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Chapter 166: The Fairy Tale World

    From the day humans successfully landed on the island, the giant dragon doubled his vigilance when patrolling Dragon Island.

    He knew that those humans came here to snatch the princess away.

    The giant dragon circled the waters of the Dragon Island and no ship was able to successfully land again.

    ——He won’t allow anyone to steal his treasure from him.

    Ships carrying brave knights left the shore one after another, but none of them came back.

    Some were lost in the mist, some were overturned by the rushing waves, and some were swallowed by the dragon’s breath before landing on the island.

    And Ge Xiu was not idle on the island either.

    He asked the dragon to bring him all kinds of books from various countries, no matter where they came from, who wrote them, or what era, as long as they are books—— books were written records that could reflect a portion of the mainland, whether it was its history, legends, technology, magic, or life and entertainment, all could be derived from it.

    Yet the more Ge Xiu read, the more confused he became.

    Even originating from the same place, the records in these books were still vague, even contradictory, without any justification.

    In many places, it they even opposed each other and were thoroughly illogical.

    Back in the other worlds, he had also done such a large amount of reading in order to fully understand the entire worldview.

    However, he had never been so confused.

    The worlds he had experienced before were very complete. Behind the operation of the world, there was a perfect system of its own, all of the cause and effect interlocking, the logical chain was self-contained, various fields echoing the same information, forming nearly a perfect circle. No matter what information he was investigating, there wouldn’t be many blank spaces and flaws, logic chain always being perfect and self-consistent, nearly making people mistake it for a real, complete world that could operate by itself.

    ——Perhaps this was why it would be so difficult to interfere with the virtual world from the outside.

    But this world was different.

    Compared with the previous worlds, it was more like a semi-finished product that had been put together randomly.

    Like the babblings of a sleeping child, it was filled with chaos without any rationale giving anyone who had tried to discern patterns from it a headache.

    And Ge Xiu’s doubts were also increasing day by day.

    Why was such a world, which could be called a failure, put into operation?

    And, why haven’t he returned to reality for four consecutive worlds?

    Or, to put it more bluntly.

    Was it because the group of people outside don’t want him to return to the real world, or couldn’t make him?

    Ge Xiu stared down at the huge old book in front of him, rubbed his fingers lightly on the yellowed and hard surface of the parchment, and fell into thoughtful silence.

    At this moment, the sound of howling wind came from outside the cave.

    The strong wind swept into the entrance of the cave, blowing away all the books and materials spread on the ground, resembling fluttering autumn leaves.

    Ge Xiu frowned, raised his voice and shouted:

    “I’ve said it already! Don’t fly by the entrance of the cave!”

    The sound of the wind outside the entrance of the cave stopped.

    Boom boom boom boom.

    The giant dragon walked in awkwardly and lowered his head: “I forgot…”

    His body smelled of fire and gunpowder.

    Ge Xiu already knew what this stupid dragon was doing outside the island every day, even thinking he was hiding it well, but he didn’t bother to expose him.

    The dragon nestled back into his pile of gold coins.

    He skillfully buried more than half of his body into the golden mountain, and the sound of gold coins flowing out followed, echoing throughout the cave.

    The dragon found a comfortable position and lay down.

    The so-called comfortable position was the position where he could see the princess as soon as he opened his eyes.

    During this time, the entire cave’s layout began to take shape.

    Half was the dragon’s gold mountains and half was the princess’s old book heap.

    The dragon loved his treasures very much. He would sleep and roll in the pile of gold every day, looking at and admiring the treasures he has collected, thinking about how to collect more gold all the time.

    However, ever since the princess came to his cave, the dragon spent all his leisurely time of admiring gems, peeking at the princess instead, the remaining time was spent collecting and plundering treasures from other countries that the princess asked for. The books he had been reading and the items he required were too much, in order to fit the princess’s books, he even secretly transported part of his treasures to another cave on the island for preservation.

    The giant dragon stared fixedly at Ge Xiu who was still busy in the pile of books not far away with his golden-red vertical pupils open.

    His hair had grown a bit longer than before, the brilliant golden scattered hair hung down softly, falling on the gently curved fair neck, the light golden eyelashes were like solidified sunlight, a pair of pure sea-blue eyes half-hidden under them.

    ——The princess was so pretty.

    She was more beautiful than all of his treasures put together.

    So thought the dragon.

    When the princess’s hair grew back to its original length, it must be as beautiful as all the treasures in the world.

    Of course, it would be even better if the princess would agree to wear the shiny dresses he chose for her.

    The only sound that could be heard throughout the cave was the rustling of books.

    The dragon felt extremely peaceful and satisfied.

    This was odd.

    This feeling was very unusual.

    No matter how much treasure he collected, how many precious and rare gems and jewellery, he never felt this way, he was never satisfied, always eager to loot more treasures to fill his cave, he needed more, more, perhaps even if the treasures of the whole world were placed before his eyes, he would still not be satisfied.

    However, the dragon now hoped that this moment could last forever.

    Ge Xiu lowered his head and flipped through the thick tome in front of him. At this moment, he suddenly felt that the bed sheet behind him suddenly moved and he turned his head to look back.

    A pitch-black tail tip lay there quietly.

    Ge Xiu looked up at the giant dragon lying in the pile of gold coins.

    The other’s wings were closed, his head was buried under one wing. The huge back covered with pitch-black scales undulated regularly, as if he had already fallen asleep.

    Ge Xiu retracted his gaze, lowered his head and continued to read the book in front of him.

    ten minutes later.

    The bed sheet behind him moved slightly again.

    Ge Xiu looked back again.

    The pitch-black tail tipped closer, almost enclosing his entire body.

    The slender tail didn’t move under Ge Xiu’s sight, as if it was supposed to be in this state.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyes and looked at gold mountain where the giant dragon with its head buried under its wings was lying,


    Really stupid.

    He leaned over, pulled the tail covered with pitch-black scales, and found a comfortable position to lie on it.

    Dragon: “!”

    His whole body stiffened in an instant, a strange tingling sensation quickly spread from the short tail that was held down by the princess. He felt as if his whole body was soaked in hot spring water and the bubbles of happiness in seconds filled his chest and swelled inside. His whole mind was muddled, only the sensation and temperature from small scales was left on his whole body, bringing an overly clear and vivid feeling.

    The giant dragon secretly opened his eyes and looked at the other from the gap between his wings.

    At that moment, he suddenly recalled a rumour from the mainland.

    Princess Angela has a bewitching charm capable of making anyone fall in love with her.

    ——This is the first time that the dragon believed what the humans said from the bottom of his heart.



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5 thoughts on “Chapter 166: The Fairy Tale World

  1. This is so sweet but I can just feel it on the tip of my fingers that somethings going to go wrong.

    I have a feeling that Ge Xiu’s charm is going to play an effect on the dragon.. something along the lines of doubting it’s honest love and taking it as a fake ‘love’ that was created by the charm and not what it actually is.

    At least that’s the vibes I got when the dragon remembered and believed the rumours.

    Liked by 1 person

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