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Chapter 165: The Fairy Tale World

    The blond knight took a few steps forward, took off the helmet on his head, and revealed a handsome face.

    He locked his firm gaze on the princess in front of him, and said,

    “Princess, I’m here to save you!”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    After finishing speaking, the knight turned his head and gave instructions to the soldiers brought behind him, telling them to lie in ambush and wait until the dragon returns.

    After arranging everything, the knight looked at the princess in front of him again. He seemed worried that she would be frightened, so he stepped forward cautiously and said softly, “Don’t worry, with me here, that dragon can’t hurt you anymore.”

    His eyes were filled with determination: “When I kill this evil dragon, I will take you home. At that time, I will definitely hold a grand wedding…”

    Ge Xiu: “…?”

    Suppressing the sudden anger in his heart, he asked expressionlessly,

    “Wedding? Are you dreaming?”

    The knight was taken aback, “But…”

    “But what?” Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows.

    The knight stumbled on his words, finally forcing out: “You…your father said…”

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly, a dangerous cold glint flickered in his dark blue eyes: “——Said what?”

    “Said…that you can marry… “The knight’s voice gradually became smaller, in the end becoming only a whisper: “Marry…you…”

    Ge Xiu laughed angrily.

    ——This world was really poisonous.

    Not only the world setting was inexplicable, but even the humans in it were just as incomprehensible.

    He stretched out his hand to lift the treasured sword stuck on the side, expertly rolled up his sleeves, the sword reflected cold light, seeming like the glint of freezing ice within.

    The blonde princess sneered lightly:

    “Then let me see if you have the strength.”

    The knight stared at her blankly, always feeling that something was wrong:


    ? ? ?

    ——Didn’t he come to slay dragons?

    half an hour later.

    A group of soldiers stumbled and ran out of the dragon’s cave leaving behind their helmets and armour. The knight at the front was flushed with shame, holding the dagger that had been cut in two, and jumped onto the boat in embarrassment. The rest of the soldiers followed closely behind. The boat pierced the waves, making snow-white waves rise at the stern and sailed back to the sea area where they came from without looking back.

    inside the cave.

    Ge Xiu inserted the sword back into the scabbard and threw it back into the treasure pile.

    He moved his neck and let out a long breath.

    So refreshing.

    That felt good.

    Ge Xiu couldn’t get enough of it— he thought that he was still too fast in his attacks, he should have kept them a little longer, what a pity.

    At this moment, there came the sound of howling wind from outside the cave, and the airflow brought by the flapping of the wings blew away the trees on the small island, shaking them as if they were about to be broken.

    The dragon was back.

    This time he flew straight into the cave, his pitch-black scales gleamed under the light, a burning pair of golden-red vertical pupils stared at the princess in front of him who was only the size of his one paw.

    He put the wardrobe in his claws in front of the princess.

    The deep and cold voice was extremely majestic: “For you.”

    Ge Xiu had a very bad premonition in his heart.

    He reached into the closet.

    A dress made of gold silk and decorated with various jewels appeared in front of her eyes.

    Ge Xiu lost expression on his face.

    Slowly and weakly, he buried his face into the depths of his palms, and exhaled forcefully.

    Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.

    It’s the whole world that’s wrong, it’s not worth it.

    In fact, after taking off, the giant dragon only heard a word “…dress…” being blown by the wind from a distance, so after flying a few laps in the sky, he completely recovered from previous hot and embarrassed feelings. After careful consideration, he returned to the place where he left the closet before, and brought back the magic dress.

    The dragon folded its wings behind him, pretending to be calm and waiting for the princess’s reaction when she received the gift—

    but the next second, he realized that something was wrong.

    The dragon’s eyes narrowed slightly.

    He sniffed the smell in the air, his pupils constricted suddenly, and the flames of rage ignited in his eyes: “Human beings have been here.”

    Ge Xiu finally calmed down at this moment.

    He raised his head and said expressionlessly: “Yes, they said they were the brave men who came to save me.”


    Mere humans dared to covet his treasures.

    Disgusting gravel, worms, bastards!

    In the depths of the giant dragon’s vertical pupils burst a violent rage, extreme paranoia and anger quickly heated up with the suppressed dragon’s breath in his chest, he turned around, flapped his wings and prepared to rush out of the cave—— he wanted to catch those whimsical and stupid bastards, and burn them to ashes with flames and fury! Let them struggle in pain and regret their arrogant behaviour!

    Ge Xiu quickly grabbed the dragon’s tail:

    “What are you doing?”

    The dragon froze.

    The tip of the tail was held in the soft and tender palm of the princess. He didn’t dare to pull it out, and he didn’t want to take it back. He could only stay there stiffly, maintaining an awkward posture about to take off, and growled in a low voice:

    “They need to pay for their actions.”

    The dragon suddenly halted.

    He suddenly realized that the princess was also human and she might not want those humans to die.

    And that she didn’t want to stay on the island with him, but most likely wanted to leave with the warriors who came to save her.

    In fact, the dragon was fully aware of this when he kidnapped her.

    He did not give a gem.

    It’s his nature to grab what he liked.

    The law of the jungle meaning to prey on the weaker was the law of nature.

    Even if he was given another chance, he would not hesitate to make the same choice.

    ——However, for some reason, the giant dragon suddenly felt a little depressed.

    Ge Xiu sneered: “Everyone has been beaten into running away by me, what’s the use of you chasing after them?”

    Run away?

    The giant dragon was taken aback for a moment, not understanding the logic chain inside.

    He peeked at the princess standing behind him, and asked, pretending to be calm,

    “Could it be, you…don’t you want to go back with them?”

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes, looking at the black dragon in front of him.

    ——and the look of anticipation that the other party thought was very concealed.

    He was now completely aware of the character of the dragon in front of him.

    Simple one word.


    His head hurt thinking about this, he sighed, and decided to show his cards:

    “Don’t worry, if I want to leave, you can’t stop me.”

    Ge Xiu patted the big tail of the giant dragon in front of him affectionately:

    “And I don’t want to leave yet.”

    This world was really too befuddling, it didn’t even look like the work of people outside, this world was also dominated by the field of magic that he was the least good at, so Ge Xiu decided to stay on this island for a while, carefully observe and collect information, and then decide what to do next—not to mention, after all this time, he had already confirmed that this person wasn’t hostile to him, and it would be safe to stay by his side.

    The princess actually… stayed here voluntarily?

    The giant dragon couldn’t believe his ears.

    It was as if he was flying in the clouds without flapping his wings, and the soft and sweet clouds were all around his feet, which made him feel unreal as if he was inside a dream.

    The giant dragon quickly turned his head, he coughed twice in a disguised manner, and spit out two smoke rings with sparks from his mouth:

    “…you are very knowledgeable about current affairs, very good.”

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He looked up and down this dragon who was in a silly daze again, his expression was a bit indescribable for a while.

    ——And, the other party was so stupid this time.

    It would be difficult to pose any threat to himself.

    Ge Xiu was relieved.

    He dropped the tip of the tail he was holding and looked up at the dragon in front of him: “When do you plan to go outside the island?”

    The dragon looked down at the princess who was only as big as his own paw, and decided to reluctantly ignore the other party’s disrespect. Maintaining his majestic image, he replied: “… Cough, it depends on my mood.”

    Ge Xiu nodded: “I’ll make a list for you later, go find all the things in it.”

    He turned around naturally and walked into the cave.

    The giant dragon stared at his back, blinking blankly, always feeling that something was wrong.

    At this moment, Ge Xiu suddenly remembered something, he frowned, turned his head and looked behind him:

    “By the way, don’t bring me any more dresses.”

    The giant dragon was startled: “Why!”

    A trace of coldness flashed Ge Xiu’s eyes: “Because I’m a man.”

    The dragon’s voice lowered subconsciously:


    “But what?” Ge Xiu raised his lips and showed a perfect smile, but the threat in his eyes was particularly conspicuous.

    But you are a princess…

    The dragon closed his mouth pitifully.

    …but it was such a beautiful dress.

    Ge Xiu nodded in satisfaction.

    ——This is what’s called knowing your circumstances.

    It was only when the evil dragon, which made the whole continent tremble with fear, flew into the sky with the purchase list made by the princess, that he reacted belatedly.

    Why…did it feel like he seemed to be the one being held hostage?


    The first team of warriors fled back from Dragon Island in embarrassment.

    Although they did not kill the dragon and nor did they rescue the most beautiful princess in the whole continent, they were the only human beings who successfully went to Dragon Island and came back alive. Everyone was eagerly waiting for them to tell their story experience.

    All knights were too ashamed to say that they didn’t even see a glimpse of the dragon, but were beaten away by the princess.

    Thus, a new version of the story spread.

    After they landed on the island, they fought fiercely with the dragon. The flames sprayed by the dragon dyed most of the sky red. They injured the dragon and planned to take the princess away, but she was enchanted under the spell and was unwilling to leave the island even in her death.

    And they didn’t want to hurt the princess, so they had to leave first, find a way to undo the spell, and then go back to rescue the princess.

    This version of the story quickly reached the ears of the King of Farland.

    He turned his head to look at the wizard beside him, and asked, “Are you sure you can break the spell?”

    The wizard was covered with a black robe, his face was hidden in the shadows, his withered hands were holding the staff and the skinny fingers covered with ruby rings shining strangely on his knuckles, his voice was hoarse and low: “Of course.”

    “When the dragon dies, the spell will be undone.”

    He said to the king: “When the princess regains her senses, she will definitely fall into your arms without any worries.”

    The king was very satisfied with this answer:

    “Very well, when will you set off?”

    The wizard replied: “Soon, by the time one hundred challengers return without a success, we can start.”


    The author has something to say:

    Ge Xiu: Such a stupid dragon, it’s definitely not a threat to be around (Vigilance -10

    (Pandora: You think I’m on the first floor, but I’m actually on the third floor!*

*meaning, you think I’m below your level but I’m actually far ahead of you

How to be a princess, guide by Ge Xiu:

  1. Get Kidnapped By The Dragon
  2. Beat Up All The Knights
  3. Marry The Dragon
  4. ???
  5. Profit

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  1. The knight in this story is so brave and determined. He’s risked everything to come to the princess’s rescue, and I’m sure he’ll do everything he can to protect her. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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