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Chapter 167: The Fairy Tale World

    As the days passed, the king and queen of the Kingdom of Esther were still waiting eagerly for the return of their daughter kidnapped by the dragon, but most of the knights who sailed to rescue the princess never returned.

    They waited and waited, but there was still no news from their daughter.

    So the king issued a new reward.

    As long as a brave man could save Princess Angela from the dragon, he would abdicate and pass the throne to the warrior.

    The upsurge that had gradually cooled down started again, and more and more warriors who had high ambitions set off from the mainland and headed for Dragon Island.

    Soon, the hundredth challenger set sail.

    Ten days later, the waves brought back the scattered fragments of the ship, with traces of the dragon’s breath still remaining on it.

    So the wizard came before the King of Farland.

    The black robe blocked his face, his withered hands stretched out from the sleeves of the robe, tightly clutching a twisted staff and the ruby on the ring shone with a strange shimmer.

    He said: “Your Majesty, the time is ripe.”

    The king of Farland was in a good mood: “How many warships do you need? Is one hundred enough?”

    The wizard shook his head.

    “Two hundred ships?”

    The wizard shook his head again.

    King of Farland frowned: “Then how many do you need?”

    The wizard stretched his withered fingers slowly.

    King of Farland brows furrowed even tighter: “Five hundred?”

    Although it was a huge number, it wasn’t impossible to collect this number in case of emergency.

    The wizard replied: “Five ships.”

    The King of Farland was puzzled: “Are you sure? This is the most terrifying creature in the entire continent. Can five ships really defeat him?”

    The wizard’s voice was low and hoarse as he replied unfazed, “Please believe me, Your Majesty.”

    But would the dragon let the princess be stolen so easily?

    Although King Fallon was full of doubts, he could only believe what the wizard said and agreed to taking five warships filled with elite knights selected from all over the country to embark on a journey to Dragon Island.

    A few small boats slowly sailed away from the calm sea near the shore, heading towards the mist surrounding Dragon Island.

    The thick and dense gray-white fog covered the sky, like a sheet covering the dark sea, the waves at the horizon were billowing violently, just waiting to swallow all of the ships passing through this sea area.

    A black-robed wizard stood at the bow of the ship.

    He raised the staff in his hand, and chanted a spell in an ancient language in a hoarse and deep voice. The low whispering words floated above the sea area, even more unsettling in the thick fog.

    The pitch-black waves surged and bluish-white corpses slowly rose from the bottom of the sea.

    Their eyes were dull, the armour on their bodies and the weapons in their hands were covered with rust and their blistered and swollen skin was ravaged by the creatures in the sea.

    The soldiers on board watched in horror at the scene in front of them.

    They held their breath, as if afraid of disturbing the horrific sight before them.

    One after another corpses rose from the bottom of the sea and surrounded on both sides of the ship. Their feet did not move, but they moved forward with the ship as if they were being pulled by invisible silk threads.

    The mist slowly dissipated.

    Not far away, they could see the rocky shore of Dragon Island.

    Wizards cast a spell of divination.

    ——The dragon was on the island.

    He continued to chant the ancient incantation and the corpses assembled slowly. They stood on the raging waves, each with exactly the same distance between them, and slowly surrounded the entire Dragon Island. The fog behind followed the ships and corpses as if alive, devouring the originally clear blue sky, enveloping the entire island in it.

    The boat docked quietly without making a sound.

    The wizard in black robe led the warriors to the island.

    They quietly walked through jagged rocks, sandy beaches, and dense jungles, finally arriving at the cave where the dragon lives.

    Inside the cave, hills made of gold coins and jewels gleamed brilliantly in the dim light. Among the piles of gold coins, one could vaguely see the back of a giant dragon covered with pitch-black scales, winding like a mountain range, buried in the gold coins.

    Everyone couldn’t help but breathe lightly, for fear of disturbing the dragon’s sleep.

    “Don’t worry.” The black robed wizard’s hoarse voice echoed in the cave: “He won’t wake up.”

    He walked towards the gorgeous big bed set in the book mountain.

    Withered thin hands slowly lifted the thick and gorgeous curtains beside the bed, but did not see the beautiful sleeping face of the princess as expected.

    The black-robed wizard frowned.

    —Perhaps the princess was in another corner of the cave when the spell took effect.

    The most important thing to do now was to slay the dragon.

    The wizard turned around and walked towards the giant dragon lying on the side. Along the way, the gold coins and jewels under his feet jingled, the black robe dragged over the pile of gold coins as he approached the dragon little by little.

    The giant dragon closed its eyes tightly, its chest covered with hard scales rose and fell with its breathing.

    The wizard took out a gleaming silver dagger from his robe. On the hilt of the dagger, a ruby with a strange colour gleamed in the darkness.

    He approached with a dagger in his hand and pressed the sharp hilt against the dragon’s chest, embedded in the gap between the scales.

    Under the black robe, a distorted smile flitted across the corners of her pale lips.

    Dragon heart.

    It contained the most powerful magic in the world.

    With it, he would become the strongest man in the world.

    Once he killed the dragon, the princess and the Kingdom of Esther would become his property, and the whole continent would bow to him, he would be the one to stand on the top of the continent.

    The joy of victory surged in the chest of the black-robed wizard.

    He held the hilt of the sword with both hands, raised it slowly, and then stabbed down hard——!

    However, in the next second, there was a flash of silver glint, a sharp sword tip pierced obliquely from under the dragon’s wings, and the dagger in his hand was instantly thrown away at a tricky angle.

    The black-robed wizard took two steps back in surprise.

    The giant dragon’s huge thin wings moved slightly, and the princess with brilliant blond hair came out with a long sword in her hand.

    She was wearing a long dress crookedly, layers of satin and muslin were dotted with all kinds of gorgeous jewels embedded in the fabric, her snow-white shoulders and delicate collarbone were exposed from the top of the skirt and the loosely tied shoulder straps were thrown aside.

    The wizard’s eyes widened in shock: “You…why didn’t you fall into a deep sleep?”

    Ge Xiu sneered:

    “Because this stupid dragon can’t understand human language.”

    He gave him various dresses over and over again.

    ——One of them had the attribute of being able to resist all magic attacks.

    When the fog began to spread on the island, Ge Xiu realized that something was not right.

    There was a cold and damp smell in the air.

    This reminded him of the necromancer he had seen before.

    So Ge Xiu made a split decision, pulled out the dress that had been flaunted by the dragon for a long time from the wardrobe that had been left aside for a long time, put it on in a hurry, and then hid under his wings with the long sword.

    He bided his time.

    Waiting for the opportunity to be close enough to the opponent.

    The wizard’s face was gloomy and he pointed the staff in front of him: “Princess, I don’t want to hurt you, but if you continue to be so bewitched, I will not be polite.”

    “Oh?” Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows: “Why don’t you try it?”

    The blade of the long sword slashed down, like a sharp cold light tearing the darkness and engulfed in immense power, it struck like lightning.

    The wizard was horrified and hastily raised his staff to block the attack.

    All the spells were completely ineffective against the beautiful girl in front of him, he could only retreat in embarrassment under the opponent’s superb swordsmanship.

    Finally, with the sound of “kacha”, the staff was cut in two by the long sword.

    The wizard stumbled back a few steps while holding the staff that had been broken in two. The magic spell that had been cast before was instantly invalidated and the corpses outside the island fell into the ocean again.

    The golden-red vertical pupils appeared in the dark cave.

    In the next second, the golden mountain in front of him arched like a wave and countless gold coins and jewels crashed down, revealing the hard and pitch-black scales of the giant dragon.

    The giant dragon’s pupils locked onto the tiny human in front of him and unprecedented violence and anger surged in his eyes.

    These ignorant bugs had the audacity to set foot in his domain.

    Trying to steal his treasure.


    The golden-red blazing dragon’s breath swept across like a violent wave, rushing towards those daring humans, instantly burning those fleeing soldiers to ashes. The golden coins couldn’t withstand such a heat and melted into a golden liquid, flowing slowly to the ground.

    There was a scorching smell in the air.

    The scene in front of him resembled hell on earth.

    Ge Xiu was slightly taken aback.

    He always had the feeling… as if he had seen this scene before.

    But in the next second, another thing instantly attracted his full attention.

    Ge Xiu took a deep breath and kicked the dragon beside him fiercely:

    “Are you stupid?”

    The giant dragon froze and obeyed subconsciously, hiccupping with the flames that hadn’t yet spewed out from his mouth and a string of thick smoke slowly rose from his nostrils.

    Ge Xiu pointed to the burning pile of books, his eyes darkened with anger,

    “My books also got burned!”

    The dragon was shocked and regained his senses in an instant.

    He lowered his head aggrievedly: “…I’m sorry.”

    Ge Xiu let out a long breath slowly, he felt a dull pain in the back of his head from the anger.

    He lowered his head and stretched out his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose, as if this could relieve his depression.

    At this moment, the giant dragon saw that on the back of the girl’s slender and white hand, a freshly cut wound was slowly bleeding out, which was particularly glaring on the skin that was as white as the first snow.

    She was hurt.

    The dragon felt his heart constrict suddenly.

    He stretched out his claws subconsciously, but he was too huge and he could wrap entire princess in one of his palms.

    — Not to mention stopping the bleeding for her.

    The dragon thought of a good idea.

    Ge Xiu suddenly felt that the shadow that had been hanging over his head from just now suddenly disappeared.

    The next second, a slender hand gently held his wrist.

    The temperature of the other party’s palm was terribly hot:

    “Does it hurt?”


Bamboo: First time reading, I didn’t pay attention to the details but now many things became clear; for example, the wizard waited for so many expeditions to set off before him because he wanted to use their corpses to cast a spell.

Another thing; he might have been waiting for the queen and king to give even better conditions for rescuing princess.

Another thing; he obviously promised King of Farland to let princess marry him but obviously wanted her for himself.

Such a treacherous thing, pei pei pei, die in flames!


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