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Chapter 164: The Fairy Tale World

    Ge Xiu looked up the behemoth in front of him under the sunlight pouring down from the narrow hole above his head.

    The dragon’s whole body was pitch black, its vertical pupils were golden red, the dark scales reflected the fragmented sunlight, opalising slightly under the light. It brought a strange sense of oppression and deterrence in this dark gloomy cave—if you ignored its claws still holding onto the gathered pile of golden hair.

    It’s really you.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes.

    The tip of the tail held in the palm was cold and smooth, the edges of the scales were slightly sharp, causing a dull pain when rubbing against the palm.

    The tip of the tail slid cautiously, as if trying to pull it away from his hand.

    Ge Xiu’s fingers tightened slightly, increasing his strength a bit.

    The dragon stiffened.

    The sensitive tip of the tail was held in the soft and warm palm, the warm and gentle touch was like being kissed by a feather, a strange and hot sensation spread under the hard scales, and quickly rushed to his heart, it seemed as if there was a fire in his chest and he couldn’t let it out, causing all of his internal organs to set on fire.

    He want to take it back, but he was a little bit reluctant.

    And he feared he would use too much force, causing harm to the other’s delicate palm.

    ——It seemed a bit too late to run now.

    He had no choice but to stand stiffly on the spot, looking back at the princess who was still holding his tail.

    The princess’s originally long flowing alike to a waterfall hair had disappeared and turned into messy short hair, but it was still as bright and dazzling as molten gold. In the pair of blue eyes, as if a corner of the sky condensed inside, the dragon could almost see his reflection. No expensive and beautiful sapphire was a match for her eyes.

    The dragon heard his heart pounding.

    He originally thought that it was because of the other’s pure golden hair that he couldn’t help but be tempted to snatch her back—— although it wasn’t 100% because of this, at least 70% to 80% of it was still there!

    However, after the princess cut off her long hair…

    the giant dragon lowered his head, secretly glanced at the long hair under his paws, his breath halted suddenly.

    He averted his eyes in pain.


    Still very heartbroken.

    Ge Xiu decided to go through the normal routine, so he grabbed the dragon by the tail and asked,

    “Why did you catch me?”

    “You are a princess and I am a dragon.” The dragon replied confidently: “I ought to have my own princess.”

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows: “Whoa, this tone is not small.”

    The dragon: “…”


    It felt like something was off.

    He couldn’t hold back and asked, “Won’t you ask me when I will let you go?”

    Ge Xiu asked kindly, “When will you let me go?”

    The dragon: “From the moment you were taken away by me, you belong to my collection, and I will not let you go.”

    Ge Xiu: “Oh.”

    Giant dragon: “…”

    ? ? ?

    Why does it feel even weirder?

    He took a deep breath, endured and endured, finally couldn’t resist the temptation in his heart, and asked again:

    “Won’t you beg me to let you go?”

    “…” Ge Xiu was silent for two seconds: “If I beg you, will you let me go?”

    Dragon: “…No.”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He looked at the huge black dragon in front of him suspiciously for a few seconds, then fell into deep thought.

    …Wasn’t this dragon a bit too silly?

    The dragon was as puzzled as he was.

    He leaned down slightly, and moved his scaly head closer: “Why aren’t you afraid of me?”

    According to past experience, ordinary humans would fall into mindless panic and fear when they saw him. When he realised that the other was standing behind him, he was ready for the princess to scream in horror the moment she saw him, or even faint right away, but he waited and waited, and never got any kind of extreme reaction.

    The giant dragon’s golden-red vertical pupils were as cold and cruel as that of a cold-blooded animal, the scales growing around them were moving like undulating waves.

    When he approached, the smell of gunpowder smoke came from his body with heat of a burning fire, making one feel as if they were in a bloody battlefield.

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He raised his hand and touched the head of the giant dragon approaching.

    Dragon: !

    He suddenly widened his eyes, being suddenly caught off guard, took a few steps back.

    The ground vibrated tremendously due to his footsteps, and gold coins began to flow down from the high gold mountains.

    The dragon was at a loss.

    The scale that was touched just now became scorching burning hot.

    His deep voice trembled a little:


    The next second, the wings on the back of the giant dragon flapped violently and then he rushed out of the cave without looking back. He knocked off a large piece of the rock at the entrance of the cave, and then, amidst the dust, he flew towards the sky in a stupor, looking thoroughly embarrassed.

    Ge Xiu was silent.

    ——So, who was more afraid of whom?

    Suddenly he seemed to remember something, rushed out quickly, and shouted towards the clear sky: “—Don’t bring me dresses anymore!!!”

    Ge Xiu blinked, looked at the empty sky in front of him, he wasn’t sure if the other party heard it or not.

    He sighed, shook his head helplessly, then turned and walked back into the cave.

    At this moment, on the other side of the island, a fleet had quietly landed.

    Wearing armor and holding long swords, warriors struggled to climb up from between the jagged rocks on the edge of the island. A blond knight, leading the other seemed to have heard the sound coming from the air in this moment. He narrowed his eyes slightly and turned his head to the side to ask his companions: “…Did you hear anything?”

    People around nodded their heads.

    Although the distance was too far, so the content of the shouts couldn’t be heard clearly.

    However, that clear and emotional voice could only be princess’!

    The blond knight was heartbroken and filled with righteous indignation: “That damned dragon! What did it do to the princess! The princess must have suffered a lot after being imprisoned by the dragon for so long!”

    He looked up at the direction where the voice came from, his eyesslightly sour, he gritted his teeth and said: “I must slay the dragon and take the princess back safely!”

    Of course, it would be even better if he could win the princess’s heart.

    The blond knight was full of energy again. He raised his sword and pointed in the direction of the voice:

    “Let’s go!”

    The island was very barren, there was almost no traces of human life, and it was quite difficult to find the cave all the while climbing on the barren mountain roads.

    Fortunately, there was a magician in the team, and he found the direction to the dragon’s cave by casting spells.

    After a difficult trek, the group finally arrived at the entrance of the cave.

    The blond knight looked at the magician.

    The magician shook his head—the dragon was not at home.

    So, the blond knight commanded the soldiers behind him, and slipped cautiously into the cave with him. The first half of the cave was very dark, but after walking a dozen steps, it suddenly became brighter.

    Everyone held their breath.

    There were mountains above mountains of treasures, gold coins, jewels, diamonds, emeralds, utensils and swords made of gold, and many unnamed jewellery.

    However, among these dazzling treasures that could cause people to lose minds.

    The most dazzling one was a young girl sitting among them.

    Her splendid beauty overshadowed the brilliance of all treasures, taking people’s breath away in an instant, her curse-like beauty could make anyone fall in love the moment they saw her.

    No one deserved to be called a beauty except for her.

    No one would mistake Princess Angela for any other woman, because compared to her, everything was alike to a dusty stone, while she was the most eye-catching diamond in the world.

    The princess seemed to have noticed the movement from there and turned her head to look over.

    The blond knight was breathless and dazzled, as if stung by the light from being too close to the sun.

    In that moment, he was ready to die in order to enter those beautiful sky-blue eyes.

    However, when the knight’s eyes fell on the princess’s grotesque tattered dress and the dishevelled short golden hair on top of her head, he couldn’t help being stunned.

    The infatuation in his eyes just now instantly turned into pain and anger, as well as deep-seated hatred for that evil dragon.

    Looking at the distressed beauty in front of him, the knight could not help crying out: “Princess, you have suffered!”

    Ge Xiu: “…?”


    The author has something to say:

   Ge Xiu: I cut the clothes and hair,

    Do you have any opinions?


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