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Chapter 57: The Merman

    Ge Xiu tugged at the hem of his clothes a little uncomfortable.     He hadn’t worn any clothes since he came to this world. Now, he was suddenly stuffed into a suit. Although it was carefully tailored by a royal tailor according to his body shape, the feeling of his limbs beingContinue reading “Chapter 57: The Merman”

Chapter 56: The Merman

    Rowett naturally remembered his previous promise.     It’s just that under the strong visual impact, he didn’t think of it for a moment.     He reluctantly looked away from the curve of other’s neckline, and took out the candy from his pocket.     “Thank you!”     Ge Xiu narrowedContinue reading “Chapter 56: The Merman”

Chapter 55: The Merman

   The situation in front of him was so shocking, it was something that only appear in myths and foolish dreams.     Rowett’s pupils shrank, and he felt as if his heart had been hit hard, and at that moment he even forgot how to breathe — this feeling was almost like panic.  Continue reading “Chapter 55: The Merman”

Chapter 23: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart*

Short summary of time and space for those that have read previous chapters but don’t remember: Yang Yang is on a spaceship on his way to the Duke’s house, he has a new found, not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, ability to see people’s soul power, that’s why Archibald looks like aContinue reading “Chapter 23: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart*”

Chapter 54: The Merman

    “Splash!”     The loud sound of water splashing sounded in the empty glass room, and the crystal clear water splattered and cascaded in the moonlight.     The tall man dived to the bottom of the pool, brought the sleeping merman into his arms, and then carried him and swam to theContinue reading “Chapter 54: The Merman”

Chapter 53: The Merman

    Ge Xiu felt that he had a long dream.     A very terrible one.     Every fragmented part had a sour smell of nightmare, but no matter how much he tried it the pieces didn’t fit together, only the cold and suffocating feeling still stayed in the cracks of his bonesContinue reading “Chapter 53: The Merman”

Chapter 52: The Merman

    Ge Xiu opened his eyes.     The water surface above him was rippling, the scenery outside the pool was blurred and deformed due to it. Not far away the sound of the machine changing water could be heard. It was running all the time, ensuring the flow of water in the poolContinue reading “Chapter 52: The Merman”

Chapter 51: The Merman

    Rowett lowered his eyes absent-mindedly, his gaze falling on his hand.     The cut on the inside of his hand had been properly treated, the snow-white gauze was tightly wrapped around his hand, and the remaining blood stains had also been washed away.     He twisted his fingertips.     TheContinue reading “Chapter 51: The Merman”

Offered Into Marriage 奉崽成婚[星际]

SUPPORT THE AUTHOR: 奉崽成婚[星际] Summary: Yang Yang starved to death once, so after rebirth, he had only one wish: food and clothing. However, in the blink of an eye, Yang Yang heard his uncle say that he had to cut open his stomach to take out the eggs. Yang Yang: … I advise you toContinue reading “Offered Into Marriage 奉崽成婚[星际]”

Chapter 50: The Merman

    Stagnant silence filled the air.     After a long time, Rowett finally spoke thoughtfully and slowly said: “So you mean… he feeds on humans, right?”     The merchant was taken aback, he didn’t expect that from the words he said just now the other party would actually came to this conclusion.Continue reading “Chapter 50: The Merman”