark, sticky blood.

    The bones of his left foot had been broken, and the foot was barely holding on by a few tendons.

    As the opponent’s strength weakened, the wrinkled zombie’s attitude gradually became more and more arrogant and its attacks were becoming more and more aggressive.

    Ge Xiu stood on one foot, barely resisting the opponent’s attack.

    If this trend continued, then his defeat may already be written in stone.

    Ge Xiu tried to think calmly.

    The high-level zombie was walking around the edge, as if looking for a suitable attack angle.

    Ge Xiu suddenly found that when the zombie approached other ordinary zombies, those ordinary low-level zombies did not try to retreat.

    He was slightly taken aback.

    Ge Xiu recalled what he had seen and heard before.

    No matter what kind of mutated zombies he had encountered, they didn’t have such an impact on other ordinary zombies. He didn’t think much about it before, but the gap between the high-level zombies in front of him and his strength was not too big— but there were still no ordinary zombies trying to escape from it and maybe even it itself didn’t realize that most of the time, it would stay away from his side as much as possible, only approaching when it wanted to attack.

    Ge Xiu shuffled forward, tentatively approaching the wrinkled zombie.

    The zombie that had already wanted to come forward, took a few steps back vigilantly, and even the other ordinary zombies behind it also began to retreat hastily.

    In an instant, another area was vacated by the dense crowd of zombies.

    Ge Xiu thought about it.

    He remembered that during this period of time, Number One, Two, Three and Four seized every opportunity to stay away from his side, and even moreso, as time went by, the distance between them became farther and farther…

    Ge Xiu wiped dark blood off his lips.

    He raised his eyes, the dark gray misty pupils flashed with a slightly cold metallic glint.

    ——He finally figured it out.

    The speed-type high-level zombie began to feel impatient. It looked at its prey not far away, which was obviously seriously wounded and even lost the ability to fight back, and it had already determined the victory in its heart.

    It no longer hesitated and lost patience to wait.

    For such a long time, the other party had not shown any threatening behaviour, and it was obvious that it didn’t have any cards up its sleeve.

    The high-level zombie decided to end the battle once and for all.

    ——This time, it aimed at the opponent’s head!

    The only fatal vulnerability of zombies.

    The high-level zombies launched an attack full of confidence, the air that was suddenly torn apart by the high speed whistled in the ears, and the distance between the two sides was shortened almost in milliseconds——!

    However, at this moment, it suddenly felt that something seemed wrong.

    Its speed, slowed down.

    No, it wasn’t it that slowed down, but… it was weighted down.

    The ground under its feet seemed to be under heavy pressure and spider web-like cracks spread out from under its feet, making a rustling sound, as thousands of tons of pressure weighted on its spine, directly slamming it to the ground, unable to get up again.

    This… what’s going on here?

    It moved its head with great difficulty in fear, the bones on its body started cracking and breaking. This feeling of losing the ability to move was very strange, instantly making it panic instinctively—

    The high-level zombie also saw at the corner of its eye, that all surrounding zombies were just like it, crushed to the ground as if they were being pressed under a heavy weight, the entire circular area had become a vacuum space.

    No zombies could walk in this area.


    the young man’s thin and slender figure was like a sharp blade, precisely tearing a gap in the stagnant pressure field.

    ——His ability was control of the space.


    His footsteps made a clear sound on the dirty ground.

    ——Any existence would instinctively fear stepping into the area controlled by him.


    ——because once they stepped in.

    That would be subjected to the blood-chilling absolute suppression.


Ge Xiu used: Suppression! It was super effective!

Man, I’d love to see this scene animated or drawn…. Hands are itchy


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    Ge Xiu was like: “Feel the pressure, baby 😎”

    Thank you very much for the chapter! And I agree, this would be epic animated or drawned

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