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Chapter 159: The Zombie Emperor

    The person in charge forced himself to look at the man in front of him calmly, but the fingertips hidden behind his back were trembling slightly:

    “You…what is your purpose?”

    Xie Shili bent down and put Ge Xiu on the chair.

    He raised his eyes and asked,

    “Injuries on zombies, can you heal them?”

    The person in charge was taken aback by the question and his eyes subconsciously swept over the young man behind Xie Shili——pale skin, gray eyes and several whitening scars on the exposed skin that did not show blood.

    The person in charge who had been engaged in research on zombies for a long time reacted instantly.

    His eyes widened suddenly and he pointed at Ge Xiu who was sitting on the chair tremblingly: “This…this is…”

    “A zombie.” Xie Shili replied without changing his face: “That’s right.”

    Ge Xiu looked back at him and waved his hand expressionlessly.

    This, this terrifying degree of evolution.

    The person in charge’s pupils shrank as a very ominous association suddenly appeared in his mind. He slowly turned his head to look at the man standing aside. The ominous premonition in his heart gradually expanded, making it difficult for him to breathe.

    And… an extremely powerful, supernatural user who could manipulate fire… 

     He heard the person continue saying:

     “I believe you should have heard of my name, Xie Shili.”

    At that moment, the person in charge’s eyes instantly went dark and he almost passed out directly.

    How could he not have heard of it.

    According to the original plan, the high-level zombie was supposed to be sent to this base for research and experiments a not long ago, and he just received the news that the mission failed two days ago, but unexpectedly, two days later, the other party would actually come to his door aggressively — during this capture mission, even the military had to retreat in embarrassment. With such strength, it was completely impossible for the resident supernatural beings in the base to resist.

    The person in charge suddenly felt that there was no light in this world and his life turned all dark.

    This time, he was afraid they were all really going to die.

    Xie Shili frowned, looked at the person in charge who was in a trance in front of him, and repeated patiently:

    “Do you have a solution?”

    The person in charge was called by to reality by his voice. He looked with trepidation at the person and the zombie in front of him, asking tremblingly, “You…are you going to kill me?”

    Xie Shili narrowed his eyes slightly, and a trace of impatience flashed in his eyes:

    “It depends on whether you are useful to us or not.”

    The person in charge nodded quickly.

    He stepped forward and carefully observed the wound on Ge Xiu’s body.

    Immediately afterwards, he took out the equipment, and under Xie Shili’s substantive gaze, that made him sweat profusely, he carefully took a sample from the young man in front of him with trembling hands and legs.

    At the same time, other employees of the base began to work as hard as possible under the pressure of the death threat.

    Ge Xiu looked curiously at the instruments and machinery beside him, feeling it somewhat familiar.

    He fiddled with the instruments close to him casually.

    Xie Shili, on the other hand, stood beside him steadfastly, his gaze always resting on the young man, and there was a suppressed tenderness in his dark eyes.

    There was a strange peaceful atmosphere between them.

    Making it seem like an enclosed space that no one could get in.

    An hour later, the person in charge wiped the sweat from his brows and came over.

    He opened the large stack of data on the desktop, pushed it in front of Xie Shili, and explained: “The purpose of our experimental base is actually to study the essence of zombies. Since the beginning of apocalypse, we’ve been doing research about this topic…”

    Xie Shili frowned: “Speak to the point.”

    The person in charge choked.

    However, he was not the one in power, so he had no choice but to make a long story short: “Our original theory was that the zombie virus would kill the host first, and then activate the central nervous system of the corpse, allowing the dead body to start moving again. Although they can move, can make sounds and eat, but the essentially it’s still a corpse, but, as time went by, we gradually realised the faults of this theory…”

    The person in charge took a deep breath and continued:

    “The emergence of supernatural users and appearance of crystals in the zombie’s heads overturned all our previous guesses. The crystals have not only appear in the brains of zombies, but also in the brains of people with supernatural powers. After analyzing their components, we found that nuclei are essentially a powerful energy source, which had condensed due to biological processes.”

    The person in charge paused, and then concluded: “So, we believe that zombies are actually a kind of living creature.”

    Xie Shili was startled.

    “The emergence of mutated zombies confirmed our conjecture.” The person in charge began to talk about things in his own field: “They have gradually developed higher IQs and stronger abilities. In addition we’ve learned that there are higher-level zombies, but unfortunately we have not been able to find enough samples to study them…”

    The person in charge suddenly noticed Xie Shili’s eyes that were getting colder, and suddenly realized that he had stepped into a minefield, so he hurriedly skipped to conclusions:

    “In short, our conclusion is that mutant zombies and supernatural users are actually two directions of human evolution.”

    Upon saying that, helowered his head and opened a page in the folder, showing possible impact on body shape that would occur in mutated zombies.

    “As the abilities of mutated zombies increased, the viruses in their bodies would also grow in intensity. It stood to reason that they would be able to gradually recover their self-healing abilities…Of course, no matter how good the recovery was, the appearance when they turned into a zombie was already the limit of their ability and their intestines would not grow back.” The person in charge once again showed Xie Shili the analysis results of Ge Xiu’s body samples:

    “However, according to the sample from the mouth, in your… friend’s body, the zombie virus is scarce, and even is showing a rapid decline trend. The current amount of virus in his body may no longer be able to infect other humans.”

    Xie Shili lowered his eyes, the dense data on the document reflected in his dark pupils, his eyes were dark and deep.

    His voice was a little hoarse:


    “If the zombie virus continues to decline like this, it will disappear completely soon,” the person in charge carefully raised his eyes to look at Xie Shili, and then mustered up his courage to continue: “He will be cured… However, human body functions had completely ceased to work at the moment he became a zombie.”

    The rest of the words were self-explanatory.

    ——After the zombie virus disappeared, he would revert to a dead corpse.

    “Is there any way?” Xie Shili raised his eyes to look at the person in charge, his face was calm, but the fingers hanging by his side were clenched tightly and the knuckles were pale from excessive force.

    “The crystal nucleus of the zombie is the place with the highest virus density. Maybe this process can be alleviated by eating more crystals…”

    Four hours later, Xie Shili took Ge Xiu out of the research base.

    In the end, the person in charge of the research base came up with a way to deal with Ge Xiu’s foot injury. He used steel nails to connect the two leg bones together, and then fixed the wound from the outside. However, due to the lack of self-healing ability, such a treatment was ultimately temporary.

    Xie Shili opened the door of the passenger seat and put Ge Xiu on the seat.

    He stared at the young man in front of him, his black pupils were bottomless, like a dark river flowing and stirring in the dark, but no sound would get out, all the turbulent waves and currents were hidden under the calm ice.

    Xie Shili lowered his eyes:

    “Are you hungry?”

    Ge Xiu nodded honestly.

    The man lowered his head and pressed a light kiss on the young man’s pale lips:

    “I’ll take you to eat.”


    The off-road vehicle drove from one city to another.

    Every time it passed through a city, the zombies in it would be harvested and slaughtered mercilessly, the flames rising up to lick the sky and burn for days and nights without stopping.

    The military was not reconciled to its failure.

    At the same time, they were also terrified. They couldn’t imagine how terrifying the zombies fed by such a terrifying amount of crystals would be.

    They quickly put out a reward order, using high rewards as a temptation, and summoned supernatural beings to encircle and suppress Xie Shili and Ge Xiu.

    With generous rewards, there always would be brave men.

    People with supernatural powers formed an alliance to go to the nearest place where the two appeared.

    They occupied an absolute numerical advantage and were assisted with various weapons provided by the military.

    ——This was indeed a premeditated siege.

    The flames spread and devoured and human flesh was burned into coke.

    The supernatural beings who were lucky enough to escape were forced to flee into the city.

    In the streets extending in all directions, countless zombies controlled by Ge Xiu pounced on the supernatural users who came to encircle and suppress them. They opened their greedy mouths, chewed the fresh flesh of human beings, and tore apart everything in front of them in the accompanying terrifying screams. Then pried open bloodied hard skulls and offered the nuclei from humans’ heads to their king devoutly.

    After this battle, no one dared to pursue them again.

    That would be tantamount to death.

    Over time, one city after another was emptied.

    The rising speed off-road vehicle was a fight against time, as the car engine was running day and night, as if trying to run ahead of death.

    Night after night, fires ignited and new cities were left charred.

    Finally one day, the off-road vehicle stopped.

    In the wilderness, night spread.

    Xie Shili hugged the drowsy young man in his arms, his eyes lowered, and he pressed the other’s head firmly into his arms.

    The man’s expression was calm, but there was an almost terrifying possessive paranoia in his dark eyes.

    He needed a more powerful nucleus.

    Xie Shili lowered his eyes and kissed Ge Xiu’s hair.

    ——Fortunately, he knew who the strongest supernatural user in the world was.

    The cold ice cone condensed in mid-air, the sharp end aiming at his temple.

    The sharp blade pierced through the air, making an -ear-piercing howl.

    However, the tip of the sharp ice blade suddenly stopped at the moment it was about to pierce the skin, it froze in the air as if pause button had been pressed.

    Xie Shili was startled.

    He found that no matter how he manipulated it, the ice cone wouldn’t move forward, he couldn’t even control it.

    The young man in his arms moved, slowly raised his head, he blinked, his gray eyes reflected the starlight above his head.

    Ge Xiu straightened up, leaned forward, and touched the other person’s forehead with his cold lips.

    He said, letter by letter:


    After finishing speaking, he slowly closed his eyes, his head lowered little by little, and rested heavily on Xie Shili’s shoulder.


    The ice cone landed on the ground, making a sharp clanking sound.

    The force disappeared.

    Xie Shili remained in the same posture in a daze.

    In an instant, the night froze in place and the wind stopped moving.

    Both time and sound had lost their meaning.

    Finally, he calmly closed his eyes, slowly tightened his arms, and embedded the cold body into his chest little by little, like a person with nothing, wishing to embrace the whole world.

    Immediately afterwards, the fire burned high.

    The sky was licked inch by inch by the flames and the whole world collapsed in the raging flames.


a minute of silence


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