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Chapter 27: Black Panther

    Leaving the command room, Yang Yang couldn’t help shaking his reddened hand—how did this guy grew so big? His muscles were as hard as iron.     Dislike.* *嫌弃 – disgust, aversion, dislike     Yang Yang rolled his eyes, recalled the photo he just took, took the one with the family crestContinue reading “Chapter 27: Black Panther”

Chapter 63: The Merman

    Rowett was indeed swimming in earnest.     His posture was very standard. The well-defined muscles on his back stretched and contracted gracefully in the water waves. His slender and vigorous figure broke through the water waves, and in the blink of an eye, he rushed forward several meters.     However, heContinue reading “Chapter 63: The Merman”

Chapter 62: The Merman

   Ge Xiu glanced down at his hand.     The scalding temperature of human body seemed to still remained on the surface of the skin, and the clear different temperature didn’t leave for a long time even after the other party released his hand.     He clenched his palms and let his bodyContinue reading “Chapter 62: The Merman”

Chapter 26: Old Emperor Star

   In fact, Yang Yang’s role in dealing with Zhou Hua was just fuelling the flames. This was the script he arranged for himself.     ——Of course, after He Shu made up his mind to tear up his face with the Zhou Hua family, he too wanted to cut off ties with Zhou Hua.Continue reading “Chapter 26: Old Emperor Star”

Chapter 61: The Merman

    The breakfast was really bland.     It seems that it was food specially prepared for people after a hangover. It was basically liquid food and vegetarian food. Ge Xiu had not much appetite in nature, so he put down his knife and fork after eating a little.     Rowett also fulfilledContinue reading “Chapter 61: The Merman”

Chapter 60: The Merman

   Ge Xiu woke up in bed.     Above his head was a thick curtain. Although the light was dim, he could still clearly recognize that this was not his temporary residence.     He pressed his own aching forehead, and let out a low painful  moan—the after-effects of a hangover began to slowlyContinue reading “Chapter 60: The Merman”

Chapter 25: Enter V notification

  Roth also realized that something was wrong, so hurriedly looked through the recorded cases.  As he looked at it, sure enough, he found some similar accidents*. *门道 – lit. doorway, meaning a way of doing things or a method.   Roth: 【I checked the information, there is no difference in the loss of control of the dislocatedContinue reading “Chapter 25: Enter V notification”

Chapter 59: The Merman

    The layered curtains beside the bed were pulled up by gold hooks, and the teenager sat alone on the edge of the bed. Against the backdrop of the big bed, his stature seemed more slender, almost engulfed by shadows.     He was still wearing the banquet suit, but it was now wrinkled,Continue reading “Chapter 59: The Merman”

Chapter 58: The Merman

    The people trained by Rowett were extremely efficient and in just a few minutes, the banquet hall was restored to its previous appearance, leaving no trace of panic and chaos, and it completely restored the ball to its original luxurious and peaceful appearance.     The unexpected assassination seemed like an insignificant episodeContinue reading “Chapter 58: The Merman”

Chapter 24: Caught You

  After posting the first Weibo, Yang Yang immediately posted another long Weibo, describing his online dating process with the Duke of Donton and his experience. Among them, he rewrote the story of “Darling took me away from ZH’s house”.   The names of people in the long Weibo were all replaced by abbreviations, but the vest*Continue reading “Chapter 24: Caught You”