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Chapter 89: Catch the Cat

    Scarface didn’t reveal where his village was, but reminded Archibald that the aircraft couldn’t go there, they could only walk on foot.

    Archibald had no objection.

    And so, the group of “handicaps” limped towards the mysterious village with the unconscious men on their backs.


    The temperature in this area was a little higher and Yang Yang took off his coat after they’ve walked for a bit because of the heat.

    He only wore a thin, soft white sweater, which was one of the gifts brought by Abel and the others. Although it looked thin, it was extremely warm.

    The knit sweater had a very good drape. When Yang Yang stood up straight, the knit sweater raised up over the slight bulge of his abdomen, which was particularly conspicuous under the draping straight lines.

    The beast-shaped Little Whitebelly had been following Yang Yang and the others, and when he saw Yang Yang’s protruding belly, his eyes almost turned into small torches.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang didn’t feel uncomfortable about his pregnant figure, he was very open-minded even when stared at, he even teased Little Whitebelly, asking: “Have you never seen a pregnant female?”

    When they heard that he was pregnant, the attitude of these people was as if seeing UFO.

    Little Whitebelly shook his head and said: “No, I have seen them before. But, but pregnant people are very precious, representing hope for the future. Dad said that pregnant people should be cherished and protected, and they should never be hurt.”

    Yang Yang raised his eyebrows, “Then why didn’t you confirm whether I was pregnant before you started attacking?”

    Little Whitebelly knew he was wrong and said weakly: “I’m sorry. But the aristocratic emblem on your aircraft we got very angry.”

    Yang Yang was taken aback: “The aristocratic emblem?”

    Little Whitebelly nodded: “It’s the shield-like pattern on the aircraft.”

    Yang Yang thought about it, then felt unjustly accused: “That is the unified emblem of the Imperial Army.”

    He remembered Archibald’s words that this aircraft wasn’t Donton’s private vehicle.

    Little Whitebelly was taken aback, looking all confused: “Huh?”

    Yang Yang wondered: “Since you know the Duke of Donton, why don’t you know the badge of the Imperial Army?”

    “I, I heard the story of the Duke of Donton from the adults ah. But that badge is the pattern of nobility!”

    Little Whitebelly retorted aggrievedly, insisting on his own opinion.

    Yang Yang looked at Scarface who was walking forward supported by two people on the sides and asked, “Hey, Scarface, children can’t recognize it and neither can you adults?”

    Scarface: “…”

    Scarface was silent for two seconds, suppressing his violent temper, then he said, “I’m not called Scarface.”

    Yang Yang: “Oh. It’s almost like my Duke isn’t called ‘Bastard with a Long Tail’, but you can call him that quite fluently, don’t you, Scarface?”

    Scarface: “…”

    This person was too vengeful.

    But even though Yang Yang spoke as if wanting to anger him, Scarface didn’t explode as before, showing “calmness of mind”.

    Scarface: “Maybe the logo was too similar and we mistook it.”

    Such a fake excuse, let alone Yang Yang, even the child couldn’t be fooled.

    Little Whitebelly was unresigned, ran two steps forward and came to Scarface, saying unconvinced: “I didn’t mistake it, I saw clearly! Grandpa, the village head, even praised my eyesight!”

    Confronting Little Whitebelly, Scarface didn’t “swallow his breath” as he did in front of Yang Yang.

    He looked down at Little Whitebelly and said in a cold voice: “I said, I saw wrong.”

    Little Whitebelly shrank back in fright, but remained unconvinced. He gave a loud “humph” to Scarface, and then ran back to Yang Yang, where he continued walking with his head drooping, kicking the stones on the road with his paws as he walked.

    Yang Yang noticed their interaction, then raised his head and looked at Archibald.

    Archibald shook his head lightly—these people were hostile to the Imperial Army and they must have a lot of secrets. But now was not the time to delve into it, the most important thing was to confirm Kami’s safety first.

    Yang Yang understood what Archibald meant, so he didn’t ask further.

    After a while, Yang Yang saw that Little Whitebelly was still kicking stones, he couldn’t help laughing and he struck a conversation with Little Whitebelly again.

    Yang Yang: “Hey, kiddo. What stories of Duke of Donton did grandpa tell you?”

    Little Whitebelly raised his head, although he was still a little unhappy, but his attention was diverted.

    “Are you asking about the late Duke of Donton, or the current Duke of Donton?”

    Yang Yang: “Tell me your favorite.”

    Little Whitebelly immediately became enthusiastic: “Then let me tell you about the late Duke of Donton!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang looked back at Archibald sympathetically.

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald was both amused and choked up, he stretched out his hand to wrap around Yang Yang’s waist, and patted Yang Yang’s thigh lightly with his tail— don’t make a fuss.

    Yang Yang pouted, and looked at Little Whitebelly again: “Then tell me.”

    Little Whitebelly jumped up: “Let me tell you the story about the late Duke of Donton slaying a dragon-level soul beast! Do you know how big the dragon-level soul beast is?——Its body is as big as a mountain!”

    Then, Little Whitebelly stomped his feet: “Look, as big as the mountain we’re walking on!!”

    Yang Yang: “… “

    Well, sure enough, old people all over the world like to exaggerate when they tell stories to their children.

    Little Whitebelly: “The village chief grandpa said that that dragon-level soul beast could smash a whole street of high-rise buildings with a slight swing of its tail. If it stretches its body and runs a few steps, it can circle around the entire Old Emperor Star!”

    “Also, when the dragon-level soul beast appeared, it also brought many, many, many other soul beasts, densely packed, like a school of barracudas in the sea, like locusts, covering the sky and blocking the sun, making day as night! That’s how powerful it is!”

    “As soon as they appeared they flooded the entire Old Emperor Star, opening the scary jaws to eat people in one bite and the Old Emperor Star was facing destruction!”

   “Just then, guess who came!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    I don’t really want to cooperate.

    Yang Yang: “… the late Duke of Donton?”

    Little Whitebelly jumped up happily: “That’s right!”

    “The old Duke of Dalton led his team, and like a sharp knife, rushed to face the dragon-level soul beast!——Such a huge dragon-level spirit beast! They trapped the dragon-level soul beast with a team of less than 20 people!

    After some time…

    A team of twenty people was almost all killed or injured, and only Duke of Donton could continue to fight, so the late Duke of Donton decided to use himself as a weapon to fight to the death with the dragon-level soul beast!

    The village chief grandpa said that the late Duke of Donton was determined to die with the dragon-level spirit beast. He tried his best and cut off the head of the dragon-level soul beast, but did not expect that once the dragon-level soul beast died, the other soul beasts not only did not attack him, but all scattered and fled. The late Duke of Donton saved his life, but he was severely injured and suffered from the hereditary disease.”

    As he spoke, Little Whitebelly glanced at Archibald with sympathy and reverence.

    Archibald didn’t need sympathy, but he didn’t need to care about children, so he just turned a blind eye to this.

    Little Whitebelly withdrew his gaze and said firmly: “The late Duke of Donton is a hero! A great hero!”

    Yang Yang nodded: “I agree with this.”

    He also read the materials of that war, which were extremely shocking and tragic. The late Duke’s victory was also described by him as a “fluke” in his self-report.

    “And the Duke of Donton too! I heard from my grandfather and the doctor sister about your battle achievements. You were on the battlefield earlier than the late Duke of Donton! So amazing!” 

    Archibald: “…Thank you.”

    Little Whitebelly was extremely excited, his tail flicked extra vigorously.

    So the rest of the journey was accompanied by Little Whitebelly’s rainbow farts* towards Archibald.

*crazy unrealistic praise

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Today he had seen what Duke-boasting was.

    Finally, when they saw the “a village gate” made out of wood and iron in front of the village, everyone except Little Whitebelly breathed a sigh of relief.

    Scarface stood in front of the gate of the village and shouted a few times in a strange language. A head poked out from the cliff next to the gate. After seeing Archibald and Yang Yang, he immediately became alert: “Who are these two people?”

    Scarface: “The Duke of Donton and his wife. They are here to find a child. Has the hunting team brought back a lost child today?”

    “Duke of Donton!!”

    The person on the cliff exclaimed and another head popped up next to him, “Oh my God, it’s really the Duke of Donton! I saw his photo on Dr. Lu’s terminal he looked exactly like this! Oh my god, I actually saw a living legend himself today!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Enough, really.

    But fortunately, the guarding people did not delay, and while opening the gate of the village, they replied: “Yes, half an hour ago the hunting team brought back a giant clawed bird and a little bimorph Lester, that little child had been crying and making noise the entire time.”

    Yang Yang exhaled immediately after hearing the words: “Great!”

    He was worried all the way, what would happen if Kami wasn’t here.

    Archibald patted Yang Yang’s shoulder lightly, he was relieved as well.

    Soon, the gate of the village slowly opened.

    Behind the village gate was not a village, but the same wild jungle scenery as outside the gate, except that there was a man-made dirt road in the middle.

    But before Yang Yang and the others stepped on in, they heard a commotion coming from the distance of the dirt road, seeming like the fierce battle was ongoing.

    The two people on the lookout also let out an “aiyo” and said, “Just in time, that little one is here.”

    After saying that, Yang Yang and the others also saw the source of the noise.

    On the dirt road in the distance, a small beast-shaped Lester was galloping ahead, followed by a large group of people gathered in the back. Surprisingly, those people, similarly to Scarface and the others, all had traces of animalization on their bodies.

    However, Yang Yang didn’t have time to pay attention to this for the time being— the way this scene looked really didn’t remind people of anything good.

    Just when Yang Yang was about to make up some unfriendly pictures in his brain, a shout came from the chasing crowd: “Don’t open the door! Close it!”

    The watchman also shouted: “It’s okay! People came to pick her up!”

    At the time he shouted this, little Lester also ran to the front and recognized Yang Yang and Archibald.

    “Yong Yong! Yong Yong!!”

    Kami was stunned for a moment, then rushed over at the highest speed and changed back to a human form when she was close to Yang Yang, and with a “puchi” she slammed with her all four limbs wrapping around Yang Yang’s leg.

    Yang Yang was knocked back by her and only thanks to Archibald’s support, he did not fall down.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Just 10 days ago, he was afraid that Kami would choke on water, but what happened to this “small cannonball” now? ?

    Was the physical strength of these dual-form Lesters so inhumane?

  “Wuwuwu, Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong…”

    Kami hugged Yang Yang’s leg, crying out her face, calling out Yang Yang’s name like a little repeater.

    Hearing this Yang Yang was amused, but mostly distressed.

    After he adjusted his posture slightly and stood still, he bent down and “tore off” Kami from his leg.

    Kami’s face was dirty, covered with tears, almost having turned into a muddy doll; her hair was also messed up, the hair rope was missing making her entire head look like clumps of weeds.

    Yang Yang squatted down, took out a handkerchief from the space, wiped Kami’s face, and asked, “Kami, tell me, is there any injury?”

    Kami sobbed and shook her head.

    Yang Yang: “Is there any pain?”

    Kami continued to shake her head.

    Yang Yang heaved a sigh of relief, it seems that Roth’s “Panther Ball” protective layer was quite useful and Kami escaped unscratched.

    Kami saw that Yang Yang didn’t ask any more questions, so she pointed at the crowd behind her and complained in a small voice, “Yong Yong, they bullied me!”

    Yang Yang raised his eyebrows, looked up at the group of people who were chasing her and then: “……..”

    emmm, if it wasn’t for the fact that these villagers had at least three scratches on their faces, arms, and necks, which were obviously scratched by claws, he would have believed Kami’s complaints.


Author has something to say:

Kami: Woohoo, they bullied me!

Villagers: Wooohoo, she bullied us!

One chapter before halfway into the novel! 90/160!


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