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Chapter 175: The Fairy Tale World

    The wind whipped up clouds and waves, splashing into the dark gloomy sky.

    The wings of the giant dragon were like sharp shadows tearing through the sky. The thick black clouds were torn apart by the sharp edges of the bone wings.

    The black-robed wizard was hidden in the darkness by the spell, and the corners of his robes fluttered in the strong wind.

    He raised his head and looked in the direction where the dragon was coming from.

    Sure enough, he took the bait.

    The joy of victory spread from the depths of his heart and surged in his chest, the corners of his mouth under the black robe uncontrollably pulled upwards and the eyes hidden in the darkness shone with greed.

    With thin and haggard fingers, he grasped tightly the uneven curved staff and the gems inlaid on the top of the staff were shining brightly.

    The magic circle in front of him was specially created to subdue the dragon, it would be caught in the trap the moment it passed through in the sky.

    At this time, the black robed wizard slowly frowned.

    In the distant sky, on the back of the huge black dragon, there was an abrupt bright colour in a stark contrast to the black scales.

    He squinted his eyes, trying to see clearly what was that thing on the back of the giant dragon in the distance, as the billowing wind gradually grew.

    That was…

    a human.

    The black-robed wizard was slightly taken aback.

    He stared at the giant dragon flying in the air and frowned in confusion—dragons were arrogant creatures and human beings were like ants in their eyes. No dragon would bow down easily. For them, dignity was more important than their own life.

    Dragon Knights only existed in human imagination and mythology.

    At this moment, the black-robed wizard suddenly thought of something, his eyes widened in horror and he looked intently at the human riding on the back of the giant dragon.

    As the distance drew closer, he was finally able to see clearly—

    The flamboyant and light cloud-like dress, the hair like bright sunshine.

    The black-robed wizard’s heart sank.


    Although the giant dragon hadn’t reached the sky trap yet, the black-robed wizard already knew that he was doomed. He turned around and tried to escape—but before he could say a single spell, the dragon’s breath, which was like a scorching sea of fire, had already arrived in front of his eyes, the ocean evaporated, the air distorted by high temperature fuelled the flames and ignited everything within sight, engulfing the bright scarlet rose on the top of the mountain in the blazing flames in an instant.

    That was the absolute strength that makes the entire continent tremble.

    This was the terrifying suppression brought by the top predator, making humans feel fear from the bottom of their hearts.

    Ge Xiu looked down at the sea of flames from a high position.

    The strong wind whipped up his hair and the scales under his body were cold and hard, supporting him firmly in the air.

    His blue eyes reflected the dark clouds swirling around him, like a vast stormy ocean. He leaned over to the dragon’s ear, pointed to the distance, and ordered concisely:

    “Over there.”

    The golden-red vertical pupils looked towards the open space that Ge Xiu was pointing at.

    In the next second, flames gushed out of his mouth.

    In an instant, the golden-red fireworks tore apart the concealment technique set there and the black-robed wizard fell to the ground in embarrassment.

    The corner of the pitch-black robe was ignited by the flames and he rolled embarrassingly in the mud. The staff in his hand was also broken into two pieces in the flames and fell to the ground with a clang.

    Strikes of lightning flashed among the dark clouds overhead, illuminating the pitch-black sky for a moment, thunder rumbled and icy raindrops fell.

    The black-robed wizard tried to extinguish the flames on his body, but the terrible dragon’s breath could not be extinguished by external forces.

    He had to tear off his robe and let it burn at his feet.

    ——He was an extremely thin man, his wrinkled face was full of deep grooves, the hair on the top of his head was sparse seeming like he had lived for tens of thousands of years. His eyes are black and his eye sockets were scarlet, his thin body was slightly bent like like a handful of dry sticks, half corpse, half human.

    At this moment, the black-robed wizard felt a dark shadow pressing down from above his head.

    He looked up and saw the huge dragon slowly descending, the airflow from the huge wings made him unable to find balance and he staggered and fell to the ground.

    A cold light shone on the dragon’s pitch-black scales and a pair of golden-red vertical pupils stared at him coldly. Scarlet lines slowly gathered from the chest, as if gathering its scorching breath.

    The slender princess held a long silver sword and sat high on the dragon’s back.

    Her short blond hair fluttered in the strong wind, the gaze expressionless, condescendingly watching the wizard who fell to the ground in embarrassment.

    The corner of her dress was lifted by the icy wind and the big raindrops fell drop by drop.

    She was the first and last dragon knight among human beings.

    “You, you can’t kill me!” The wizard shouted hoarsely, stammering, “I know who burned your country! I know who is your enemy!”

    Ge Xiu raised the corners of his lips and showed a bright smile:

    “I know as well.”

    His voice suddenly turned cold, without any emotion: “Burn him to death.”

    The golden-red lines spread upward along the gaps between the scales, winding from the dragon’s chest to his body. In the next second, purely white flames spewed out from his mouth—the heart-piercing screams of the wizard resounded in the flames, and his thin figure was distorted and deformed in the flames, instantly turning into pitch-black burnt coal. The moment the flame went off his body scattered into dust and fell to the ground little by little.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

    He seemed to see something shiny among the wizard’s bones.

    Ge Xiu jumped off the dragon’s back.

    He walked over to the piece of ashes and flicked lightly with the tip of the long sword and an unexpected thing appeared in front of his eyes.

    A crystal lay quietly among the dark and dirty bones.

    The smooth irregular surface glimmered slightly, reflecting the faint lightning that was tearing the sky overhead.

    Ge Xiu bent down and picked up the nucleus from the ground—yes, that’s right, it was indeed a nucleus.

    The same as in the previous world.

    He was examining the hard crystal in his hand thoughtfully, when he heard the voice of the dragon from behind:

    “Look at this.”

    Ge Xiu held the crystal in his palm and turned his head in the direction of his voice.

    The dragon had taken human form.

    He stood in front of the staff that was broken into two pieces, his face was cold and gloomy, and his golden-red eyes flashed with a rare heaviness.

    He bent down and picked up the gem that had been set at the top of the staff.

    The edge of the gem was smooth and sharp, but it seemed very dull in the rain spreading overhead.

    The rain poured down.

    His jet-black hair was wet and stuck to the dragon’s pale, marble-like face. He raised his head and looked at Ge Xiu:

    “This is the heart of a young dragon.”

    It was taken out shortly after its death, containing power dragon flames that could give humans an extraordinary long lifespan and the ability to use fire magic.

    This wizard used it as a tool for casting spells, and through the power it gave, he became a famous wizard well-known throughout the continent.

    However, with the passage of time, the power inside was depleted little by little, and could not even support the longevity of the wizard, so he was so eager to get a dragon heart again, a heart of an adult dragon, not only able to give him the youth again but also able to make him the most powerful existence in the entire continent.

    Looking at the heart of the same race in his hand, the dragon looked a little sad.

    Ge Xiu sighed.

    He picked up the wet hem that had soaked in the heavy rain, slowly walked over.

    He raised his hand and rubbed the dragon’s head:

    “Come here.”

    The dragon was stunned and looked up, his eyes were a little dazed under the torrential rain.

    Ge Xiu looked away unnaturally, and hesitantly opened his arms.

    The giant dragon suddenly raised its arms to hug the young man in front of him, buried his wet head in the shallow of the other’s neck, his tall and strong body firmly imprisoned the young man between his arms and chest.

    The wings on the back spread out, tightly enveloping the two of them.

    The wings were covering from above, whether it was heavy rain, lightning, or other things, all were incapable of getting inside. The wings created a space independent of the world, that was fully isolated narrow and enclosed.

    Ge Xiu paused, raised his hand, and patted the other’s back lightly.

    The dragon’s voice was low and hoarse:

    “Can I kiss you?”

    The space under the wings was silent.

    ——If it wasn’t for the closeness of their bodies, the giant dragon wouldn’t be able perceive the almost imperceptible nod of the other.

    In the storm, under the lightning and flames.

    Hidden by the black wings, they exchanged a brief kiss.


    The next day, people in the Palace of Farland discovered that the palace where King Farland lived was completely burned overnight, and his charred corpse lay quietly in the center of the room, but besides that, other rooms in the palace were not affected at all.

    Last night’s heavy rain washed everything away without leaving a trace.

    The cause of King of Farland’s death was confusing and there was hardly any reasonable explanation other than “God’s punishment”.

    The sky was washed clean by the torrential rain and peak of red sun slowly rose from the end of the ocean. The bright sunshine dispelled the haze, making the sparkling sea seem as if millions of gems were hidden in it.

    Ge Xiu sat on the top of the cliff, swinging his two calves leisurely.

    He looked at the nucleus in his palm under the sunlight.

    Last night, when he saw it in that corpse, Ge Xiu had a vague guess of this world’s origin.

    He was sure that it wasn’t that the people outside didn’t want him to return to the real world, but rather that they couldn’t take him back.

    And the nucleus in his hand just illustrated this point.

    This world was not established by those people outside, but created by [him] alone, so Ge Xiu’s identity this time was not as miserable as before, so the rules of this world were so chaotic and vague, most books were written to contradict themselves—because this wasn’t a world that had been carefully calculated and created by a whole team, but a place that had been temporarily built out of the ruins of the previous world all by [himself].

    ——If his guess was correct, the group of people outside were trying their best to bring him back to reality.

    And this makeshift world wouldn’t last long.

    Not far away, there came the beating of dragon’s wings.

    Ge Xiu looked up to the sky.

    The dragon landed beside him.

    He lowered his head and put the fruit he collected from afar on Ge Xiu’s lap, his lowered pupils gently reflected the other’s face:

    “Where do you want to go next?”

    Ge Xiu tilted his head and thought for a while, then asked back a question:

    “Do you want to know what lies at the end of this sea?”

    Before the world collapsed, at least they could enjoy the carnival.


Bamboo has something to say:

this is the last chapter of this world. We are going to the last world now, and then there’s the real world! Wait for itttt


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