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Chapter 154: The Zombie Emperor

    The ground was caved in in circular range and densely packed huge cracks extended towards the distance.

    In the center of the crack, the high-level zombie with wrinkled skin roared angrily and with fear, trying to break free from the shackles of the heavy pressure, but the air weighting down on its body seemed to weigh more than a thousand tons. Not even its finger could move and all the bones on of its body were creaking from being overwhelmed by this immeasurable power and could only be pressed into the ground little by little.

    “Crack.” “Crack.”

    There came the sounds of its bones breaking, as they were almost crushed into pieces. The skin and muscles without support of the bones were smashed flat to the ground, and rancid, dark plasma flowed out from its seven orifices.

    In its already blurred vision, it could see a pair of feet get closer, and closer, and finally stop in front of it.


    The hardest on the zombie’s body, its skull, finally couldn’t bear it, and shattered whole.

    Rancid black brain flowed out.

    It stopped moving.

    Ge Xiu bent down, gently pushed aside the shattered skull pieces with his pale fingers, and picked up a huge crystal from the puddle.

    He looked at the nucleus in his palm.

    According to past experience, the higher the level of the zombie, the darker the colour of the crystal nucleus.

    However, this one was an almost pure white colour. The irregular surface on the outside made it resemble a diamond, and there were tiny glimmering stars inside, exuding a rich and extremely seductive smell.

    Ge Xiu’s Adam’s apple moved.

    His eyes seemed to be deeply attracted by that nucleus, he couldn’t move his gaze away, instinct screaming in the back of his mind— devour it.

    Devour it.

    Ge Xiu obeyed the order from depths of his heart.

    He opened his mouth and stuffed the nuclei inside.

    The moment it entered his mouth, the hard surface of the spar melted instantly and a bone-chilling liquid slid down the throat.

    An indescribable feeling flowed through his body.

    An extremely powerful energy burst out in an instant and was quickly absorbed and swallowed by the meridians and bones in his body. He instantly felt filled to the brim and satiated, as well as the huge energy that now resided in his body, that was great enough to destroy the heavens and the earth.

    Ge Xiu slowly opened his eyes.

    The gray pupils reflected the tumbling clouds overhead, just like the chaotic sky before the rain.

    An invisible force spread out from where he stood and spread rapidly to the surroundings.

    Like an invisible wall, bringing chillingly terrifying deterrent suppression, it engulfed and invaded the surrounding space bit by bit.

    The ordinary zombies around seemed to sense the danger and hurriedly scattered around. After the high-level zombies died, they had already lost their leader. In the panic brought about by this terrible force, they separated and escaped in all directions like scattered sand.

    All the zombies who ran a little slower were instantly pulled into the cold pressure field, their bones instantly crushed to smithereens and they were slammed to the ground into flesh sauce.

    The hunger in murky eyes of zombies was in seconds replaced by instinctive fear, like the ebb tide, retreating frantically from the center of the approaching crushing field.

    The supernatural users fighting in front of the base also noticed the strangeness of the zombies.

    They slowly stopped the abilities rushing from their hands and stared at the scene in front of them in shock—the surrounding zombies no longer attacked them, but ran past them like prey being chased, scattering in all directions as if fleeing for their lives.

    In mere seconds, the zombie tide was panic-stricken and became a mess in an instant, losing all threat.

    They no longer attacked humans instinctively, as if, nothing was more important than running for their lives right now.

    The supernatural users looked at each other in consternation.

    They didn’t know what was going on and they had never seen anything like it.

    Xie Shili was slightly taken aback, and looked in the direction from which the zombies were scrambling to escape first.

    Immediately afterwards, as if he felt something, he turned his head and shouted at the other supernatural humans,

    “Hurry up! Retreat to the base!”

    The invisible wall quickly approached them like a hurricane. Xie Shili noticed that everything on its way, whether it was stones or zombies that ran too slowly, all got crushed into dust mercilessly.

    That force field obviously went out of control and was crushing everything in its surroundings indiscriminately.

    If humans continue to stay, he was sure they will also be crushed into fine powder.

    The modified vehicle made a sharp turn, increased its speed, and drove towards the city gate with all its might.

    Xie Shili gritted his teeth, his heart beating like a drum. Although he was aware of the danger that he was in, his eyes kept sweeping towards the direction of the pressure.

    Several off-road vehicles rushed straight towards the base after violent bumps.

    Finally, the invisible wall barely slowed down in front of the metal wall and stopped moving forward.

    The stunned supernatural users turned their heads and looked behind them. The place that was flooded by the zombie tide just now had been razed to the ground and the corpses of the zombies were smashed into the ground. Even the barbed wire and guard posts they had arranged were crushed, leaving only empty and barren plains.

    The space in front of them was completely still.

    There was no wind, no sand, no living things, as if everything had been swallowed up, leaving only the pure air unmoving and silent.

    Everyone was stunned, staring in shock at the scene that had completely exceeded their imagination, and almost forgot to breathe.

    Xie Shili frowned, his eyes anxiously searching the space.

    Finally, he saw, in the distance, in the center of that space, there was a vague figure standing silently.

    Xie Shili’s heart trembled.

    Although separated by such a long distance, but for some reason, he knew clearly— the lone figure standing in the middle of the plain was his zombie.

    At that moment, neither his own safety nor the wall behind him seemed to matter anymore.

    Xie Shili stared at that figure intently, as if everything around him had disappeared.

    With a calm expression, he walked towards the space shrouded in silence without hesitation.

    There were anxious shouts from other supernatural users behind him, trying to stop Xie Shili’s near-suicidal behaviour.

    However, those voices seemed to come from another world. The vague shouts were blown away by the whistling wind, and no word could really be heard by Xie Shili.

    His figure was completely swallowed by the space.

    Just when the supernatural users thought they would see Xie Shili getting completely crushed in the next second like other beings who were caught into that space.

    A scene that stunned them appeared.

    ——Xie Shili’s pace didn’t halt for half a second and he still walked straight towards the center of the empty space.

    He stepped into that silent realm unharmed, as if undisturbed by the pressure field.

    Could it be… that wall disappeared?

    One power user couldn’t believe his eyes, picked up a stone from under his feet, and threw it forward. Just as the stone was about to fall, an invisible pressure suddenly pressed down, and the stone shattered into powder within seconds and its remains crushed to the ground.

    What, what was going on here?

    They looked at the back of the man who had gradually walked away in disbelief, and could hardly believe their eyes.

    It was as if… only Xie Shili would be treated differently by this field.


    In the empty space, no wind could be heard, no dust could be seen.

    The squashed and crushed corpses of the zombies lay beneath his feet, as he walked forward surrounded by pure silence and emptiness.

    Every step forward required or even hundred or even a thousand times of effort.

    Xie Shili’s gaze was fixed on the young man in front of him. He felt that as the distance shortened, the pressure on his body was gradually increasing, and his physical strength was also rapidly draining, but he still couldn’t restrain himself from speeding up his pace and walking towards the side of the young man.

    The distance was gradually shortening.

    Finally, the other’s silhuette gradually became clear.

    The pale young man stood quietly in the center of the field. He stared expressionlessly at Xie Shili who was walking towards him. His pair of gray eyes were silent yet deep, with an inorganic metallic lustre.

    Xie Shili’s eyes swept across the other’s bruised body, and finally stopped on the broken left foot of the young man.

    His breath hitched for a moment.

    Xie Shili clenched his teeth, and there was a tearing throbbing pain in his heart, as if his every wound was torn on his body and the severe pain spread from his heart.

    The next second, the young man blinked slowly.

    He frowned slightly, and stared carefully at the human standing in front of him. There was a slight fluctuation in his eyes, as if he remembered something, but nothing could be seen in his thoughts.

    The young man walked towards Xie Shili.

    He seemed to have forgotten about the broken foot.

    The moment he took a step, his left foot lost his balance, his whole body suddenly tilted, and he fell to the ground weightlessly.

    Xie Shili was suddenly startled, and hurried forward, catching him in his arms before he fell down.

    Ge Xiu blinked slowly and with a blank face, his gray eyes looked at the human in front of him without focus, his eyelids slowly drooped down, and he closed his eyes little by little.

    He subconsciously curled himself up, pressed his forehead against the man’s chest, and buried his face in it.

    at the same time.

    The supernatural users stood guard in front of the city wall, looking forward anxiously, trying to see what happened in the distance.

    At this moment, one person suddenly shouted: “There’s wind!”

    Everyone was taken aback.

    ——It’s really windy!

    The slight wind, bringing forth the rotten stench brought by the tide of zombies, rushed towards their faces. The space that isolated everything just now seemed to have disappeared, and the howling wind echoed again on the empty plain in front of them.

    Someone picked up a stone again and threw it forward.

    This time, the stone fell to the ground unharmed and rolled away into the distance.

    Everyone’s spirits lifted.

    ——The invisible wall really disappeared!


    Feeling the movement of the other party approaching, Xie Shili’s heart rate increased slightly.

    He took a deep breath, forced himself to calm down, and began to seriously think about the current state.

    Xie Shili remembered the last time Ge Xiu was in the current state, which was when he ate the nucleus of the mutated zombie some time ago——

    First falling asleep.

    Then there was hunger.

    But… the level of this zombie was higher, so it stood to reason that after waking up this time, the other party’s hunger would be even more intense.

    The last time was already a close call.

    Then this time, can he rein at the brink of the precipice and stop in time?

    Xie Shili lowered his head, staring at the young man’s pale sleeping face, his black eyes were dark and deep.

    After analyzing all the known factors, the cold and ruthless reason told him with certainty:

    it was almost impossible.

    ——Then, since the ending was already sure, the loss should be stopped in time.

    But the voice in his heart was exceptionally clear.

    Don’t want to let go. Can’t let go. Won’t let go.

    Even if it really ends here.

    Given another chance, he would still make the same choice.

    Xie Shili chuckled calmly, lowered his head, and pressed a kiss on the young man’s cold forehead.

    Then repeat the same mistakes.


Bamboo’s notes:

heehee Spacesheep Ge XIu


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