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Chapter 82: The Huge Gift of Love Package!

    Monta had something to tell them. Gu Lita had called him, saying that Byrd’s father would arrive at Old Emperor Star at noon tomorrow and asked him to inform Byrd and Yang Yang to pick them up on time.

    Although after the previous “learning materials email” incident, Yang Yang realized that the planet owner was different from what he thought, and he didn’t seem to hate him, but Yang Yang was still a little nervous when the time came to meet the real person.

    Seeing him nervous, Archibald comforted him: “Don’t be nervous, it’s impossible for my dad to not like you.”

    Yang Yang: “How are you so sure?”

    Archibald: “Both he and my father thought that I would be lonely all my life.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Very good, this reason was very convincing.

    Monta added on the side: “Come on, it’s obvious that everyone thought you were frigid. ——It turned out that you are a short-term firecracker. It seems like previously there just was no fuse for it to ignite and now it all exploded.”

    Archibald glanced at Monta, his smile was full of kindness: “That’s better than looking at something that can blow up big, but it’s still misfired until now.”

    Monta: “…”

    Monta: “???”

    Am I still your dear friend? Ah?


    At noon the next day, planet starport.

    Because Abel and his companions were on a private visit, all those who came to meet him at the airport were also in casual clothes.

    Yang Yang sat in the rest room, with his head tucked into the high collar of his sweater, only a pair of almond eyes were exposed, looking to the left for a while, and the right for a while, anxiety written all over his body.

    Archibald tried to appease him yesterday, but with little success.

    Yang Yang didn’t even have as much food as usual this morning.

    Archibald was a little worried. He sat next to Yang Yang and took out the snacks that Amber specially prepared for Yang Yang, and after peeling the nuts, he pulled down Yang Yang’s sweater collar and fed them into Yang Yang’s mouth.

    Yang Yang didn’t even look at what he was eating, just kept stuffing them into his mouth in small bites like a squirrel.

    Archibald was amused, and continued to feed, Yang Yang eating without blinking whatever he gave him.

    Finally, after he finished feeding, Archibald handed over his finger on a whim.

    Yang Yang: Ah woo.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    After he spit out his fingers, Yang Yang narrowed his eyes and whispered: “I’ll kill you.”

    Archibald laughed, and pulled back his hand to hold Yang Yang: “Let’s go, the starship is here .”

    Yang Yang immediately slipped back into the collar of his sweater.

    Starport was like an enlarged version of the airport. Yang Yang and the others received Abel and his party in the lobby.

    Abel and his group consisted of three people, followed by a few guards. For a person of the level of Planet Master, this lineup could be called “simple” without exaggeration.

    But if you thought about it carefully, it was actually reasonable— the HuSuo star and the Old Emperor Star, the Sauron family’s home court, and the Donton’s family’s home court, indeed, there was no need to bring everyone*.

*this turned out a bit confusing, what it means is that these two planets are their family’s home court so no need to bring so many guards

    Yang Yang took a quick look. In real life, Abel was taller than Archibald and towered above him by half a head. It had to be mentioned that Archibald had the bonus of beastlization, so he was already taller than ordinary people.

    His appearance was not much different from what he saw in the video, but he had a more serious temperament than in the video chat.

    Kudo Wasseron was not bad in appearance, but Monta did not have a face similar to his. However, once Kudo Wasseron stopped holding back and grinned, his demeanor was exactly the same as Monta’s.

    Ya Qing was the quietest of the three. He was thinner than what he looked like through the screen and his face was also morbidly pale. There was a shallow smile in the corner of his mouth, giving the feeling of fragility, as if he could be blown away by a gust of wind.

    When the distance between the people on both sides got down to about ten meters, the smile on Abel’s face, who was leading the way, got bigger and bigger. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and rushed over with big strides.


    With a loud shout, He Shu was hugged and swept in circles three times.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Okay, the stern and cold face was all an illusion.

    Wasseron was much more reserved and when he walked up to Gu Lita, he only whispered a few words, and then Gu Lita leaned into Hua Sailun’s arms with a carefree attitude and poked at Wasseron chin. Kudo Wasseron was not annoyed, he put his arms around Gu Lita’s waist and kept chattering.

    The two old fathers acted as if no one else was around and everyone else was also accustomed to it.

    This kind of affectionate greeting did meet Yang Yang’s expectations, after all, he had seen He Shu’s talking with his husband during the video chat before.

    About five minutes later.

    The two old fathers finally remembered their cub and a group of friends, and greeted them one after another.

    After greeting everyone else, Abel ignored his two sons, and his eyes fell on Yang Yang first.

    Being suddenly stared at, Yang Yang held his breath subconsciously, showing a well-behaved smile.

    Abel looked at Yang Yang for a long time, then suddenly opened his mouth, asking doubtfully: “Are you really of age?”

    Yang Yang: “….”

    I have already registered marriage with your son, shouldn’t you have some inkling of my age?

    ——Although he thought so in his heart, Yang Yang didn’t dare to push it.

    Yang Yang replied, “I am 9 years older than Bird.”

    Abel was surprised, “You look much younger than Byrd.”

    After speaking, Abel stretched out his hand to compare with Yang Yang’s head.

    Only this high.

    Yang Yang: “……”

    Yang Yang: “????”

    Alright, he finally understood how that group of moths had not been killed until now. ——Because the biggest boss was not simple.

    Abel didn’t notice Yang Yang’s expression, he immediately jumped to the next topic after sighing.

    “Come on, these are gifts for you, formal betrothal gifts and such, I will buy them when you officially hold the wedding.”

    A big hand stretched out in front of him, Yang Yang was taken aback, and quickly thanked him, and then took the gift and saw that it was a storage chip.

    Abel looked at Yang Yang expectantly: “Quickly open it and see if you like it!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    There was an inexplicable sense of deja vu.

    Yang Yang hesitated for a second, then took off the storage chip on his terminal and replaced it with the one given by Abel, and then opened the list of storage chips.

    There were not many folders, only three.

    01. Byrd’s wife’s dowry.

    02. Byrd’s fighting record video

    03. Big package of love!

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Leaving aside the first two, the third one was too suspicious!

    Abel still looked very eager, “Do you want to take it out and have a look? I have prepared that gift package a long time ago!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang silently closed the list, and continued to be obedient and well-behaved: “I’d better look at it after we go back. Uncle has arranged for a lunch at noon, so let’s not delay.”

    As expected, Abel’s attention was diverted immediately, and he instantly turned to look at He Shu with a moved expression: “My baby still loves me, let’s go!”


    The luncheon would be held at home. During the meeting, Yang Yang had also learned about another purpose of Abel’s private visit— there would be a trial during this year, jointly organized by Soul Locking Star, Emperor Star and Old Emperor Star.

    As for the subjects of the trial, the three top military academies on each of the three planets were selected and only one hundred people were chosen from each academies. Different from the past, this trial would be based on the overall assessment of the college, unlike the previous assessment of individual students. It would also be broadcasted live on Starnet.

    Whether it was for the participating schools, the military that was maintaining order, or the Starnet waiting to watch the live broadcast, this was a big event.

    When Abel and the others come this time, they will check the trial venue on the spot, so as not to make any mistakes—after all, the home game is in the Old Emperor Star, and he is also considered to be half the host.

    Yang Yang didn’t have much interest in these things, he just sat and ate quietly, but Ya Qing took the initiative to talk to him at mid time of the meal.

    Ya Qing himself had weak and sickly body, so he definitely would not participate in the joint trial. He came along this time, mainly because of the mineral essence that was sent to Soul Locking Star before, and developed a new drug, which he brought to Archibald to try.

    New drugs were risky and he had to watch from the sidelines.

    Of course, there was also Yang Yang incidentally—Ya Qing was also quite curious about his ability to see the soul power.

    Ya Qing leaned forward, and after attracting Yang Yang’s attention, he spoke with a smile: “Yang Yang, I heard that you told Mr. Zhang about the soul power of the soul beast you saw. Can you be sure that it is the soul power of the soul beast?”

    But being not confident about that, he shook his head quickly: “It’s only that I see difference in colours.”

    Zhang Jun also added on the side: “Because there is no data on the visibility of soul power, so there is no proof basis for it at present. From the preliminary judgment, I can be said that the black, white and gray colors that Yang Yang saw can be used to reliably distinguish the nature of soul power.

    Aii, what a pity that only Yang Yang can see the soul power, and it is uncertain when his illness will be cured. It’s most likely impossible study the connection between the colours of the soul power and the specific attributes of soul power.”

    Ya Qing smiled: “It’s okay, although long-term research is not advisable, but Yang Yang’s vision is also rare. ——Yang Yang, I may trouble you these days.”

    Yang Yang smiled when he heard the words: “I go to open a shop in the convalescent area in the morning and I have time in the afternoon. “

    Hearing him talk about opening a shop, Ya Qing also smiled: “I have also seen your porridge shop on Starnet. The reputation is very good and someone has tested the level of soul power in the dishes, which was even higher than in some famous hotels. Your soul control ability is also very strong.”

    Yang Yang said modestly: “It was all taught by Mr. Liang, the porridge shop is just for me to relieve boredom.”

    At least for now, because he had made his priority pondering about Archibald’s soul power above his own business.

    “No wonder. Mr. Liang is master at soul power control.”

    Ya Qing laughed, and then turned the topic back to the things he was interested in: “By the way, Xiaojun said that the soul power of the soul corpse beast you saw was a bit different from the others. Was it really different from the others?”

    Yang Yang: “En, at least it was the only time I have seen such a state of soul power.”

    A smile surfaced on Ya Qing’s pale complexion, his eyes lit up, which was particularly eye-catching on his sickly face.

    “If you have a superficial understanding, it’s so-called fusion of soul power, which is quite a miracle. ——Xiao Jun, I will go to see that chip with you later. The second brother and the others will stay here for a while, and it isn’t convenient for me to live here. I will spend some time at your scientific research institute, is that okay?”

    Zhang Jun beamed with joy: “I even wish for it, Grandpa also wants to talk to you about his new discoveries, and there are many guys in the scientific research institute who are looking forward to meeting Mr. Ya Qing.”

    Ya Qing seemed unused to such enthusiasm, he gave a restrained smiled, and returned to the academic topic.

    The two of them had a lively chat, leaving Yang Yang aside.

    But Yang Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

    In fact, he could see that although these people have high status, they were just like ordinary people and were not difficult to get along with. ——But reason Yang Yang felt nervous was precisely because they were like ordinary people. If it was the same kind of intrigue gathering as in his previous life, he would not be so nervous.

    The kindness of others always felt like heavy burden to Yang Yang. It will take some time for him to really include these people in the category of “family”.

    “Are you sleepy? Let’s go to bed first.”

    Archibald asked in a low voice when he saw that Yang Yang was distracted.

    Yang Yang glanced at the table where no one was leaving, and shook his head: “Let’s wait a while more.”

    “It’s okay, go to rest if you’re sleepy.”

    He Shu next to him turned around and said with a smile, “It’s a normal pregnancy reaction, meaning that the child’s egg is entering the final stage. You need to rest well during this time.”

    Abel noticed He Shu’s gaze, and then looked over, after hearing his wife speak, he waved his hand: “Yes, when my baby was pregnant with Byrd, he could fall asleep while walking, I would carry him every time. ——Byrd, learn to be considerate! ”

    He Shu: “……”

    Archibald: “……”

    Yang Yang: “……”

    At this point, Yang Yang had no choice but to stand up obediently, saluted the people on the table with a smile, and then went upstairs with Archibald.

    After arriving at his own territory, Yang Yang visibly relaxed.

    Archibald looked at him with a smile: “Still nervous?”

    Yang Yang fell down on the soft bed, and said stiffly, “No, it’s just that I need to get used to it.”

     Archibald didn’t expose him and sat on the bed to take off his socks: “Sleep first, I’ll go to the training room after you fall asleep.”

    Although he would spend with Yang Yang most of the time these days, Archibald had not relaxed his daily training at all.

    Yang Yang stepped on the bed with his bare feet bent, and was about to rub against the pillow, but he heard Archibald say: “By the way, take out the present that Dad gave you.”

    Yang Yang paused, raised his head and narrowed his eyes to stare at Archibald— don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.

    Archibald smiled: “Aren’t you curious?”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Ok, he was a little bit.

    So Yang Yang turned over and sat up, and took out the “love gift package” from the storage space.

    It was a big box one meter square, and it fell on the carpet with a big “bang”, showing its weight. There was a card stuck under the bow at the top of the box. The handwritten font on the card was bold and powerful, revealing the boldness and fearless spirit of the writer.

    ——It would be even better if it wasn’t for the “Love Gift Package”.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Forgive him for his lack of imagination, he really doesn’t know what kind of a wedding gift could come in such a big box.

     Archibald was also obviously curious.

    He stood up and looked at Yang Yang, “Shall I open it?”


     Archibald opened the box, and he found that there were more boxes inside, each of the boxes was numbered.

     Although there were only 4 numbers on the upper layer, which were 14 to 17, it was not difficult to imagine which numbers were on the lower layer.

     Yang Yang: “…”

     He knew it!

     Yang Yang reached out to put away the box, but Archibald took it into the storage space first.

     Yang Yang: “???”

     Yang Yang: “…Take it out.”

     Archibald smiled softly: “Dad worked so hard to prepare it, how can you disappoint his expectations?”

     Yang Yang: “… “

     Yang Yang couldn’t believe it—was this still the innocent cutie he knew? ?

     Archibald took Yang Yang’s hand and the smile on his handsome face deepened: “I said, I won’t do what you don’t want to do. But, it’s always right for me to learn more. One day it might come in handy.”

     Yang Yang: “…”

     It’s over, he actually thought that what Archibald said made sense.


Author has something to say:

Yang Yang: The Duke might have or might not have taken a rocket driver’s license test.

Byrd: You like it too.

Yang Yang: …….(the old man blushes.jpg)


Shy and obedient Yang Yang is so cute! owo


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